First Sex

My name is Karen I love sex and this is how I had it for the first time. I started to develop early and by the time I was eleven I already had a nice pair of breasts and a very sensitive pussy, I’d started my periods too. Mum was a really attractive woman but we lost Dad when I was eight, subsequently Mum was always having men to stay over. By the time I weas ten I knew why and often heard her making love with a man in her room.

This got me interested, I’d masturbated ever since I could remember and, as it got more exciting and I worked out about Mum having sex, I really got interested and wanted to try it for myself. I was always on at Mum to let me do it but she was actuallky quite strict and gave me severe warnings about getting involved in boys that way. When I asked why she said, ‘Because they’re inexperienced, that’s why, a boy would make you pregnant without really knowing how he’d done it! When I think you’re old enough, I’ll organise it!’ Obviously after that I wouldn’t keep quiet about it and Mum gto really exasperated.

Every now and then Mum used to organise parties, she knew a lot of people, all about her age, who liked the sort of music she liked. There were always plenty of men and it was no secret that men and women used to pair off and use the bedrooms.

By the time I was fourteen a lot of people thought I was a full grown woman, I wasn’t, but I had the figure of one and looked really mature. This started to attract the attention of men. Then one weekend she had a party and one of the guests was a really dreamy man, good-looking, well-built and very sexy looking!

I thought, ‘He’s for me!’. It was a really warm August evening and all I had on was a thin button-through summer dress with just knickers underneath. I saw Mum kiss him when he came in and heard her say, ‘When I saw you the other day, I couldn’t believe it was you John. Come and tell me what you’ve been doing, it seems so long since the old days.’ I hovered nearby and listened in, it was obvious that he’d been one of Mum’s lovers.

When Mum said, ‘Get yourself a drink, John, and sit down and listen to the music, I know it’s just what you like.’ He went and sat on one of the kitchen stools that Mum had added to the normal furniture in the room. I went and sat on his lap, ‘I’m Karen,’ I said. ‘So you are!’ he laughed, ‘Boy are you grown up or what!’ I smoothed my dress over my bra-less breasts and said, ‘Do you like me then?’ I wriggled about on his lap, I could feel the bulk of his dick under me. ‘I certainly do!’ he replied, ‘last time I saw you, you were just a toddler.’ I felt him looking down over my shoulder, my dress was very low-cut and I was sure he got a good look at my breasts, well, part of them at any rate. I wriggled around until I felt his fat dick lined up with my cleft.

‘My God, you’re a proper little wriggle-bum! What are you doing?’ ‘Getting it in the right place,’ I said. ‘Oh,’ he went. ‘Well,’ I went on, ‘if you could see me like you can see her, I bet you’d be interested in what I’ve got!’ I nodded to my right. He turned and looked. The place was so crowded that there was a line of people sat against the wall, right alongside us there was quite an attractive woman, mid-twenties I thought, she had her knees up and together but her feet about eighteen inches apart, her hairy pussy was in full view. John laughed, ‘She’s certainly showing it all!’ he commented. ‘You ought to see mine,’ I responded, ‘I haven’t got all that ugly hair!.

He said nothing, but I felt his dick twitch against my pussy, I rubbed against it. ‘Stop it!’ John said, ‘I’m not into little girls!’ ‘I am not a little girl!’ I retorted, ‘I’ve just redecorated my bedroom, come and have a look at it and I’ll show you.’ A real double-entendre if ever there was one!

I hadn’t noticed Mum coming over, she said, ‘You ought to go, John, I know you’d enjoy it! Tell you what, I’ll come too!’

We went up to my bedroom, fortunately no-one was using it and we went in, Mum locked the door. I pulled John’s arm, Look, do you like how I’ve decorated it all?’ He looked confused, then said, ‘Yes, it’s very nice, you’re a really clever girl if you did all that.’ I said, ‘Oh, I did it alright. Do you like this as well?’ And I ripped all the buttons of my dress open and threw it off.

His eyes nearly popped, ‘Christ, Karen!’ He turned to my mother, ‘Elaine….’ ‘It’s alright, darling,’ Mum laughed, ‘don’t tell me that you don’t feel aroused by looking at my lovely daughter?’ ‘I certainly do,’ John’s eyes roamed all over me. I put my thumbs in the waistband of my tight, white, stretch-cotton knickers and hooked them down, kicking them away.

Mum said, ‘He can’t see you like that Karen darling, lie on the bed and let John see you properly.’ I did as she said, spreading my legs. I could see a huge bulge in John’s trousers, I said, ‘I bet you’ve got a lovely dick!’
He didn’t seem to know what to do, Mum told him, ‘Karen’s never seen an erection on a grown man, come on John, show her what you’ve got!’ She looked at me, ‘I know that you’ll like it darling, I’ve had it many times!’

Suddenly John was stripping and in no time his dick came into view, I gasped, it must have been well over seven inches long and much thicker than any boys dick I had ever seen. Mum pushed him, ‘Go on, get on the bed and get to know each other.’

He didn’t need bidding twice and I soon had his shaft in my hand, wanking it like I had boys when I was younger. He kissed me, the way he kissed me made my head swim, I kissed him back and felt him caressing my breasts and nipples. I felt myself becoming aroused and took his hand and put it on my pussy. He was panting, ‘Christ, what a beautiful sight, I’ve never seen a girl of your age naked!’ He groaned, ‘You’re the most beautiful girl I have ever seen!’ His dick was now as hard as iron, the big purple head was slippery with the misty fluid that oozed from the little hole it the end, it smelt so sexy.

He was now caressing my pussy lips, but they were soon slippery and his finger came inside, touching my clitty. By then I was gone, my mind was full of sexy images and when he eased his finger up inside, I thought I’d faint. I caught sight of Mum, she had stripped too. She had a great figure and, nowadays, trimmed her pussy hair which was the dark blonde colour of ripe wheat. She was masturbating.

‘Is John going to do me?’ I asked. ‘Yes, darling,’ Mum replied, ‘he’s very experienced and the ideal man to take your virginity.’ Mum saying that convinced me that I could take that large, thick, dick and, hopefully enjoy it. She went on, ‘The first time it can hurt a bit, darling, but, if it does, it won’t last long.’

She let John continue as he wanted, and he took his time. I became wet very quickly and he used my love-juice to complement his gentleness. I loved it, it was so much better than using my finger or a carrot or something which I’d tried before. Just as I was so aroused that I wanted him to get on with it he moved over me. Mum said, ‘Bring your knees up, darling, it’ll make it easier.’

I did as she said and felt John’s dick nosing at my opening. He was very gentle and it was some moments before I knew that it was entering me, ‘It’s in!’ I gasped. Another gentle push and he eased it into my eager pussy. ‘You are so tight, you beautiful little cunt!’ John murmured quietly in my ear. I felt his dick pushing right up inside me, it felt huge, but strangely not really hard.

Mum must have been watching closely, ‘Go on, darling, she’s loving it, give her what she wants!’ Oh, I wanted it alright and he began doing me, he did that gently too. That is unril I got used to it then I was gasping, ‘Harder, do me harder!’ , and he started thrusting instead of just easing it in and out. His dicxk was so big and thick that it rubbed my clttyt all the time and I had these huge thrills and a wonderful feeling came over me. I held him tight as he thrust and panted, ‘You’re the most gorgeous cunt I’ve fucked since I used to fuck your mother!’ he murmured breathlessly in my ear.

A minute or two later he gaspe, ‘I’m coming, I’m coming!’ ‘Leave it in, John, leave it in, let her feel you coming up inside, I’ll deal with it after!’ Then He thrust hard into me and, as he withdrew, I felt a fierce jet spurt deep inside my pussy, it happened five or six times and was the mosr wonderfyul feeling I’d ever had. Then he flopped on me, gasping for breath.

I heard Mum gasp too and looked at her, she had her eyes closed and her fingers in her pussy, she moaned, ‘Oh yes! Oh yes!’

That was my first time. After that, when John’s dick slipped out of me, Mum said, ‘Now I’ll show you how to get a man hard, if he’s capable of fucking twice at all, and I kjow John is!’ She knelt by his side and I watched her suck his limp dick into her mouth and start sucking it and swirling her tongue all round it. Three or four minutes later John was hard enough to begin fucking Mum’s mouth. She stopped him and, getting on the bed, knelt over him and lowered her open pussy onto his now rigid again dick, then she fucked him until he cam again. It took a long time and she loved it, ‘Just like old times!’ she said as he came inside her.

Aftyerwards Mum apologised for doing it, ‘I got carried away watching you doing it for th efirst time, it got me all aroused and I just had to have him.’ She paused then said, ‘And you’ve learned more in les than an hour than you’d learn it weeks of discussions at school!’ She was right, I certainly did, but she didn’t allow me to have sex again for another two years!

Power of 5 fingers

Everytime i think of how lucky i am to have met Lana, I always develop this shit grin on my face. She was a fine, auburn-haired girl that i cared a great deal about. But a better job pulled her off to the south East. Before she moved, Lana gave me mindlblowing experiences that i could never forget.

One night that stands out in my head was after a movie. We went to my apt, and said on the loveseat and started making out. Things were hot n heavy, and her lips were over mine repeatedly, hands groping each others bodies. I was out of breath trying to keep up with her lip acrobatics. Her hand slowly inched closer to my half hard manhood. she had magic hands. Her arcylic, white tipped nails against my white skin was a visual feast, especially when my skin was the dick! With the other hand, she grabbed a small bottle of baby oil and gave me this eveil grin that made my heart race.

She squeezed a generous amount on my tip and swirled it around wit her finger. she wrapped her hand around my rod, and sighed with pleasure as she gripped it firmly. Her fingers curled tight around me and slowly stroked up and down. the feeling was making me shudder. I was ready to blow right then and there, but i fought for control. I leaned towards her to kiss her, but she made me lean back and relax. She went back to stroking me up and down, fingers constricting, and then releasing around me,
This went on for about 40-45 minutes. Taking me to the edge, and then bringin me back again. This last time, i could feel the tingle DEEP within me, and as i was going to warn her, she slid closer to me, so her cleavage was like inches from my face. She started to jack me double time now, her oily hand slides effortlessly up and down my dick.

“Do you like what you see? You like my tits in your face? Are you gonna unload your balls for me?”
I think i started seeing stars. Between her words and her hand stroking me to uptopia, I was about helpless. then she took her other hand and started massaging the balls. I put a hand over my eyes, and and convulsed as i began shooting loads all over her hand, her pants m and mine.. she kept jerkin me until i was dizzy, and and my legs were like noodles.. Never in my life have i came so hard in my life. But there were more adventures that followed….

About the Author

Another story from me

Intrigue in Kiev

Sam Bachorski had been born of Ukranian parents who had emigrated from the old USSR, to the United States where the lived a quiet life in a rural community and became United States citizens. The parents had lived modestly, worked hard and become part of the American success story. The story of their escape from the Communist country had been a harrowing one – driven by a need to experience freedom.

Having crossed the border with Sweden, they had eventually arrived in the United States and became citizens. They were good, hard working, modest living people who worked to succeed which they did! By 1963, they owned a modest, three bedroom house in the suburbs of the city, drove a fine new automobile and had saved a substantial amount of money. Sam was born to them in 1963.

They were good parents and raised Sam to be a decent, responsible, gentleman who was familiar with hard work. In college, Sam had majored in International Law, probably influenced by the old world culture that he saw in his parents. He did well in school and was sought by a number of firms for employment after graduation.

It was then that he was first approached by government agents. It was also his first experience with the dark world of ‘cloak and dagger’ as the agents made salary offers that were very enticing without discussing the work that was expected in return for the work or even where in the government he might work. He had hesitated. . .

Then, the agents had pressed their case and sweetened their offered. By the time he was hired, he had been recruited by agents of some unknown entity to work for an organization, the nature and extent of which he had no idea and had been investigated by men who had come to question his friends and neighbors. It was with some foreboding that he had reported to Langley, Virginia to begin his job.

Once there, he had been rigorously trained in the boot camp for agents for nearly six months during which time he had been totally sequestered on the clandestine base. Then, he had been re-assigned to a desk job in a nearby office. Life had taken a drastic turn as he read various printed material from the USSR and interpreted it for perusal by analysts who were looking for small bits of intelligence.

At first it had been interesting and he had regular working hours and freedom to come and go as he wished. Then, as he grew familiar with the work, he grew bored and began to question whether the salary he was receiving was enough to keep him at the job.

Then came advancement. . . he had become an analyst! Again, it had been interesting at first but with the passing years, he grew bored. Then, with eleven years in the employ of the CIA, he had amassed retirement and perks that made it difficult to leave the company. It was then that a position for a senior analyst opened up in Vienna.

After another few months of refresher training, he found himself at his new post in Vienna where he worked independently and pursued his intelligence gathering with renewed vigor. He was soon meeting the under cover operatives on their return from the USSR and talking to them in his native tongue. . . never by name though!

In the 1980’s when the old Communist USSR began to disintegrate, Sam had been in the forefront gathering intelligence on the imminent collapse and on the probable consequences. It had been an exciting time.

During the 1990’s Sam had seen the demise of the USSR and the rise of struggling independent republics. The old soviet intelligence apparatus was gone and it’s agents left with no means of support. The once exciting job in Vienna slowly became dull and boring.

Back in the United States, he could not develop any interest in his work and Sam made the decision. . . He would leave the CIA.

He had never married as his work was of such a nature that he couldn’t conduct a normal social life and as a consequence of having lived a very modest personal life, he had amassed a considerable sum of money which was invested in interest bearing accounts. There was enough to allow him to continue his comfortable existence for the rest of his life.

So, he left the CIA and moved to a small farm in Virginai where he had tired of the farm’s inactivity in only a matter of months.

During his working career, Sam had never had time for a real relationship with a woman and his sexual activity since college had been limited to casual sex with people in his work environment or the closely related environment – it was safer that way and nobody got hurt.

His main source of satisfaction for his sexual appetites lay in frequent dreams where a woman with soft, well rounded and erotic features offered herself to him. He could feel the warmth and intimacy that real-life casual encounters didn’t provide and he was closer to the woman in those dream than he had ever been in real life. Strange; though he knew her body features well, her face always remained obscured in those dreams.

Then, retired and free of those work related restraints on a relationship with a woman, he found that he was simply inept socially and unable to meet the kind of women he was attracted to. A man in his forties, he simply didn’t know how. . . He felt like a teen-ager, clumsy and awkward around women.

It was then that he was approached by agents from Langley again. This time they were there to offer a contract rather than a salary. He would receive a sum of $12,000 per month and all expenses paid to partake in a covert mission. The CIA was not to be involved in any way. Then the details got murkey. Where? When? What was expected? The agents were mum.

Of course, Sam was soon back at Langley, in an office not far from the one he had occupied earlier. A young officer laid out their proposal. Sam would travel to Kiev on an ordinary tourist visa and act, in all other ways like a tourist with an interest in all things. He was to mingle with the population and develop a sense for their general attitudes. He was to collect information on their standard of living and their cultural habits as well as any military issues as he might uncover. He would report his findings, in writing, weekly through the military attaché at the embassy. He was to remain in the Ukraine covertly, renewing his tourist visa as necessary. He was further advised that his cultural heritage and his long familiarity in the field of gathering intelligence made him ideally suited for the job.

It was a chance to travel – to escape the boredom of the farm. Sam accepted the job immediately, disposed of his farm and arrived in Kiev in the dead of winter. He was excited at the prospect of working on his first covert assignment and he felt young and vibrant and full of vigor again. At his hotel, he settled in as he toured the city and visited the museums and historic sites by day and mingled in the hotel bar in the evening. He soon found himself speaking the language like a native.

A week passed, then two. Sam toured every nook and cranny of the city as he talked to merchants and shop keepers and immersed himself in the new culture. He ate the local foods with delight. Sam delighted in his activities as he reminded himself that he was being paid handsomely for his efforts.

Alone in a foreign country, he was lonely. For the first time in his life, he was in real need of a friend. The hotel bar offered his only diversion.

It was as he was sitting at the hotel bar for his evening drink and talk with the locals that he met Olga. She had walked into the lounge, smartly dressed and beautiful, glanced to the right and left and went directly to Sam. “Join me at a booth,” she said and Sam moved immediately to join her. Beautiful women had seldom approached him so directly.

“Sit down Sam Bachorski,” she said. That caught his attention. . . she knew his name and Sam had been traveling under an alias! His cover was blown! Immediately, his body quickened as he listened to her.

“We know all about you Sam. We know your mission here and your contract with the CIA . . .$12,000 per month wasn’t it.” She continued. Sam knew he was busted – his cover blown! He now need only wait for the calamity that was about to fall. “And who are you? And who are you working for?” he asked.

There was a long silence as each assessed what had just transpired; then, having dropped her little bomb, Olga relaxed and suggested a round of drinks. “Let’s see, It’s gin and tonic’s for you I believe.” she spoke lightly. Then, over drinks, she explained Sam’s position to him. Sam was collecting the type of information on the Ukraine that was vital to attracting foreign investments. The information was being sent back to the CIA where it carried all the weight of the US government. Actually, her intelligence service had assigned her to provide any assistance he might require to make his job easier.

Sam sat quietly, thinking, as he contemplated his next question, “So, what happens if I decide to inform my connections that I’ve been busted and decide to go home?” And Olga replied, “Well, it’d be goodbye to your $12,000 a month all expenses paid vacation for one thing. For another, you’d be failing in your mission and finally, we’d probably make an ugly mess of throwing you out of our country.” Then, she added, “. . .besides, we could have a lot of fun working together and getting paid for it.”

Sam was not sure exactly when he decided to go along with her plan. It was probably around their third drink and after several hours of conversation. They discussed the proposed plan for working together and Sam had found Olga to be both intelligent and fun. As the evening drew to a close, Sam viewed Olga carefully for the first time. He decided she was quite beautiful.

In her forties, Olga was no runway model; rather, her curves were fuller and more rounded. Her once shiny black hair was laced with gray and carefully coiffed into an easily maintained, ponytail. Her face was full and well rounded with a ruddy complection and crooked teeth and as was the custom of the women of her country, she wore no makeup. Her clothing was cheap, off the shelf but well matched and altered to fit. She was perhaps five or ten pounds overweight with a rounded tummy, probably due to child birth or poor diet.

Her beauty, and no reasonable man would deny that she was beautiful, lay not so much in the eye of the beholder as in their perception. Her eyes were indeed the window to her soul and her body pleasantly soft – both exotic and erotic! In addition, talk came easy with her as she had initiated their meeting and guided and directed the conversation at first. Her natural grace and charm had soon captivated Sam.

Later, as they parted, Sam moved to kiss her goodnight and Olga responded, “No, there can never be anything romantic between us. My agency would frown on such activity.” Sam was much more disappointed than the simple rejection might normally have inspired.

With the rejection still fresh in his mind, Sam went off to his room and settled in for the night. He felt calm and relaxed after a rather hectic evening and sleep came almost instantly. He dreamed. The dream was essentially the same as usual only this night the dream woman had a face – Olga!

It was a powerful dream and a pleasant one as he felt the love that he had never known in real life. Hel lay immersed in the dream which had no beginning and for which he would remember no end. There must have been sex involved as his pajamas were filled with the evidence of his nocturnal emission.

The next day, Sam met Olga for breakfast and their joint venture into intelligence gathering began. They worked well together as Olga paved the way into the various government offices and their files. Olga joined Sam often between her tour guide duties as necessary to insure his success and every evening she joined him for dinner after which they often enjoyed an evening of fun and entertainment.

Sam’s work was even more in depth and more complete than even the most optimistic had hoped and the very intensive nature of his work required more time than anticipated. It was time that Sam found himself bonding with a real live woman, for the first time. It was a comfortable, cosy feeling and he encouraged it.

As the days passed, Sam experienced a number of small incidents in their relationship – incidents that excited him! There was the time he was working at the computer in a government building when he required assistance with the unfamiliar keyboard. She leaned over him and placed her hand over his. The simple act had left him lusting, shaken and excited!

Then, there was the time when he had walked behind her in the hotel hallway and his attention fell on Olga’s well turned and shapely ass. This time, he was compelled to act – he placed his hand gently on her buttock! Olga’s reaction had been swift and sharp! “Stop that!,” she had spoken firmly.

Another day passed and as they faced each other as she was leaving him for the day, he moved to kiss her. She turned and avoided his lips as she again rebuked him.

Sam’s feelings were no longer those of an independent man but had become those of ae infatuated and frustrated lover. Inexperienced and awkward, he was keenly aware of his situation and sought for a solution to getting around Olga’s apparent cold nature and the restrictions she had placed on their relationshgip.. Somehow, he sensed that beneath the cold, hard exterior that she showed him lay a sensuous and loving woman that he longed to get to know. But how. . .?

To make matters worse, he felt inadequate in dealing with his situation. He wondered if he was indeed up to bringing forth that woman he desired. She seemed so able to control their relationship.

Still, he persisted. . .

Then, after nearly six months of living with frustration even as he was enthralled with his situation, he reached a decision – he couldn’t live that life any longer and as they met after a day of work, Sam made his move. He simply grabbed the lovely Olga, embraced her and kissed her squarely on the lips; then, sensing no resistance, opened his lips and drove his tongue into her mouth.

Amazed at the lack of resistance, he backed away to look into her eyes where he hoped to ascertain her feeling. As he backed away, Olga took his hand and said, “Sam, Come with me. It’s time you knew more about me”

As they walked out of the hotel, Olga led him quietly down a small street for perhaps a mile. The big city had faded into a city of shacks and muddy streets. They spoke but little and Sam noted tears in Olga’s eyes as they walked. Near a small bridge, they turned right and walked down a badly rutted lane for perhaps another half mile before turning into a small, brick house with a sheet iron roof. “This is where I live with my daughter, Golda.” she said and led him into the house.

Once in the house, Sam noted the single light bulb, suspended from the ceiling, in the small living/family/dining room and another in the kitchen area. The kitchen was equipped with a coal stove which provided for both heat and cooking facilities. Then, coming from the bedroom was a young girl, perhaps seventeen years old, pretty like her mother and shy.

“Sam, this is my daughter, Golda.” she said and the girl responded to his hand with a shy smile and a limp handshake. Sam knew he liked Golda the moment he laid his eyes on her.

As they settled into the cheap, shabby furniture, Olga offered to fix dinner; then, busied herself with preparing it while Sam talked to Golda.

Golda spoke English quite well and Sam told her so as Golda, pleased with the compliment tried to speak it even more fluently. Soon they were laughing about her small errors in speech as Sam spoke the Ukrainian dialect back to her with deliberate errors for her to note and respond to with glee.

Dinner, on tin plates consisted of sausage and cabbage with some herbs and spices. It was a dish that he had eaten before when he was a child and he said so. It was followed by a slice of coarse ground whole wheat bread for dessert.

The meal had gone well as Sam and Golda laughed and talked as they ate. Olga, however, was restrained and silent for the most part. After dinner and the dished cleared, Olga spoke to Golda, “Honey, I may be very late tonight so I want you to go over to Uncle Lenoid’s for the night.”

In a few moments, Golda was gone and Olga began to speak in earnest. “Well Sam, now you see how we live here. You see me for what I am.” she said as her eyes moistened.” Sam was moved by her obvious feelings and moved to embrace her. “Do you think this changes anything in my opinion of you? Do you think I didn’t at least suspect how you lived? Your daughter is a real beauty. . .a charmer and you should be proud!” he said.

As Olga heard the words, she had other concerns – concerns that had been developing for months! She had felt feelings for Sam that very first night as she observed his strong, masculine nature and his gentlemanly attributes. That he was a man among men and that he had strong feelings for her was soon apparent to her. Then, she began to feel the lust that she had avoided for so many years. . .she had fought it! She fought it with every bit of her being! Today, Sam had breached the barrier and there could be no turning back.

Then, as he embraced her, she did not resist and he kissed her lightly on the lips. Again, she did not resist. As their lips continued to touch, Sam felt Olga’s tongue pressing for entrance into his mouth. Their embrace tightened as their tongues met.

After a time, they parted and sought to regain some composure. “We’re crazy! You know that this will be the end of our working together.” Olga said and Sam laughed, “Jobs are like street cars. If you miss this one, another will be along soon.”

Olga laughed too but spoke differently, “That’s alright for you to say. You, who makes more money in a day than I do in a month. . . You from America where there are more jobs than workers. Here, it’s different.”

The talked. Olga pensively! Her thoughts and words guarded as she tried to come to terms with recent events. She wondered. . .Had she screwed up? On the other hand, the kiss had awakened demons within her that she had thought long since dead – sexual urges and appetites that she seemed powerless to fight. Perhaps she didn’t want to fight them!

As they talked about their past and their lives, Olga soon realized that it was decision time; either go back to her past and try to forget what had just transpired or face a new and uncertain future. In her mind, she recalled her previous life and her marriage to a drunken Soviet Officer. Then, there was her disappointment with her lack of opportunity in a life, where she knew that she would exist, grow old and die. . .nothing more!

Suddenly, as Sam was telling her about his lack of experience with women, she arose and took him by the hand. Then, silently, she motioned for him to arise and led him into her tiny bedroom. The significance of her action was not lost on Sam and he knew immediately that their relationship had changed.

Once in the room, Olga turned and kissed Sam on the lips. It was a friendly, pleasant kiss, filled with anticipation. Sam returned it. “Are you sure?” he asked.

“No,” she replied, “. . .but I think it’s my best alternative.” On hearing this, Sam was instinctively aware of the inner turmoil that she was experiencing and spoke, “I’ll try to protect you and make you happy.” he responded and she replied, “I know you will.”

With the ice broken, the couple moved on to more light kissing and caressing as they built on to their friendship with new found intimacy. It was a time of friendly laughing and giggling as they grew more trusting of each other and more intimate. It was a time that both reveled in. . .

As their intimacy grew, their minds slowly began to narrow their focus and the outside world, with it’s cares and woes, was soon buried in their subconscious. Then, as if impelled by some force, they came together again and kissed with a fervency that narrowed their minds still more – there was just Sam and Olga and their relationship.

With this narrowing of the minds and then growing intimacy came forth the demons of lust and passions that served their carnal appetites. Neither resisted; rather, enjoyed the erotic sensations that accompanied the demons.

Olga, who had memories of her failed marriage and unsatisfactory sexual encounters only minutes before, had allowed the demons to totally free her mind of the past. Now, she sought only the satisfaction that surely must lie ahead! Her mind and her body were prepared.

For Sam, whose only experience had been with women who were not emotionally involved, it was a new experience and one that left him feeling incapable. The responsibility for a loving relationship seemed to lay in his hands and he simply didn’t know what to do. The knot in his stomach was fear. . .

Then, their gestures towards one another became more demanding – more urgent as they grew closer responding to those inner urges. Fingers began to fumble with buttons as they trembled in anticipation. They felt the cool temperatures as their bared skin was exposed to cooler air in the room. Soon, their clothes lay scattered about the edge of the bed and they felt each other completely for the first time.

It was a time of familiarization and even closer intimacy as Their world had shrunk to their two hearts, minds and bodies on the bed that was to be the place of their soon to be union. Their minds merged into one as they kissed and caressed and played.

As Sam’s hands moved over Olga’s breasts, he found them warm and soft and softly rounded, waiting for his touch. The nipples stood on their dark, brown areolas at the peak of those womanly assets. He had to kiss them.

It was with he first touch of his lips to her extended nipples that Sam felt her body quicken to the touch. It was also the indication that he was doing something right and the knot of fear in his stomach began to dissipate. He pursued her breasts with his lips, suckling, caressing, laving as he moved and always alert for the effect he was having on the woman he craved.

Olga, on the other hand, had expected his movements but she had not anticipated the slow, steady ministrations and their effect on her. Unlike all her previous experiences, Sam seemed to be in no hurry and his efforts were arousing her demons to demand more. She was incredibly horny. . .

Then, Sam did move forward with his seduction as his hand caressed slowly across her belly and on to her mound of Venus. Olga waited for his fingers to press into her but it did not happen. Instead the fingers moved slowly over her outer labia and down to her inner thighs which she hadn’t realized were so sensitive.

Soon, Sam had moved and his lips were kissing and laving her inner thighs and Olga realized that he was about to perform a first on her. Her excitement grew in anticipation
as his lips drew closer to her labia. She worried briefly that her body might not be clean enough for him. . .

Sam, was now confident. He would please this woman and his lips were moving slowly over her inner thighs, upwards towards the cuny lips that were already moist with her fluids. It was when his thumbs, on either side of her pussy, opened the labia to expose the soft, inner tissues to his tongue that she cried out. Now, Sam sought only to please.

As Olga lay in ecstasy and totally subject to Sam’s advances, she realized that this was special and had never been so aroused – not even when she had conceived a child. . . not even when engaged in coitus! When Sam’s tongue had entered her sensitive area, she had cried out spontaneously in rapture. Then, she realized that it was Sam who was providing the pleasure and she felt a compelling nead to please hi,

When Olga moved from beneath him, Sam was concerned – had he done something wrong. He waited only seconds to find her on top of him with her mouth blowing hot breath on his hard penis. Her cuny was again only inches over his tongue and it was obvious what the next move might be. they fell into a perfect sixty nine as they ministered to each other.

Olga, on top, had never engaged a lover this way before, nor had she ever willingly taken a cock into her mouth before. This time, she sought it eagerly as she worked to please the man beneath her. Even as she worked to please Sam, she felt her own passions soaring to new heights.

Minutes passed. Then, it was Sam who moved. As he rolled from under her he said simply, “In want to cum in you and in about a minute, you’ll have drained me before we even get that far.”

Olga moved quickly on the bed to position herself for the pending coitus. “Come to me.” she said as Sam rolled over her and their eyes met briefly. The eyese blazed with passion and spoke of urgency as their lips met in a kiss.

Then, Sam was in place and together they guided his stiff love muscle into her well prepared vagina. They came together slowly and lovingly as the big cock penetrated her warm, velvety smooth passage. Then, they felt it – they were fully engaged.

They did not speak; rather, they languished in the tender sensations that emanated from their union as they lay motionless together. It was Sam who moved first, compelled by the demons of lust to further action. He slowly withdrew his penis until it was nearly out of it’s tender box, only to drive slowly back to full penetration. It was a time of familiarization and experimentation for him.

As Olga lay under Sam and feeling the exotic sensations of his man-meat entering her she felt only intense pleasure. The feelings seemed stronger than she remembered although it had been many years. Then, as she felt Sam move over her she felt a need to participate – to give back what he was giving her. “Strange,” she thought, “She’d never felt that way before.”

In a minute or so, she found herself bringing her pussy up to meet his downward thrusts to provide pleasure such as Olga had never experienced before. She was participating! She was his equal! She was sharing his power! Then, it hit her – her peak came suddenly and more intense than she’d ever know!

Feeling Olga’s orgasm beneath him, Sam stopped thrusting and drove himself into her in an effort to prolong her pleasure. He embraced her closely until her peak had subsided and for reasons he could not explain, he rolled them over together, still fully joined, so that Olga was on top and riding him. He relaxed his efforts.

Meanwhile, Olga, on top now and in the power position, began to experiment. She rode slowly, tentatively at first; then with increasing intensity until she rode with all the power she could muster. Her second orgasm came quickly, even more powerful than the first! With it she fell on top of Sam, temporarily spent and seeking a moment to regain her strength.

They kissed and embraced and laughed as Sam’s still rock-hard muscle rested deep in her belly. “Did you like it that way?” Sam asked and Olga replied, “I’ve never done it that way before. I liked it!”

Suddenly, Olga’s strength returned, Sam felt himself being fucked again. From a slow thrusting to a faster rhythm to a faster mode and finally a staccato of thrusting as her ass moved at lightning speed. She rode hard and fast and when her peak approached, she continued to the next.

It was on the third peak that Sam felt the stirring in his groin and he made no attempt to restrain it. As Olga cried out her peak, Sam felt his steady Spurt! Spurt! Spurt! Fly from his cock into her belly. They embraced and kissed and slowly came off their high.

After a time, their breathing returned to normal and they began to feel the cool air around them as they lay enveloped in the most beautiful afterglow.

As Olga lay basking in the warm sensation, her thoughts became more rational. She slowly realized that she had been fucked hundreds of times before but never properly and knew that she had been truly loved. Her mind was at ease with this as she felt a need to express her gratitude for what she had just received! She tried to express her feelings but found words inadequate.

They continued to lay together, making small talk as they kept their intimacy. Sam, felt the flush of success as he realized what he had given to Olga. He felt pride. He felt humble! He felt satisfaction! Mostly, he felt the woman next to him and was truly content.

Neither wanted to move; to separate from each other. They lay enduring the aches and pains of muscles strained by long exposure to the unfamiliar situation so as to avoid breaking the spell.

Then, the situation became unendurable as they parted and Olga went to the bathroom to clean herself and Sam moved to place a towel under the sheet where his ‘pecker tracks’ had left a wet pool. Suddenly the Spartan surroundings around them came back into their senses and they were aware of the cool temperature in the room.

Ten minutes later, Sam and Olga were spooned together under the covers in the bed and sound asleep. It was not yet daylight when Sam was awakened by Olga’s stirring beside him and he turned to find her showered and getting dressed. She seen=med disturbed.

As he observed her rather cold and distant behavior, Sam felt concern. He asked, “Good morning! Have I done something wrong?” he asked. Olga turned and answered him, “No. It’s me! By now my superiors will know about us and my job will be terminated. I’ll lose my job as a tour guide and unable to find work without proper references. My life is a mess.”

Sam went to her, embraced her, kissed her lightly on the cheek and said, “I’m with you. I’ll stand by you. Perhaps things are not all that bad”. . . words meant to comfort. The words were to no avail and Sam felt real concern as he saw the tears in her eyes. “Mary me,” he said. Olga did not answer; rather, now with both fully dressed, she motioned for them to leave her house.

Together they walked towards town and at Sam’s hotel they ate breakfast as usual. Then, as they parted, Olga said, “What was I thinking last night? I must have been crazy!” then, she left for her morning tour guide’s duties.

Sam, on seeing her distress, made a quick decision. He left the hotel quickly and went directly to the government center where he sought out the office of the State Secret Service and entered. At the first security gate he was stopped and asked for identification to which he replied, “I’m an American spy working covertly in your country. I want to speak to your Chief Operations Officer. The action was quick and effective.

Five minutes later, he was seated in the office of Alexander Bolinski, a man who Sam had known by reputation during his years in Vienna but never met. The meeting was cordial, like old friends which they might have been but for circumstances many years before when Alex was in charge of the NKVD operations and Sam had been in charge of the CIA. “I’ve come with a proposition for you, By now you are surely aware that I bedded your operative and I’m here to tell you I love her. We’ve worked well here. . . perhaps Olga could fulfill a similar function in the United States. . . .”

An hour later, the talk concluded and friendly chat was over and Sam went on his way to his day’s work.

That afternoon, when Olga was to meet him to edit his work, she did not show up. An hour later, she had still not arrived and Sam became concerned. Hours passed and as darkness began to close upon the city he hailed a taxi and went to her house which he found empty. Then, on his return to the hotel, he felt fear. . .Had she come to some bad end! In his room, his mind vacillated between fear that she had left him and fear that something violent had happened to her.

It was after nine-thirty when he heard the light knock and Olga entered the room. She seemed like her old self. . .the cares of the morning gone. “Where the hell have you been?” Sam asked.

“It was the strangest thing. This morning when I arrived to lead the tour, Magda was there to replace me and I was taken to the State Police Headquarters. I’d never been there before as operative were never supposed to be seen in the offices. My superior called me an and said he had a new assignment for me. I’m supposed to seduce you and convince you to marry me and take me to the United States where I’m to work with your CIA.” She spoke swiftly.

On hearing this, Sam was sure all was in order. He moved to kiss the woman he loved. “Oh Sam! I’m ordered to seduce you. . .” Olga said as she grabbed him in a strong embrace and drew their bodies together. Their lips met in a kiss that brought both to full alert. Sam felt his cock stirring in his trousers as it inflated towards full erection. He reached for her light jacket to find it gone and the buttons on his shirt nearly dis-engaged. Her blouse was gone in seconds and her bra in only a few seconds more.

The tender, slow preliminaries of the previous night were forgotten as they raced to coitus. Their minds closed around them suddenly and all that mattered was the meeting of their cock and pussy and the glorious sensations that followed.

Being of one mind and familiar with each other, they moved smoothly and efficiently as each sought to please the other. Ten minutes later, they climaxed together in a crescendo of emotions more powerful than either had ever experienced before.

Then, as they lay together in the envelope of peace and tranquility that followed their second great tryst, they discussed their future marriage and the ceremony.

It was the sixth day of January when Golda, Olga and Sam moved into their home in Virginia and began their new life. Together, they toured their new home for the first time -Oh! They’d been there many times unpacking, moving in, furnishing, etc., but now it was home and they would be living there.

As Sam and Olga took Golda to her room, Golda was overcome with pleasure and giddy with delight! The young woman went thru the large walk-in closet to her private bathroom and back still giddy, “My room is bigger than our whole house was Moma,” she cried out. Then, she lay down on her queen bed and luxuriated in her situation.

Soon, Sam and Olga moved on to their own master bedroom complex, leaving Golda to her delight. Once there, they quietly went about examining they new furniture and the large master bath and walk-in closet. As the now married couple entered their bedroom, Olga surveyed her new home with a reverence that was normally reserved for church. They moved about their bedroom enjoying the intimacy that it allowed.

Meanwhile, Golda had tired of laying about on her bed and chose to explore their new house further. She was happy! She was happy because of her situation but mostly because her mother was happy. Her mother, who had raised her and nurtured her for all those years deserved some happiness.

She moved through the family room and paused briefly to examine the biggest television screen she had ever seen. She moved to the kitchen to admire all the conveniences that she’d never seen before.

Then, she started for the master bedroom to find her mother. As she approached the door to the master bedroom, she heard her mother say, “No Sam! Not now! Golda will hear us. . . We’ve gotta’ be quiet . . . “ and she stopped before entering the room. As she remained near the door, alert, she heard her mother again. This time it was the sound of a satisfied animal and a voice that said, “OHHHhhhhh Myyyyy . . . . Yes Sam, just like that!“

Golda turned away and walked towards her own room, sure that her mother had found the man who could make her happy at last.

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About the Author

I am past the age of retirement and write for my own pleasure. This story has some basis in fact

Cabin Fever

The drive up from the city had been uneventful, but the dirt road leading back to the secluded cabin was a welcome sight nonetheless. The thick mix of pines and hardwoods made even a glimpse of the cozy log house impossible at this time of year. Although it was early fall, the foliage was still abundant, and the days warm, but the nights cool and delicious.

As we rounded the last bend in the long drive, a wisp of smoke from the stone chimney, and the car parked outside the cottage, told us that our friends Carrie and Jonathon had already arrived. Jan had known Carrie since their days together in college, but Jonathon was relatively new to us. The two of them had been dating only a couple of months, and we had seen little of them during that time period.

As I went to step out of the car, Jan placed her hand on my arm and said, “Ben, I just want you to know that things have been a bit tough between Carrie and Jonathon the last couple of weeks, so things may be a little tense. They made need a little space, or Carrie and I may have to go for a long walk or two. Hopefully, things will be OK and we can all just relax, unwind, and enjoy this beautiful weekend!”

We grabbed the suitcase and walked in the door just as Carrie was about to plop down in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine. She sat it down, bounced across the floor, kissed me on the cheek, and threw her arms around Jan. “Where’s Jon?” I asked. There was an awkward moment of silence, followed by Carrie’s explanation that he was not coming. “Things have been pretty bad,” she confided. “I’m not sure what the problem is, but we have not been getting along at all. I haven’t heard from him since Monday afternoon.”

There was a tear in Carrie’s eye, and the last couple of words were a bit choked. Jan wrapped her arms around her friend and walked her over to the sofa in front of the fireplace, handing her the glass of wine, and dropping down into the cushions next to her. “Pour me a glass, will you, hon? In fact, bring the bottle. Carrie’s glass is already half empty.” I grabbed two glasses, poured some wine into each, and carried them out to the great room, handing one to Jan and sitting the other one on the floor next to the rocking chair by the fireplace. I went back for the bottle, put it down by the girls, and slid into the rocker with my glass of wine.

In reality, I was trying to give the two of them some space to talk without my interrupting, but I sensed my presence was still getting in the way. “How about if I go and throw dinner together for us? You two can just sit and talk, but this will cost you. I cook, you clean up.” They nodded agreement, so I headed off for the kitchen. I tossed a salad for each of us, and then went out on the porch to put a couple of steaks on the grill.

Soon, dinner was ready, and the three of us ate voraciously. The girls had finished off the bottle of wine, so I uncorked another one, and the three of us sat and ate and talked, even laughed a bit. By, the end of the meal, Carrie seemed to be in better spirits, although I guessed the wine was contributing to her more relaxed demeanor. Around 9 PM we all decided to get ready for bed and then relax around the fire.

I threw a couple of fresh pieces of wood on the fire, and then headed back into the bedroom to change. “How’s Carrie holding out?” I asked.

“She’s OK,” replied Jan, “but emotional. I think she knows she’s better off without Jonathan, but right now it still hurts.” Jan had changed into a very short nightgown and matching bikini panties. It was nearly sheer, but since only Carrie was with us, I just decided to enjoy the view. I slid on a pair of sleep pants and a t-shirt and headed back to the fireplace. We half sat, half reclined on the rug by the fireplace and nursed the wine, leaning on the over-sized pillows that were there for just that purpose. It was dark outside, and the flames from the fire and a few candles were all that lit the comfortable room.

Carrie joined us a few minutes later, and, when she did, I got an eyeful I wasn’t expecting. Her nightgown was even sheerer than Jan’s! Because it was longer, she had not bothered with panties, and I could readily see her cunt, even in the dim light. Her breasts were incredible. I had never seen Carrie other than fully dressed, and apparently her clothing concealed an incredible body! I glanced over at Jan to see if she was upset, but she seemed almost not to notice, so I kept my mouth shut and let my eyes have a field day.

It was obvious that both girls were more than a little drunk. Giggles were frequent, hugs were many, and I was having the time of my life. Jan and I were straight shooters, and our relationship was monogamous, so this was really different for us. Here I was, “stuck” with two extremely attractive, very much exposed women who seemed oblivious to the fact that they were presenting my eyes with a real feast. I was feeling the sharp stirring of my cock, and I moved over closer to Jan where I could put my arm around her, let my hand occasionally brush against her thigh or her ass, kiss her neck, and otherwise try to get her stirred up. I noticed Jan’s nipples had become erect, and she was having more difficulty pretending that I was not getting to her. But the fire was burning down, it was getting late, and my cock was getting harder. Too much longer and Carrie would be getting an eyeful of her own! I was grateful for the low light conditions.

We got up to say goodnight. We both gave Carrie a kiss (did I feel her tongue for just an instant or was my imagination running away with me?) and headed for our bedroom. Apparently, Carrie had noticed more than I had realized because as we opened the door to our room, she called out, “Are you two just going to leave me out here alone to masturbate?” Her look was more than a bit wanton, but, as I said before, Jan and I were straight shooters, and I just attributed Carrie’s remark to the wine and some longing left over for Jonathon.

We went into our bedroom and closed the door. I was really aroused, but I had to head back to the bathroom for a minute. I took off my sleep pants and shirt, washed my cock, and then headed back to the bedroom. To my delight, Jan was waiting for me. She had put one of the large floor pillows next to the bed, slipped on a pair of spiked heels, opened up her nightgown, pulling it back to expose her breasts, and was kneeling on the pillow. Apparently I had gotten to her, and her nipples were as hard as rocks, sticking well out from her areoles. Her fingers were dangling just an inch from her cunt, and she looked at me invitingly. “I want that cock of yours, right now. Get over here.” She didn’t have to ask twice. The sight of her kneeling on that pillow had given me all the extra stimulation I needed, leaving my cock hard and long.

I walked over in front of her, and she took in nearly the whole thing in one gulp. She kept me deep in her mouth for a minute, but then began licking up and down my cock like it was an ice cream cone. She licked my balls, and time after time took my cock all the way into her throat. It was the most incredible blow job I had ever had in my life.

I knew if we kept up at that pace I wouldn’t last too much longer, so I pulled out of her mouth, and said, “You’re a bad girl. You’re trying to make me cum way too soon. I’m afraid I’m going to have to spank you!” Her eyes lit up. She quickly pulled off the nightgown, slid out of her panties, and bent over at the foot of the bed, offering her lovely ass to me to do with as I wished. She still had the heels on, and the view of the heels leading up to her legs and eventually to her ass was fantastic. I came around next to her and gently ran my hand over both cheeks. She was squirming, and begging me to spank her. I raised my hand and smacked her sharply on the right cheek. She yelped and flinched, but she wanted more. For the next two minutes I alternated between cheeks, occasionally rubbing them between smacks. Her ass was beginning to get red and tender, so I gave her one more, good hard smack on each cheek, turned her around, and pushed her down on her back on the bed.

Jan spread her legs and lifted her feet high for me, giving me a great view of her cunt. We keep her hair trimmed very short, and her bikini area totally free of hair, so I could hardly wait to get her cunt in my mouth. I got in close, and I could almost taste her cunt already. I kissed and licked her thighs, and occasionally her cunt lips, but she begged me to eat her. Finally, she could no longer stand it. She reached out, grabbed my head, and pulled my face right into her cunt. I did not need much encouragement. I licked her all over until she was soaking wet, and then I began my assault on her clit. My tongue raced back and forth over her, and she started to writhe under its touch. Spanking always seems to make Jan cum faster, and this night was no exception. The first spasm lifted her ass right off the bed. Two more orgasms came in quick succession, and then she was ready for me to stuff my cock into her cunt.

I lay on my back on the bed, and Jan came over top of me, straddling my cock, but facing away from me toward the bedroom door. She stayed up high, squatting over me, grabbed my cock, and then impaled herself on it. She let out a groan as she took it all the way in, and started pumping up and down on my extremely stiff rod. Her hands were behind her to give her some balance, her knees bent up in front of her as she flew up and down my shaft.

Suddenly, the bedroom door opened, and I could see Carrie’s silhouette in the doorway. We had assumed she had gone to sleep, especially given the amount of wine she had drunk. I don’t know if we were simply making more noise than we realized, or if she had just been unable to sleep, but there she was. There wasn’t much light, but I was absolutely certain she was naked. She closed the door behind her and moved toward the bed. For just a second I had the urge to stop and pull a sheet over us, but Jan hardly seemed to notice Carrie’s presence, and she continued moving her cunt up and down on my cock. She had to be able to see Carrie, but it was not even slowing her down! Carrie came up on the bed with us and pushed Jan over backward, the result being Jan was now lying on her back on my chest. Jan’s legs flew up in the air, and I could see the heels suspended in mid-air above us. I am not sure how I managed to keep my cock in her, but I continued to pump in and out of her. There was a slight pause, and, in the dark, it looked to me as though Carrie was uncertain what she wanted to do. But, her head quickly dropped between Jan’s legs, and her tongue sought out Jan’s clit, hungrily. She alternated between licking Jan’s cunt, and licking my balls, sometimes managing to do both with one long lick.

I still was not sure what to expect. Like most men, I had often fantasized about being with two hot women at the same time, but it had never happened before. Given the position we were in at the moment, Carrie was pretty much in charge anyway, so I decided to just “go with the flow,” and see what direction Carrie would take us.

I was soon to find out, and that is a good thing because I knew I would not be able to hold on much longer. I felt Jan beginning to squirm, and I new it meant she was on the verge of an orgasm. She came hard and fast, and a second orgasm followed in just a few seconds. She was totally spent. Apparently sensing that, Carrie grabbed my cock and literally yanked it out of Jan’s cunt. I was dripping with Jan’s cum, but that just seemed to turn Carrie on all the more. She bent over my cock and pulled it deep into her mouth and what felt like halfway down her throat. I still had Jan lying on my chest, and I was pulling on her erect nipples while Carrie jammed my cock down her throat. It was beyond my wildest dreams. I never felt anything like that before, and I knew I was about to explode. I tried to warn Carrie, but she simply picked up her pace, and I exploded with what felt like a gallon of cum right into her mouth. She pulled back from my cock, and got up on her knees, her hand diving between her own legs, and she quickly exploded with her own orgasm. She had made all three of us cum! It was phenomenal.

The three of us fell into each others’ arms, and were soon soundly asleep.


I was the first one awake the next morning. I slid out from between the two girls, and it hit me for the first time that the entire experience had been real. With the wine, the low light, and sex that was way outside of our usual parameters, the whole experience seemed almost surrealistic, more of a dream than reality. But with the sun streaming in the window, and the sight of the two lovely, naked women in the bed, I knew that it had been real.

I shaved, jumped in the shower, pulled on a light weight robe, and headed out to the kitchen to make a pot of coffee. I noticed on my way through the bedroom that the two girls had snuggled up to each other, but were again sound asleep. The freshly brewing coffee smelled wonderful, and I figured the aroma would soon rouse Jan and Carrie from their sleep.

I poured myself a cup and stepped out onto the porch. It was about 8 AM, and the morning was delightfully cool, although comfortable enough so stay out there and enjoy the view of the nearby beaver pond. I heard the door open behind me, and soon Carrie was at my side with her own cup of coffee in hand. She had obviously just stepped out of the shower as her hair was still wet and hanging down onto her shoulders. But what I noticed most was that she was still naked. Although there was no chance of anyone seeing us from the road, it still startled me to see her standing there that way, breasts full and firm, legs slightly parted, cunt fully in view. My cock twitched hard enough that I actually saw my robe move.

“Good morning!” I said. She just smiled, moved a bit closer, reached over and took my hand in hers, pulling it over so it rested lightly against her right thigh. “Thanks for last night,” she whispered. “You and Jan have always been so close to me, and I really love you both. It was great!’ I smiled and squeezed her hand. I was trying to search for something to special to say, but the door opening again spared me the need to do so. Jan had not even bothered to dry after her shower, and was just standing there naked with a towel over her shoulders. They both looked fantastic, and it was becoming clear to me that last night was, hopefully, just the first night of what was to be an incredible weekend.

“Dry my back, would you?” She flipped the towel to Carrie who lovingly dried not only her back, but the rest of her as well.

My cock was starting to stick out of my robe, and my mind began to race as to the possibilities of where things might go from here. Jan spoke first. “Are you going to keep the two of us waiting all morning?” Jan grabbed my hand, and Carrie grabbed my cock, and they led me back to the bedroom where they promptly relieved me of my robe. There were already two pillows on the floor, and each of them quickly knelt on one. They turned to each other and kissed, shoving their tongues down each other throats before turning to me with wanton looks in their eyes. “Come here, Ben,” cooed Jan. She gently kissed the end of my cock, and then ran her tongue up and down it several times, finally sucking me deep into her mouth. She took my cock out of her mouth and matter-of-factly handed it to Carrie who eagerly tried to outdo what Jan had already done. They alternated sucking me off, and then pushed me back on the edge of the bed. Jan took my balls in her mouth and sucked them while Carrie lovingly licked and sucked my cock. They would stop occasionally to change responsibilities, kissing each other in between. I wanted to touch them and start giving them the pleasure that they were giving me, but they were having none of that this morning. “This one’s just for you.”

They started licking up opposite sides of my cock at the same time, their tongues meeting and touching briefly at the end of each lick. I was starting to ache, and I knew it would not be long until this was over for me. The two of them looked at each other and seemed to sense that the end was near. As if by some prearranged agreement, Carrie’s mouth went for my balls while Jan wrapped her mouth around my now throbbing cock. The cum exploded out of my cock and ran down Jan’s chin. She smiled, swallowed, and ran off to the bathroom to wash her face. Carrie licked up the rest of the cum that seeped out of my cock and made sure that there was not a drop left before she ran off to the bathroom as well.

We all freshened up and got dressed. I cooked a huge breakfast for all of us, and the girls cleaned up the dishes afterward. We drove to a nearby town for the afternoon, shopping in the quaint shops, walking along brick sidewalks, and just enjoying the day. Although I knew nobody there could possibly have known that had been going on out at the cottage, I was intensely aware that I had made love to both of these beautiful women, and I was now out and about while other men, I imagined, were envying me. Just thoughts of what had already happened made my cock twitch every now and again, and I found myself forced to think about something else before everybody walking down the sidewalk noticed that I was aroused.

We got back to the cabin in the late afternoon. I grabbed a beer, went out on the porch, put my feet up, and just let the warm afternoon soak into me. Jan and Carrie came out and told me they were going for a walk and would be back before dinner. I went into that state of being half asleep and half awake, but all I could “dream” about was these two incredible women. I ended up with a hard-on that brought me fully awake, just in time to see the two girls walking up the road, talking softly to each other, smiling, and holding hands.

I still had the hard on when they came up onto the porch. “Naughty boy,” said Carrie, “but that will have to wait.”

“Go get a cold shower,” quipped Jan. “The women are cooking tonight, but, as you said last night, you get to do the dishes!”

I jumped in the shower, and by the time I got out I could smell the shrimp and pasta. The wine glasses were full, as were the plates, and we wasted no time delving into a delicious meal. We killed one bottle of wine and were most of the way through the second one when Carrie excused herself, indicating she wanted to go rest for a bit before the evening “warmed up.” Jan and I found ourselves alone for the first time since we had arrived and the incredible sex had started.

“I had no idea we would ever….that we could……that you would even think about being with a woman…..that….” Jan put her finger to my lips, and said, “Shhhh. Just go with it. Just enjoy it. This will probably never happen again, but it will be something the three of us will remember forever! Let me go get changed. Carrie will probably be out in a few minutes. Have some more wine, my love.” She kissed me and headed off to our room.

I washed up the dishes, lit the fire, and turned off all the lights except for an old hurricane lamp that sat on the kitchen table. The ice bucket was nearby with a fresh bottle of wine, and three glasses sat ready for us. We had not had nearly so much to drink this evening as the previous night. I suspected that none of us would need it for an excuse tonight, but we still would enjoy the wine, I was sure.

Our bedroom door opened first, and Jan came to join me by the fire. Although I had seen Jan naked or in lingerie countless times, she still sometimes took my breath away, and this was one of those occasions. She was wearing thigh-high red stockings, and red, spiked high heels that were at least four inches high, accentuating the shape of her legs. A sheer red bra stood in sharp contract to her dark brown, nearly black hair, and a matching pair of split crotch panties rounded out her ensemble. I could feel my cock pressing against my khakis, and all she had done was enter the room! She came over to me, kissed me lovingly, putting her tongue down my throat. She reached down and let her hand brush against my cock through my pants. She smiled. “Not yet.”

I heard the door to Carrie’s room open, and even though I had already seen her naked, I was blown away by her as she strode confidently into the room. Black was the color for Carrie, and it looked like a million dollars with her long blond hair. She had on a cupless bra that held her breasts high and forward, almost like they were being offered to me on a platter. A black garter belt encircled her waist, and was attached to incredible, black stockings. Her heels had to be six inches high, so she looked extremely tall. She was not wearing panties, and had shaved her cunt. She was wearing a black studded collar around her neck.

My cock was already swelling, and I started to just hope that I wouldn’t end up cumming in my own pants before we ever got started. Carrie grinned and made some vague threat that involved ice. The girls drank their glasses of wine, which I promptly refilled. I decided to just sip as I didn’t want the wine to dull my senses. As Jan before her, Carrie came over, kissed me long and deep, and promised an evening I would never forget. “We had all afternoon to talk and plan for this evening,” confessed Jan, “and our plan is to make this memorable for all three of us.” The two girls now kissed each other as they had already kissed me.

We sat and talked a bit. The girls drank their wine and my eyes drank them. I wanted to get started, but they said they had the evening planned, and given how things had gone so far, I was willing to let them lead the way! We played some dance music, and we took turns dancing with each other. When I was dancing they would grind their cunts against my cock and then warn me against getting hard too soon. When they danced with each other, they would nearly crush their breasts together. Carrie’s nipples were standing straight out, hard to miss given she was wearing the cupless bra, and I noticed that Jan’s fingers frequently found their way up to those nipples, gently rolling them between her thumb and fingers. I could hardly stand it, and I soon stopped even trying to stave off the hard-on.

Jan and Carrie were dancing again, and taking obvious delight in my state of affairs. They looked at each other, seemed to come to some kind of an agreement, and then called me over to them. “It’s time. I hope you are prepared to take very good care of two very horny women!” Carrie opened the door to her room, and in the three of us went.

A quick look around confirmed what I was already beginning to suspect, that being that Carrie was not at all tired. She just needed time to get ready for a night of sexy fun. “Get out of those clothes,” Jan ordered. I was quick to comply, if for no other reason than to free my cock from the bondage of the pants. I was now completely naked, cock standing out straight and hard, the ladies in exotic lingerie. “Sit down, Ben. I know this might be tough on you, but Jan and I will probably cum multiple times tonight, and we will not be denied that. We’re hoping it will be several for you as well, but we are going to start without you. So sit down, watch, and enjoy.”

I jumped up on the bed, and the girls again looked longingly at each other. But then, suddenly, Jan took charge. “Carrie, you will do exactly what I tell you, and you will like it. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jan reached over into a box sitting on a chair in Carrie’s room and took out a leash. She hooked it to Carrie’s collar, and then ordered her to get down on all fours. “Remember, you are my personal cunt! Obey me and the only pain you experience tonight will be the pleasurable type. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Jan led Carrie over to the bed where I was sitting and tugged the leash, coaxing Carrie into a sitting position. “Ben, please stand in front of my cunt. Cunt, suck Ben’s cock!”

“Yes, Mistress,” Carrie replied. She took my cock in her mouth and sucked it for about two minutes until Jan yanked on the leash and said, “Stop!” She immediately stopped sucking me and went back onto all fours. “That was very good, cunt. If you are good, I may let you suck his cock again tonight, and maybe even my cunt, if you are especially obedient.”

“Please, mistress. I will behave. I want to suck you both.”

“Good! Come along.” Jan led Carrie to the other side of the room and had her stand up. She removed the leash, but left it nearby on the top of the dresser. Jan went back to the box on the chair and pulled out a set of bondage cuffs, and quickly attached these to Carrie’s wrists and ankles. She removed two pictures from the wall, and, to my amazement, there was an eyebolt screwed into the wall behind each picture. Jan ordered Carrie to lean against the wall just below the eyebolts with her legs slightly spread, her ass facing out into the room.

Jan went back to the box again and returned to Carrie’s side, a paddle in her hand. “Cunt, you have been a bad girl, and you must be punished. But, if you take your punishment well, your wish to lick my cunt and suck Ben’s cock will be granted. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mistress. Please paddle me hard. I want to suck you. I want Ben’s cock.”


The paddle whistled through the air and landed with a loud smack on Carrie’s ass, which immediately began to turn red.


“Thank you, Mistress.”

Whack!!! Whack!!! Whack!!!

Jan’s nipples were now pressing hard against the sheer red fabric of the bra, and I had to use every ounce of self control to not run over and pull on them.

Whack!!!! Whack!!! Whack!!!!

“Thank you, mistress. May I suck you now?”

“Not yet, cunt. Turn around and back up to the wall.” Carrie complied, and Jan promptly tied the restraints to the eyebolts in the wall. “Spread your legs, cunt!” Carrie did, and Jan tied the ankle restraints to two bolts down near the floor that I had not even seen. Carrie was now completely tied to the wall and was at Jan’s mercy. Jan once again went to the mysterious box and pulled out a dildo that was at least a foot long. “Do you want this, cunt?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“You may have it. But first, show me what you will do to Ben’s cock if I let you.” She held the dildo up to Carrie who eagerly seized it with her mouth. She licked up and down its length, and took it as deeply into her mouth as possible. She looked disappointed when Jan took it away.

Jan spoke to me this time. “Ben, is that good enough? Will that make you cum?”

“I’m sure it will,” I replied.

“OK, cunt, you have done well… far. But I am not yet done with you.” Jan reached down and put her hand between Carrie’s legs. “That shaved cunt of yours is soaking wet! I did not yet give you permission for that, so you will be punished further. I will then ream out your cunt with the dildo.”

This time the box yielded a pair of nipple clamps. Jan went and sucked on Carrie’s nipples until they were as hard as possible, and then firmly attached the nipple clamps. Carrie bit into her lip, but thanked Jan for punishing her this way. “Thank you, Mistress. It feels so good.” Jan pulled gently on the connecting chain, making Carrie wince, but she begged for more. “Please mistress, punish me some more. Ream out my cunt. I am your cunt. Please let me suck.”

Jan pulled on the chain a few more times, and Carrie moaned. Jan removed the clamps and adjusted them even tighter. She slapped Carrie’s breasts with her open hands, and then sucked her nipples again before reattaching the clamps, once again pulling the chain.

Carrie was begging, “I am your cunt. Please let me suck you.”

Jan grabbed the dildo and thrust in between Carrie’s legs and up into her cunt as far as possible, pumping it and out of her ever more quickly. She suddenly stopped and called me over. “Ben, I need you to finish this cunt off for me. Will you please take over?” I jumped at the chance, and Jan took my place on the bed. I glanced over and saw Jan was watching us intently, her hand fingering her own cunt, as I reamed out Carrie’s with the huge dildo. As I saw her face begin to contort, I sped up the pace of the dildo, reaching up and gently tugging on the chain attached to her nipples. The orgasm overwhelmed her, and her cum ran down the sides of the dildo and down her legs. Carrie collapsed against her restraints, and thanked us for punishing her.

Jan and I switched places again, and she went over and removed the nipple clamps. She lovingly kissed the nipples and used her tongue to caress and comfort them. She released Carrie from the bonds and ordered her to come over to the bed and kneel at its side. Jan tenderly took Carrie’s face in her hands, and kissed her. “You have been a wonderful cunt!” Now you get your reward. Jan lay back on the bed. Carrie reached over, opened Jan’s split crotch panties, and used her tongue to attack her cunt with gusto! It didn’t take long. Jan exploded in less than two minutes, soaking Carrie’s face. But Carrie kept on going, and Jan came again and again.

Jan lifted Carrie’s face from her cunt and said, “Cunt, that was wonderful. Now, I order you to do to Ben’s cock what you did to that dildo.”

“Yes Mistress.”

I slid off the side of the bed and stood in front of Carrie. I had now had a hard-on for at least a half hour, and it was starting to hurt. She gently kissed the tip of my cock, and then got down to business. Her tongue flew up and down my cock, and her lips encircled it and slipped gently down the sides. Her head bobbed up and down eagerly over my throbbing member, and I would swear I felt the head of my cock slide down her throat. I started to moan. Jan knelt down on the floor behind Carrie and started pulling her nipples and squeezing her breasts. Carrie groaned, and Jan let her fingers slip down between Carrie’s legs to play with her clit. “Good cunt. Good cunt!” Carrie pushed my cock as far down her throat as possible, and she started to cum at just about the same time I did. I poured semen down her throat, but she never gagged, and not a drop got away.

“Thank you, Mistress. Thank you Master.”

“Cunt, you are freed from you slavery. Go get cleaned up.”

Carrie happily trotted off to her bathroom, and Jan headed toward ours. I was not too far behind her. My head was spinning, and I just couldn’t believe what we had been doing. I came back to the fireplace and threw in a couple of pieces of wood. I refilled the three wine glasses and sat back to just reflect on the evening.

It was getting close to midnight, and I figured our night was winding down. I was wrong. The girls joined me shortly, wearing robes. We drank wine, hugged and kissed, and agreed that it would certainly be a night we would always remember,

But Jan leaned over and said softly, “I hope you have at least one more shot left in that cock of yours. Carrie and I are not yet completely satisfied, and this is, after all, our last night here in this lovely place.”

I grinned and said, “I’ll do my best!”

They both kissed me, asked me to wait five minutes and then come back to the bedroom. I watched the clock, so I know it was only five minutes, but the anticipation of what they might have in store made it seem like an hour. I tapped lightly on the door and walked in.

The scene was breathtaking! The lights were very low, and there were at least a dozen candles lighted around the room. There was a light breeze blowing in the window, lifting the curtains away from the sill. The smell of the air made it seem almost like being outdoors. Everything but the bottom sheet had been removed from the bed, and the two women, both now naked, except for the high heels, more beautifully adorned the bed than I thought possible. They were lying on their sides facing me, their heads and feet at opposite ends of the bed. They motioned me to a chair. Carrie let out a huge sigh, and said, “Jan and I are both feeling so randy tonight that we still both want to cum several more times, and we want you to be able to enjoy us as well. So, my dear, you will need to watch for a bit. Then, we have something special for you.”

They sat up a bit straighter, took each other in their arms, and lovingly kissed, slipping their tongues in and out of each other’s mouths. Carrie bit Jan’s lip, gently, and then worked her way down to her nipples, sucking them hard, and biting them. Jan moaned and held Carrie tightly to her. She rolled Carrie over onto her back, looked down at her, and said, “You have been absolutely wonderful and giving as you have licked and sucked us. It is your turn to receive.” She kissed Carries lips, bit at her neck and ears, all the time rolling her nipples between her thumb and fingers. Both of the girls had rock hard nipples, and my cock was quickly becoming rock hard as well.

Jan worked her way down Carrie’s belly, and began licking her shaved cunt, first slowly and delicately, and then more urgently. Jan’s tongue found Carrie’s clit, and she soon exploded, splashing Jan’s face with her cum. Jan stayed with it, and Carrie came twice more in quick succession.

“Jan, I want your cunt,” Carrie begged. Jan rolled over on her back, and Carrie came over on top of her in the classic 69 position. They licked and sucked each other’s cunts for what seemed like 20 minutes, each of them exploding into the other’s mouth time after time. It was beyond belief!

“Your turn,” they called. My cock was full and long, wanting to be relieved. Since I had already cum a couple of times, I was hoping I would not cum too fast, holding on to fulfill whatever fantasy these two had in mind.

“Eat me,” begged Carrie. I dropped to my knees at the edge of the bed and more than willingly licked her already wet and swollen cunt until she had cum at least three more times.

“Now me,” demanded Jan. I dove right for her cunt, and she soon exploded in my mouth, twice. My cock was even harder than it had been earlier, if that is possible. Jan stood up and turned around, her lovely ass facing me. She reached between her legs, grabbed my cock, and pulled me into her. “Don’t cum yet! You still have your surprise, so you need to save it.” So I pumped in and out of her while Carrie reached around and played with Jan’s nipples and her clit until Jan exploded one more time. I immediately pulled out to await my surprise.

Carrie had hopped all the way up on the bed and was now on her knees, wiggling her ass in my direction with an extremely wanton look on her face. While I was greedily watching her ass, Jan slipped out of bed near the night stand, grabbed something from the drawer, and came around behind Carrie. I was amazed to see it was a jar of petroleum jelly. She dipped her fingers into the jar and came out with a fair sized wad of the jelly. She kissed Carrie on the ass, and then smiled at me and began to apply generous quantities of the ointment to Carrie’s anus. A finger, and then two, slid in and out of her hole, lubricating it thoroughly.

Jan lightly stroked Carrie’s ass and said to me, “Ben. Carrie’s is a virgin ass. She has never been fucked this way before. We decided that you are the guy to take her anal cherry.” She kissed Carrie’s ass again, and then stepped out of the way. Carrie moved over closer to me, and I positioned myself directly behind her. I gently rubbed her ass cheeks and told her how much I was honored to be the first man to penetrate her this way. I slid a finger, then a thumb, then two fingers into her ass to loosen her up and get her primed to receive her first anal cock. She bucked against my hand, begging me to take her.

I placed the head of my cock at the small opening, and then gently and slowly slid in, just a bit at a time, until I was in her ass up to the hilt of my cock. She gasped, “Oh, that feels good. Ream me out! Now!” I began to glide in and out, the petroleum jelly making it very easy and comfortable. We soon established a rhythm, and it was fabulous, feeling much like a cunt, only tighter. We worked our way into a near frenzy, and I was finally unable to hold off any longer. It felt like a ton of cum was shooting up her ass, but we kept on moving until my cock started to soften. A moment later I heard Jan cum loud and hard. I had been so caught up in doing Carrie’s ass that I had lost track of Jan. She was sitting in the chair I had recently vacated, a vibrator in her hand. She had managed to cum one more time.

We all showered, and then fell into bed together, exhausted, Carrie on my left, and Jan on my right. We slept hard.


I woke up Sunday in the late morning, not surprisingly with a raging hard-on. Jan and Carrie had already been up and about, but came back into the bedroom when they heard me stirring. They almost ran across the room and jumped in bed with me, Jan’s mouth winning the race to my cock. She soon had me soaking wet and ready for another cunt. She jumped off of me and over to Carrie’s cunt, and soon had her as wet as I was. I pulled Carrie over to the edge of the bed, stood her legs straight up, and plunged my cock deep into her cunt. She moaned and bucked under my thrusts, and I had to hold onto her hips to keep her up against me.

Jan hopped up on the bed and straddled Carrie’s face, shoving her cunt down into Carrie’s mouth. Carrie’s tongue sought out and found Jan’s clit, and they were both soon writhing and moaning. Jan and Carrie came at the same time, and I was right behind them.

We showered again, washing each other with just our soapy hands. We dried off, got dressed and had coffee and breakfast. We were still all hungry for each other, but I think we also all realized it was over, at least for now. I figured here was no way this weekend could ever be repeated, and although that was in some ways unfortunate, I knew this experience would be indelibly etched in my memory. I feel it was probably the same for Carrie and Jan.

We had to get back to the city. Suitcases were packed and the cottage was put back in order. It was time to go. The girls kissed each other goodbye, and hugged, telling each other this was an unforgettable experience. I grabbed Carrie’s suitcase and carried it out to her car. After I closed her trunk, she pushed me back against the side of her car, pushed her hips against me, and one last time wiggled her cunt against my cock, which promptly responded by swelling and getting hard. She giggled, rubbed against me again, and then whispered in my ear, “You two were just wonderful, and I love you both. Call me the next time you get cabin fever.” She backed away from me, and then let her fingers lightly brush up against my now rigid cock. “Goodbye, Ben.”

As she drove away, I looked over at the porch and saw Jan standing there smiling. I walked over to her, and she glanced down and noticed that my cock was trying to escape from my pants. She grinned, and said, “The last one’s for me.” She pulled her dress over her head, and she had nothing on under it. She pulled a cushion off the porch chair and knelt down in front of me. Jan unzipped my pants, pulled out my throbbing cock, and sucked me off, right there on the porch. As I was about to cum, she pulled me out of her mouth and began stroking my cock with her hand. Cum shot out all over her breasts and ran down to her belly. She then licked off what was still oozing out of my cock before tucking it back into my pants. She ducked back into the house and washed up while I grabbed our bags and threw them in the car. I opened the car door for her, but before she got in, like Carrie, she pushed me against the car. I pulled up her dress and grabbed hold of her still bare ass while she wriggled her cunt back and forth on my cock.

Suddenly she stepped back. “You are fantastic. So am I. And I can’t wait to get you home again. I am getting wet again, just thinking about you.”

It was a long drive back to the city.

About the Author

Ben Galloway is an amateur writer who loves women.

Chance Encounter

Fishing season was well under way, but the crowds of opening day were long gone, and I had the little trout stream to myself. The warmth of late spring had driven me to seek out the cooler headwaters of streams where most anglers are too lazy to go.

The fish are not big here, mostly native browns and brook trout. My little four weight fly rod was just right for these waters, and the fish were biting often enough to keep it interesting. I came to a fork in the stream, and decided to take the smaller of the two branches, the one that is a cascade of pools and small waterfalls running up into the mountains. The fishing slowed down as the sun rose, and I decided it was time to sit down and grab a bite to eat.

After lunch, I headed upstream again, casting to every likely looking lie. A few minutes later, I saw a set of boot prints coming in from the right hand side of the stream along an old deer trail. Frankly, I was a bit upset. I had walked way in here to get away from other fisherman, and it now appeared that there was not only someone else up here, but he was ahead of me. That meant someone else would be getting first crack at each of the little pools making the fishing that much more difficult.

I thought I heard some noise up ahead, so I stopped moving and listened intently, trying to figure out who, or what, was creating the disturbance. I moved a bit farther upstream, and it became clear that someone was splashing around in one of the pools. This was just what I needed! It was bad enough someone had gotten up to these remote pools before I did, but the guy didn’t even have the sense, or the courtesy, to not splash around so much. These little streams need a quiet approach, and what I was hearing sure didn’t meet that criterion!

I decided my best bet was to skip the next couple of pools, walk a bit faster, and try to get past the fisherman ahead of me. The ground was soft and the trail fairly wide here, so the going was easy, and relatively quiet. The stream took a quick turn to the right, and as I rounded the bend in the trail, the sound got noticeably louder. A bit of movement caught my eye.

I came to an abrupt halt, and what I saw next caused me to duck into the bushes and try to keep out of sight. Next to the little pool rested a pair of hip boots. A fly rod leaned against a nearby tree, and a fishing vest was hanging from the remains of a broken branch. A shirt and a pair of cargo shorts were thrown over another branch. But what really caught my eye were the bra and panties dangling from the laurel that grows so abundantly along the streams in these parts.

The apparent former occupant of the lingerie, standing knee deep in the stream, her back toward me, appeared to be bathing herself. These headwaters were still cold, and I figured she must have plenty of fortitude to stand out there in that icy water like that. I guessed she had gotten sweaty on the hike in and had decided to cool down before resuming her fishing. She had probably no more expected to run into another angler up here than I had, so I guess she thought she was safe from prying eyes.

She soon turned a bit more in my direction, and I was able to see her profile, a profile that was well worth the look! Her body was more athletic than voluptuous. Although not particularly large, her breasts were well rounded and firm, the hard nipples standing well out from the areoles, probably as a result of the icy water. Her legs were long and well toned, and it was obvious she kept herself in good shape. She turned just a bit more toward me, and I noticed the hair on her cunt was dark and thick, although neatly trimmed and fairly short. Her face was pretty, and there was a slight smile on her lips, so I knew she was enjoying herself. Her long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail that hung nearly halfway down her back

My cock was starting to stir and swell, and I knew that a full blown hard on was on its way! I thought about ducking out of there unseen, but I saw her hand drop to her cunt, and a finger began to probe for her clit. Having found its target, her hand started to move more rapidly, and it became apparent that she would soon cum. Her hips began thrusting more violently, her hand moving more urgently, and she soon exploded in orgasm.

I was completely involved in the vision of this lovely woman playing with herself when an insect of some sort buzzed into my ear, startling me. I dropped my fly rod, swatted at my tormentor, lost my balance, and ended up making quite a racket. My presence was no longer a secret! The naked girl turned around the rest of the way toward me, surprised, but making no move to cover herself up. Nor did she begin yelling at me to get out of there, a request I would have found more than reasonable. Instead, she peered inquisitively at me, put her hands on her hips, and said, “You might as well come on out of those bushes! I knew you were there anyway.”

I stepped out of my hiding place, probably red in the face for having been caught watching her. I should have thought she would have been the one to be embarrassed, being caught naked by a strange man while she fingered her cunt, but apparently she was not. I stepped into the open, and something about her attitude and demeanor convinced me to move toward her, even though my instincts told me I should head the other way.

She stepped up onto the bank and moved toward me, seemingly not the least self-conscious. She had no towel with her, so she stood there dripping wet. The shafts of sunlight filtered through the treetops and glistened on her skin, making her look almost as though she were shining. A drop of water was about ready to fall from her right nipple, and I was unable to tear my eyes away until gravity had taken its course. I quickly drank in the rest of this delicious vision, and once again felt my cock beginning to throb.

I started to apologize for disturbing her privacy, but she assured me I had nothing for which to apologize. “When you jump into a stream like this, naked, you take a chance. I guess today was your lucky day! You don’t happen to have a towel in the back pocket of that vest, do you?” When I assured her I did not, she said she would just have to wait for the air to dry her off before she got dressed, and she moved to a spot where the sun shone through more strongly. She brushed some of the excess water from her breasts with her hand, and it seemed to me that she lingered longer than necessary as her hands crossed her nipples. She glanced my way and smiled, and then suddenly seemed to notice the bulge in my pants.

The tip of her tongue seemed to dart out almost involuntarily, licking her lips, and I noticed her right hand grazing the lips of her cunt. “Is that a fishing rod in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me……. naked?” she joked. She turned, fully facing me, put her hands on her hips with her legs slightly parted, offering a silent, but unmistakable, invitation.

I smiled back at her, and my fishing gear and clothes soon occupied the length of a nearby log. My cock was standing out like a flagpole, and all nine inches of it were pulsating with anticipation. She beckoned to me, and I took the few steps needed to close the distance between us. I bent down to her face and kissed her hard, using her hair to hold her face against mine. Her tongue pried open my lips, felt along each tooth, and reached down my throat.

I pulled her head away, and we looked at each other intently. But the intensity melted into smiles, and I soon felt her hand sliding down my back, and then around to my front where she gently, but firmly, encircled my cock with one hand, and my balls with the other. She began kissing her way down my chest, lingering briefly as she lightly bit each nipple. She worked her way down until my cock was even with her face. The situation did not lend itself to her kneeling, so she just squatted down and began by kissing the head of my cock. She ran her tongue around it in circles, and then began working it into her mouth. The head soon disappeared between her lips, and she worked her way up my cock until it was totally engulfed in her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down as she furiously sucked me off. She was giving me incredible head, and I was enjoying every second of it. I could feel I was about to cum, and I think she must have known it. She briefly took my cock out of her mouth just as a bead of pre-cum started to show. She smiled, licked it off with her tongue, and then went down on me even more enthusiastically than she had previously, if that is even possible. In less than another minute, my cum spewed into her mouth. She took every drop of it, and just kept on sucking and licking.

I felt myself starting to get soft, but that just seemed to motivate her to suck and lick even harder! She licked up one side of my cock and down the other. She would grab the head lightly in her teeth, and then send the tip of her tongue probing into the hole of my cock. I reached down and took her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers, gently rolling them and pulling them until they were once again as hard as rock. She moaned with delight!

I felt a fresh erection coming on, and my cock began to creep back down her throat. I never really got completely soft, and it was an incredible experience to have a blow job that just kept on going until I once again became fully erect. She seemed satisfied with her work, so she stood up, put her hands on my shoulders and jumped, wrapping her legs around me. She lowered herself down onto me, impaling herself on my cock. I wrapped my arms around her, and just hung on as she wildly rode up and down on my swollen dick. She came twice.

She climbed down from me, grabbed me by the cock, and pulled me over to a nearby tree. She turned her back towards me, leaned over, and braced herself against it. I came up behind her, my still engorged cock between her thighs. I gently ran my hands over her ass, and even briefly let my finger tips dance across her anus. I cupped her breasts in my hands and squeezed them hard, making her gasp. She reached up between her legs, grabbed my cock, and pulled me to her cunt.

I needed no further invitation. She was dripping wet with cum, so there was no need to ease my way into her. I drove all the way into her cunt with one thrust, and she gasped as I filled her up. I began thrusting in and out relentlessly, and there was soon a comfortable, albeit frantic, rhythm between us. I held onto her hips with both hands, driving myself into her as far and as hard as I could. She bucked up against me, and was obviously nearly delirious with pleasure.

I felt a slight hesitation, a rise in her hips, a quick exhale, and then a loud groan indicating that she was cumming, and cumming hard. She had three orgasms in as many minutes, and she was moaning almost constantly. “Harder,” she urged. I obliged, but before she could cum again, by cock swelled and lengthened just enough for her to wince, and I shot a huge load of cum into her wanton cunt!

We were both out of breath and thoroughly spent. I soon softened, and my cock plopped noisily from her wet snatch, and she turned around and smiled at me. Bending over, she gave my cock a light kiss on the head, and then tromped back over to the stream where I had first, by chance, encountered her. I followed, and we were soon washing each other with only the icy water and our bare hands. I washed every square inch of her body, slowly and carefully, hoping that somehow my hands would retain the memory of that incredible woman!

We dried off in the sun, and then got dressed and went our separate ways. I watched her for a while, and noticed that she handled her fly rod well, picking up a trout on about her third cast. She unhooked it, and released it back into the stream that had been our meeting place. I turned around and headed back down the trail to where I had parked the pickup. After that incredible afternoon, I figured any other catch would be anticlimactic, so I did not bother to stop at any of the holes I saw on the way downstream. None of those holes could ever have matched hers anyway!

It was certainly a fishing trip I would not soon forget, and upon which I could never hope to improve. I drove back to my campsite and fell fast asleep with the image of this lovely woman on my mind.

I had never even asked her name.

About the Author

Ben Galloway is an amateur writer who loves women.