That Hairy Thing


That hairy thing is a good thing.

That hairy thing is a sweet thing

That hairy thing can make men weak at the knees.

That hairy thing can either make or break a nation

It can make the economy rise and fall at will.

Oh yes this hairy thing is a powerful things.

Now my hairy thing is dark and lovely.

Sweet to the taste and tender to the touch,

My sweet hairy thing is the thing my man love so much.

My hairy things have made men shy and cry.

My hairy thing has made men stop and stair

Moreover, after my man make love to my hairy thing,

He leaves with a smile on his face and song in his hart.

God thank, you for my hairy sweet thing.

About the Author

This my first time that I have try to write a poem. If you give feedback, be kind. lol CHRISTY

The Pleasure of Submission by Fellatio

Orally, totally submitting to cock can often involve some pain.
Why then, does this discomfort always equal more enjoyment?
Why is it that all I can think about is dicks forcing down my throat,
powerful hands holding the back of my head preventing any escape,
and him completely taking control of my body for his primal urges?

My own cock is hard, I am dripping with saliva and stomach fluids
His scrotum hair tickles my chin with the rhythm of a snapping hi-hat
Even as I gag, convulse and then finally go limp about to black out
I am in heaven because I please him with my submission

The cocks that I have knelt before, the places where I am willing to suck
The strangers who met once, have implanted seed directly into my stomach
Men, trannies, and yes even several dogs of every colour, shape and size
All testaments to my love of giving a proper sloppy, slutty blowjob

Indiscriminately I pleasure cock as equal pleasure do I get
I form half the perfect difference of domination and submission
You own me when you fill my mouth continuing down my throat
I am yours to orally abuse, without question, without hesitation.

About the Author

I am a 21 year old male from Austrlia. I consider myself bi-curious. I do dream about living this poem every night.