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My Uncle’s Pig


It is a true story. it was a summer vacation in 2004 and i went to a small hillstation where my uncle have a farm house with different animals. and there is a three-story building where i lived. there is a servant quarters also. my uncle lives in the city for business there he has dairy of buffalo-milk.

i reached the farmhouse at the evening. i lived there for 15 days. in the third day, it was a hot summer day. i was reading a dirty magagine in my room and became horny. suddenly, i heard some noise in the passage (corridoor). so i peeped from the door and saw a female pig drinking water. i saw her pussy and i got a dirty idea to fuck the pig. then i closed the main door. and i got naked and i rubbed my cock against her pussy till it got fully erected. then i inserted my dick in her pussy.first she wanted to escape but the door was closed but i tried again then she enjoyed my dick in her pussy. i rised my pumping speed. finally i shot a load of cum in her pussy.
then i opened the door and released her. but i was stil naked. i noticed that a milk-maid of the farm saw me in that condition. coz her quarter’s window was in front of the door i recently opened. then she closed the curtain and …(i don’t know)
the next day at the same time the female pig came to the passage again.(i thought she was in need of sex)then i saw the maid watching me from the window (this time i wasn’t naked yet). when i watched her, she got shy and smiled at me. then i waved my hand to call her. she came in. i closed the door and asked her to be naked and i got naked too. then she lay on her back down then i put some wheat flour on her boobs and pussy then the pig started to lick the flour when my toung was fucking the pig. it was a gr8 threesome for half an hour. afterward i fucked the maid. then i fucked the maid that night too.
then i fucked the pig in the afternoon and the maid at night everyday till i stayed there.

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ravi yadav Bihar, India Now in Nepal

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