First Handjob

Robert and I weren’t officially dating. We just liked to make-out sometimes. And this night I had been making out with Robert for what seemed like hours.

It was a cool spring evening. We had been hanging out at the ball field and started making out there, but decided to go back to his house. His mom was rarely ever there, and didn’t care about visitors, as long as they didn’t drink her beer. Robert’s room, which he shared with his oldest brother, was on the third floor. The place was usually a mess but that night it didn’t much bother me. We sat down on his bed and started kissing again.

We had made out a few times before, and he always had fast hands. He ran them all over my body, trying not to linger too long on my round perky boobs for fear that I’d push him away. The first few times we made out I did push his hand away from my boobs even though I really liked him touching them. I think from my whisper-like moans he knew I liked it. This time I didn’t push his hand away at all and it didn’t take long for him to pick up on that.

He let his hands find my breasts and squeeze them like he was searching for ripe fruit. I squirmed and wiggled with excitement and started to rub his back, letting my hands move to his sides, then hips. He took my hand and put it onto the hard bulge in his pants. I was so excited to feel the heat under his jeans. I was utterly curious to feel it in my hand, feel his bare flesh in my hand.

He put his hand over mine and made my hand move in a rubbing motion up and down over his cock, all the while inspecting my melons with the other hand. We groped each other for at least ten minutes or more. And of course, we never stopped kissing the whole time, our tongues finding the awkward rhythm you’d expect from eighteen-year olds.

He reached his hand up under my shirt and shuddered a bit when he felt my silky bra covering my fresh young tits. He tried to reach his hand into my bra and I slowed him down a bit there. Feeling his hand massaging my firm breasts was something I clearly enjoyed. I felt a bit naughty and that really turned me on.

He refocused his energy and unzipped his pants. I got nervous and excited all at once. He took my hand and forced it into his pants. Ahhhhh. I got my first feel of penis flesh and my instant reaction was to pull my hand away, even though inside I knew that I not only wanted to touch it, I wanted to see it too. I enjoyed the feel of the smooth soft skin covering his warm hard flesh. As if he could read my mind, Robert opened his pants further and slipped them down his hips a little.

He pulled his hard dick out of his underwear and I got so excited I gasped. There I was, actually looking at a hard cock. His penis was average size and curved slightly to the right. Of course at the time I had no idea what “average size” meant for a penis. It looked like a small fleshy banana to me, with a mushroom tip. I can remember being fascinated by the way the head looked.

He grabbed my hand again and not only led it to his cock, but made me wrap my fingers around the shaft. He held his hand over mine and started the up and down motion that began my very first hand job. Feeling the smooth skin beneath my hand was exciting. He kissed at my neck while I stared at the wondrous marvel that this real life penis was to me.

I continued the stroking motion enjoying how great the hot, hard, flesh felt under my willing palm. He reached to the bedside table and grabbed a bottle of lotion. He took my hand off his throbbing meat and held my palm upward. He squirted a big blob of lotion into my hand and I really liked the smell of it. It was clean and fresh smelling and I thought how nice his dick would smell afterward.

I went back to the stroking motion he had shown me. I was doing it. I was actually jerking a guy off! I paused occasionally while my hand was at the base of the tip, because I liked the way pushing against the rim felt.

Robert began to moan and groan with pleasure as he continued to kiss my neck. The more I stroked the more he moaned, and he soon began to suck at my neck. He whispered into my ear, “Faster . . . squeeze it harder . . . faster . . . now not so tight . . . go slower again. Oooh yeah, your hand feels so good. Don’t stop, Girl, don’t stop, that’s it.”

It felt so wonderful to touch his throbbing cock and knowing how much it was turning him on was like icing on the cake. He began to move his hips around and his legs straightened out and tightened while his sucking of my neck began to hurt. Soon he laid his head back and stretched his body further. Next thing I know, he let out a practically inaudible, “Oh . . . yes, yes that’s it!” and started to cum. I didn’t know what to expect, but was absolutely thrilled when I saw the milky fluid spurting out and all over his shirt-covered stomach.

The creamy liquid looked fascinating against his dark blue T-shirt. I got some on my hand and remember being surprised that it was so hot. He pulled his shirt off over his head and wiped the cum off my hand with it. For a moment I felt disappointed that he cleaned it off so quickly, as I was curious to feel it longer, inspect it more closely. I walked home that night with a huge smile on my face and a very big hickey on my neck.

Beach Girl

When I go to the beach, I normally try to travel during the off-peak
time. Normally right at the end of summer, when it’s still warm but not
crowded. It gives me a chance to just relax and scope out the scenery.
I’m not talking about the beach, but the young girls in their bathing
suits. I’m a bit of a pervert, but normally all I do is look. That is
until my last trip when something more happened to fall into my lap.

I got down to the condo late Friday night for a long week away from
work. I was looking forward to unwinding. As I was heading up to my condo
I first got a glimpse of the little gem that would make my week so

I was headed up the elevator when it stopped at the second floor to let
someone on. When the door opened, I smiled. It was a girl. She was by
herself, and she looked at me with these big brown eyes and smiled. She
had her light brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. Her hair was wet. She
had on her bathing suit top, that hugged her flat chest snuggly. I smiled
back and casually scanned her out of the corner of my eye as she entered.
She had beautiful tan skin, and a wonderful flat but tone belly. There was
only the slight little curve to her hips. She had on a pair of denim
shorts that were tight, displaying her little thigh gap wonderfully. She
looked like a mini version on the girls you see around during spring break.
It was a wonderful sight.

“Hello,” I said politely, looking over to her only briefly. “Kind of
late, isn’t it?”

“Hi, it’s ok, I was just taking a walk. I’m headed back now.” She
smiled a little.

“Well, I’m Jake,” I said, “Just so I’m not a stranger. You have to
watch out for strangers”

She giggled softly. “I’m Aria.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you.” I said and she nodded. The elevator
stopped and we both got off and went in opposite directions. “See you
around,” I said as I looked back at her, taking in the site of her firm
little ass in her tight shorts. I knew then that this might be an
interesting week.


I woke up with the sunrise and opened the curtains in my room to sit and
have my coffee. Being so high up, I enjoyed staying naked and just sat
with my coffee cup and enjoyed the salty air, my sizable cock just hanging
out. I thought about the girl I met on the elevator. That sexy little
girl that had no business being that fucking hot. I felt my cock twitch
thinking about her.

As mentioned before, I am a pervert and I have the sex drive to match. I
can be ready for action at a moment’s notice and I have no problem fucking
all day long if I wanted to. You may think I’m bragging, but you would
too. In my younger days I did plenty of amateur porn, and fucked plenty of
pussy. So much I almost got bored of it, sometimes I would be fucking a
woman and it took me over forty minutes to get off nearly non-stop. I
guess that’s why my perversions skewed so much towards the forbidden. I
just got bored with what I could get.

“I think I will be spending a lot more time around the condo this trip,”
I thought as I sipped my coffee. It was the first time I ever gave a long
thought to actually trying to fuck a girl. She was just that perfect of a
little hottie.

The morning passed and I got myself together. I threw on some swim
trunks, grabbed a towel and carried myself to the pool. When I got there
it was still early, there was only an older couple there wading around the
shallow end. I nodded a hello and laid out on one of the chairs. I must
have dozed off for a little bit, but I was woken up by the sound of the
gate opening.

I smiled when I saw Aria. The older couple was out of the pool and
drying themselves.

“Hey, kid,” I said and smiled.

“Hi…Jake,” she said and smiled back. She had on the same sexy shorts
she wore the night before, and again had a swim suit top. This one was a
bit more conservative, as one strip going over her chest.

I had to try not to completely stare at the girl as she undid her shorts
and pulled them down. Damn, she was so sexy. Her bathing suit bottoms
were nothing overly revealing but her little body looked so good in it.
Her suit looked to be a little cheap, made out of thin material and maybe a
little too snug, but I did not complain. It hugged her little butt

“You know how to swim, right?” I said with a little chuckle, smiling a
bit to show I wasn’t serious.

“Uhh…yea…” She smiled and laughed a little.

I watched her get in the pool and start swimming laps around it. She
was a good swimmer. I felt my cock twitch. Damn, did I need to get my
eyes off of her for a bit. There was no way to hide the sizable bulge in
my trunks as it was, it would have gotten very awkward if things started to
get a little swollen, especially with that older couple standing there.

I leaned back and closed my eyes for a bit, getting myself some more
sun. I heard the gate again and peaked out to see the couple leaving. I
heard Aria still splashing around in the pool. I closed my eyes again and
just tried to relax.

A few moments later I heard Aria getting out of the pool. I opened my
eyes. I saw that no one else was around so I was a bit more liberal with
my stares. I watched to walk to the chair, water dripping off of her. She
took her towel and started to dry herself.

At one point she turned towards me, her heard in her towel as she dried
her hair, and my earlier suspicions about her bathing suit were confirmed.
The thin fabric, now wet clung to every little nook and cranny of her body.
She arched her back a bit, and I saw her bottoms tucked tightly against the
precious folds of her little sex. I was rewarded with the most beautiful
camel-toe I’ve ever seen.

I took a deep breath and turned away, not wanting to appear to be the
creepy guy I really was.

“Have a nice swim?” I asked as she lay down in the chair. I stood up
and grabbed my towel. “I’m going up to my room and grab some food. You
want a sandwich or something. I can bring it down for you.” I asked her.

“Ummm…yea, sure…” She looked a little shocked by my offer, but
seemed gratefully surprised as she smiled.

“Ok.” I said and headed up the elevator. I went back to my room and
made a few sandwiches, and grabbed a few bottles of water.

I threw them all in a bag and went out the door. As I closed the door
and turned, I jump. I almost walked right into Aria. “Oh, hi.” I laughed,
“I was bringing you some food.”

“I know. I just thought I would come up here…no reason for you to
come back down.” she said.

“Oh, ok. Well, I have a sandwich and a drink for you if you want to
take it back with you” I said.

“Actually, it ok if I eat it here with you?” She asked, looking
a little embarrassed.

“Sure,” I said, which was the quickest I have ever agreed to anything in
my life, “Come on in and have a seat” I smiled and opened the door. I
walked back into the kitchen and sat the bag down. I pulled out her stuff
and set it on the counter in front of one of the seats.

She sat down and started eating and I stood in front of the counter in
front of her, eating my food. “So, I don’t mean to get personal, but where
are your parents?”

She looked at me and frowned a little. “They are out. They are always
out…I don’t really get a long with my mom, and her and my dad just
recently got divorced.”

“Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I said and kept eating. “Well, you seem
to take good care of yourself. You seem awfully big for your age. How old
are you?”

“I’m ten,” She smiled and blushed a little as I complimented her.

“Really, you sure you’re not sixteen?” I smiled playfully.

The girl blushed really bright,” No, I’m ten,” she giggled.

“Ok, well, if you ever want to get away you are always welcome to hang
out here. I never got along well with my parents either so I know how it
can be,” I told her as I finished eating.

“Ok…thank you,” She smiled.

My heart was going mad just watching this little sex kitten in my condo.
This really had to be a dream. “You know, there is a hot tub downstairs
that only the condo owners have access to. You want to go and relax in the
hot tub?” I asked her, just going ahead and seeing just how far I can go.

Aria laughed. “I thought hot tubs were only for adults?”

“You are close enough. Besides, this time of year none of the owners
are here, so no one will be able to tattle on you,” I said.

“Well, ok…I always wanted to get in one,” she said and finished her

“Ok, don’t forget you towel” I said as I grabbed mine.

We headed out and walked out the door and down the elevator. We got to
the bottom and I used my key to enter the room with the hot tub. As I
suspected, there was no one there. “Here we go,” I said and tossed my
towel aside and slid into the water.

The hot tub was about big enough for six people, and of course I sat
myself down right along the center on the edge. Aria put her towel with
mine and slowly eased into the water.

“Ohhh…it’s hot” She moaned a little and she sunk in.

“It is a hot tub,” I said.

She laughed and blushed. “Didn’t think it was this hot.”

“It feels good,” I said and leaned back, Aria just a few feet from me.

Aria leaned back and sighed. Closing her eyes and enjoying the warm
water. I sat for a few minutes. “I’ll be back in a minute, I have to go
to the bathroom” I told her and got out. “you stay and enjoy”

I got out and went over to the other side of the room where there was a
private bathroom. I really just got out to cool down and it was taking all
my will to not sport a massive erection right in front of the little ten
year old. I spent a few minutes in the bathroom, cooling myself down
before I slowly head back out. I walked slowly and quietly, hoping to have
a moment to admire the little beauty. What I got was a bit more. I stood
by the hall that lead to the bathroom and peaked around.

Aria was squirming slightly in the hot tub. Her head was back and her
eyes closed. She looked to be enjoying herself and the hot tub. I made a
little noise after going back around the corner to let her know I was
coming. I walked around to see her sitting up in the tub and I smiled at

“Well, I’m going to head back upstairs for a bit,” I said.

“Ok, I should get back too” She said.

I watched her again as she got out of the tub and dried off. We head
back upstairs and as we got out of the elevator I turned to her. “You
know, I saw what you were doing in the hot tub,” I laugh as I walk away and
see her turn a bright red.

When I got back to my condo, my cock was twitching and throbbing. I
just couldn’t get that girl out of my head. I took a nice cool shower and
relaxed for the rest of the day.

I woke the next morning and went through my normal routine. I needed
something to distract me a bit so I hit the town for some shopping, but it
really didn’t work. I was looking around the stores and found this bathing
suit that was perfect for Aria. It was a white two piece. The bottoms
hand ties around the waist, and the top just had two ties as well. It was
definitely as skimpy as girl’s bathing suits get. I couldn’t help myself.
I bought it and headed back to the condo after lunch.

I got back to the condo and hung out for a bit. I put some baseball on
TV and had a few beers. I was feeling pretty good when I heard a knock at
the door. I opened up the door and saw Aria.

“Hey kid,” I smiled at her.

“Hey,” she was blushing brightly. “You mind if I hang out here for

“Not at all, come on in” I smiled. “I’m just watching some baseball and
having a beer.”

She walked in and plopped down on the couch.

“Hey, I got a little gift for you today,” I said and handed the bag with
her swim suit in it.

“Wow…uhh.thanks,” she said and dug through the bag. “Oh, it’s so
cute” She smiled, pulling the skimpy bathing suit out of the bag. “My mom
would never let me wear with…”

“It will be our secret,” I said. “You might not be able to wear it down
to the beach, but maybe you can wear it when we go to the hot tub. Why
don’t you go try it on?”

“OK!” She smiled and bolted up and to the bathroom.

I sat down on the couch and waited, drinking my beer. A few minutes
later she emerged, and wow did she look sexy.

“What do you think?” She asked.

“You look so grown up,” I smiled. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. I
think they were glued to her little puffy sex as the tin fabric hugged her
little folds. “Have a seat, do you want a drink. A beer, maybe some
wine?” I asked.

Aria giggled. “I’m not old enough.”

“Oh, please…it just us here, no one will know. I’ll get you a little
wine. You will like it.” I said and poured her a full glass.

“Here you go,” I said as I handed it to her and sat next to her on the
couch. I picked up my own beer, which I think was number four.

I smiled as I watched her take a sip and smile. “Told you it was good,”
I said. We sat and watched the game for a bit as the girl drank down her
glass. “How about one more glass?”

“Oh, uhh…I don’t know, I’m a little dizzy…” She paused…” But ok”

I poured her another glass. I guessed that if I had plans of fucking
the living shit out of the girl, giving alcohol to a minor was the least of
my crimes. We finished watching the game and I finished off another beer.

“Want to go back down the hot tub?” I asked her.

“Sure,” she said, her face a little red.

“Ok, throw your shorts on and lets go.” I said and we grabbed some
towels and headed down.

Once again we had it all to ourselves. We slipped into the tub.

“So did you enjoy touching yourself yesterday when I was in the
bathroom?” I asked her.

Aria got dark red, and giggled.

“You know it’s ok. Everyone does it,” I reassured her.

“Really?” She asked.

“Yea, it feels good doesnt it?” I asked.

She blushed again. “Yea…”

“You it feels even better when someone else does it for you?” I asked
with a small grin.


“Yes, a lot better. You want to see?” I smiled big.

“Uhh…ok…” She giggled and hid her face a little.

“Come over here next to me. I promise it will feel really good.” I
assured her.

She slid over to me and I turned a little to her. My hand beneath the
water was trembling as I touched the smooth skin of her thigh. “I have
much bigger hands than you, you might need to spread your legs a little
more,” I chuckled a little.

“Oh, sorry,” she blushed and opened her legs.

I took a deep breath, I couldn’t believe I was about to molest this
girl. I slid my hand up and my fingers pressed against her covered pussy.
She jumped a little but settled down.

I smiled at her again, my finger rubbing gently against her folds. It
felt so small, and tender. I moved my finger around her puffy lips, moving
them around a bit. I pushed a little harder, prying them apart a little
through her suit bottoms. I pulled her into me a bit as she started
sighing softly. She started squirming against me, and I felt her pushing
her pussy harder against my finger.

I smiled as I looked down at her with her eyes closed, the sexiest look
on her face. I moved my fingers and pulled her swim bottoms to the side,
letting my fingers touch her bare pussy.

She jumped and groaned loudly as my flesh touched hers. Her pussy felt
so warm and I could tell it was getting wet. My fingers rubbed her lips
and wiggled between then, brushing against her tiny clit and teasing the
tender opening of her sex. Damn so silky and warm.

I rubbed harder, moving my finger back and forth between her tightly
shut hole and her clit. Aria squirmed her little hips and clung to me
tighter, her one arm coming across my chest and pulling at me.

“Uhh..uhhh…UHHHH!” She suddenly tensed and her body trembled. She
moaned loudly, her hand digging into my chest. I smiled and pulled my hand
back. Aria still clung to me tightly giving little gasps for air.

I chuckled softly, “I think someone enjoyed that.”

“Uh…that…was..soo..good….Oh that felt…oh what was that?” Aria
said, still panting.

“I guess you never gave yourself an orgasm before?” I smiled again.

“I guess not…” She was finally catching her breath and she looked up
at me and blushed a bright red.

“So when did you start touching yourself like that?” I asked her.

“About a year ago. I got on my dad’s computer and found these videos.
Some had girls rubbing themselves, so I tried it,” she looked embarrassed.

“Oh really? Anything else in those videos?” I smiled.

She turned away from me for a moment, “Well, yea…like people having
sex, and girls….you know, sucking a guy’s thing..”

“It’s a cock. A guy’s cock,” I corrected her. “Did you enjoy watching

“I guess, it was weird,” She said.

“Well, it’s a lot more enjoyable doing it,” I laughed. “Besides the
videos, have you ever seen a man’s cock, in person?”

The little girl blushed again, “Well, once. One time my uncle was over
swimming and I walked in on him changing and saw his….cock. But just for
a second.”

I smiled and chuckled. “How about we head back up to my condo for a
bit, I think you may need another glass of wine,” I said.

She smiled and giggled softly, “Ok.”

We got out of the hot tub and dried off. We head back up stairs and to
my condo. I poured her another glass of wine. “Would you like a snack?” I

“Sure,” she smiled.

I got her a small bag of chips and we sat back down on the couch. I
looked at her and smiled.

“Are you going to have a snack?” She asked.

“Well…” I laughed, “I think there is something special I want to eat.”
I said and placed my hand on her inner thigh.

She giggled and inhaled deeply. “Are….you going to touch me again?”

“I am, but it will be a bit different this time, but it will feel
great.” I told her.

“Ok,” She looked at me, blushing as I moved my hand along her bathing
suit bottoms and pulled at the little string that held it in place. It
unraveled and I moved to the other side and pulled that one free. Aria was
biting down on her lower lip.

I smiled at her and pulled her bottoms loose, and got my first glimpse
of her bald little pussy. And it was beautiful, and pair of puffy little
folds wrapped around a tiny slit. I ran my fingers along it and listened
to Aria moan softly.

I looked at her and smirked. I got down in front of her and pulled her
little butt to the edge of the couch. Before the little girl could react,
my tongue was running her lips.

“Uhhh!” Aria moaned loudly.

Her pussy tasted so sweet. I ran my tongue along her lips, then covered
her entire putty with my lips and sucked at it hard. She kept moaning and

I sucked at her pussy, my tongue digging between her lips at her tiny
hole. Her pussy was so small. As I sucked at it I thought if I was going
to have any hope of fucking her I was going to have to get her completely
relaxed and aroused. Even then she was so fucking small, and I didn’t want
to make gentle love to her, I wanted to fuck her, to pound her sweet
girl-pussy until it was raw.

“Uhhh…ohhh!” Aria moaned, my tongue and mouth going crazy on her
pussy. She pushed herself against my mouth as she came again.

I lifted my head up, “You ok?”

“I..uh…uh…uh…” She was panting so hard she couldn’t talk, and I
just chuckled softly.

“Finish your wine and your snack, I’m going to jump in the shower” I
told her and I left her to recover.

I went to the bathroom and stood in the shower. I couldn’t stop
thinking about her little pussy, her perfect little girl-pussy and that
tight little hole. Damn, it would be a hard fuck getting it to stretch
around my cock, then filling that perfect little body with man-meat. I had
no doubt that I would make her flat belly bulge with my cock. She was so
small and I was very gifted in the manhood department. My only hope then
was that my cock would not scare her off.

I finished my shower and dried off. I didn’t bother to put on shorts, I
just wrapped the towel around my waist and walked out back to the living
room. Aria was still on the couch, having recovered she was again sipping
on the wine.

“Feeling better?” I asked her and she looked at me, smiled and giggled.
She noticed me only wearing my towel. I smiled as her bottoms were still
off. “Hey, why don’t we get these wet things in the drier” I said and
motioned for her to follow me. “grab your bottoms.”

She got up and followed me to the laundry room. I opened up the drier
and tossed in my shorts and she tossed in her bottoms. “The top too,
silly,” I said. She blushed and little but reached back and untied her
top. Her tiny little nipple on her flat chest poked out a bit as she tossed
the top in the drier.

“I guess the towel needs to go too,” I said and turned to the drier,
pulling off the towel and tossing it in. After turning it on, I slowly
turned. I saw Aria’s eyes looking at my face and she looked so embarrassed
but curious.

Her eyes tried not to look but she couldn’t help it. As they went
lower, they opened wider, followed by her mouth. My cock was hanging there
in all it’s glory, dangling half-way down my thigh.

Aria’s eyes were glued to it. “You ok?” I asked. “You said you have
seen one before, your uncles?”

She looked up at me, then back at my cock, “Yea, but…his wasn’t
so…you know…big.”

I laughed a little, “Yes, I know, I have a very large one. Would you
like to feel it?” I asked her.

She bit her lip and nodded.

“Ok, let’s go sit down” I said and we sat back down on the couch. Aria
sat next to me. I opened my legs a little and looked at her and smiled in

She reached over and placed her hand on my cock, which twitched the
second she made contact with it. “Wow…” she sighed and looked back up at

“Go ahead and rub your hand along it. Remember how good it felt when i
touched you, you can make me feel good too.” She smiled and moved her hand,
happy that she could make me feel good. “And it will get much bigger too.”

With that her eyes opened wide again as she stroked my cock. I felt my
cock swelling. “Run your fingers over the head,” I smiled and moaned as
she did. “Now, you know those movies you saw, if you lick and suck at the
head it will grow a lot faster.”

Aria giggled and leaned down. I moaned loudly when I felt her hot
little tongue against my head. “Oh, that’s it, sweetie.” She kept licking
and I felt her hot breath against my cock. The blood raced into my cock
and it lifted up and swelled thick.

She pulled her head back, keeping her hand to stroke it. “It’s getting
so huge,” She giggled.

“Keep licking it, sweetie,” I moaned. I felt her tongue on my cock
again, licking at the head and stroking it. “That’s so good,” I ran my
fingers through her hair, my cock getting rock hard, but I knew I wouldn’t
be able to cum with the little stimulation she was able to give me.

“Do you like my cock, Aria?” I asked her as I reached around her, my
hand slipping between her legs and my finger rubbing her damp pussy.

“Uh…yes,” she giggled, rubbing it with both hands now.

“Well I like your pussy,” I said. I heard the girl giggle, and she
gasped again as my finger slipped between her lips and pressed against her
tight little hole. “It’s so smooth and tight,” I chuckled.

I could feel Aria panting against my cock, her pussy was getting wet and
it felt like it was on fire. I rubbed my finertip against her tiny hole.

“Uh…are…are we gonna…have sex?” Aria asked me so innocently, her
head still against my cock, asking out of curiosity more than anything.

“Well, Aria…I would love to. Your little pussy would make me feel so
good,” I told her. My finger against her pussy feeling her wetness.

Aria lifted her head up and looked at me, her hand still on my cock. “I
want to make you feel good.” She smiled shyly. “On the videos I saw, the
guys put their…cocks…inside the girls…and they would push it in and
out really hard. Is that what you do with your girlfriends?” She had the
most innocent look on her face.

“Yes, sweetie, it is,” I smiled at her.

She playfully blushed and looked away for a second, “I want to be your
girlfriend, and make you feel good. I want you to have sex with me, like
your girlfriend.”

Damn, I had hit the jackpot. I had this naked girl almost begging me to
use her body for my pleasure.

“Ok,” I smiled at her, “but I will be honest with you. You see how big
and thick my cock is…”

She blushed and nodded, “It’s bigger than the ones in the videos,” she

I smiled again, “…It’s really going to stretch your pussy…and I
mean, a lot. I won’t lie, it is going to hurt you, especially at first,
but I don’t think it will get much better. It will probably not be
enjoyable for you for awhile, especially if I fuck you as hard and as deep
as I want to.”

She bit down on her lip, “But it will feel good for you?” She asked

“It will feel amazing for me,” I smiled at her.

“Then that is what I want,” she blushed again, “you
to….fuck….me…hard and…deep…” She looked so cute trying to emulate
what I said before, it still came out sounding so innocent but it was sexy
as hell. I wanted to make a little game out of it.

I leaned in towards her and smirked, “Then tell me that your tiny pussy
needs my huge cock…”

“My…tiny pussy needs your huge cock,” she giggled innocently. I
leaned in further, giving her neck little kisses as my fingers still played
with the lips of her little sex.

“You may be a little girl, but you need to be fucked like a woman, don’t
you?” I teased her neck.

“Yes…” she giggled again. Damn she was good at taking a hint.

“Ask me to stretch your girl pussy…” I kept teasing.

“Please…stretch….my girl pussy…” she kept giggling. I think she
was having as much fun as I was. I moved my hand up along her pussy and
crotch then caressed her belly, over her belly button and above it and back
down in little circles. Aria was again stroking my cock, which was raging.
I dont think it had ever been that big and swollen before.

I saw her staring at my cock, “I’m going to try to shove every fucking
inch of that inside you,” I said, “You’re going to feel it way up in your

I pulled her hand from my cock and stood up, leading her up and we
walked towards my bedroom. I pushed her onto the bed, so she was right on
the edge, her little butt hanging off a little.

I pulled a bottle of lube from the end table and poured some on my
fingers, spreading it along her pussy lips, then rubbing some all over my
cock. I looked down at her little body and smiled. I pulled her legs
apart and pushed them up, spreading her for me.

I brought my cock forward, rubbing against her smooth pussy lips. Damn
did my cock make her pussy look tiny. I looked up at her. She was
watching my cock intently, biting down on her lower lip.

I lowered my cockhead down to her pussy, and wiggled the tip between her
puffy folds. I held her legs firm and pushed. I felt a wall of resistance
and her lips flared out, parting around my cockhead, I could already tell
her tiny pussy was straining even with just a fraction of the head pushing
her open.

“Ehhh,” Aria whimpered. Her face was contorted, her hands balling up
the comforter and squeezing. “Uh..uh,” she whimpered. I wiggled my cock a
little, pushing harder. I felt her pussy giving in a little. Her lips
were pulled thin around the fatter part of my cockhead, and they started to
fold in slightly.

“ERrrrrghhh,” Aria grit her teeth and groaned. She was pulling at the
comforter, her upper body squirming.

“God damn your so fucking small,” I said, pouring some more lube on her
pussy as I leaned my weight down into her. Her lips stretched across my
cock like a strained rubber band as my cockhead disappeared inside the
small girl.

“AHHHErgh…” Aria moaned loudly. She had pulled her hand up to her
mouth and was biting down on the comforter. I kept my weight against her,
my cock sinking in so slowly, pulling her lips in along the shaft.

I leaned down to her, “You feel so good.” She was so tight and wet. It
was amazing I got my cock in at all, but once I felt the silky, hot walls
of her pussy I knew I couldn’t stop.

I leaned in and kissed along her neck and along her flat chest. She was
still panting like she had run a marathon, her head tilted to the side, her
face buried in the blanket.

My hands lifted her thighs, throwing her legs along her side. I was so
overcome with lust, the little girl having given herself completely to me,
interested only in my pleasure. I was in a rage. A mere two inches of my
cock was inside the girl and her pussy was stretched unnaturally wide, but
I needed more.

“Oh your girl-pussy feels so good…” I leaned and whispered to her and
pulled her face to look at me. She looked up at me, panting, seemingly in
a daze. “…so small and tight…”

I reared back and made a hard shove forward. “UUUhhhnnngh,” Aria’s head
jerked back and her hips squirmed. I put my hands back on her thighs and
thrust hard again, forcing another whine from the small girl.

I tried to pull my cock back a little, but felt her tight pussy locked
tight around my cock, her lips pulling back with it. I shoved hard again.

“Erghh…” Aria gasped, squirming again beneath me. My cock was making
progress but slowly.

I leaned my weight into my cock and held it there, moving my hips
around. “Uhhhh…” Aria moaned, her hands digging into the bed trying to
push herself back.

I held her hips, pulling her back into me. She felt so amazing. I felt
my cock pushing against her little cervix, with not even half my cock
inside her. I held her harder, I could barely move inside her she was so
small and tight.

“Uhh…ughhhg…ehh..” Aria groaned as I thrust with hard little shoves.
My cock pushing against her cervix, her insides massaging my cockhead.

“You wanted it deep…” I groaned at her as I pushed into her faster,
each little shove pushing at her cervix, pushing it back against her
immature womb. Aria was whimpering beneath me, her arms squirming, her
face again in the comforter biting down hard.

There would be no “gettings used to it” for her. She was too small, and
my cock way too big. I looked down and saw a little bulge in her lower
belly that pushed up as I thrust. The site made me nuts and I felt my
balls churn and my cock swell.

I moaned and shoved myself hard into her, causing a loud cry from Aria.
My cockhead swelled and a hot burst of cum splattered against the inside of
her pussy.

I kept groaning, shot after shot by balls filled her, cum spilling out
around my cock. It slowed, but the tight confines of the girl’s cunt left
me rock hard. My cum mixed with the lube and her own wetness, making her a
sloppy mess but I pulled back a little and felt my cock slide. I was
finally able to move a little inside her.

I pulled back a couple of inches and shoved back in hard, my cock
slamming her cervix with full force.

Aria’s body jerked back. “AHHHH…uh..owww.” she groaned, her hands
digging into the bed. I pulled back and slammed in again. She felt
amazing before, but now she felt fucking incredible. With my balls having
already released and her vice-like cunt slippery enough for me to move, I
could give her a proper hard fuck like she wanted whether or not she still
wanted it.

I lifted her legs, bending her knees up to beside her head. I slammed
in again, and again, grunting loudly as my massive cock battered her
cervix. I watched the little bulge in her belly disappear as I pulled back
and suddenly appear again as I shoved her full of cock again. Her pussy
lips were clinging, pulling out a full inch as my cock withdrew. It was
such a sexy sight.

Aria’s head was tilted back, her face buried in the comforter. She was
screaming into the mess of fabric as I fucked her harder and faster,
feeling my balls tense again and my cock swell.

I pressed my cock hard against her cervix and released another load of
hot cum inside her immature pussy. I let go of her legs and slumped down
onto her, gasping for breath myself.

“Oh…you are the best girlfriend ever,” I told her. I pulled her head
towards me and kissed her. Her eyes were red and watery. I held her and
slowly pulled my cock back and it popped free with a obnoxious slurping

I let her rest for a bit and went to the bathroom to run a hot bath for
her. When it was full I helped her get in. I knelt by the tub and gently
rubbed her down with the water. She looked at me and smiled, her face
still flushed.

“D..did I make you feel good?” She asked, blushing.

“You made me feel amazing,” I said and leaned in and kisses her
forehead. “Are you OK?”

She sighed a little and smiled. “It hurt…b…but I’m ok,” she said.

“It will get better, sweetie” I told her. I think I may have been
___To be continued____

Brother and Sister Sex

I woke up early in the morning, feeling my morning wood. This was quite normal, and I reached underneath me to wrap my fingers around the shaft. I wasn’t awake enough to seriously masturbate, just a sleepy, slow, enjoyable squeeze.

I rolled a little onto my side so that my prick wasn’t pushing into the mattress. I could now stroke it easier, and as time went on my stroking started increasing. What I didn’t know was that my sister was standing in the doorway watching me.

She watched as I squeezed the base of my penis, then slowly let my fingers push up toward the head. I moaned, pushing my hips forward, and rolled onto my back.

My erection was now sticking straight up into the air, and I was wide awake. My eyes hadn’t yet opened, but my hand started stroking my dick from base to tip. I grabbed the base with my hand and wiggled it from side to side, slapping both of my legs with my dick, while I had some particularly nasty thoughts about the sexiest female in the bar last night. Moaning again, I pictured her hand, not mine, attacking my woodie.

My knees bent as my legs raised up and spread. My non-pumping hand reached between then and grabbed my balls, pulling them down gently. This gave my sister a perfect view from my door, and her eyes were bugging out.

My fingers squeezed my cock head, pre-cum covering it. I smeared the fluid over the head and down the shaft, and my hand started flying up and down the wet shaft. My hips started moving and I started moaning, quietly, so nobody in the house would hear me. I still didn’t know my sister was in my doorway.

The sexy vision in my head was naked and attacking me, and my hand was helping to bring about my orgasm quickly. I reached one hand over towards my night table to grab a tissue, but before I could find it my cum started up my shaft and spurted out high into the air. It was on about the third spurt that I realized I had heard an unusual noise. Probably a couple more spurts shot out before I managed to force my eyes open and look towards the noise. I was shocked to see my sister standing there. Her eyes were fixed on my cock, and I’m not sure if her eyes or her mouth were open wider. She was totally stunned.

As my cum finished oozing out, I yelled – well, whispered loudly – “What are you doing?”

Jamie’s eyes shot up to look at mine, surprised that I knew she was there. Her eyes went back to my dick, then back and forth from there to my eyes a couple of times before she turned and ran into her room, closing her door.

I was also in shock, but the most important thing was to clean up my mess. My orgasm had happened so quickly it had shot out all over me. I would have to deal with Jamie later.

I had recently moved back home. It was just temporary. I had to move out of my apartment. I had a new one but couldn’t move in for three months. I thought it was easier – and cheaper – to move back in with my parents instead of bunking with a friend, even if I was 22 years old. I had a lot more room, too. But I had to remember to think about some of my habits, like sleeping in the nude and leaving my door open.

My sister had graduated from high school, but hadn’t yet decided what direction her life was going to take. I thought she was trying to wait and marry some rich dude so she wouldn’t have to work, ever. She denied that, but I hadn’t yet seen any signs that she was looking for work. She was nearing her 19th birthday and had never had a job yet.

She certainly had the body to snare a rich dude. 5 feet 6 iinches tall, brunette hair worn very long, a thin body with shapely hips and above average boobs. She was very good looking, and a very pleasant personality and smile that she had only because she never had any responsibilities. Well, that’s from a big brother’s perspective, anyway.

Jamie avoided me most of the day, but that afternoon I walked past her open door and saw her there. I decided to confront her.

“Hey, Jamie. Have a minute?”

“Uh, okay.” she replied, tentatively.

“I was wondering why you were spying on me this morning,” I said, sitting down beside her on her bed.

“Spying on you?” she nearly screamed. “I wasn’t spying. I was just walking past.”

“And decided to stop and watch.”

“Well, yeah. It surprised me.”

“How long were you watching?” I asked.

“Ahhh, before you rolled onto your back.”

“What?” I was surprised. “You watched me the whole time?”

“I don’t know. A while,” she answered. “Why were you doing that anyhow?”

“Doing what?” I was defensive now. “I couldn’t help it, I just woke up that way. It’s normal. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“Does everybody do that?” she asked.

“Yeah, I imagine. If you mean guys.”

“Of course I mean guys. Girls don’t do that!”

“Girls don’t masturbate?” I asked. “Or girls don’t wake up with an erection?”

Jamie blushed at the use of my language. Or at the whole conversation. “Do you do that every day?” she asked shyly.

“No,” I answered. “sometimes in the morning, sometimes later in the day.” I paused while she seemed to be thinking about that. “Sometimes more than once.”

That got her attention and her eyes ahot back up to meet mine. “More than once?”

I nodded.

“In one day?” She seemed surprised.

I nodded again.

After a minute of thinking, she looked at me and asked, “You mean you could do it again? Like now?”

“Now?” I asked. “Yeah, I guess. I mean sure.”

She looked for a minute more, then said, “Show me.”

I didn’t understand what she meant. “How can I do that? You’ll have to take my word for it.”

She hesitated again. It seemed she was having trouble talking for a change.

“Not if you do it here,” she said so quietly I almost didn’t hear her.

“Here?” I asked. “Here?” I asked again. “You mean…” I didn’t know how to finish that sentence.

“You could do it again. Here,” she said. “I mean, I already saw you do it. I was just too shocked to, you know,”

“Enjoy it?” I finished for her.

“Well, maybe, I don’t know. But I’d be interested in seeing it again.”

“You want to see me masturbate?” I was finally understanding her.

“Again,” she reminded me.


“Well, you’re a guy. I’m interested in guys. And how they work.”

I laughed to myself. But then I thought out loud, “What do I get out of it?”

“What do you want?”

I thought a minute. “You saw me, so I get to see you. Nude.”

“No way!” she said. After considering for a minute, she said, “How about topless?”

“Deal,” I said, perhaps too quickly. I was excited at the possibility of seeing her tits. I had admired them for a good while.

“Go ahead,” she said impatiently.

“Now?” I asked.

“Why not?”

“Well, you first. You said topless.” Maybe that would slow her down while I considered this.

She didn’t hesitate long. Her arms crossed at her waist, grabbing hold of the bottom of her shirt, and pulled it up and off. She looked very sexy with her breasts being held inside a lacy little pink bra. I stared at her for a minute but said nothing. She finally reached around behind her back and unclasped her bra. It hung loosely, clinging to her mounds. With a shrug of her shoulders the straps came off her shoulders and she pulled the cups down, exposing her gorgeous tits. Her aureoles and nipples were about the sexiest I had seen.

It wasn’t until then that I noticed my erection straining painfully against my pants. Jamie noticed too. “Your turn,” she said, looking at my lap.

I have to admit that I wanted to do this. I hadn’t at first, but now it was a little thrilling to be exposing myself. I am a little bit of an exhibitionist, I guess. I opened my pants and pulled them off, with my boxers. My erection sprang out, bouncing in front of me, causing Jamie to giggle.

I took hold of my erection, but was staring at her tits. She shifted around a little on her bed for a better view, causing her tits to bounce. Fantastic!

I began stroking my cock slowly as Jamie watched intently. I rubbed my finger around the head, the slit, showcasing different parts of the shaft as Jamie took it all in. I went back to staring at her tits. They called out to me, and without realizing it my other hand reached out and cupped one of her tits.

To my surprise, Jamie acted like she didn’t even notice. She kept watching my stroking, and my cock was getting more engorged. I was squeezing her tit, playing with her nipple, paying more attention to it than my erection. My hand was now just on automatic, going up and down the shaft, but Jamie was watching intently.

“That feels good,” she said, glancing at me.

I thought she meant my dick until I realized that she didn’t know how that felt. Did she mean me playing with her tit? I tried an experiment by pinching her nipple, which caused her to moan and smile. “Mmmmm,” she said.

She leaned forward. I was shocked when I I felt her finger on the tip of my cock. I looked at her to see what was going on, but she was concentrating on my cock. Her fingers spread over the head, stroking it gently. Then her fingers started down the shaft, feeling the ridge around the head and the one running down the underside. When her fingertips reached around the shaft, I stopped stroking. Her fingers clasped tightly around the shaft, then moved up slowly and gently, then back down. She did it again, this time a little further, and it was my turn to moan.

She glanced up at me and smiled, then returned her attention to my cock. She stroked it from base to head, and squeezed it harder. Her thumb pressed on the tip. Her fingers moved up and over the head, going over it lightly several times. Her other hand reached down and held my nuts, moving them around, playing with them, examining them.

I had not lost interest in her tit, but it was increasingly hard to not focus just on my penis. It was increasingly hard as well, and I couldn’t take much more.

“I’m going to cum,” I warned.

“I want to watch it,” Jamie said. “What should I do?”

“Just keep pumping,” I said with difficulty. “Like that.” I reached my hand down to hers, placing mine on top, and assisted her pumping. In just a minute I was shouting, “Here it comes.”


I pushed my hips up as cum spurted out. Jamie gasped and watched intently. I kept her hand stroking my cock, and squeezed tight as we milked all of the juice out of the shaft.

“Fuck, that was great!” Jamie said.

“Did you like that?” I asked. “Is that what you wanted?”

“Yeah,” she said dreamily. “That was just what I wanted to see.”

She looked at the clock. “We better get cleaned up. They’ll be home soon.”

She was referring to our parents, who had regular 9 to 5 jobs. I worked as a bartender, from dinner time to 2 a.m., usually. Jamie, of course, did nothing.

The next morning I was awakened with an odd feeling. It was mid-morning, as usual, sleeping later than the rest of the family since I got home so late. The parents had long since gone to work. But I felt something. Something on my … penis.

“Oh,” I moaned. My dick was getting stroked. I was wide awake now, and realized that Jamie was stroking my dick. I was on my side and she was kneeling on the floor beside my bed, stroking my erection with both hands.

“Good morning,” she said.

“Mmmm,” was all I could reply.

Jamie had one hand wrapped around my base, and the other stroking the top half, up and over the head, exciting the tip as she went. I really started moaning, and my cock become thicker as it became engorged with blood.

“Are you going to cum?” she asked.

“Yes. Yes,” I said.

Both of her hands now began stroking my shaft, both at once, squeezing harder, pumping faster, harder, tighter, as if forcing my cum out. And out it came, spurt after spurt, and either by design or accident it shot onto the mattress, making a long oval puddle between us.

As Jamie milked the last of my cum out of my dick, I regained my senses. “Thanks. What a way to wake up.”

“Maybe I’ll do that more often.”

“Shit,” I replied. “Now I’ll go to sleep with a hard on, too.”

She giggled. “I don’t think I dare come in then, when Mom and Dad are here.”

I looked at the puddle. “Now I have to change my sheets. I use those tissues there,” I said, nodding toward the box. “Or you could use your tongue.”

“EWWW!” she said. “My friends have talked about that. I’m not sure I would like that.”

“Not sure? Have you ever tasted it?” I asked.


“You said didn’t know if you’d like it,” I reminded her. “Now is your chance to find out.”

When she didn’t say anything, I thought I would try something. I stuck my finger in the puddle of my cum, then held it up right in front of her mouth. “Try it?” Yes, it was a question. Sort of.

Jamie hesitated. For so long I was about to give up. Just before I went to move my finger away, she opened her mouth slightly. Her tongue came out and slowly licked some cum off my finger.

“It doesn’t…really… taste like…much,” she said.

“Try it again.” I took hold of my limp dick at the base and moved it toward her a little. “Try it from the source,” I smiled.

She looked at me. questioningly, and I thought I had gone too far. She reached a finger slowly toward my dick. She reached one finger out and slid it over my cock head, getting some cum on it.

As she licked my cum off her finger I wiggled my dick toward her again. “Don’t use your fingers.” I just couldn’t help seeing how far I could push it.

She looked up and her eyes got big. She started to say something. Or maybe she was licking her lips. No, doubtful. But she moved her head toward my crotch. Her mouth came open slightly, her tongue slipped out, and then it touched my cock. A spark shot through me and I groaned. She looked at me again, with a slight hint of a smile. She licked out again, this time licking more. She tasted it and looked at me.

“It still doesn’t taste like much at all,” she said. “Even from the source,” she added with a glint in her eye at her joke.

“There’s more,” I replied, hoping this would go on. My dick was beginning to stir.

She leaned in again with her tongue on her lips.

I issued another challenge, hoping I wasn’t going too far. “Take the whole thing in your mouth.” Her look didn’t tell me if she was intrigued or turned off. “That gets the best taste.”

I waited for a moment that seemed like minutes, before her head moved toward my dick once again. Her mouth opened, then my cock head disappeared into it. My deep groan told her how much I enjoyed it.

“Shit,” I said.

She smiled around my dick. Her tongue licked the head inside her mouth, and she took another inch or two inside her mouth.

“AHHHH!” Damn that felt good. I also noticed I was getting stiffer.

Jamie took my dick out of her mouth and said, “It’s getting bigger!”

“It’ll do that if it’s in your mouth,” I told her.

She smiled and took it back into her mouth, a little deeper this time.

“AHHHH!” I said again. “Damn! Now move your tongue. Lick it inside your mouth. Suck on it. AHHHH! FUCK!” She followed directions and it was driving me wild. I put my hand behind her head and held her tight while I started to move my hips forward just a bit, fucking her mouth. I was trying to be gentle. “My God, Jamie, that’s fantastic!”

My erection was returning, almost fully erect now, and she kept sucking and licking. Jamie took hold of the base with one hand, then pulled her mouth off.

“God, it’s so great to feel it grow bigger. Really cool!” Her eyes were big, she smiled, then went back to sucking on my erection.

“Oh, hell, Jamie, it feels so good. If you do that much more I’m going to cum again.”

Jamie seemed to smile around my dick. She sucked more as I started fucking her face again. I couldn’t help it, but I hoped I wasn’t too forceful. She seemed to be okay so far. She still had a hand squeezing the base of my cock, and I felt her other hand grab my balls. She dug her fingertips in at the top of my sack and pulled down.

“FUCK!” I yelled. “Oh shit! I’m going to cum. Jamie, pull off, I’m going to cum!”

She said something, but all it sounded like was a hum. I told her again to get off, I was going to cum, but she didn’t. As I felt the cum churning up from my balls, I shoved my cock deeper into her mouth. I held her head tight as I shot my load deep into my sister’s throat. I shoved in three times before I could control myself enough not to push any more. I still spurted, and Jamie didn’t remove her mouth until I was completely done. I was afraid to look at her. Had I done too much?

I finally did look at her, and she was looking up at me. She had a big smile on her face, and a big load of cum dripping down her chin. She looked back at my cock as her hand coaxed a little more sperm out of the head, and she leaned over to lick it. I moaned again.

“Did you like that?”

“Holy shit,” I said. “You were fucking fantastic. You’ve had some practice doing that.”

“No, never,” she said. “But I’m going to. I really like that. I LOVED feeling your dick grow in my hand. And my mouth.” She blushed a little as she said this last. “And you spurting in my mouth – awesome! Jeez. There was so much cum. It didn’t taste bad, but there was so much of it!’

I just smiled, laughing inside. What a sister! What a slut! Just yesterday she was almost innocent. At least about as innocent as an almost nineteen year old can be. And now she was acting and talking like a real slut. And I was benefitting from it all. And it seemed like it would continue.

First Fellatio (the kid sister)

“I really don’t want to mow the lawn,” his kid sister said. “It’s so hot out!”

The ten year old girl was laying on the couch with a pouty look on her face

“You have to,” he said to her, using the commanding voice of an older brother. “Mom said.”

She put down her book and sat up. She give him her sweetest saccharine smile. “You could do it for me.”

“No way!”

“Come on, I’ll do anything you want!”


“Yeah, anything! I’ll clean your room for a month!”

“No deal.”

“Come on, I’ll do anything!”

“Anything at all?”

“Yeah, anything at all!”

“OK, give me a blowjob.”

“What?” His little sister’s face distorted into a grimace. “Gross!”

He laughed. “Just teasing ya. Besides, you don’t even know what a blowjob is.”

“Yes I do! And I know you’re gross! You want a blowjob from your sister!”

“No I don’t. Have fun mowing, sis!” He went to the kitchen to have some cereal.

Fifteen minutes later, he walked back into the living room. She was still laying on the couch reading her book. “You better get the lawn mowed before it starts raining,” he said to her. “Mom’s gonna be pissed when she gets home.”

She looked up at him. “So, you really want me to do that thing to you?”


“You know, a blowjob?”

He laughed. “Still on about that?”

“You’re the one that brought it up first!”

“Yeah but now you’re the one bringing it up.”

She sat up, giving him a little pouty face. “I just so don’t want to mow! If I do that to you, will you mow?”

He felt his penis involuntarily twitch. He’d never had a blowjob before, but he’d heard that they’re great. Granted, his annoying kid sister wouldn’t be his first choice, or even his hundredth, but it’s better than nothing, which is exactly what he’s gotten in the last thirteen-and-a-half years.

“Are you serious?” he asked her.

“You have to mow first.”

“You are serious!”

She just glared at him.

“OK,” he said. “But you have to promise that you’ll do it when I’m done mowing.”

“I promise.”

As he mowed the lawn, he thought about the predicament he was in. He wasn’t sure whether he really liked the idea of getting a blowjob from his kid sister. It made him feel really weird and sort of grossed out. He could never tell any of his friends about it, they’d just all think he was a freak. But whether he liked the idea or not, for some reason he’d never mowed the lawn as quickly as he mowed it that afternoon. When he finished, he walked into the living room. He was sweaty and had grass clippings stuck to him, and he smelled from the gas of the mower. His sister was on the computer.

“OK, you promised,” he said to her.

“You have to take a shower first. You’re all sweaty and gross.”

“You’re just stalling! Come on.”

“No, I looked it up on the internet, and they said you should always take a shower first, so that it tastes good.”

“You looked it up on the internet?”

“Yeah, I wanted to learn how to do it.”

“OK, I’ll take a shower.” That fact that his sister wanted to learn how to do it made him feel sort of proud, like she really wanted to make him feel good. And he kind of liked the idea of tasting good for her. “I’ll meet you in your room when I’m done, OK?”


In the shower, he cleaned himself very well, especially his penis. But he was done with the shower really quick anyway. He toweled himself off and walked, completely naked, to his sister’s bedroom.

She was sitting on the edge of her bed, looking a bit nervous. When she saw him naked, her eyes went straight to his cock.

“You have a hard-on!” she said.

“Don’t say stuff like that!” he said, covering up his erection as best he could.

“Sorry,” she said. “I didn’t mean to embarrass you.”

He stood there, feeling very foolish. He was just about to suggest they just forget it, when she spoke up.

“Do you think I should take my clothes off, too?”

He looked at her, confused. “Why?”

“Because then we’d both be naked. Then you wouldn’t be embarrassed. Besides, it said on the Internet that your semen gets all over everything, so I think I’d be better off with no clothes on.”


She stood up and started undressing. He stood there, still hiding his erection with his hands, and watched her. She slipped her blouse off and she had a little bra on. He knew she was wearing a bra lately but he didn’t really think she needed one. She reached around her back and unhooked the bra and then slouched forward to let it fall off and he saw that she did have little breasts, just beginning to rise off her chest.

She unzipped her pants and pulled them off, then gave him a nervous little smile as she pulled her panties down, too. He was amazed to see that she had a little bit of dark hair on her vagina.

“I didn’t know you have hair,” he said. He was staring at her pussy.

“Yeah, it just started a couple months ago.”

“It looks…” he stammered, “it looks nice.”

She smiled at him. “You have lots of hair.”

Suddenly he felt embarrassed that he was still hiding his erection, so he removed his hands.

She stared at his penis. “I can’t believe how big it is. It’s as big as Dad’s. Even bigger.”

He felt very proud right then. He was glad he was showing his erection to his kid sister, so she would say things like that.

“So, what do we do?” he asked her.

“Um,” she sat down on the edge of the bed. “I guess, you come stand over here,” she said.

He walked over so he was standing in front of her. She leaned down, then looked up at him and smiled. “You ready?”


Then his little sister, his little ten year old kid sister, leaned down to his cock, opened her mouth, and took his head into her.

She sucked on it, briefly, and it was the most wonderful thing he had ever felt. Her tongue was soft and gentle and warm, and when she sucked, her mouth felt incredibly tight.

She pulled off. “Does that feel good?”

He was looking down at her with his eyes wide. “Yeah,” he said breathlessly. “Does it… does it taste good?”

She smiled up at him. “It tastes really good. Thanks for cleaning it off.”

She leaned in and sucked on his head again, then pulled off and looked up at him. “It says on the internet that I should masturbate you while I do it. Is that OK?”


She went back down on his head, then wrapped her cool little fingers around his cock and started massaging it.

“Oh man,” he said, taking in a deep breath.

After a little while she pulled off again. “Does that feel good?”

He nodded, speechless.

She smiled up at him. “Good!” Then she went back down on his cock and masturbated him some more.

He couldn’t believe how good it felt, he couldn’t believe how wonderful it was to be standing there naked in front of his kid sister, her naked too, and be looking down on her as she gave him a blowjob. She was looking up at him and suddenly he realized that she had the most beautiful eyes. Why hadn’t he ever noticed how beautiful her eyes were before?

She started bobbing her head, moving her mouth up and down so that his head was sliding in and out of her lips. She pulled off again. “Does that feel good?”

He nodded. “Yeah,” he said in almost a moan.

“They said to do that on the internet, too.” She went back down on him again, bobbing so his head passed in and out of her lips, which she tried to keep as tight as she could around his head, sucking in hard when his head was in her mouth, her soft sweet tongue lapping at the bottom of his glans, her cool fingers beating gently on his shaft.

He learned what heaven was that day, and to his astonishment, it was his kid sister’s mouth.

As she did her magic to him, he noticed her hand slip down between her legs and her fingers begin twirling. He couldn’t believe that his little sister was sitting there in front of him, masturbating. The whole experience was just so unbelievable! She looked so sexy, so amazingly sexy, sitting there on the edge of her bed with his cock in her mouth and her fingers twirling in her vagina.

Eventually she pulled off again. “My jaw’s getting tired,” she said. She was still beating gently on his shaft.

“OK,” he said, sad that it was over. “Thanks.”

“They say on the Internet that usually the guy finishes. Like, he masturbates himself with it in the girl’s mouth.”

“Oh.” The thought of masturbating in front of his sister made him feel weird, but kind of excited.

“You want to do that?” she asked.

“Would that be OK?”

She smiled. “Yeah!”

She went back down again and he started masturbating.

Then the two of them, the big brother and the little sister, stood and sat there in her bedroom, masturbating together, with the head of his penis in her mouth.

After a minute he stepped back from her. “I’m gonna come,” he said.

She looked up at him. Her face was bright red, her eyes were glassy, her breathing hard, her mouth still wide open. All of the sudden her body shook, like one big shiver, and she let out a funny sound, a high-pitched “Ahhhh!” And he knew she was coming and suddenly he wanted to come with her and he grabbed his cock and it only took about two of his expert strokes and he exploded, a torrent of come, huge and long and thick, expelling from him and striking his kid sister right in the face, right in her wide open mouth and on her nose and her eyes

“Ohhhh!” He hollered as the next shot fired onto her face, and she was shaking hard, her whole body convulsing.

“Oh man,” he said when they were both finally finished, “I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“That was so awesome!” She hollered with a big grin on her face. “So awesome!”

She stood up. “I gotta go wash off,” she said.

“Yeah, sorry.”

She giggled.

He was in his bedroom putting on some clothes and she came in, a towel wrapped loosely around her thin body. He looked at her and for one moment, he thought, wow, she’s sexy! He’d definitely never thought that about his sister before.

“So,” she said, “that was OK, wasn’t it, what we just did? Like, it was fun?”

“Yeah, it was really fun!”

“And it wasn’t like too weird, because, you know…”

“I don’t think it was too weird,” he said. “Its not like we had sex or anything.”

“Yeah,” she said, looking down at the ground. She looked back up at him. “But if we wanted to have sex, that’d be OK, too, don’t you think?”

Black Men Wanted

The post was simple and direct.

“Wanted, hard Dick for a new series of hard core reparation porn films. I am looking for Black Men that don’t care about the holes they fuck. The films are based on your right to take, use and own white meat because you’re better than we are. You deserve so much more but all we can offer our Black Lords is our lowly flesh and its all for whatever purposes You decide. Every Man will be interviewed, and every Man will be sucked off by the sissy bitch producer, Ashley, and her assistant, Cheryl. This is our personal project, its well funded, and it is for commercial release. The Black Men that can feed us a good load will be hired for this six week project. You will also be paid for your audition loads.

The films will be shot in various locations in and around the city. They will show how white meat was born to serve and service Black Men. Both sissies and females will be used during the production. You must not be shy about hurting the cast members on set, taking out your frustrations, and delivering intense performances while taking full advantage of the sexual offerings of each and every white hole you abuse. The concept is about making white males understand their instinctual nature and turn them into harlot sissies. The series will also show white females their wasted time with white males. We are now casting tall, very good looking and morally depraved Black Men of all ages. ”

By the end of the first day, Ashley had swallowed ten loads while sister slut Cheryl drank down eight. Their inheritance was being well spent as their parents were well off before their tragic deaths two years ago. Being adults with time on their hands they both decided to throw off tradition and be the people they were born to be, and to make up for all the horrors their parents and their parent’s corporations put others through all their lives. In fact they were pathetic little beasts who loved the feel of hard Dick, cum flowing like wine, and to be hurt because, well, after all, they were white. Driven to private schools at a young age, their rebellion now was long over due. The twins shared one very deep bond, they had holes that were never satisfied by daddy’s friends and lovers. Their lust for passion was never taken hard by mom’s friends and fuck toys. Now they were on their own and the hunt for more seed and real Dick made them need to not only pay for each and every load but pay with their own flesh. And that f the friends they had who also, as upper middle class nesters, needed. These white holes didn’t need to make a profit from the film series, they needed to taste the whip, feel hands grabbing them for pleasure, to feel alive.

Two years ago, Ashley first started to read My posts. Back then Ashley was still ‘Chuck’, Cheryl’s twin bother. A well developed and hungry cock-sucker himself, he never felt quite balanced as a male. They both liked to slut hard with the males they knew and Cheryl also had a taste for mature pussy that made her cry. But never had either ever had the pleasure nor the honor of taking a Black Man and neither ever thought about it until I made Chuck hear true words and find himself as ‘Ashley’. The more he read, the more his bely ached.

At first Chuck would cruise the strip clubs and find Black Men who were broke and alone, paying as they could for a little eye candy. He’s strike up a conversation, buy a few rounds, then take a stripper to a VIP room and invite his new found friend along. Chuck would toss dollars at the striper while she made the Black Man hard, and inside the VIP rooms much can be done. The stripper wasn’t allowed to feast while working so when the Man was lighter headed than he needed be, Chuck would begin his seduction. The strippers knew the ways of the white male so they got off watching how a wallet shoveled money to them while they drank the Dick the dancers made rigid. It cost a lot for every Man Chuck gave a personal show to, but the Men usually fed two to three loads into this wanton cock-sucking mouth so by the end of the night all were happy.

When Chuck took Cheryl for the first time, he didn’t tell her what his delights were. Cheryl loved how her slutty twin brother would make ways for her to get Dick so she never questioned his scenes. At the first club they both took shots with some of the girls lounging around and made their flesh more open to public plunder. By the time Chuck saw a regular friend, they were both very, very hungry. An hour later in the VIP room he booked most, Cheryl was finally feeding on a rigid Man she knew would make her mouth fight for a load. Chuck’s friend wasn’t drunk this time, Chuck’s friend was taking out a lot of stress in her face. The dancer gyrated as her own pussy leaked watching this hard Black man fuck a white girl’s face for all she was worth and the bitch cried like a baby. Chuck was urging his friend on and making Cheryl discover the joy of true submission. The stripper became so nasty wet she knelt behind Cheryl while the slut sucked on all fours, pushed her right hand inside her pussy and slapped Cheryl’s ass with her left hand while calling her every name the stripper had been called all her life.

“You’re a cum loving little bitch, aren’t you slut. Suck His Dick like a good white trailer trash whore you nasty cunt licking dog. Make a Man happy, maggot.” Each sentence was followed by a hard slap on a wet cheek that wiggled with delight. Over and over the words were repeated. Darer and darker the stain in Cheryl’s panties grew. “Take real Dick while your useless brother gets off. Did you know this is his new job, cunt, to make Black men cum? Your brother pays me to make Dick hard you filthy little snatch. You suck Dick like a fucking vacuum, you must have been servicing for years you ugly pig. Suck Dick, suck it suck it, suck it nasty fuck.”.

When Cheryl felt the spew she closed her eyes and felt alive for the first time in her life. Cheryl was in love. The nut flooded her throat, the seed violated her mouth and flowed down an open gullet that kept on sucking the string of protein inside to make her feel. She kept sucking as shudder after shudder kept making her lips leak pure white love, filling her mind with the best orgasm she ever had while nursing on the very essence of what she now knew as her passion. Chuck yanked her by the hair and kissed his twin deep as they learned long ago, to taste the gift he gave his loving sister.

The next day Cheryl took Chuck shopping. That was the day, after reading “homo limpus”. Chuck left and Ashley took over. While they had coffee before they shopped, Chuck told Cheryl about My sermons, My words, and how they made the last night happen. It was their awakening, it was their new found need. It helped clear their heads after their parent’s deaths and made them feel as if they could live again, but this time as their own people. Cheryl read the sermon and knew she found life giving purpose in the words that finally made her feel her place. To know her twin was as the slut should be. To seek out and serve Black Men until they could last no more and give them all their lives could give so Black Men would feed the hungers inside. To become the perfection of pleasure, to serve those who took, to be what they were born to be, to be wanted.

The series of films will reflect just that. They both know they were lied to all their lives, molded to be but never given the chance to grow. Kept under the heels of the white society which didn’t want their own to know truths about. When you’re a raging slut, you need the very best. Once a slut taste a Black Man’s rigid flesh they know what sex is about. If you’re fed white meat all the time you grow used to being left without an orgasm that splits your soul. Just the act of sucking Black Dick down and feeding on the river of cum makes a white slut cum, and they keep cumming long after just thinking about their submission to the power they need. That fateful night showed it so clear, they can never go back to what they were. They had the means so they made a pact to show others what they were missing. To spread the word of why white holes are born and to corrupt all other white meat to follow in their wake. That’s what happens when you fall in love. You live, breathe and work for that which gives you passion.

The well dressed producer and twin sister were getting ready for the second day’s auditions when one of their backers called and asked about the selection and the flavors. It was a highly anticipated series, and their friends were anxious to not only participate but maybe even find a Man they could serve on a long term basis. They all saw this for what it was, freedom from being what others wanted them to be so they could swim in seed forever. Cheryl, a wanton white woman, now had purpose. Ashley, a sissy slut with a mouth that never tired, now found bliss.

We’ll talk about how many loads their other holes took later……