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Black Men Wanted


The post was simple and direct.

“Wanted, hard Dick for a new series of hard core reparation porn films. I am looking for Black Men that don’t care about the holes they fuck. The films are based on your right to take, use and own white meat because you’re better than we are. You deserve so much more but all we can offer our Black Lords is our lowly flesh and its all for whatever purposes You decide. Every Man will be interviewed, and every Man will be sucked off by the sissy bitch producer, Ashley, and her assistant, Cheryl. This is our personal project, its well funded, and it is for commercial release. The Black Men that can feed us a good load will be hired for this six week project. You will also be paid for your audition loads.

The films will be shot in various locations in and around the city. They will show how white meat was born to serve and service Black Men. Both sissies and females will be used during the production. You must not be shy about hurting the cast members on set, taking out your frustrations, and delivering intense performances while taking full advantage of the sexual offerings of each and every white hole you abuse. The concept is about making white males understand their instinctual nature and turn them into harlot sissies. The series will also show white females their wasted time with white males. We are now casting tall, very good looking and morally depraved Black Men of all ages. ”

By the end of the first day, Ashley had swallowed ten loads while sister slut Cheryl drank down eight. Their inheritance was being well spent as their parents were well off before their tragic deaths two years ago. Being adults with time on their hands they both decided to throw off tradition and be the people they were born to be, and to make up for all the horrors their parents and their parent’s corporations put others through all their lives. In fact they were pathetic little beasts who loved the feel of hard Dick, cum flowing like wine, and to be hurt because, well, after all, they were white. Driven to private schools at a young age, their rebellion now was long over due. The twins shared one very deep bond, they had holes that were never satisfied by daddy’s friends and lovers. Their lust for passion was never taken hard by mom’s friends and fuck toys. Now they were on their own and the hunt for more seed and real Dick made them need to not only pay for each and every load but pay with their own flesh. And that f the friends they had who also, as upper middle class nesters, needed. These white holes didn’t need to make a profit from the film series, they needed to taste the whip, feel hands grabbing them for pleasure, to feel alive.

Two years ago, Ashley first started to read My posts. Back then Ashley was still ‘Chuck’, Cheryl’s twin bother. A well developed and hungry cock-sucker himself, he never felt quite balanced as a male. They both liked to slut hard with the males they knew and Cheryl also had a taste for mature pussy that made her cry. But never had either ever had the pleasure nor the honor of taking a Black Man and neither ever thought about it until I made Chuck hear true words and find himself as ‘Ashley’. The more he read, the more his bely ached.

At first Chuck would cruise the strip clubs and find Black Men who were broke and alone, paying as they could for a little eye candy. He’s strike up a conversation, buy a few rounds, then take a stripper to a VIP room and invite his new found friend along. Chuck would toss dollars at the striper while she made the Black Man hard, and inside the VIP rooms much can be done. The stripper wasn’t allowed to feast while working so when the Man was lighter headed than he needed be, Chuck would begin his seduction. The strippers knew the ways of the white male so they got off watching how a wallet shoveled money to them while they drank the Dick the dancers made rigid. It cost a lot for every Man Chuck gave a personal show to, but the Men usually fed two to three loads into this wanton cock-sucking mouth so by the end of the night all were happy.

When Chuck took Cheryl for the first time, he didn’t tell her what his delights were. Cheryl loved how her slutty twin brother would make ways for her to get Dick so she never questioned his scenes. At the first club they both took shots with some of the girls lounging around and made their flesh more open to public plunder. By the time Chuck saw a regular friend, they were both very, very hungry. An hour later in the VIP room he booked most, Cheryl was finally feeding on a rigid Man she knew would make her mouth fight for a load. Chuck’s friend wasn’t drunk this time, Chuck’s friend was taking out a lot of stress in her face. The dancer gyrated as her own pussy leaked watching this hard Black man fuck a white girl’s face for all she was worth and the bitch cried like a baby. Chuck was urging his friend on and making Cheryl discover the joy of true submission. The stripper became so nasty wet she knelt behind Cheryl while the slut sucked on all fours, pushed her right hand inside her pussy and slapped Cheryl’s ass with her left hand while calling her every name the stripper had been called all her life.

“You’re a cum loving little bitch, aren’t you slut. Suck His Dick like a good white trailer trash whore you nasty cunt licking dog. Make a Man happy, maggot.” Each sentence was followed by a hard slap on a wet cheek that wiggled with delight. Over and over the words were repeated. Darer and darker the stain in Cheryl’s panties grew. “Take real Dick while your useless brother gets off. Did you know this is his new job, cunt, to make Black men cum? Your brother pays me to make Dick hard you filthy little snatch. You suck Dick like a fucking vacuum, you must have been servicing for years you ugly pig. Suck Dick, suck it suck it, suck it nasty fuck.”.

When Cheryl felt the spew she closed her eyes and felt alive for the first time in her life. Cheryl was in love. The nut flooded her throat, the seed violated her mouth and flowed down an open gullet that kept on sucking the string of protein inside to make her feel. She kept sucking as shudder after shudder kept making her lips leak pure white love, filling her mind with the best orgasm she ever had while nursing on the very essence of what she now knew as her passion. Chuck yanked her by the hair and kissed his twin deep as they learned long ago, to taste the gift he gave his loving sister.

The next day Cheryl took Chuck shopping. That was the day, after reading “homo limpus”. Chuck left and Ashley took over. While they had coffee before they shopped, Chuck told Cheryl about My sermons, My words, and how they made the last night happen. It was their awakening, it was their new found need. It helped clear their heads after their parent’s deaths and made them feel as if they could live again, but this time as their own people. Cheryl read the sermon and knew she found life giving purpose in the words that finally made her feel her place. To know her twin was as the slut should be. To seek out and serve Black Men until they could last no more and give them all their lives could give so Black Men would feed the hungers inside. To become the perfection of pleasure, to serve those who took, to be what they were born to be, to be wanted.

The series of films will reflect just that. They both know they were lied to all their lives, molded to be but never given the chance to grow. Kept under the heels of the white society which didn’t want their own to know truths about. When you’re a raging slut, you need the very best. Once a slut taste a Black Man’s rigid flesh they know what sex is about. If you’re fed white meat all the time you grow used to being left without an orgasm that splits your soul. Just the act of sucking Black Dick down and feeding on the river of cum makes a white slut cum, and they keep cumming long after just thinking about their submission to the power they need. That fateful night showed it so clear, they can never go back to what they were. They had the means so they made a pact to show others what they were missing. To spread the word of why white holes are born and to corrupt all other white meat to follow in their wake. That’s what happens when you fall in love. You live, breathe and work for that which gives you passion.

The well dressed producer and twin sister were getting ready for the second day’s auditions when one of their backers called and asked about the selection and the flavors. It was a highly anticipated series, and their friends were anxious to not only participate but maybe even find a Man they could serve on a long term basis. They all saw this for what it was, freedom from being what others wanted them to be so they could swim in seed forever. Cheryl, a wanton white woman, now had purpose. Ashley, a sissy slut with a mouth that never tired, now found bliss.

We’ll talk about how many loads their other holes took later……

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