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Liana’s Huge Troubles


She was just a normal girl… well maybe not totally… Normal. Nobody’s normal right? … Well this is just a one story about what is normal life to her. There are many facts which someone might think she wasn’t just the normal girl you usually see around everyday, and one of those facts greater than the others (propably because everyone tended to notice it) was her body...

Uncontrollable Urges


Julie lay there on her back in her new babydoll lingerie, sweat covering her body. She spread her pale legs and raised her knee’s up as Tom removed his towel exposing his large endowment. Julie’s petite frame excited Tom has he kneeled onto the bed crawling his way up toward Julie. “Oh, now that’s what I called a cock” said Julie looking down over her large pointy...

Sex Stories Free sex stories and erotic stories

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