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Bounties of the Sea


Bounties of the Sea By Whipsaw WARNING: The following story is fictitious and should not be taken seriously. The tortures described are extremely dangerous and could cause serious injury or death. Prologue I am not sure when I stopped believing and gave up on life, humanity……………and all of the other shit. Chapter One As I looked around at my newly remodeled home, I was very pleased. The last of...



Patricia leans back against the bar, arching her back to thrust out her breasts, and smoothes her short tight skirt over her thighs. She lifts her knee so men can see she’s in stockings. It’s been a quiet evening. Just that one client. His marriage was breaking up, he hadn’t had a woman for a month and his steel hard shaft was aching with hunger, he craved a woman’s body and was prepared to pay...

Farewell Surprise


I was transferring to another job as a contractor in Iraq. I had been promoted and started packing and shipping my stuff ahead of me about two weeks in advance. I got down to three days before I left. I was doing last minute packing one night about 8 and someone knocked on my door. It was Candice the travel clerk. She was a good buddy of mine and she said she had a going away present for me. She...

Total Sharing


Helena and I were best buddies at work. We could talk about anything (and did) except sex. Now, I enjoy talking about sex as much as the next girl but she is gorgeous and exudes sexuality and I desired her. Problem was she was married and I do not go there. Well, not unless the husband or wife is ok with it and, ideally, joins in. And anyway, I had no reason at all to suspect she might be...

Sex Stories Free sex stories and erotic stories

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