Bounties of the Sea

Bounties of the Sea


WARNING: The following story is fictitious and should not be taken seriously. The tortures described are extremely dangerous and could cause serious injury or death.

I am not sure when I stopped believing and gave up on life, humanity……………and all of the other shit.

Chapter One

As I looked around at my newly remodeled home, I was very pleased. The last of the workmen were boarding the boat that would take them away forever and I could start on my playroom. I had hopes of enticing a female slave or slaves to my island home, as I owned the whole island. It had been a gift from an immensely wealthy man, given to show his gratitude after I had saved his life. He had fallen overboard from a charter boat that I “crewed” as first mate. My reaction was purely spontaneous if I had stopped to think, he would be dead now.

The remodel had cost a fortune especially purchasing the water-driven turbine to generate power and installing it into a fast flowing stream about a mile from the house, but I had been very lucky in the Forex markets. With tips from “moneybags” as I thought of him, I had acquired a very respectable fortune. The money allowed me to do what I wanted and that was to get away from people. Of course, a hot piece of ass was always nice.

I made my evening meal, ate and went to bed. The next morning I began my playroom. I would install the usual stuff, X-fame, rack, stocks, plenty of hooks, posts set into the floor, bed and tables. I placed hooks in the walls, floor and ceiling with hoists hanging from the ceiling. I also installed special cells to hold my slaves.

When I completed the playroom the next step would be enticing bitches to come to my island and if that failed, I would employ my alternative plan. I could buy slaves from a dealer in Hong Kong.

The next few days were filled with getting the room ready.

I had almost completed the room when a storm rolled in from the sea, with strong winds, lightning and pouring rain. The house had been reinforced, it would withstand most of the storms that came along.

Chapter Two

As I sat in my favorite chair and watched the surf pounding the shore, I saw a few glimpses of a red blinking light. I thought, “if that is a boat then I will have dead bodies washing up onto my beach.” What a pain that would be, but hell I guess you can never get away from it all.

I became drowsy and went to bed without another thought about a hapless boat or people. I was awakened early the next morning by someone banging on my door. The noise startled and irritated me, I sleep nude and had to search a short time for something to wear. The pounding continued and now there was shouting, also.

I opened the door to a group of three soaked and bedraggled females, obviously they had spent a night of pure terror.

They all began to speak, I finally had to shout at them to stop them from talking at once. A blonde spoke for the group, “please help us…..our boat was destroyed by the storm, I have never been so scared or so happy to see a house!”

A brunette continued, “do you have a phone or someway to call for rescue?”

I answered and the lie came easily, “no, but a supply boat will arrive in a few days, they can take you to the mainland.”

Again everyone started talking again, I held the door open for them to come inside. Once they were inside, I gathered up what garments that I thought they could wear and passed them out. I directed each to a different room to change. I prepared a meal and as they ate, I took careful note of each of them.

The blonde was statuesque, 44DD, very nice figure, her ass swelled out sexily, she was not gorgeous, but quite pretty. She was about thirty years old.

The brunette was gorgeous, she had smaller tits and her skin tone was dusky………not bad at all. This one wasn’t much older than eighteen.

The other brunette was older, more voluptuous and looked very much like the younger bitch…….mother and daughter? Very nice…………Very interesting. She looked to be forty or maybe a little older.

I decided to ask a few questions before I took any action. I asked the blonde, “did you guys send a distress signal?”

She looked blank and then spoke, “I do not know………..Sam, I mean my husband was blown overboard almost when the storm started……….maybe he did?”

I replied, “it doesn’t matter, the supply boat will along in a week or so and.”

The blonde cut me off with, “A WEEK…………HERE……no, you have a way of communicating….you are hoping to keep us here so you can get laid!” She continued, “now get your mind off of us and make the damn call!”

The older brunette spoke quickly, “Alice stop it, we are in this man’s house as his guest, now show some respect!”

Alice snapped, “I will when he makes the call!”
Chapter Three

I answered, “I have to visit the john, be right back.” As I left the room, Alice was beginning another tirade.

I went into the playroom and got my Tazer, I had made my decision.
I returned to the room as Alice was getting into full stride, almost screaming. I walked up to her quickly brought the Tazer up and zapped her on the neck just below the jaw-line.

Alice dropped like a stone and both the brunettes gasped. They sat very still as I approached them, one started to rise. But I triggered the Tazer again and she sat down quickly.

I spoke reasonably, “I do not want to use this, but I will.” adding “now get you asses over there and drag that bitch over to that door.”

They were apprehensive and did not move, so I slapped the younger one very hard. She fell out of the chair, arms and legs flopping about. I noticed though that her tits barely jiggled, that meant they were firm.

I asked the older brunette, “what’s your name slut?”

Again she hesitated, I almost knocked her down and she gasped out, “Ashley…………please don’t hurt us, please!”

I asked the other brunette, “name, cunt?”

Her voice trembled as she answered, “Beth.”

I spoke to both and said, “I will not tell you again, start


Patricia leans back against the bar, arching her back to thrust out her breasts, and smoothes her short tight skirt over her thighs. She lifts her knee so men can see she’s in stockings.

It’s been a quiet evening. Just that one client. His marriage was breaking up, he hadn’t had a woman for a month and his steel hard shaft was aching with hunger, he craved a woman’s body and was prepared to pay. He said it was his first time with a prostitute. He wanted straight sex. Patricia on her back on the bed with her legs strained wide for him, him on top of her, grunting, sweating, clutching her naked body, pumping like an animal. But this one was different: he knew what a woman wants. His fingers had taken Patricia to the brink of her climax then his penis had taken its time working her clitoris till her orgasm had risen exquisitely slowly and exploded with Patricia crying out, gripping his bum and beating his back with her legs in unfeigned ecstasy. So different to those men who just want their dicks to jerk inside her, or just want to do those dirty things they’d never ask their wives. Patricia smiles as she remembers – if only they all were like that.

But no-one’s looking at Patricia right now. All the men’s eyes are on Suzanne as she mounts the stage. With her blonde hair in pigtails, that mini-skirt and tight white blouse she doesn’t look a day over 18. As Suzanne twirls her skirt flies up and all eyes are on her tight white cotton panties. Her nipples show through her blouse and it’s obvious she’s not wearing a bra. She drops her skirt and kicks it aside.

Then Patricia notices that man, standing a little way along the bar. His eyes are on Patricia. Patricia meets his gaze. Late thirties, smartly dressed in a suit and tie, good looking, here to watch the strippers. He’s wearing a wedding ring. His eyes run up Patricia’s stockinged leg. He moves closer to Patricia and she knows his eyes are on her black bra through the blouse button she keeps undone.

“Are you on the game?” He asks her.

She likes the look of him.

‘Might be. Depends what you want.”

‘I want my cock sucked off. Back at my place.’

They agree a price. Moments later they are in his expensive car heading for the suburbs. They stop at traffic lights. He reaches down, puts his hand on Patricia’s thigh, and lifts her skirt. Patricia spreads her legs for him and shows him she is wearing stockings and black panties. His fingers play briefly on the black silk between Patricia’s legs, lightly fingering her mound and following her vagina lips.

“You’ve got good legs. What’s your name?”

“Thank you. Patricia.’

“Call me John.’

They never give their true name.

They stop outside a large house, a middle class house with a drive. Expensive cars are parked in the drives of the houses on either side. Through the front door. Tasteful furnishings and deep carpets. Pictures on the wall. A woman’s touch. John gets a bottle of wine and two glasses. They go upstairs to the bedroom. A large double bed, a wall mirror next to the door. On the dressing table a wedding picture. John and his wife, slim and blonde, so pretty. Nearby a holiday picture: John in his shorts, a manly muscular body. His wife in a blue bikini, a man’s dream of a figure.

“My wife’s called Sue.”

Patricia can see John’s erection is straining for her. He undresses Patricia quickly to her stockings. Some men undress Patricia slowly, savouring the removal of each garment, running their hands over her body as they strip her. Others prefer to watch her strip and pose for them. Patricia knows well how to take off her bra in ways that thrust her breasts, and to slip down her panties, posing with them taut round her thighs, framing the dark bush between her legs, in ways that drive a man crazy!

“Take your stockings off on the bed”

The stockings fantasy! All men have their fantasies, and Patricia knows them all. Patricia lies on the bed, spreads her legs wide, folds her knees up near her shoulders, arches her back to thrust her hips, fingers the tops of her thighs above her stocking tops and brushes her vagina slit and pubic hair as if with excitement, before she slips the sheer black nylon so slowly down her long legs. As he watches her John quickly strips naked. Even Patricia’s excitement surges at this moment, when for the first time she sees the penis that will enjoy her! And Patricia is not disappointed: nine inches of muscle, sticking straight out, bending up with its hunger for her, a swollen purple tip, hairy testicles heavy with semen.

“Go on. On all fours with your back to the mirror so I can watch your bum. Legs nice and wide so I can see your pussy.’

Patricia positions herself and spreads her legs. She knows his eyes are on the hair lined love-slit he can see in the mirror between her spread thighs. That’s where men’s fascination always pulls their eyes. He spreads his legs, thrusts his lust strained penis forward and braces himself against the bed for the pleasure to come. Patricia leans forward and kisses the tops of John’s thighs. From above her she hears his gasp of pleasure as she licks her tongue over his testicles, then up and along his straining shaft, till she is tickling the very tip of his penis with her tongue. She sways her bottom in that seductive movement that fascinates and excites men. She reaches up to finger him between his legs.

Then it happens.

Patricia feels a hand on her bottom, moving quickly down between her buttocks to find her vagina mound and to finger her hair lined vagina lips. Patricia spins! There is Sue! She has silently entered the bedroom door behind Patricia. Patricia’s moment of horror is instantly replaced by fascination. Pretty blonde Sue is wearing only a tiny thong in white lace, little pink bows at the hips, with a matching bra. The cloth triangle of her thong is so sheer Patricia can see the brown outline of her bush through it. Sue is smiling. Patricia looks up. John is smiling too!

‘Mmmm, you’re right. She is very pretty.’ Sue says to John, then she addresses Patricia.

“I’ve come to give you a helping hand.”

She strolls round the bed to John. They kiss. He reaches behind her and unclips her bra. Neat pointed breasts bounce out, with large erect nipples. John’s hands slide down Sue’s sides and her thong falls away. John pulls Sue’s naked body against him so her thighs are astride his, her brown cunt bush brushing against him. He fondles Sue’s bottom, thighs and pert breasts. Sue reaches down and lightly fingers John’s straining penis, nearly vertical now, and lightly fingers his testicles. John gasps with pleasure, a drop of pre cum on his tip. Then John grunts with excitement as Sue’s thumb and forefinger wrap in a ring round John’s blue veined shaft.

“Don’t stop just for me” Sue says with a smile. Patricia gets the idea!

Patricia takes the head of John’s penis into her mouth, rolls her lips up and down over the ridge round its base, and massages its tip with her tongue. She rocks back and forth, sliding her lips up and down the stiff sides of his shaft, sucking as she sways back. Sue’s thumb and forefinger keep perfect time with Patricia’s movements. Sue’s other hand is fondling her husband’s bottom. Patricia lightly fingers John’s testicles and her hand meets Sue’s between John’s legs. Patricia hears John panting, his body starts to tremble. Patricia sees John’s right hand clutch Sue’s bottom till her flesh is white. John’s other hand ruffles Patricia’s hair and caresses her bare back. John thrusts forward, Sue’s hand is stroking fast and hard. Then that so familiar long deep throated half cry, half grunt, and John’s semen squirts into Patricia’s mouth.

Sue produces another glass, they open the bottle of wine. Then as Patricia is sipping her wine Sue gets on the bed, kneeling with her legs wide. Sue takes Patricia’s hand, pulls it gently down and cups Patricia’s hand over her vagina mound.

“Please” whispers Sue.

Patricia senses business.

Patricia joins Sue on the bed, kneeling facing her. Sue moans with excited anticipation.

“Play with my tits” gasps Sue.

Patricia lifts her breasts, larger and fuller than Sue’s, and rubs her nipples against Sue’s. Sue moans with pleasure. Patricia feel’s John’s hand fondling her bottom.

Now Patricia licks her tongue over Sue’s nipples. At the same time Patricia’s hand is between Sue’s legs, caressing the insides of her thighs, that hot spot between Sue’s arse and vagina, working towards Sue’s vagina. Sue is moaning softly. Patricia’s fingertips are gliding smoothly along Sue’s vagina lips, aroused now and wet with Sue’s juice. Sue fondles Patricia’s breasts and pussy. Sue’s fingertips find Patricia’s vagina lips and her cunt hair wet with her juice, and Sue knows Patricia is excited too!

John’s penis is massively erect as he watches two naked women in their sex play. Patricia feels John’s hand exploring her thighs, reaching right under her between her legs from behind to fondle her vagina mound. John knows what a woman wants! John’s spare hand is wrapped loosely round his shaft and he is stroking smoothly and firmly up and down. Sue is getting excited. Her legs are straining wide, she is thrusting her pussy forward for Patricia’s hand. Now Patricia’s fingers are working Sue’s clitoris as Sue’s orgasm starts to rise.

John’s hand is pumping hard and fast now as his wife’s climax rises and his hand is on his wife’s bottom. His penis is aimed at Patricia’s breasts as they bob with the rhythm of her hand stroking Sue’s pussy. Sue reaches out one hand to lightly finger her husband between his legs and the undersides of his testicles as he masturbates. John grunts with pleasure as she touches him. Suddenly Sue cries out:


Her whole body tenses then her hips slowly and methodically thrust forward like they have against John’s body so many times on that bed, her nipples swinging up as her back arches. She gives a long deep sob of pleasure, and presses Patricia’s hand against her throbbing vagina.

Simultaneously John grunts, Patricia hears the rustling of his hand against his pubic hair become frantic, then that long deep groan again. John thrusts forward, his hand gripping Sue’s thigh. The tip of his penis is just under Patricia’s swinging breasts. With a grunt of satisfaction John’s semen fountains over Patricia’s breasts and her front and trickles down to catch in Patricia’s pubic hair.

Sue empties the bottle of wine into three glasses.

“Now then” she says, reaching for her purse. “Two of us, two times ….” Sue pays Patricia four times the price she agreed with John, in crisp new notes. John and Patricia dress and John takes Patricia back to the bar.

Twenty-one year old Amanda is on the stage, slowly unbuttoning that short, tight nurse’s uniform that ends just at the tops of her stockings. John stays to watch Amanda. She shows him she likes him by crouching naked in front of him, swinging her legs as wide as she can and showing John how a girl masturbates. John’s eyes linger on the smoothly shaven lips of Amanda’s vagina as her young hips sway in front of him.

As John watches Amanda, Patricia leaves with her next client, that businessman in his fifties. Every week he’s here on business and always wants the same thing: to watch Patricia strip and pose in his favourite nude poses, tease his dick up harder and stiffer with her fingers than his wife can ever get it, and treat him to a hand-job squirting his cream over his teenage daughter’s panties which he always brings with him.

An hour later John is naked on his bed. Sue is astride him with her vagina lips squeezed tightly around her husband’s shaft, rising and falling to stroke her husband’s iron hard penis. John’s hands are on Sue’s breasts, but his mind is between Amanda’s legs. Sue’s vagina is throbbing and her orgasm is rising, but her mind is on Patricia’s breasts and fingers, and that card with Patricia’s phone number on it she slipped into Sue’s hand without John seeing.

“Next week, when John’s away…..” Sue thinks: then “Coming!…..Coming!…….Ohhhhh!”


About the Author

I’m a 26 year old girl living in London, England, with a very wild imagination…..

Farewell Surprise

I was transferring to another job as a contractor in Iraq. I had been promoted and started packing and shipping my stuff ahead of me about two weeks in advance. I got down to three days before I left. I was doing last minute packing one night about 8 and someone knocked on my door.

It was Candice the travel clerk. She was a good buddy of mine and she said she had a going away present for me. She was in a pair of tight shorts and a t shirt with no bra. Candice has a nice big ass and huge tits 40EE’s I think. “Well where is it?” I asked. “I have someone else bringing it over.: she said with a wicked smile. Just then there was another knock at the door. Candice got the door and it was Tiffani. Tiffani had on a pair of sweat pants about three sizes too big and a tank top. She is a parts clerk for a mechanic shop with a Huge but firm ass and C cup tits.

I had fantasized about fucking both of them especially Tiffani. I love big asses! Tiffany told Candice she had left my surprise on the deck outside my room. Candice told me to close my eyes and she would get it. I heard the door open and close again. “Keep them closed: Candice said. I heard something rustling like clothing and I thought they had gotten me a shirt or a robe maybe. “OK open them!” I heard Tiffani giggle.

I opened my eyes and Candice was kneeling down behind Tiffani with her tongue an inch from Tiffani’s naked, glorious ass! Candice looked right at me and gave Tiffani’s right cheek a long lick. My dick came to life and started getting hard quickly. I asked if I could only watch or play along. Candice told me they were both mine until 10 o’clock.

I immeddiately stood up and started rubbing Tiffani’s ass. God it was so silky and soft but harder than mine when she tightened it up. I was rubbing one cheek while Candice licked and nipped the other with her teeth. Then Tiffani pulled off her top and faced me. I sucked and licked her nipples while Candice got naked. Then I licked and sucked Candice’s angry nipples for a bit. When Candice’s nipples get hard and full they are as big and long as the first joint of my thumb.

I slid my hands down so I had a throbbing twat in each hand. I didn’t get a chance to explore them though as they both dropped to their knees and pulled down my shorts. My cock sprang out and they began to take turns sucking it slowly.

AFter about 5 minutes of that heaven Tiffani moved behind me and I felt her finger exploring for my ass hole. I spread my feet apart and bent forward some putting my hands on my knees. Candice started sucking me slowly and real hard like she was trying to make my dick head fill up with blood and pop.

I felt Tiffani rubbing my balls and then her tongue found my ass hole. I jumped a little and then pushed back into her face as she started to lap my back door in a steady rhythm. That was heaven getting licked and sucked! I started feeling my nuts swell and I asked Candice if she swallowed. She answered my by taking just the head into her mouth and sucking it really hard. Tiffani stuck her tongue up into my ass just as I blew my load into Candice’s mouth. MMMAN! What an orgasm! My knees buckled and I leaned forward putting my hand on Candie’s shoulders as I pumped my last spurts of cum in her greedy mouth.

I stayed hard which was unusual. But I think I was in shock. This was my first time with two girls I had fantasized about fucking. I told them to both get up on my bed on their hands and knees and face the wall. I pulled them both back so their ankles were off the edge of the bed and their asses were hanging over the side of the bed. Lookign at them there ass to ass beside each other was an awesome sight. Seeing Tiffani’s huge Lilly white ass and Candice’s chocolate brown ass there waiting for me was almost too much. I slid my cock slowly into Tiffani’s pussy and it was a tight inferno! God it felt so hot and throbbing. Then I stopped and slid into Candice’s shaved fat pussy. Her pussy was so pretty. I love black girls with purple pussy lips. They are so awesome! Candice had a hot and wet pussy and it was kind of loose. I managed to fuck both of them for about 15 minutes. I would stroke one hot dripping pussy 15-20 strokes and then switch. I thought I was going to be able to switch up a couple of more times before I came. All of a sudden Tiffani came with a scream and a gush of cum. I felt the heat as her juicews ran down and dripped off mjy balls and I came explosively. I came more than I ever rewmember in Tiffanis hot cunt.

Then I had them 69 while I watched them and took turns fingering and licking their asses when I could reach them. AFter watching them make each other cum I asked them if I could fuck them both in the ass and then tit fuck Candice if we had time. They said we would try. Candice got Tiffani on all fours on the bed and lubed her up with KY. Then Tiffani lubed Candice up. I got behind Tiffani and placed my cock head against her ass. It slowly went in a half inch every few seconds. I got the head burried in her ass and it started loosening up. Then I just plowed it all the way in hard and fucked her ass as hard and fast as I could. She came almost immediately like a minute after I started pounding her hard. Then like three miutes later she really came hard and I blew a nut into her big tight ass. Realizing that I had just lived one of my fantasies by cumming in Tiffani’s ass was so cool. I pulled out of Tiffani and started to lose my erection. Tiffani turned around and said she would get me ready for Candice since we staii had a few minutes until ten o’clock. I guiede my cock into her mouth and she instantly proved she gave a better blow job than Candice. She swirled her tongue around my cock head and it began to swell. I was really shocked that I was getting hard again. Then Tiffani lightly ran her teeth up and down the shaft as she delicately scratched my balls with her fingernails. I was completely hard by now and she stopped. I looked over and Candice was bent over my computer desk holding her ass cheeks spread wide. I could see the KY still shining on her tiny ass hole. It looked really small for a woman of 29. I asked her if she had ever been fucked in the ass before. She told me yes and to not worry it only looked little. I pushed my mushroom against her little brown eye and it went in easily about half way. “Oh Boy!” she squealed and she tensed up so much it hurt pretty bad the way she squeezed her butt around my cock. She relaxed and I slid the rest of the way in and started to grind her ass slowly. Her ass was hot and it was spasming. I realized she was in a long orgasm so I increased my speed till I was jack hammering her with all I had. Soon I felt my balls boiling and I rammed into her all the way and just held still and let her feel my cum it explode into her ass. I was really weak by then and could not do any further damage. I pulled out of Candice and Tiffani cleaned me off completely with her mouth and tongue. Then they got dressed and left.

About the Author

42 year old married man who just started writing erotica.

Total Sharing

Helena and I were best buddies at work. We could talk about anything (and did) except sex. Now, I enjoy talking about sex as much as the next girl but she is gorgeous and exudes sexuality and I desired her. Problem was she was married and I do not go there. Well, not unless the husband or wife is ok with it and, ideally, joins in. And anyway, I had no reason at all to suspect she might be interested in a woman as more than a friend. Still she was a beautiful person as well a gorgeous plus having that je ne sais quoit that reeks of sexuality.

Then the day came when she asked if we could have lunch outside instead of the cafeteria. Teary eyed she told be her husband had been trying to hook up with a dominatrix. She has gone down to the kitchen after he had left for work and found his secret e-mail address open and found what he was looking for in an ad on Craigslist . To his credit he admitted he was married, in love but he claimed that she was so submissive and he longed to be dommed and and just taken and made to suffer. She showed me a copy of the ad. To his credit he admitted being married and in love but said he just wanted something a bit different. It did not appear that he had any luck on his search but that was beside the point. I did not know what to say so I just hugged her “And, damn him”, she wailed, “I always wanted to get a bit kinky with him but he was always in charge and he is soooo good I always just let him.” I continued to hug her but my mind was racing. This was not the totally conservative woman I thought I knew. Then she totally blew my mind. “I even suggested to him that we find a woman to share. I have always been curious about being with a woman and would love to see him with another woman.” I was finding that sweet Helena had a deliciously dirty mind. My mind was racing and my instinct was to kiss her right there and then but I held off. I just said that had some ideas but wanted to think about them.

The next day I asked Helena to go out to lunch. I told her I had been thinking and that seeing he wanted a dominatrix maybe he should have two. Then I told her my plan. She stared at me for a minute and then her mouth curled in a deliciously sexy smile. “I had always thought you were totally straight but I have to tell you that, ever since we met, when I have fantasized about a woman, it was you.” This was too much. I took her hand and led her to the restroom and there we indulged in the kiss we both had been dreaming of. I whispered to her “Call your husband and tell him you will be home late tonight.” In response, she bit my ear. Oh, my God, I had dreamed about her but here it was real and I came, hard. The last thing I wanted to do was go back to work, but it was time. Thank God I had nothing really pressing to do because I could not keep my mind off Helena. I cursed the fact that I only had my modest “work” lipstick and then ran down to a nearby drugstore and bought my favorite vamp color. Finally it was time to go home and I went over to Helena’s office. She looked at me and said “that lipstick won’t stay on for long.” By some miracle we got an elevator to ourselves and were all over each other. It was as much as I could do to straighten up before the doors opened and walk out not touching her. We walked to my condo which is just down the street and we went in. I had assumed that, as it would be her first time with a woman, I would need to take the lead. When tried to, however, set whispered, please let me. We kissed for the longest time, then she nibbled on my ear and kissed down my throat while unbuttoning my blouse and unsnapping my bra, then kissed down my belly while taking off my skirt. Dear God, no one could ever have guessed that she had never gone down on a girl before. I had three orgasms right in a row and resisted the fourth as long as I could and when I finally gave in I squirted for the first time ever. She took her face away and with cum running down her face grinned “I guess I must be good.” Finally I was allowed to undress her and oh my lord. I knew from seeing her dressed that she had a sexy body and I knew she worked out but I was not prepared for a goddess. She was totally toned, had D cup breasts that would not support a pencil and, to my relief, she was totally shaved. I do not like hair in my mouth. I took a nipple in my mouth and took the other between my fingers and she groaned but when tried to lay her on the bed she pushed me back and climbed over my face. I could see how she could be a good dominatrix. Now it was my turn to get my face wet. And my sheets wet. She just Oed over and over. Eventually she sighed and got off and snuggled up against me. I took her hand and suddenly realized how small her hands were. I took her hand to my pussy and she started to play with my clit. That was exciting but not what I was looking for. Deeper, I whispered. She ventured a finger in. All of them I said. Suddenly she figured out where I was going and patiently worked until her whole fist entered. and I had the longest and best O I can ever remember having. I am not normally a screamer and so not remember screaming but she said all my neighbors had to have heard. When she took out her hand I continued to cum but finally calmed down and kissed her. I started to play with her pussy wanting to see if I could do the same for her and had thoughts of bringing out my strapon but she said she really had to head home. I sighed and thought, well, something to save for the next time and I knew there would be many more times. Even after she got dressed it took her about fifteen minutes to leave as we just did not want to let go of it.

When she left I got online, found her husband’s ad and responded to it pretending to be a dominatrix who would be visiting town and would bring my whip and flogger and if he could get me interested I might meet him for a drink at the hotel bar and if I deemed him worthy bring him to my room. I attached a moderately sexy picture. I went to go to bed and found a soggy mess. There would be no sleeping in that bed tonight. I threw the wet bedding into the washer and went to sleep on the couch. I had a difficult time sleeping thinking of what had just happened and what was still to be and I gave myself another couple of Os before finally falling asleep from sheer exhaustion.

In the morning I checked my e-mail, and sure enough there was an e-mail from Jim (Helena’s husband) telling me a bit about him and what he desired including some pain and attaching a picture of an absolute hunk. I wrote back and promised to contact him when my schedule was firmed up. Helena and I arrived at work at the same time and it was all I could do to greet her normally. The elevator we got on was crowded and she used that as an opportunity to rub up against me which drove me to distraction. I was so glad we did not work together because I do not know how I could have done it that day. Again we went out to lunch so that we could hatch our plans. First we had to get Helena an appropriate outfit and a whip and flogger. I had a sexy black leather dress that would do considering I had to appear in public. The next question was how we would tie him down as the typical hotel bed has nothing to tie anyone to. Then I remember reading about a hotel in town that offered suites with four poster beds. Then I asked her how he was in bed. She said that she had only had two guys before him and no one else since so she did not have much to compare him to but that he totally satisfied her, was good for 6-7 times a night (my jaw dropped) and after he had come a couple of times could make the next one last until she begged him to come. Then she grinned slyly and said that the first time came so fast that she would just give him oral and if the volume of cum had anything to do with making babies, she would have no difficulty when they were ready for that. I asked about size. She said that the first time she saw him she was scared he was so big. I thought it could never fit, she said, but it fitted just fine. We picked Thursday of the next week as the day because, as she said, she needed to practice with the whip. We had a too brief make out session in the ladies room and went back to work. That night I e-mailed Jim specifying a date and place and promised that if he was even a minute late I would be gone. I got an email back in the morning with the promise that he would be there. I called the hotel and made the reservation.

After work that evening we went to a local bdsm shop and picked out a whip and flogger. Then a very hot outfit for her that you could not wear in public. Well, later she did but at the Exotic, Erotic Ball and the Folsom Street Fair and they are different matters altogether.We added a pair of thigh high platform boots that took her from an already statuesque 5-11 to 6-7. I decided I wanted a pair like that too even though they might be a bit much in public. This was getting expensive but she said that Jim was paying for it all whether he knew it or not and he could afford it. Then I tried on Helena’s outfit and she took a picture of me in it with the whip so that I could send it to Jim.

The next day was Friday and that bummed me because I would not see her again until Monday. Come lunch time I said, lets go to my condo and lunch on each other and we did but an hour is not enough.

Monday something occurred to me and I asked her if he liked anything to do with his ass. Her mouth went in an ooo and said he loved he loved a prostate massage when getting a BJ. So, I said, do you want to use the strapon on him or should it be me? Both she said. She also said that he has a meeting on Thursday evening in Sacramento and that he would not be home that night. We grinned.

That week was like a dream. We had to be discreet but when we could we snuck off for a kiss and a feel and two days she went home with me for an all too brief love making session. I just hated that she had to get dressed and go though and reached out for her in the morning.

We had decided to take Thursday off and met for a late breakfast. For the first time I kissed her in public and she kissed me right back, starers be damned. About noon we went to the hotel to check in, figuring we could at least stow our stuff there but, even though check in was not until 3pm they were able to give us our suite. It was ridiculously lavish but we loved it. I was a little puzzled as to why she had a man’s shirt and pants in her suitcase but said nothing. We had hours to go and had time to explore each other and we did. I could not recall ever being so content.

It got time to meet Jim and I got dressed. I looked at myself in the mirror and thought that those boots were really a bit much but kept them on anyway. I was quite nervous. I really am not dominant and was not sure I could pull it off. Oh, I can take charge but the whole master/mistress thing is not me. For my sweet Helena, though, I would do my best.

I had told Jim that demanded punctuality and that if he was not waiting for me I would turn around and leave and there he was. In spite of the pictures I had seen and Helena’s description I was taken aback. He was everything Helena had said and had that special aura about him, just like Helena. How am I going to dom this man I wondered and if it was not Helena’s husband it would never have happened. I sat down, crossed my legs and ordered a Jameson’s. We made some small talk and then I said to him, so you want to cheat on your wife? Yes, he said, and I expect to be punished for it. You will be I said and gave him the spare key to the room and said I was going upstairs to change and in fifteen minutes he should come in. I got back up to the room and Helena was in her outfit and I went creamy and wanted her right there. We had a long kiss, redid our lipstick and I got out of sight (though I could peek) and she stood in front of the door, legs apart and the whip in her hand. Eventually the door opened and Jim just stared. Helena said close the door you fool. When he did not (he was just too astonished) the whip snaked out and curled around his leg. She had been practicing. He closed the door. So, you wanted a dominatrix she said and he nodded. Well, now you have two and on cue I came into view, flogger in hand. She walked up to him and hit him across the face with the handle of the whip and grabbed his hair and walked him to the bed. To be honest, I was a bit dismayed. This was not any place I had ever been or wanted to be but it was my Helena. She grabbed his shirt and tore it off, sending buttons flying. Now I saw why she had a shirt in her suitcase. Then she ripped his pants apart and, oh my god, she revealed a magnificent erection. It would have been magnificent even if of ordinary size but now I understood why Helena had wondered if it would fit in. If it had been just him and me I would have dropped to my knees and paid homage to it but I had a role to play. I whacked him hard across the butt with the flogger and snarled how dare you want to cheat on your sweet Helena. He groaned and I expected him to lose his erection but, if anything, it got harder. We finished undressing him. There was a cruel welt on his leg where the whip had hit, his face was red where she had hit him and his ass was swelling where I had flogged him but he did not seem to care. We tied him down. When my knots were a bit loose Helena snarled make them tight and I did. Then we kissed. And we kissed. We made slow, langurous love as though he were not there. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jim and his erection which never faltered but I never let on. I really wanted to honor it but I was also lost in Helena. Finally, after multiple Os (thank god we had put towels beneath usthis time) she turned her attention to Jim. So, you bastard, you could not tell me what you wanted. She smacked him across the face but started to stroke his cock. It did not take long and everything she said about quantity was true. She took a mouthful and we kissed long and deep his cum running down our chins. We continued to make love until he got hard again. I whispered to her that wanted that cock. I wondered how we were going to handle this and still be dominant but she mounted his face and I his cock and we kissed and caressed each other. He came so hard I could actually feel the force of his gushing. This was punishment?

I looked at Helena and patted my ass and she nodded. We cut the ropes but told him not to get any ideas and to bend over the bed. I put on the strapon and wanted to lubricate him but Helena said make him suffer so I took his unlubricated ass. I squeezed his balls and he only got harder. After a while Helena said turn him over and she rode his cock, whipping him as she went.

When he was done I said to her that we still had not used the strapon on each other. We tied Jim back, thoroughly cleaned off down the strapon and I also produced a small butt plug and begged her to used that but beggger her, not unlubricated. I whispered, why don’t we make a wet spot for Jim to sleep in?

Finally we went to sleep. In the morning I gave in to my urgings and rode Jim’s cock and Helena took the strapon and rode my pussy. And then Jim said what a fool I have been. If it had been me I would have melted but Helena just swiped him. I took the strapon and told him to bend over. He obeyed and while I screwed him Helena fingered me. Why did we not we have a second strapon? Finally Helena allowed him to screw me and I loved it. She whacked his ass all the time.

We became a regular trio. They got so into bdsm that I had to ask that their time with me should be vanilla. Once a week or so Helena would spend the night with just me and was just my sweet Helena with no hint of wanting to inflict on me what she inflicted on Jim. . OK, I loved the threesomes but loved our alone times best. It started as an extention of our friendship that now included our sexuality But for me it grew to the much more than that. Sure, Jim was a very nice guy once you got over the wanting to have an affair thing and he was a magnificent lover and had no desire for him outside of Helena and me.

So, my problem was I wanted to have a child and did not want to have it as a single mother though I was prepared to if necessary. The problem was that I was not interested in anyone but Helena. If I had to I could live without her but for a long time it would be with a broken heart. I knew she loved Jim and I did not want to mess with that so I decided I needed to break it off and go on with my life. And suffer the broken heart. Still I needed to talk to her. Then, a surprise, she asked me for together time at her place. When I got there, instead of taking be straight to bed she wanted to sit on the patio with brandy and a cigar, usually our after sex thing. She said remember how I said I was curious about being with a woman? Well, I just wanted you. And I still want you for the rest of my life. Jim knows that I love him and always will but that I love you and always will and he can share. I was stunned. I went to her and kissed her and told her I would always be hers. Up to then our lovemaking had this urgency as if it would not ever happen again. This time it had an urgency too but a contented urgency. I could tell her that I loved her. Over and over again. Could I come to live with her? Yes, yes, yes I said and held her and kissed her and loved her. My heart was bursting. I told her I wanted a baby and she said wouldn’t it be wonderful if they shared a parent. You would not mind me having a child by Jim, I asked and her hug told me no. Today I am five months pregnant and she is six months pregnant. We really wanted to get pregnant at the same time but that is not the way it worked out. I am a content woman. I love Helena and she loves me. I wish that I could love Jim as she does but, as we all three accept the situation it is OK.

It took us a while to come out but all of us had family we had to come out to and then there was work but we handled it.

From one happy woman.

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