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Pedro Fuck Me


Pedro was staying with a girlfriend in her rented flat in Paris. He was passing through really, on his way to London for a charity football match in two day’s time. He’d left his home in Milan, where he played for the city team, the day before and had arranged to take a couple of days out to rest up before the game in England. He’d not seen Anna for a year or so and they’d agreed that it was high...

A Jock Getting Fucked


I was in the locker room after practice. Two dudes came in. One was wearing this motorcycle jacket and the other one was wearing a fur-collared leather bomber jacket. They tackled me to the ground. They started punching me and squeezing my dick. It felt so good, the submission that I started to get hard. The one with motorcycle jacket made me lay on the bench. He unbucled my belt and pulled out...

The Red Wonder


This is not like any story I have read but it is a story that should be told. For starters I am 19 years old, about five eleven and around 185 pounds in a somewhat athletic build (I am not in the same shape I had been in during high school). I have been with a few girls in my lifetime, none that where exceptional but not bad either. I was in my second year of college, living the life just like...

Eddie and Dante


(me) Eddie is a 5’7″ boy with a 7 inch cut dick. His body was in great shape and he liked ot show it off. he often og waxed and had a perfect hairless body. he took care of himself and had nice, smooth skin which was practically flawless. he wore tight jeans and fashionable clothes. Dante is just as flawless as eddie but he had green eyes and had an 8 inch cut cock. dante was in a...

Hot For Teacher


I have always loved older men. Even as a young boy I’d been attracted to several teachers and adults that I looked up to. Sadly, nothing ever came of those for the longest time, that is until I was sixteen. I’ve always looked older than I really am, and so I was hit on a lot from sixteen onward. I have to admit, I liked (and still like) the attention. I have many stories that I will share with...

First Time With A Friend


About 3 months ago I was on the phone to my friend Bob. We’re both in our early sixties and our families have been friends for almost 30 years. During the call I mentioned that my wife was going to stay with her family for a few days. Bob suggested that he might visit for a few days and bring some wine down. His wife couldn’t make it because she was still working at that stage. On the arranged...

Fun With My Uncle


WOW I thought to myself as my Aunt Jennie undressed and ran her bath water. I was in my bedroom closet peeking through the hole in the wall between the closet and the bathroom. I had first discovered it a month before. I noticed a circle of light behind a poster in my bedroom closet one night. I moved the poster and put my eye to the hole and I could see into the bathroom. I had watched a friend...

Legal Tender


It was around 11:30pm summer time, Bryon and I were swimming all day, Bryon mentioned he was tired and was going to turn in early. I didn’t mind much cause that would give me a chance to watch some late night porn. Nobody was home and all of Bryon’s family were big time drinkers and normally stayed at the bar till well past 1:00am, so I had plenty of time to find a good porn on cable...

Me and My Sister’s Boyfriend


My sister and I never get along. One day she got bored and invited her boyfriend over, who was 19 and I was 18. I didn’t mind because her boyfriend was a total hottie. He had beautiful blond hair cut perfectly and always swooshed over with dazzling blue eyes, I loved him even more because he was very manly and not some drag queen or twinky kid. He liked to play football and get sweaty, I...

Glory Hole


I had come back home after being away in the military for some time. I had recently divorced and was living in a medium size city with a stagnate dating scene. On one particular night when I had struck out with the girls again, I proceeded to go to a local porn shop to masturbate in a video cubical. I chose an empty booth and locked the door. It was really dark inside and only after I sat down...

Unwilling First Time


I woke up with my hands tied behind me and my legs tied to the chair. My head was fuzzy as I tried to figure out what the hell was going on. My vision started to clear and I saw someone walking into the room. He was still pretty blurry but I could tell he wasn’t wearing anything. “Waking up, are we?” he asked. I saw that he had a small bottle of something in his hand. It was...

Sex Stories Free sex stories and erotic stories

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