Sexual Relations

I’ll call myself Jack, although it’s not my name, nor are the names of other people involved true either.

I had always had this yen to fuck two related women, mother/daughter, aunt/niece, sisters, etc. I thought that it would never happen as I had never even got a sniff of such situation. Then one day I opened a new account, it was just a village shop, you know one of those that do everything. The woman was very pleasant I reckoned in her late thirties, and a size twelve figure but with everything in proportion and decent to look at. She listened to my proposirion and signed up, I would be calling every month when I would do a stock take and make out any order necessary.

She really was very pleasant and a treat to talk to and, after we had concluded the deal she asked if I would like a cup of coffee, I agreed. We went into the back room and she made the coffee and we chatted for a while. As we talked I covertly sized her up. She had excellent legs and unless she had one of those bras that ‘manufacture’ a women’s shape, nice breasts too. I came to the conclusion that she was worth pursuing.

Over the succeeding months I made every effort to ingratiate myself. Once the friendship was established we were on terms about our personal lives. It started off by her saying how nice it was to have a real gentleman to deal with, ‘You’d be surprised,’ she told me, ‘how many reps come in here and turn out to be very arrogant and treating me like a stupid country hick.’ I sympathised and asked her what her husband did, ‘Oh, I’m a widow,’ came the answer. I sympathised for that too, I said how difficult it must be to have the same desires and urges but be unable to satisfy them. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘you can’t imagine how true that is. I see a man like yourself very attractive and a gentleman and wish I was more forward, I bet you meet other women you can become friendly with!’ I laughed, ‘Oh, it’s true and, although I am married, I can’t always resist the temptation!’ She giggled, ‘I’d love to be naughty like that!’

I thought, ‘Here’s my chance!’ and said, ‘Are you telling me that you haven’t met anyone you could… er . shall I say … have pleasure with?’ ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘only with men I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole!’ I laughed again, ‘I hope you aren’t including me in that description!’ She went pink and cried, ‘Oh no, Jack, quite the opposite!. I’m a free women and I’d love someone like you as a lover!’

I looked like my slow but sure method was working, I said, ‘Difficulty is that we could hardly do anything with the shop open……’ ‘Oh, of course, butit’s almost lunch-time, I close for an hour and a quarter then.’ When she said that I got up, went to her and kissed her, ‘I think I could wait for that, don’t you?’ She went very pink, ‘I…..I …er…couldn’t think of anything better!’

A few minutes later she closed up and coming back into the backroom said, ‘I’ll just go and spend a penny, if you come upstairs my bedroom is the second door on the left at the top of the stairs.’ I followed her up admiring her legs and knowing that I was on a sure thing, I went into the bedroom and waited. A few minutes later she came in minus her shop overall and looking excited. We kissed again and she pressed herself against me, ‘I always loved sex with my husband and before, I was a bit naughty as a young girl!’ We kissed again and I caressed her breasts through her thin dress, her bra was just a standard one, the type that don’t alter the breasts to a shape they’re not. I felt her nipples rise.

Elaine said, breathlessly, ‘You’ll have to be patient, Jack, I haven’t had a man for over nine years.’ I kissed and caressed her, ‘It’s alright, love, I’ll take my time, if I’m going too fast for you, just tell me.’ But it wasn’t long before she was pressing herself against my burgeoning erection. I unbuttoned her dress and slipping her bra straps over her shoulders, kissed her nipples. She was breathing hard but let me unbutton her dress all the way then take it off. I removed her bra and told her how lovely her breasts were. I rubbed my now hard cock against her belly, I put my hands on her bum and pulled her against me while I ducked my head and sucked her nipples.

She moaned and felt for my cock. I undressed down to my boxers and let her have a real feel, ‘Oh!’ she gasped as she wrapped her fingers round the shaft of my cock, ‘I haven’t had one of these in my hand for years and years!’ I pulled her knickers down and she kicked them away as I cupped her mound. Her mound looked like those Greek or Roman statues, a lovely rounded pad between the top of her thighs. My middle finger lay in the slight groove between the lips of her cunt, it was slippery. I began to caress her there and she moaned as her lips parted and my finger slipped between them.

I gave her the treatment then, finger fucking, teasing her clit and thoroughly arousing her. ‘Oh yes, Jack, oh yes! Do it to me!’ I pushed her down on the end of the bed and,kneeling in front of her, spread her legs wide. He cunt was now wide open, she had incredible inner lips, they were almost semi-circular and like the outer ones were engorged and glistening with her love juice. I kissed the insides of her thighs, then her outer lips, her inner lips and her clit. She moaned and shook, ‘Oh God! Oh God!’ she moaned. I buried my face in her delicate flesh, her juices washing my face as I sucked at her and then tongue-fucked her. She grabbed my head and forced it into harder contact, I could hardly breathe and sucked at her juice, swallowing it.

When she allowed me to raise my head I noticed that her inner lips had folded out over her outer ones, it looked incredibly sexy. I sucked and filled my mouth with juice, then I slid up her body and kissed her. I emptied my mouth into hers and after a moment she swallowed it, I did it again then hauled her up the bed and mounted her.

She licked my face as I pushed my cock into her and began to fuck. I was surprised how tight she was, she was loving it rising to meet my thrusts and I could feel her tightening her cunt each time I withdrew. ‘Like your love-juice, do you, Elaine?’ I panted. ‘Oh yes, always have, ever since I was a little girl and sucked my finger clean after playing with my quim,’ she replied.

Somehow I knew that I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t, ‘Are you protected?’ I asked as I realised the end was near.’ ‘No, but don’t worry about it, I want to feel you cumming inside!’ She responded. So I did, ramming my cock in hard I shot the first load as I withdrew, she cried out and I shot another three or four into her feeling her cunt go sloppy as I filled her with my spunk. Then I flopped.

She cuddled me, crooning love words in my ear as I gasped for breath. When we’d recovered I rolled off, she raised herself on her elbow and looked at my cock, ‘You’ve got a lovely dick,’ she said. We kissed, ‘Do you want more?’ I asked. ‘After all this time,’ she murmured, ‘of course I do!’ ‘Do you suck cock then?’ I asked. She went very pink, ‘I’ve never done that!’ I said, ‘It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to,’ I dipped a finger into the spunk drooling out of her cunt, ‘Taste this.’ She looked doubtful but did it. ‘Was it horrible?’ ‘No,’ she replied. ‘Then it’s not a problem, is it? My cock won’t taste any different and it’s a very quick way to get me hard again.’ ‘I didn’t know men could do it more than once in such a short time,’ Elaine said. ‘Fucked twice is twice the pleasure,’ I said. She giggled, ‘Go on then, I’ll give it a try.’

She turned out to be very good at it, I suppose a lot of women are like that, once they start it comes naturally and five minutes later I was pushing into her sloppy cunt.

The second time I fucked her for about half an hour before shooting my load deep into her grateful cunt a second time. As we slid apart she kissed me, ‘I’ve never been… er… fucked … like that,’ she told me, ‘ it was wonderful, could you do me every time you call?’ ‘Of course,’ I said, mentally adding her to my ‘regulars’ list.

After that I did fuck her every time. Then one day she said, ‘I’ve told my eldest daughter about you…’ ‘What?’ I said, ‘You’ve never mentioned that you had kids!’ ‘Hardly kids,’ she told me, ‘Louise is nineteen and the other one in fourteen going on fifteen.’ ‘Good heavens! You surely didn’t mention what we do?’ ‘Why not? She’s a grown woman, she’s more like a sister really and we talk about everything. I told her what a wonderful lover you are, she was quite jealous!’ I laughed, ‘No need to be jealous, she can have the same if she wants it!’ ‘You’d do my daughter?’ ‘Well, not if you didn’t want me to, but if she’s nineteen I doubt she’s still a virgin.’ ‘She isn’t,’ Elaine replied, ‘I wonder…’

We left it like that, I thought it a good sign that Elaine didn’t condemn the idea out of hand.

A couple of months later, while we were indulging in a lazy second fuck she said, ‘You know what you said about Louise?’ I nodded. ‘Well I asked her about it, told her what care you took to make sure that I enjoyed it. She said, ‘Huh, that’d be a change. I haven’t met a man yet whowas interested in anything but his own pleasure.’ ‘What did you say?’ I asked. ‘I said, ‘Well you’ve got the chance now!’ ‘And?’ ‘She wants to try it!’

I couldn’t believe it, all those situations in the past that could have developed into something like this and now it had dropped in my lap, so to speak! I said, ‘Bring it on then!’

Elaine said, ‘Well it’s something we shall have to organise, after all, Louise works and she’s to far away to come home for lunch.’ ‘Don’t worry about that,’ I told her, ‘we’re always having sales meetings over weekends, just let me know and I’ll organise it.’

To cut a long story short that is what we did. Elaine was quite clever and, finding that her younger daughter, Lucy, wanted to do a sleepover with a girl-friend, agreed.

I drove over Saturday morning and found out that Elaine closed the shop, which was part Post Office, Saturday afternoons and we had the rest of the weekend for me to fuck both of them. I was introduced to Louise, who was a beautiful girl with a real rogueish look in her eye. We got on like a house on fire. We had a nice lunch with a bottle of wine then it was upstairs to the bedroom.

Both women had showered just before I arrived and were only wearing dressing gowns, these they took off as they watched me strip, we all enjoyed that! The Elaine said, ‘I’ve told Louise that I’m going to have you first as I know you can last a lot longer the second time, and she’ll really enjoy it!’ ‘Okay with me,’ I replied.

Louise sat back to watch me fuck her mother, during my usual method of thoroughly arousing a woman before even attempting to fuck her, I heard various gasps and cries of incredulity. I assumed that Louise hadn’t experienced what I did to arouse a woman. It was a very enjoyable fuck, Elaine was delighted that I managed to fuck her for quite a long time, I had in fact fucked my wife that morning for that very reason.

Louise said, ‘I’ve never seen anyone else doing it, let alone my own mother! And I wouldn’t have believed a man could last so long I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!’ I suppose there’s not much point in describing what I did for Louise, because it would just be repeating exactly what I did for her mother. All I will say is that it was a gloriously uninhibited fucking by Louise who became very enthusiastic and kept on cumming all the time. The only physical differences between her and her mother were that she didn’t have inner lips that overlapped the outer ones and her clit was massive, the biggest I had ever seen.

I fucked both of them all over that weekend and went home exhausted. I still had to fuck my wife!

Just one last thing, I subsequently met the younger daughter, Lucy. What a vision of loveliness! Not only that but she exuded sex, I absolutely knew that she was up for a good fucking simply by the way she looked at me. I’ll let you know if I ever do get the chance to fuck her too, it’s now my main ambition!

Two for the price of one!

My name is Brian, I was 35 when this occurred. I’m 5’9″ tall, athletic build, single, and a real fanny rat. I have a girl friend, Jessie, she’s blonde, great figure and pretty. She was married when I first met her some years ago but divorced soon after, and she had a daughter, Angie. Angie was twelve then and already well-developed, she was a virtual clone of her mother.

Jessie and I didn’t live together but saw each other frequently, we fucked like rabbits. She loved variety but didn’t like pain or having it anally, as I didn’t like thse things either we really suited each other.

As Jessie worked irregularly I just called when the opportunity arose, if she was in, fine, if not there was always next time. I don’t think Jess had any other lovers from the time we met, although I knew that she’d had a pretty interesting private life before.

Any way, that sort of sets the scene. One afternoon I called, we hadn’t seen each other for a week which was unusual and I was disappointed to find that she was working. Angie opened the door, ‘Hello, Brian,’ she said, ‘ ‘fraid Mum’s not here but come in. Mum said that I was always to make you comfortable if you called when she was working.’ I followed her into the lounge, admiring her developing figure. She turned and said, smiling, ‘I know all about what you and Mum do, so I guess I could make you comfortable the way she would.’ With that she unbuttoned the cotton dress she was wearing, all she had underneath was a pair of pastel blue, stretch cotton, knickers. I gasped, ‘Christ, Angie, what are you doing?’ I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful little breasts and the sizeable hump she had below.

She pouted and said, ‘This is what Mum would do isn’t it?’ And she slipped her knickers down and off. Her prominent mound was hairless, at thirteen what would you expect? I felt my cock stir but I said, ‘If you think that I’m going to fuck a thirteen year old, you have another think coming, however beautiful she is!’

Angie pouted even more, ‘Oh, I think you’re mean! I’ve got everything Mum’s got and it hasn’t been used yet! Wouldn’t you just love to fuck a virgin?’ By now I was as hard as a rock, couldn’t see much of her cunt because I was too close, but from what I could see it was obvious that she had quite a large one.

I said, ‘Look, Angie, no offence, but just think what your Mum would say if she found out that I’d come here and fucked her teeneage daughter? I’ll be honest, you look gorgeous, just looking makes me hard, you have a great figure and it’s going to get even better! When your Mum thinks that you’re old enough I’d be delighted to fuck you, but I think a thirteen year old is a bit much even for me.’

I took her by the shoulders and kissed her, her little stiff breasts poked into my chest, I groaned inwardly, ‘Look, I’ve got to go before I do do something I’d regret.’ I turned and walked to the door, looking back I could see that she had tears in her eyes, her legs were apart and I could see more of a magnificent young cunt. I closed the door behind me.

That evening Jessie rang, ‘Thanks for what you did today, Angie told me all about it. What I will say is, that when I think she’s mature enough, whatever her age, I can’t imagine anyone better qualified to teach her all about sex! See you soon.’

Our relationship went on with lots of regular sex, sometimes Jess came out with me, waiting in the car while I made client calls. Occasionally Angie came too we used to ahve some really nice days. One lovely summer’s day a couple of years later they were both with me, I only had three calls to make, but they were well spaced out and some distance away. I had made two of them in the morning and then we stopped at a pub for lunch.

Carrying on afterwards I eventually got to my last call and Jess and Angie had to wait some time before I finished. When I came out we headed homewards, now a considerable distance away. After about half an hour later while we were passing through a wooded area, Angie said, ‘Please Brian could we stop, I need to spend a penny.’ Jess chimed in, ‘I wouldn’t mind either.’ So when I spotted a place I pulled in, before we got out and walked into the trees, Jess said, ‘Take your knickers off here, Angie, it’ll make things easier,’ they both did. We got out and walked down a path into the trees, just off the path we came to a little clearing. ‘This’ll do,’ Jess said. ‘I’m bursting!’, Angie crouched down with her legs wide apart. She was right in front of me, she now had a little tuft of almost colourless hair on her mound. She reached between her legs and parted her cunt lips just as she started peeing. I got a hard-on immediately, then Jess joined her, she was shaved and her flow was even more than Angie’s.

I wanted desperately to pee too, I took my cock out and they both looked, Jess grinned, ‘You’ll never manage it with a hard-on!’ I couldn’t. Jess, finishing stood up, ‘Come on, let’s get rid of that!’ She bent forward and flipped her skirt up over her back, her open cunt hung between her thighs like some exotic fruit. It was still wet and I stepped forward and eased my throbbing cock into her, ‘Oh yes!’ she gasped, ‘fuck me hard darling!’

Putting my cock in her was like putting it in a furnace, albeit a slippery one. I gripped the front of her thighs and fucked her hard as she wanted. It didn’t take long, I was aroused enough anyway, but the sight of Angie, off to the side but in front of me, aroused me even more. She was masturbating. I watched as I fucked her mother, she looked up and saw me watching, her face was almost agonised at the thrills she was experiencing. When I came, groaning, as I shot five fierce jets of hot spunk up my lover. Angie’s face contorted and she gasped.

I withdrew and watched my spunk, mixed with Jess’s love-juice, drool out of her cunt. She said, ‘That was great and I think we made Angie cum too! Did we darling?’ Angie smiled, ‘That was my first really big one, Mum! I’d love to be fucked too!’ Jess turned to look at me, her skirt still hoisted up, she knelt and sucked my limp cock into her mouth.

I was well used to this, it was her method of getting me hard when she wanted to be fucked again straight away. Three minutes later I had a hard, clean, cock. ‘There you are, Angie, if you want Brian to fuck you, now’s your chance!’

An incredulous look spread across Angie’s face, ‘Do you mean it, Mum?’ ‘Oh yes, darling, you’re fifteen now, the best age to have your first cock, and you couldn’t have anyone better than Brian’s.’

I said, ‘Let me pee first.’ Jess said, ‘I’ll hold it for you.’ I finished with relief and Jess shook the drops off, then said, ‘ Let’s find a nice patch of soft grass and we’ll do it properly.’ Then said, ‘Would you mind going back to the car first, darling, and getting the tissues, I’m getting into a bit of a mess!’ I obliged and she was soon cleaning herself up. Then we wandered on through the trees before I spotted a much bigger clearing through the trees. It was a bit difficult finding a way in but I found what I took to be and animal run of some sort and we crawled in. The clearing was wide and carpeted with lovely short, soft, grass. I said, ‘Take your clothes off, Angie.’ I undressed too.

Angie was incredibly beautiful laid on her back, her breasts still stiff enough not to spill across her chest. Her legs were apart revealing the neat closed lips of her cunt with the little patch of hair just on her mound alone. As a man I have always liked women with prominent mounds, I think they give you something special when you’re fucking. Jess’s was quite prominent but not nearly as much as her daughters.

I got down with her, my cock rampant, she grabbed it as I kissed her, she responded eagerly. I had noticed as I lowered myself that the whole area around Angie’s cunt was blushing, now, as I kissed her lovely breasts, they blushed too, her nipples had erected and I sucked them. She gasped and her fingers gripped my cock hard, I kissed my way down over her stomach to her cunt. I kissed the insides of her thighs as her legs sagged open, then all up and down the sides of her cunt, then, finally, the lips themselves.

She gasped, ‘Oh my God!’, and reacted, wanking my cock hard. So I pushed my tongue between her cunt lips and began to lick inside, she moaned and I felt thrills running through her. I tongue fucked her, she thrust her hips up at me, my face was buried in her soft, delicate flesh. So I sucked her hard little clit, she screamed and came, convulsing until I stopped. Then I mounted her and pushed my cock in her, she wrapped her arms round me, digging her nails into my back as I eased right up as far as I could go. I stopped and kissed her, she licked my cunt-wet face.

I began fucking gently, ‘Nice?’ I queried. ‘Oh God, yes!’ she panted, ‘fuck me harder!’ I gave her what she wanted. Twenty minutes later I was still fucking her, she’d gone quite limp, simply accepting and enjoying the feelings she was experiencing. Then I heard Jess say softly, ‘Come on Brian, I think she’s had enough, but cum up her, she needs to experience it all!’ A couple of hard thrusts then I was shooting, Angie cried out as she felt my hot spunk filling her, then I flopped. She was all over me kissing me, stroking the back of my head and crooning love words. After a while I lifted off her, my flacced cock dragging reluctantly out of her throbbing cunt.

As I moved away I looked to see our mixed juices oozing from her wide open cunt. She was all flushed but looking very pleased with herself, her mother helped clean her up. ‘There,’ Jess said to her, ‘worth waiting for, was it, darling?’ ‘Oh yes, Mum, it was wonderful! Brian will be allowed to fuck me again, won’t he?’ she asked anxiously. ‘Yes, I did so hope that you’d like it, we’ll have to get you fixed up so that you can’t get pregnant. Come on now, stand up and jump about a bit and get as much of that stuff out of you as we can!’

After that we all got dressed and went back to the car, both women lining their knickers with tissues until they could get home and clean up properly.

Well, that was a memorable day, but from that day forward I have nearly always had to fuck both mother and daughter when I visit. But do I complain? What do you think?

Twice the pleasure

So i had finally started to date the girl iv been goin after for a year, jaclyn. She had been my best friend for years but we never thought of being a couple until then.
So we were two months into a great relationship. I was ecstatic to have the hottest girl in school as my girlfriend. She was beautiful. She was 5’3 mexican burnette and had such a pretty face. A dancer, she was in great shape with greatly formed legs a flat stomach an athletic figure and the genetic gift of an amazingly huge breasts. I saw all my friends drool over her from afar and i never let a day go by without adoring her for it. We had recently had sex for the first time bringing our relationship that much closer. Things were good.

It seemed to fall downhill however when jaclyn invited her ex to the movies with us. Her ex being a girl who claimed to be bisexual even tho she seemed to hate everyone with a penis. She dated lyn 2 months before i did n they somehow remained good friends. Her name was mariah and anyone could tell why lyn dated her. She was probley the only girl in the same class as her except completey off limits to guys. Mariah was also mexican n very beautiful. Her face almost as gorgeous as lyn’s. She had a gorgeous set of lips. Most people however didnt even notice her face first. She was short and buxom with large thighs big breast and, most noticable, a big ass. For being so small it was astounding how some one could have such a large butt.

I reluctantly agreed to the movies. Lyn wore a beautil leather jacket on top of a green spaghetti strap wid black skinny jeans n tall black heels. Her body looked amazing n the the colors aided her beautiful smile her long curly hair and her deep chocolate eyes. Mariah wore a red v-neck with no bra, tight blue jeans, that made her ass look amazing, and red heels.

We showed up at the theater and i felt proud to be walking in with the two most beautiful women on that side of town. I walked in next to lyn, her hand in mine, with mariah on her other side. Before the movie mariah went to the bathroom to check her hair. Lyn and i waited in the arcade playing resident evil.
“So do u think mariah’s cool?” She asked me as she crotch shot a very unlucky zombie.
“Yea sure,” i replied. “She hasn’t really tried to talked to me though, ya know.”
Lyn sighed. We stopped playing and sat down in the lounge. she smiled n it made me smile in return. “I like that jacket. I think ur making every other girl jealous.” She smiled even bigger. “You really look georgous” i said just loud enough for the people around us to hear. She blushed deeply.
I kissed her cheek. she gave me an adoring look. I lifted her chin with my hand and softly kissed her rosey lips. she took a long breath in and held it. She tasted sweet. I kissed her again and her lips began to tremble against mine.
“Get a room” mariah had returned from the bathroom. Lyn leaned away. Fuck my life.
We saw the movie then went to chill at lyns house. I was going to spend the night and mariah was going to get picked up. We watched some tv and ate some snacks.
Lyn went to the bathroom leaving me and mariah in an awkward silence. Finally she spoke, “so why do u like lyn?”
“She’s my best friend” I replied, “what don’t I like ’bout her?”
“Oh so its not just cuz she’s hot?” She asked jugdementally.
“No.” She didn’t believe me. “I’m guessin’ you haven’t met decent guys.”
“Nope” she replied. “I doubt you’re different”
Lyn returned shortly and sat on my lap. She smiled then kissed me. Mariah roled her eyes. Lyn smiled at her.
“Your not jealous are you” lyn asked mariah with a laugh.
“Of him or you” she sarcasticly replied.
“You don’t think he’s cute?” Lyn asked.
“No he’s cute. But guys are ass holes.”
Lyn sighed, “Samuel is different. He treats me great.” I smirked. “I bet you’d like him. N he probley thinks your hot,” I chuckled under my breath. “don’t u?”
“Yea your decent,” I joked. Mariah half smiled. “Honestly though I think you have great lips.”
As if compelled by something Lyn leaned toward mariah and randomly kissed her. “They taste great too. You should try them sam”
Both me and mariah were shocked. She nodded to mariah to kiss me. Even through I was in a state of utter confusion, my dick uncontrollably started to grow. Lyn noticed. She chuckled and started to bounce on me a little. Mariah thought for a moment then looked at me.
“Most guys only compliment my ass you know.” She leaned towards me and placed her juicy lips on mine. Her tounge pushed into my mouth and found its way around nicely.
I moved one of my hands off of lyns thighs and placed it on one of mariah’s love handles. Lyn began to start grinding on me and my dick started throbbing under her and from there I was gone. My other hand slid off her thigh and under her shirt onto her smooth stomach.
I started kissing mariahs cheek then her neck as she arched it back and began to moan. The moans were deep and long. My hand slowly went under lyns panties. She gasped wen I started rubbing her wet clit. Once I slid my finger inside of her she jolted causing my dick enormous pleasure. I bit into mariahs neck and her moans increase in volume.
I guess I fingered lyns g-spot almost perfectly because she quickly let out multiple high pitched cries before cumming into my hand. She stood up and took off her jacket. I then stood up and took off her shirt while mariah took off mine behind me.
I kissed lyn while mariah went around and pulled off lyns jeans. Lyn’s hands travled down my abbs and unbuckled my belt. She then pushed me back onto the couch. Mariah started kissing lyn’s cleavage above her bra.I watched as lyn’s nipples got hard.
Mariah then got to her knees. She took off lyn’s boy shorts exposing her. Mariah then turned towards me. “You like my lips huh?” She unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. Her eyes grew big and she smiled a sexy smirk. She started to stroke it, feeling its thickness with her soft hands. “Wow” she said. She kissed the head and I throbbed. Her lips were nice and plump.
Lyn stood up onto the couch. She stood over me with her dripping pussy right infront of my face. My hands moved up her perfect legs and grabbed her ass. I forced her hips forward putting my lips on her soaked pussy. I kissed the wet lips. I started licking her clit and let her tasty juice filled my mouth. She moaned gently. She tasted so good. I grabbed her firm ass tight tighter.
I felt mariahs thick lips enlcose around my dick head and then slide down my cock. My dick slid through her soft lips, into her salivating mouth and over her tongue into the back of her throat. I had reached the back with only 3 inches inside. Mariah decided to stroke the remaining 7 or so inches with her hand.
As mariah sucked my throbbing cock Lyns moans got louder and louder. It made me want to lick faster. She pulled on my hair started breathing heavily. Later she then cried out and began to orgasm in my mouth. It poured over my tounge and tasted so good.
Mariah went faster and faster, sucking harder and harder. It felt incredible. I started thrusting into her mouth making her slightly choke. She made one hard suck and I started to cum into her mouth. She drank it as it flowed down her throat.
Lyn sat down next to me and mariah next to her. My dick was still hard “that was fun” lyn said.
I looked at mariah and smiled. “We’re not done wid you yet jakie.” Mariah said. I unclipped lyn’s bra strap and her gigantic tits bounced out. Her boobs were round and firm, and her nipples were hard. I grabbed one boob and started to suck on her nipple while mariah began to suck on the other.
“Oh my god.” Lyn whispered and started to gently moan. Her nipples tasted amazing in my mouth. I started to suck harder. “Please go easier. My nipples are sensitive!” She began to beg. Both of us igored her and sucked harder. She arched her neck back and screamed. Me and mariah then both stuck two fingers in her wet pussy. I thrusted my fingers into her as deep as they went. She was soft, tight and wet as always. She started scatching our arms and then I felt her pussy quivered. Her thighs were soaked in the sweet dew. She tried closing her legs but we didn’t let her. Her gorgeous body began to convulse and her glorius chest started to heave letting out heavy breaths. She started to cum again while I bit on her hard nipple. “Please I’m done. I can’t take anymore.”
Mariah seemed dissapointed. I was kind of happy though. All this time we had neglected mariahs needs. Now I would focus on her. I took off her shirt and removed the jeans. I laid her down and kissed up her thick thighs, her juicy pussy lips, her stomach, up her ample chest, and her neck. I spread her legs as far as they would go. Her pussy was dripping wet. I put my dick head in. She started fidgeting in agitation. I thrusted my dick in half way. She started to moan. With each thrust I went harder and deeper. With every thrust her fat thighs shook and her tits bounced. She looked so sexy I thrusted harder. She started to gasp and lose breaths. Still I went harder. Her thighs shook. In and out I went sliding my dick againsts the walls of her tight wet pussy.
She took a large breath. It made her chest heave. She moaned louder making my dick throb even more. In and out I thrusted.
Her pussy was almost as tight as lyns. I slipped deeper into her than I ever had in lyns. I want to get balls deep and would’ve I she hadn’t yelled, “I’m.. I’m cumming. I’m cumming” the words rung in my ear. I kept smashing my dick inside her until she came on my dick. The warm liquid engulfed my dick and made me need to cum myself. I should’ve pulled out but I wanted to keep smashing her pussy. Afew more thrusts and I came inside her. My cum overflowed out of her. She took a large breath ass I pulled out.
We got up and went to the couch where we had put lyn to asleep. I snuggled next to her and fell asleep beside her.

Our first threesome

Having read so many stories on here I want to tell you of our true story of what happened between my wife Ann and I when we had our very first threesome with my best mate John.

My wife Ann and I have been married for 20yrs now and it all started when we were courting we were in our 30s. Having split up from my previous relationship I was living in a B&B for awhile and this is when I first met John he was running the B&B he was also single and also split up from his previous relationship and found out that we had a lot in common we used to go out together to a few pubs and nightclubs and go on the pull, sometimes we would get lucky other times not anyway after a while I had decided to answer an advert in the lonely hearts section of the local paper and this is when I met my future wife Ann, what I didn’t realize at the time was that my best mate had also written/answered to the same advert.

To cut a very long story short we met and had a few drinks at a pub and then later a nightclub and we both got on so well.
After several dates she had invited me to her house and we chatted and had a few drinks watched tv and later asked me to stay and we made love for the first time it was wonderful.

Ann is 5ft 6 slim and a great figure long brunette hair size 36dd boobs and her nipples when played with and sucked get very erect and has an insatiable sexual appetite am 6ft tall also slim short dark hair and fairly well endowed.

It was several weeks before I introduced my best friend John to Ann now John is a chef by trade he is also tall but stocky well built man and he came on that first night of introduction to cook us a meal and when he told her that he also replied to her ad in the paper well she just didn’t know where to put herself, after the apologies were made and we sat and ate our meal we settled down and had a few drinks together and chatted about this and that it was clear that Ann had a fondness for my best mate she didn’t fancy him or anything like that we became good friends.

So after that first introduction to my friend John we all used to meet up and have a few drinks together at the pub up the road sometimes he would cook a meal for us and he had become a regular visitor to us both which later in my story became sexual.

One night when Ann and I spent some time together I asked her what sort of movies she likes and she said she liked a good horror movie so on my visit to the local video shop I came back with what I thought was a good horror movie and when we started to watch it,it was clear to us that this wasn’t your usual type of horror it contained several naked women in a prison carrying out lesbian acts on each other and male prison wardens fucking the hell out of them.

Well we both looked at each other and I was so embarrassed at what I had brought for us to watch we both sat and watched the whole movie together and it was later clear to me that the movie had turned her on a little as it did to myself as while we sat and watched I undid her top and played with her nipples and she stroked my cock through my jeans this led to us stripping off and I fucked her on the sofa she was so horny that night. This was my queue as to whenever I asked her what sort of movie do you want me to get whenever she said a horror I knew my luck was in and it became our little thing.

A few weeks went by and I moved in permanently with Ann and when the next time John came round I let slip to him about our horror film watching he suggested that me and him go to the video shop together that night and he would choose the film as he had seen many of them before and knew of some good ones,
So Ann and I agreed and off we went to choose a film, now Ann and I didn’t think that anything sexual would happen between us that night while watching the film knowing that my best mate was sitting with us but it did. Ann went to get some drinks for us and while she was away getting the drinks John had commented to me on how sexy Ann looked and that she had nice size boobs, So I told him that yes she does look so sexy and gets very turned on when watching the films, when Ann arrived with our drinks we got ourselves sat down on the sofa and started to watch the film we had chosen and while we were watching the film I could see that John was looking over to Ann and eyeing her up I could tell that he was feeling randy and wanted to make a move on her, we got more drinks and by the time the film was halfway through we were all getting quite tipsy Ann had made a comment on that she thought the film was a bit poor as it wasn’t showing any erect cocks and that it was geared for the male this is when John suggested that the next time he comes he will bring with him a film that does show erect cocks for us to watch and Ann commented that that would be good, after the film was finished we satand we drank some more and later John had ordered a taxi and left.

We then went to bed and we sat up chatting I started to stroke Ann’s boobs and suck on her nipples and I moved my hand down to her waist and started to finger her pussy where she was so wet and turned on, it was then she told me that while I went off to the loo John had made a move on her and he had put his hand on her boobs and started to play with them ( she was wearing a tight fitting jumper that accentuated her figure off very well) she told me that she had to tell me what had happened as she felt a little upset but on the other hand she was also turned on by approach I must admit I was a little shocked by this but later assured her that I was ok by what had just happened as it had turned me on that John had felt her boobs and I asked her what he had said and that he had asked her if her boobs were as big as one of the women on the film and when she replied that she is a 36dd he had asked her if it was ok for him to see for himself to which she agreed. I got so turned on by this I got a right hard on and Ann went down on me and gave me a right good blow job and I came in her mouth almost immediately . By the time John had arrived with his video a week later I just couldn’t wait to see if this would go any further a week seemed like an eternity. He arrived with bottle of wine and video on the following Friday night and we got a take away Ann answered the door to his arrival and he gave her a greeting with a kiss and we sat had our meal and opened the bottle of wine and began to watch his film he had brought, it was then that I told Ann to sit between us on the settee and I got us more drinks as we sat and watched I could see that Ann was getting more and more turned on think the drink also helped a little and both me and John started to play with her boobs Ann was just sat and just loving the attention she was getting it was then that Ann removed her top and just sat in her jeans and bra which was a nice black gossard bra the type that supported and pushed her boobs up nicely as we sat with both myself and John playing and kissing her boobs I looked over and noticed that she was rubbing her hand on Johns cock through his pants and I could see that he was getting quite an erection with all the stroking and it was the next comment that Ann made that hit me.

I will reveal in part 2

Partner swapping first time

When I first started going out with Sara we fucked like rabbits, at least once a day, no matter where we were. On the beach, down dark alleys, fields, woods, almost anywhere outdoors, in the car if the weather was bad. We would try to be reasonably discrete but if we were seen or watched even better. After we married we continued our outdoor activities having many a fuck watched, sometimes by several men, which always got her excited, extra good orgasm guaranteed. All that came to a halt when she got pregnant and the baby was born. It was probably two years before our sex life’s returned to anything near how they had been previously. Outdoor shagging was an occasional treat, on the way home from a night out, having to get home for the baby sitter.

Sara stayed at home until our child was at infants, when she got a part time job during school hours. Meeting him from school, becoming friendly with the other mums, one in particular, Naomi who she frequently mentioned. Naomi is about 35, five years older than Sara, and sex mad, at least it was her favourite subject according to Sara. Telling Sara what she’d been up to with her husband and hinting at others, Sara telling her about some of the things we did, mentioning she liked to be watched. Naomi’s exploits led to some good fucks for us as Sara retold the stories. Better, Sara started shaving her pussy, something else Naomi did, she’d always kept it smooth before the baby, and was something I liked. She’d always liked sucking my cock but now instead of stopping when I started to cum, she took my spunk in her mouth and swallowed. Naomi had told her she always did and loved the taste advising her to give it a try. I’d never met Naomi but liked her already. When I eventually met her, out shopping with Sara, I liked her even more, attractive, about 5’6”, slim wearing a short dress, great legs, nice tits from what I could see of her cleavage, shoulder length auburn hair. Sara introduced us and as we chatted I noticed her looking me up and down as if appraising me. Towards the end of the following week we were in bed when Sara said she wanted to ask me something. Naomi was having a party, we were invited, she continued there’d be Naomi, her husband and four other couples. Then looking directly at me said “Twelve of us altogether, very intimate, and if we like the others and they like us there will be swapping. Can we go? Please”. This was a bit of a bolt from the blue, but my cock started to harden which she could hardly miss. The first thing that came to mind was “When is it?” “Oh not for another three weeks you don’t need to decide yet. But I’ve spoken to my Mum she’ll babysit. It’ll be good dirty fun, you might get to fuck Naomi”. My mind was already made up, she was clearly more than keen to go so like a good husband I agreed.

Over the following three weeks she told me more, there would be a dinner we would have to serve as first timers a sort of initiation. The day finally arrived we had showered and our clothes were on the bed. She put a dress on and me jeans and t shirt, only needed to get to the house. We had been told to arrive first and greet the other guests at Naomi’s detached house. Naomi wearing only a short semi transparent dress watched as we stripped naked, taking a long look at my cock, before taking it in her hand stroking me erect, checking out the goods. The house was screened from the road fortunately as we had to go outside to meet the guests. Completely naked, my prick still semi erect. Showing four dressed couples in, whilst naked ourselves was a strange situation but as the women got out the cars I noticed none wore underwear catching sight of tit and pussy. Once inside we served drinks, mingling with the others who were all friendly as we were introduced. Naomi took charge showing everyone in to the dining room a large table, set for twelve in the centre and we served dinner. Naomi told everyone they were free to touch us in any way, Sara and me both being touched by the other guests, the blokes feeling her tits and fingering her pussy, the women touching my bum, squeezing my balls or stroking my cock until I was hard. Watching Sara pouring wine, her cunt already wet and gaping was enough to get any bloke hard. I served with my cock fully erect, one woman giving me a quick suck, when my prick started to soften as I served her husband. By the time we sat with them to eat we were both highly aroused, my prick standing up erect and Sara’s cunt dripping juices..

The meal finished, the table cleared, four men, four women sat at the table plus Naomi and husband Dave. We were standing at one end, ten pairs of eyes watching us, looking around the table some of the women’s dresses were open tits on display, a couple stroking the cocks of the men next to them. Naomi smiled at us then said “Masturbate for us. We want to see you both wank. Nick make sure you don’t cum”. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Sara part her legs reaching down and start to play with her pussy, following her lead I stroked my cock slowly until stiff and throbbing, getting a thrill from being watched as was Sara who was enthusiastically ramming her fingers in and out of her cunt. After four or five minutes Naomi got up, and stood behind me, Dave behind Sara, turning us to face one another. Sara’s eyes were locked on mine, her tits rising and falling, nipples erect as we waited. I felt Naomi reach round, stroking my cock, her tits and hard nipples poking in my back. My prick erect, Naomi enclosing my cock in her fingers wanking me slowly, Sara opposite me Dave’s fingers parting her pussy lips, fingering her cunt with one hand the other cupping one of her tits rolling her hard nipple between finger and thumb. The woman nearest me had unzipped the man next to her stroking his cock, he had a hand between her legs, fingers in her pussy. Naomi was watching Sara who was moving herself against Dave’s hand. Still holding my prick she said “Sara, Nick. Get on the table and fuck”. This was the next test, could we fuck in front of an audience. We clambered on and kissed, long and deep tongues in each other mouths. We broke apart and I told her to keep still on all fours and got on my back sliding underneath her in a 69. She lowered her head, opening her mouth taking my prick in her mouth, sucking gently, careful not to make me cum. She spread her legs wider, dropping her pussy to my tongue as I lifted my head, I held her open sucking and lapping her cunt, drinking down the juices pouring from her sex hole, taking her clitoris between my teeth, gently sucking and tugging it, a sure way to make her cum normally. We kept this up for several minutes, I could tell Sara was getting close, the point when she would want to be fucked. She took the lead, she stopped sucking me, got to her knees and moved so she was straddling me, her pussy above my prick. The other guests I could see were now all in varying states of undress, cocks being stroked, tits sucked, none by their own partners and off to one side Naomi standing naked, legs parted with a man sat on the floor licking her cunt as she frigged her clit. My attention was soon back on Sara who was holding my prick rubbing it against her pussy then guided it to her sex hole. I lifted my bum thrusting into her as she moved lower, slamming my cock into her slippery hole. By now I don’t think either of us would have cared if we’d been in the centre circle at Wembley in front of a capacity crowd as we fucked. I heard Naomi call out she was cumming and one pair had lost interest in us, concentrating on fucking, but the others were watching closely as my prick slid in and out of Sara’s cunt, encouraging us, comments from the men that they’d like to fuck Sara, Naomi claiming first shag with me. We must have fucked for 10 minutes or so before Sara sat up squeezing her tits, playing with her nipples, grinding her pussy on my cock, close to orgasm, the fingers of one hand frigging her hard little clit, gasping out that she was cumming. I thrust in to her faster, unable to hold back any longer shooting by spunk inside her. She sat on top of me for a minute most of the others moving into the lounge, music playing in the background. Naomi and Dave remained along with the bloke who’d been licking her pussy. As Sara moved off me he asked if he could go down on her and lick my spunk from her cunt. As I left the room with Naomi, Sara was laid on her back on the table legs spread with the bloke cleaning her pussy, watched by Dave.

Naomi took me through to the lounge where one man was receiving the attention of two of the women on the sofa, another couple were fucking doggy on the floor. Naomi led me to a chair and set about getting me erect again. About ten minutes later I saw Dave leading Sara upstairs to a bedroom where, she told me the next day he fucked three times. The other bloke came into the lounge and joined those on the sofa. Normally I’d take an hour our more to get hard again but with Naomi using her mouth and hands on my prick I was erect in half the time. She’d been a perfect hostess and was the only one yet to be fucked, I’d fingered her, kissing and sucking her tits, teasing her hard pink nipples and she was desperate to feel a cock in her cunt. As soon as I was stiff she straddled me taking my prick straight in her tight wet pussy. With her arms round my neck, her nipples just brushing my chest she rode my cock. Having already fucked Sara I could last, Naomi fucked me hard, rotating her hips, leaning back to grind her clit against my pubes, using her fingers on her clit. She had a shuddering orgasm then feeling me still hard inside her, slowly moving my cock in and out of her cunt she continued riding me using her cunt muscles to grip and squeeze my cock, as she whispered in my ear to cum inside her to give her my spunk. With talk like that and her cunt muscles sending ripples through my prick I emptied my spunk as deeply as I could inside her just as she came for a second time. We watched the others fuck for half an hour or so before she led me upstairs to her bed. We fucked again during the night and again in the morning before going downstairs for breakfast. Sara and Dave were in the kitchen, everyone else had already left. We passed the test because we have been invited back three times since and are going again in a couple of weeks when I new couple may be introduced.