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There was no doubt it was planned and cleverly executed. My last sight of Jeff, Patrick and M’tungo was as I was dragged out of sight by Goliath. He wasn’t hurting me but he held my wrist firmly in his huge hand and just pulled me along with him. The other males of the Gorilla family formed a cordon in front of Jeff our cameraman, Patrick the director and M’tungo our guide. The other gorilla...

How i met Joanne


My name is Marie and this was the story of how I came to be: My mum bought me a beautiful golden Labrador pup when I was thirteen and it became my best friend when I was at home. I called him ‘wobbles’ because of the awkward way he ran. Anyway when I was 18 I came home from school for the last time. I had just gradated and mum had taken me out to lunch. When we got home I said I would take...

My Uncle’s Pig


It is a true story. it was a summer vacation in 2004 and i went to a small hillstation where my uncle have a farm house with different animals. and there is a three-story building where i lived. there is a servant quarters also. my uncle lives in the city for business there he has dairy of buffalo-milk. i reached the farmhouse at the evening. i lived there for 15 days. in the third day, it was a...

How I became my Great Dane’s bittch


It all started one day while I was shampooing my Great Dane, Toby. I was washing his belly and started to wash his balls, when I noticed that his large prick began to come out of its sheath. I was curious about what would happen if I rubbed it with my hand. When I started to stroke his prick, it came fully out of it’s fleshy covering. It was about 10” (since I didn’t have a ruler, I’m...

My Dog Roxie


When I got my dog I was 18 and she was a labrador puppy. She was the cutest little thing, and always use to lick everything. The one day i got the idea when she was about 2 I was home alone and started to get dirty thoughts watching her lick herself. I called her over and pulled of my pants, and gave her my hand to lick at first then drew her close to my cock so she could smell it. She started to...

Learning How Big He Really Was


I have a 2 year old american bulldog and he is a very big dog. The one day i was getting out of the shower, and noticed that he had walked in, and was just laying there on the floor. He got up and walked towards me, and i noticed his pink cock was starting to come out from its sheath. I laughed and dried of petted him and walked into my room. I noticed that he follwed me in there wagging his tail...

Dog Three Way


I was staying for a couple weeks 3 years ago at my sister’s Marilyn’s house in Napa. She raises Great Danes and her two favorites Leroy and Bruno have the run of the house. She had a doctors appointement and I stayed home. I decided to have a nice bath and since no one was home I went from the bathroom naked. While walking to the bathroom I saw Bruno. he came up to me and licked the...

Sex Stories Free sex stories and erotic stories

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