My lesbian experience on holiday

This happened to me a two years ago and to be honest still cant quite believe it happened. To set the scene Sue a friend from schooldays such good friends bridesmaids at each others weddings but our husbands did not get on so over the years we saw less and less of each and I had not seen her for 2 years when I had a phone call to say her husband had died suddenly at 46. I helped her through the next few months with just being there for her and many week-ends when she was at her lowest had her to stay. After a year she seemed to be coming to terms and one day said to thank me she had booked us a week in the sun a cheepo holiday in Majorca.
It was May and the deal we got was a 1 bed apartment which was half empty so we almost had the pool to ourselves. The first couple of days we just chilled a bottle of wine sat on the balcony and bed. On the third night we went to a club lots of dancing giggling like we were teenagers again and if we wanted there were a few guys I am sure with encouragement would have given us a night of unclomplicated sex. We got back to the apartment very drunk Sue a bit tearful as I helped her undress she kissed me thanking me for all I had done for her. She was still crying a little so I lay on her bed with my arms around her till we both fell asleep. I awoke to find she had turned to face me and the sheet was around her waist her tits pressed against mine and her soft breath against my face. I quietly tried to leave her bed back to mine when I felt her arm tighten around my waist a soft moan of don`t go. We lay quietly faces and tits pressed together suddenly her lips opened and she softly ran her tongue over my lips and started to push at my mouth until I opened it and we shared a soft but to me very erotic kiss. I was surprised to feel my pussy start to throb and although hubby and I had a few extra maritial partners never had the experience of a woman. Her mouth moved down my throat butterfly kisses to my tits taking each nipple in turn into her mouth sucking them gently. Sue pulled the sheets away pushing me onto my back her lips and tongue working down my body I opened my legs by now my pussy was on fire and my juices flowing. That tantalising tongue went to work on my clit and love hole it didn`t take me long to reach my first orgasm. Sue spread the lips of my pussy and I felt two fingers slip in and started finger fucking me nice and slow just how I like it another orgasm rolled over me. Sue turned me onto my stomach pushing me into a kneeling position her fingers going between my legs to carry on finger fucking suddenly i felt her tongue lick my arse her saliva moistening my rosebud and the her thumb went straight in pushing in as far as it would go, by now I was bucking with the pleasure of it. My thighs covered in pussy juice and saliva.
Sue rolled over onto her back spreading her legs, I told her I had never done a woman before she said just do what comes natural to you. I put her legs over my shoulders like my hubby does with me when he licks me and I went to work on her pussy and clit. The musky smell of her filled my nose I couldn`t get enough of her pussy. Her moans of pleasure as i stuck my fingers into her tongue on clit fingers in love hole soon my face and fingers covered in her juices.
As we lay side by side me in amazement what had gone on Sue a smile of satisfaction on her lips, I needed that she said. I said we could have picked up a couple of guys if that was what she had wanted. As we lay talking she told me her hubbys fantasy was to see her with another woman and a few years ago she gave in to his wishes thinking it would be a one off but I loved licking pussy that we did it loads of times havging the best shags after he had watched. Giggling she said I did it quite a few times without him as well as she went to a gay pub a few times picking up women there. I felt her fingers start to run through my sticky pussy hair and within in minutes we were in a 69 position giving each other a good licking a finger up each others arse.
We did pick up a couple of young (20s) guys who couldn`t believe there luck a girl on girl session and then a good shag I bet they had stories to tell when they went home.
I thought when we got home we could cary on as I am sure hubby would have been up for it but no Sue moved out to Australia with her youngest who emigrated and although she said she would write I never heard from her shame, but when hubby and I swing now I am happy to lick pussy.

My lesbian awakening

I opened the door back up, wondering where I had found the nerve. This was a first for me, on many levels. I usually don’t make the first move, and I had never been with a woman before.

All night there had been sexual tension in the air, so thick you could cut it. She was talking about how she would like to be with a woman, wondering what it would be like. I was thinking almost the same thing, wondering what she would be like. We finished our drinks, the evening getting late, and she said goodbye, with a little bit of regret in her tone. I shut the door and stood there a minute, making up my mind, hoping I had not imagined the signals.

Opening the door back up, I leaned around the corner and called her name. She turned around and walked back to me, a question, and maybe even hope, on her face. I wrapped my hand around her neck and pulled her mouth to mine, kissing her. I leaned back and looked at her, silently asking if she wanted to stay. She smiled, and I tugged her by the hand back inside.

I pushed her up against the door and ran my hands up her rib cage, cupping her breasts, nuzzling her neck. She smelled so good, like coconut and rum and female. We kissed, and we kissed, and we kissed. The softness of her lips, the sweetness of her breath, the rough velvet of her tongue as it caressed mine was more intoxicating than any alcohol, and I couldn’t get enough. I pushed her tank top up, her bra down, and looked at her breasts, her nipples puckered and waiting to be sucked. I liked looking at them. I liked touching them. Their perfect, soft, roundness filled my hands. I pulled a nipple deep into my mouth and sucked, caressing the other one with my thumb. She started making little noises, so I knew I was doing it right. The other one tasted just as sweet, and I wanted more.

We sat down on the couch and I helped her out of her top, undid her sheer lace bra, and laid her back against the cushions, running my hands over her shoulders, tracing her collarbone, cupping her breasts. She unbuttoned her jeans and together we pushed them down her legs and tossed them away. She had long, slender legs, a flat stomach, and perfect, perfect breasts. Her nipples were a dark rose against her creamy skin, and I wanted to lick every inch of her. I lifted her soft, blond hair off her neck and kissed her again while my hands learned her body. I slipped a finger inside her panties, lightly caressing her before slipping that finger inside her. She was tight, and warm, and wet. I ground her clit with my thumb over her panties and she arched her hips, moaning into my mouth. I leaned back and took my shirt off, then my bra. She sat up and cupped my breasts, licking my nipples, then pinched them while she nibbled on my neck. I got goose bumps, and a shiver went down my spine.

I pulled away and started kissing down her stomach, pulling her panties off as I went. She was neatly trimmed, and her smell was fresh and sweet. She laid back and opened her thighs, and my pussy clenched and my vision blurred, I was so aroused. I parted her lips with my thumbs and ran my tongue from her rosebud to her clit, then flicked it with my tongue. Her hips bucked once, and I sucked on her clit, then nibbled it with my teeth. “Oh God!” she cried out, and buried her hands in my hair, grinding my face into her pussy. Her body was trembling when I pulled away and stood up to take off my jeans.

I smiled down at her, and she grinned back. I knelt between her beautiful thighs again and leaned down to kiss her. She wrapped her arms around my neck, bringing our bodies together, and the feel of her breasts pressed against mine, her body pressed against mine, was so completely wonderful.

I reached down and slipped one finger, then two, inside her, feeling her close around them. In and out, my fingers becoming slippery while I sucked on her nipples, nibbled on her neck, made love to her mouth. My pussy rode her thigh with the same rhythm as my fingers until my juice ran down her leg. Her back arched, her head thrown back, she cried out as her pussy started squeezing my fingers.

I pulled them out and replaced them with my tongue, sucking her, licking her, drinking her. I put two fingers back into her, hard, my mouth on her clit and a vibration in my throat. In, out, once, twice. She came apart, cried out, and then floated back to earth, panting, breathless.

“God, now I know,” she said.

“Me too.”

eighteenth bday

it was the weekend after my eighteenth birthday and i had two of my friends from school coming over for the night. My family was out for the night so it was just Casey, Emma and I with a bottle of vodka that my brother had given me for my birthday. Being a country girl, the rules regarding alchohol werent as tight as they would be for town girls, so i was no stranger to a drink or two but a whole bottle between three young girls is going to have a great effect, Emma and Casey were both still fifteen.
Anyway we were definately on the was to being drunk, the stereo was roaring out the tunes, and the play was getting the best of me. I was getting horny mucking around with my friends and judgeing by their flushed faces and the way they were acting they were feeling it too. The emma piped up and said ‘how about a game of truth or dare?’
We were all for that so we got straight into it. first it was little things like ‘what is the worst thing you have done?’ or ‘i dare you to eat a full spoon or vegemite’ but soon the mood got the better of us and things got more interesting with questions like ‘what is the kinkiest thing you have ever done?’, ‘how far would you go for a million dollars?’ and my favourite, which emma asked me, ‘have you ever had sex with another girl?’
We knew each other fairly well, we knew none of us were virgins, but i had never told anyone till then that ‘yes ive had sex with two girls before!’. Emma and Casey started to giggle to each other and i was getting a bit selfconsious when out of the blue Casey said ‘i dare you and Emma to kiss and feel each other up through your clothes.
I have always thought Emma is gorgeous and im more into girls than guys so i was keen for it, and wether it was the booze or the mood, so was Emma.
She is stunning with long straight blonde hair, paler than bleeched sand, eyes the lightest blue you have ever seen, the sweetest mouth, and a tiny scattering of freckles that she hadnt grown out of yet. Her body was small and lithe, shorter and thinner than me, with small breasts just beginning to swell beneath her top, and the tiniest little ass you have ever seen.
Casey by contrast was completely different. Even though she was the youngest of us, she was taller than Emma and almost as tall as me. Her hair was jet black with glistening waves running through it. Her eyes were the most intense green i have ever seen, eyes that promised many untold mysteries within. Her face was smooth without a freckle, mole or pimple of any sort to be seen. Her body was not tiny but certainly not fat and her large breasts already strained against the fabric of her top.
I would have been the envy of every guy at school than night and even now, three years later, i get hot just thinking about them.
Anyway Emma was a little nervous at first as i wrapped my arms around her and lowered my face to hers. Our lips came together with the touch of a feather, our hands equally as light as they moved slowly over each others bodies. I didnt want to push her if she wasnt comfortable so i only moved my hands around her back and shoulders.
She came deeper into my arms and her breathing deepened as she started to let go of her reservations, our breasts caressing each other just as our arms were doing. Her tounge brushed against my lips and i opened my mouth for her and as our tounges met i tasted her for the first time. Her mouth tasted so warm and sweet from the vodka and the passion. Her hand worked its way up my stomach to my breast were she gentle started to stroke the curve of my breasts. My own hand went down to her ass and sqeezed, drawing her hard up against me. With one hand still on my breast she used the other to grab my ass as well as we continued to kiss, our tongues dancing across each other. With a flick of my wrist my hand went inside her pants and started to massage her hot ass, my finger running up her sweaty ass crack.
‘hey i said through your clothes your dirty little vixen’ said Casey. In the heat of the moment i had forgotten she was even there!
I looked at her sheepishly and seen her legs were parted, her skirt riding up. Not enough to show anything, just enough to hint at the treasures within. God that girl knew how to keep a person wanting!! Her face was flushed as she looked at us and i knew she wanted to get involved.
‘God your hot Em’ i said ‘ would you like a taste?’ i asked, turning to Casey.
‘Yes’ she groaned in a voice full of sexual longing.
I sat on the couch as the two budding lesbians wrapped their arms around each other. This time there was no reservations, they kissed with passion, their tounges in each others mouths one minute then kissing along each other necklines the next. Not satisfies with touching Casey big breast through her top, Emma put her hand up Caseys top and started to rub her breasts and i could see her hand tweeking her nipples through the cloth. Casey ran her hand up and down Emmas leg and as her legs parted, she started to rub her pussy through her jeans.
It was too much for me, watching these two gorgeous girls getting it on, i put my hand in my pants and felt my sopping wet pussy. I rubbed myself softly at first, then harder and HARDER. I pushed a finger inside myself, using my palm to rub my clit. then a second finger filled my wet pussy and i groaned to myself as my fingers worked themselves in and out.
Emma and Casey continued to feel each other up, Caseys hand busy on Emmas pussy as Emma pulled her top up and off, followed quickly by her bra, revealing Caseys gorgeous tits to us. Emma lowerd her face and kissed and rubbed them before taking her nipples into her mouth and tounging and nibbling them.
Caseys hand found its way into Emma pants and as Emma continued to kiss her tits she started to finger her.
By now all three of us were groaning and moaning with sexual pleasure, our bodies flushed, our breathing deep and the scent of our sex heavy in the air.
Emma started to come close to orgasm and groaned deeply as Casey continued to finger her them as she came to the edge, Casey dropped to here knees, taking emmas pants with her and pulled Emmas hairless pussy to her face, burying her tounge as deep in her as she could, tasting the sweet flavour of her first pussy.
It was to much for me. My back arched and i felt the first orgasm of the night wash over me, senting ripple through my body and making my head spin. As my eyes opened again i saw that Emma wasnt far behind me and came with a scream on Caseys tounge, her hands pushing Caseys face against her pussy and her tounge even deeper into her body.
Casey continued to lick and suck at her pussy as the last waves of her orgasm passed then i pulled her to her feet and started to kiss her deeply, loving the hot taste of her mouth and the taste of Emmas pussy on her lips. i pushed her onto the couch and got to my own knees and started to kiss her legs. I worked my way up her legs, the skin getting hotter, softer and wetter the closer i came to her pussy. I pushed her skirt up to her hips and found than she wasnt wearing any panties, her tiny pussy was neatly trimmed with only a small strip of fur left. As i kissed her pussy she threw back her head and started to groan quietly, her eyes closed. The heady, musky smell of her pussy filled my nostrils as i ran my tounge up her slit and i felt it start to open. I placed my mouth over her whole pussy and licked it from top to bottom, bottom to top, her pussy juices running into my mouth. I felt Emma behind me starteing to remove my own jeans followed by my wet panties then she timidly started to kiss and lick my ass cheeks. She went lower, her tounge dancing over my ass hole and finding my wet pussy.
I was in heaven! A gorgeous girl in front of me with my tounge buried in her pussy, her hands kneading my hair and guiding me to the places where it felt best and another beautiful babe behind my with her tounge deep inside me and her nose pushing against my ass hole.
Casey started to rock her hips in time with my mouth and i knew she was getting close. I had my tounge as deep in her as i could and i gently ran my top lip over her clit making her body spasm soundlessly as she was rocked by an intense orgasm that left her gasping. Feeling another girl having an orgasm in my mouth while another girl was licking my own pussy was enough to send me over the edge myself, and i felt Emmas suprise and pleasure as i came on her tounge. She wrapped her arms around my legs and pulled my ass against her face, her chin against my clit as i came making my orgasm even more intense!!
Later we undresseed each other completely and lay on the couch together, naked, our arms hugging each other as we recovered from the wild sex that we didnt want to end. We enjoyed each others bodies a lot more over the course of that night and again the next morning once the effects of the alcohol had worn off. We became a trio of lovers for months after that having sex as often as we could and hanging out together every chance we got.
However it wasnt to last, Casey fell in love with a guy and although we are still great friends we no longer make love. The guy that she fell in love with also happens to be my brother and i helped them get together, but thats another story for another day.
As for Emma, we are now flat mates and still great friends but she doesnt consider herself a lesbian so ever though we are lovers still, we are not a couple.
But even though things change i have my memories of that night together. Just writing them now has got me so horny i cant think of anything else. As i sit here at the computer typing this i can feel the seat growing moist from my wet pussy and i know that i will have to do something about it. I always write my erotic stories in the nude so i have no clothes to contend with. As i write this my hand is on my pussy thinking of the people that may read this and i find myself getting even wetter. Im sitting on my hand with two fingers inside myself, wisjing that i had someonr hwre to help me. But the thought of someone reading this and getting trhemselves off over it is enough to push me over ther edge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

About the Author

im a 19 year old girl from tassie who loves writing about my sexual experiences and fantasies

Alice’s Marriage in Wonderland

Sex: Female
Age: 21 years
Figure: Flawless, soft-contoured, voluptuous, hourglass type and perfectly feminine
Complexion: White
Voice: Musical
Face: Very pretty and innocent in looks
Eyes: Heavy-lidded, large and blue
Hair: Silken, soft, ample, blonde and waves down to ass
Bust: 40DD, round and firm
Nipples: Pink and puffy
Waist: 31
Hips: 40, wide-curved
Ass: Soft and massive
Thighs: Creamy-soft and fat

Queen Sapporo:

Sex: Female
Age: 39 years
Figure: Skinny, mannish, muscular, poorly curved and mostly flat
Complexion: White
Voice: A little deep pitched
Face: Somewhat attractive and clever in looks
Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and greenish
Hair: Short, boy-cut, straight and red
Bust: 32A, almost flat
Waist: 22
Hips: 31, narrow
Ass: Almost flat
Thighs: Straight and long
Orientation: A hungry lesbian

Alice, clad in a pink bra and matching pink panties, sat on the lawn interweaving her silken combed locks into a thick long plait. No sooner had she finished braiding her hair, then a high-pitched voice from nearby started her.

“Drat! Damn! Fuck a duck! She’ll kill me if I’m late!!” the voice was saying in a very excited tone.

Alice jumped up and looked over the hedge to see the speaker. To her astonishment, it belonged to a rather large, white rabbit. Not an ordinary rabbit by any means. This rabbit was wearing a black leather jacket, Alice could see matching gloves sticking out of a side pocket, and the rabbit was looking at a pocket watch as he hurried along. She watched as he jumped, feet first, into a large hole by the root of a willow.

“Oh my, he dropped something.” Alice cried as she ran to see what it was.

It was one of his gloves she picked up. Without thinking first, the nymph jumped into the hole, intent on returning the glove to its owner.

She fell down but it seemed a shallow landing and without feeling hurt she braced herself to a sitting position.

“Oh fuck! I’m in a world of shit!” the rabbit was saying at a distance behind her.

Alice got up and whirled around just in time to see the rabbit vanish behind a hill. She ran after him, hoping to catch him on the other side.

Movement up ahead on the path Alice kept her eyes on the rabbit running before her. She called out: “Hello! Mr. Rabbit! Mr. Rabbit!”

But it was no good because the rabbit was already hurrying on his way and didn’t seem to hear her calling him.

The glove was still tucked into her tight bra and she wanted to give it to its owner as fast as she could reach him… but no matter how fast she ran, he still stayed the same distance from her.

Out of breath and her huge chest heaving, Alice finally had to stop to rest for a moment. She watched the rabbit vanish over the top of the hill they were on. As soon as she had caught her breath, Alice ran the rest of the way up the hill and stopped at the top, amazed at what she saw.

Naked women dotted the countryside on the other side of the hill. They appeared to be having sex with each other in various positions from what she could see. A deep female voice could be heard as it screamed out, “You skinny brat… suck the tits of your woman!” then “All bonies eat your volupties!”

That voice belonged to a slim mannish woman who wore a crown on her head and was the only one clad in male outfits there. She seemed to be the queen of all those naked women, who were engaged in lesbian sex under her orders. Alice wondered what that place was and she was answered by a sign board behind the queen that pointed at a luxurious tent. “Queen Sapporo: Castle Sapho Islands, Wonderland” were the words carved on it.

In a moment or two Alice turned her eyes. She watched in awe as a skinny short-haired girl knelt between the fat thighs of a pretty voluptuous blonde and started to lick her slit. The huge sagging tits of that blonde were being sucked by two other slim dark-haired women. Alice moved her hand between her thighs in reflex as the sight roused her in an instant.

Queen Sapporo’s heart throbbed as she noticed this half-naked, extremely pretty and curvaceous nymph standing on the hill, who was stroking herself between her thighs. For some moments she gazed in stupor at the centre of her attention… and instantly fell in love with her.

Alice too noticed the queen’s meaningful stare at her and blushingly averted her eyes.

Queen Sapporo smiled at the blushing Alice as her heart beat faster. She walked to the girl, staring fixedly at her. Alice couldn’t meet Queen’s gaze, who had approached her. She raised her hand and stroked Alice’s cheek lovingly.

“Such loveliness, such sweetness must be loved, worshipped, licked and tasted. I’ll show you what I feel for you, what I want with you.” said Sapporo staring at Alice with an amorous glint in her eyes.

Alice felt the thin arms encircling her round the waist and hands stroking the naked flesh of her back. Sapporo moved her face nearer to Alice’s. Her lips met in a soft demanding kiss with those of the girl.

Surprised at first but then savoring the sucking and pressing lips of Sapporo on her full mouth, Alice immediately responded by kissing the Queen on mouth and hugging the slim woman around her neck.

They sucked each other’s mouths in a passionate lip-locking for sometime. Then Sapporo said softly, “I love you darling. I love you more than anything in this Wonderland. But let me give you a good show. Get naked my sweet!”

Alice couldn’t resist herself to do as the Queen had bid her. She unhooked her bra and panties. Dispensing herself of all the undergarments, she stood in a stark naked splendor. At that moment she saw the white rabbit standing next to the mannish queen. She could tell, he was enjoying at what he was seeing.

Alice wanted to tell the rabbit about his glove but there was no need for reminding him as he stooped down swiftly and took the glove scattered on ground with her stripped undergarments.

In an instant Sapporo hugged Alice and they kissed again for a while.

“Come my sweet!” said the Queen taking Alice with her. “Let’s make love into my tent” She said pointing at the very luxurious tent Alice had noticed a while ago.

They walked a few steps and entered into the tent.

Queen Sapporo zipped the tent to induce privacy. While undressing herself she didn’t seem to notice Alice, who was staring at the 10″ long rubber dildo tied around the narrow hips.

Sapporo smiled mischievously at Alice and said. “Darling, lets start now, shouldn’t we?”

Without waiting for an approval from Alice, Sapporo knelt before her and put her hand between her legs, where her fingers touched the ripe petals.

“Hummm… Such a pretty twitching pussy!” Sapporo said, feeling glad to see that Alice was getting wet. She stroked the girl’s thighs and roamed her hands round the wide hips to stroke the huge ass cheeks. She moved her head nearer till a pungent waft of girlish scent hit her nostrils. She opened her mouth and her long pink tongue lashed out. Its tip licked up the pink labia and Alice shuddered as the wave generated from her loins. With another upward lick by Sapporo’s tongue, Alice reflexively closed her eyes and hissed.

“It’s really a tasty tart my sweet! I’ll surely enjoy your meat and you’d better make sure I do!” She told Alice, still holding the curvaceous hips.

Alice had never been with a woman before and wasn’t sure what was expected of her. She didn’t have to wonder long.

Sapporo got up. She pushed Alice back on the pillowed bed and roughly squeezed her tits. She began to kiss both the huge tits and started to suck left nipple. With one hand she was kneading the right tit while the other hand roamed down Alice’s voluptuous body until it reached her tender pussy. In a moment it started to stroke the pink petals. Long, slender fingers opened girl’s vaginal orifice and pushed into the moistness there. Alice gasped as the Queen increased the tempo of finger-fucking; her mouth now sucking the right nipple. The girl decided to lie relaxed under the slim Queen and let the woman enjoy unto her curvaceous body.

Alice moaned when Sapporo sucked hard on her swollen nipples, releasing each teat in a pop and licked down her soft belly. But she moaned louder when the Queen reached her tender pussy and started to lick it. Alice arched her back and her hips lifted higher. Sapporo’s loving mouth licked and sucked both of the girl’s tender labia with vigor.

Alice felt her legs pushed more apart as the Queen buried her face deeper between her thighs. She ate Alice, lapping her delicious pussy and knew well to suck the voluptuous girl. Her long tongue probed deep into Alice’s wet, soft labia. Then her lips located Alice’s sensitive clit and slurp-sucked the erectile morsel. She sucked Alice without a pause, the mixed sounds of hungry slurps and melodious moans filled the tent.

Alice put her soft hands on the Queen’s short-haired head and pushed it deeper into her womanhood. She began to push-up her wide hips into the lesbian mouth, hungry for her pussy and then received a full-of-passion kissing, lapping and continued sucking. It was a moment’s matter when her vaginal canal flooded with honey as the heat rose to peak and she came with a flow of girl-cum.

Alice sighed and closed her eyes when Sapporo licked her pussy clean of the girl-cum. She started to move up the perfectly feminine body, kissing the soft creamy belly, taking right nipple into her mouth to suck it hard, releasing the nipple in a pop, sucking left nipple with slurping sound, releasing it in a smack, licking the neck and finally pressed her mouth unto girl’s. Alice opened her eyes as Sapporo began to suck her lower lip. Instinctively, the girl responded in sucking her lover’s mouth. They sucked and kissed each other’s lips, mouths pressed harder under the passionate lesbian love.

Sapporo sucked and licked Alice’s huge tits alternatively. Lying atop the girl, she pushed the soft thighs apart. In a short while, Alice felt something hard pressing against her wet opening and her eyes flew open as it penetrated. She opened her mouth to say that it was a cock but didn’t have the chance when her mouth was covered in a passionate kiss by Queen’s.

The Queen licked on Alice’s lips, kissed the full mouth and sucked girl’s tongue into her own. Her hands explored Alice, demanding as they stroked and squeezed the soft curvaceous parts of body. The strap-on pushed deeper into her sweetheart’s love tunnel. Sapporo began to move her hips up and down, plunging the rubber dildo, fucking Alice with swift and sure strokes.

She moved her mouth next to Alice’s ear and whispered hoarsely, “Does that feel good my darling? Do you like my cock?”

“Ooooooh yes!” Alice cried in pleasure.

Sapporo’s slim hips pulled up and plunged down, thrusting her dildo hard again and again into Alice. She fucked Alice with all the potential she had, enjoying it as much as the girl.

Suddenly the Queen stopped, kissed Alice unto mouth and pulled out of her. “Turn over my darling” she said lovingly to the girl.

Alice shifted her position and was pushed onto stomach by Sapporo. Before she could make out what her lover was up to, her huge ass cheeks were pushed apart by slim hands and the rubber cock plunged through her anus into the rectum. Alice cried in pleasure as her lover buggared her with all the might she could muster. The Queen moved her hips up and down; pushing the dildo harder into the girl’s tight backdoor.

Waves of pure pleasure rolled over Alice as the Queen buggared her and went over the edge when the Queen inserted one and then two fingers in her pussy. Alice screamed out as the orgasm shook her entire body. It felt like it might go on forever and Alice loved it!

The Queen kept the rubber cock buried deep in the tight asshole and waited until Alice had relaxed. Then she pulled out and flipped Alice over again.

Sapporo kissed Alice from head to toe and then from toe to head, paying more attention to suck her tits and lick her cunt. When the pleasure-heat rose into moaning Alice, the Queen quickly pushed her dildo into her dripping pussy. She pinched and sucked the puffy nipples that stood out on girl’s massive, firm tits. She was now getting close to have her own orgasm and kept fucking Alice steadily, who cried out “Oh yesssssss… yesssssss… fuck me hard! Ummmmmmm… I’m cummmmmming!!”

And shortly after this intense fucking, the Queen and Alice reached their peak. They exploded into bursting cum simultaneously.

To relax for some time they lay on the pillowed bed into each other’s arms, their bodies glistening with sweat. Then it started all over again. Alice was smacked on lips, kissed on tits, sucked on nipples, licked on cunt and bitten on ass by Queen Sapporo. The slim queen entered the dildo into cunt and ass of her voluptuous nymph. She fucked Alice with the deepest passion of lesbian love. As the girl-cum oozed out of Alice’s love tunnel, it was wiped away when Sapporo licked her cunt clean.

The Queen was quite happy with her to-be wife and Alice felt the same way for her to-be husband… While kissing each other after fucking for twice more, they had agreed to live with each other for ever as a married lesbian couple.

And they were married two hours later that evening. But Alice still wanted to know one thing which was still unanswered.

“Are you a friend to the White Rabbit?” Alice asked her husband Sapporo as they lay together recovering from third bout of lovemaking at night.

“What?” the Queen asked, staring at her wife.

“The White Rabbit, do you know him?” Alice asked again and waited.

“He works for me.” answered the slim husband smilingly as she sat up and mounted atop her voluptuous wife. She kissed Alice on mouth and slid down to suck on the puffy nipples one after the other.

“Well,” Alice continued as she moved her hand to stroke her life partner’s head “I actually came here looking for him. I wanted to return a glove he dropped in my garden but now he has taken it.”

“Ood fo im” Saporro said incoherently while smacking on a nipple.

“Excuse me?” said Alice; she wasn’t sure what Sapporo had said just now.

The Queen looked up at her and repeated “Good for him,” and added smilingly, “but best for us for now we are married.”

And of course Alice agreed, especially when the Queen slid further down. She pushed her wife’s creamy thighs apart and started to eat her between them again.

Sapporo’s luxurious tent refilled with the mixed sounds of slurp-sucking and moans of pleasure…

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Name: Monica Marshal Sex: Female Age: 19 years Figure: Skinny Height: Tall Orientation: LesbianGay Status: Attached Smoke: No Drink: Yes

Tasty Melons Tasty Tarts

Sex: Female
Age: 22 years
Figure: Flawless, soft-contoured, voluptuous, hourglass type and perfectly feminine
Complexion: White
Voice: Musical
Face: Rounding, very pretty and innocent in looks
Eyes: Heavy-lidded, large and green
Hair: Silken, soft, ample, fiery-red and waves down to ass
Bust: 40DD, round and firm
Nipples: Pink and puffy
Waist: 29
Hips: 41, wide-curved
Ass: Soft and massive
Thighs: Creamy-soft and fat

Linda Perkins:

Sex: Female
Age: 43 years
Figure: Skinny, mannish, muscular and poorly curved
Complexion: White
Voice: A little deep pitched
Face: Somewhat attractive and clever in looks
Eyes: Slightly slanted, small and dark brown
Hair: Short, boy-cut, dark with grey streaks and straight
Bust: 31A, almost flat
Waist: 22
Hips: 30, narrow
Ass: Almost flat
Thighs: Straight and long
Orientation: A passionate lesbian

Maurine Wells was pushed backwards by her companion on the king-size bed. That companion was a skinny, mature woman who was leaning unto her at the same time. The face of the woman couldn’t be seen well in the dim light of that bedroom but it had a sharper and philosophical profile. Maurine felt it really odd for not being able to recognize the slim lesbian who had leaned above her; nevertheless she knew the mature woman was very intimate to her. The familiar fragrant wafts hit her nose as the lesbian pressed her mouth on her full lips. The girl stared in vain to make out her lover’s face but couldn’t do so and she began to savor the forceful smack on her lips.

The lesbian sucked on Maurine’s lips and continued to kiss her passionately as she pushed the soft-contoured arms up round the red haired head. It seemed to the voluptuous girl that she already knew her lesbian lover who was still clothed in male-fashioned T-shirt and Levi’s. Anticipating what may come next, she decided to let the woman enjoy unto her curvaceous, stark naked body.

Maurine sighed as the woman stroked playfully on her huge mammas and pinched the sensitive, large nipples. In an instant her lover turned her head to take one puffy teat between her lips. She pulled more of the nipple into her mouth and sucked the coarse textured pink areola. The woman sucked harder on the nipple which slipped slowly through her lips in a smack. She licked the saliva-coated nipple and kissed the huge melon. Then she turned her head to other bubby and licked the creamy, firm globe. She kissed the puffy teat and opened her mouth to brush her lips unto its rough, sensitive texture. Sucking it hard, she pulled more of the nipple, which slid slowly out of her mouth in a smack.

The lesbian continued to suck redhead’s huge tits. Maurine moaned and bit her lip as the pleasure waves rose into her loins due to that ardent tit-sucking. The woman began to stroke her voluptuous form tenderly. Awhile later she realized that her fat thighs were splayed apart by her lesbian lover’s knees.

Maurine’s lover sucked and smacked on her puffy, pink nipples. Then, she slid quickly down the voluptuous body. Maurine felt the hands roaming softly on her fat thighs, which were pushed more apart after a while. The redhead cried in reflex as she felt a soft, wet thing touched and slipped slowly up her pink cunt-lips. She knew in an instant that it was her lover’s tongue and moaned audibly as the lesbian lapped her twitching petals in upward and downward strokes.

The woman knew how to eat her girl’s snatch. She opened her mouth and pressed it on the pungent slit in an attempt to suck it. She licked the ultra sensitive cunt and pressed her sucking mouth unto it, harder than before. Maurine moaned louder, grabbing the pink bed sheet; her body twisting in waves and shudders of intense pleasure. She raised her voluptuous torso as the woman forced her labia wide to locate the throbbing clit.

The lesbian licked redhead’s pink slit in an upward stroke and her tongue located the engorging clit. She pursed her lips on Maurine’s throbbing love-morsel and began to suck it.

Maurine moaned aloud as the intense pleasure waves rose from her cunt and she shuddered as its ripples coursed through her spine. The lesbian was eating her snatch in quick strokes, mostly sucking and licking the delicious clit.

Maurine bit her lip and cried out the pleasure that filled into her love-tunnel. The quick-stroked lick on her clit raised the darling girl more and more to heights of intense lust. Within moments the orgasm rippled through her vaginal walls and she came into her lover’s mouth. At that very instant the dimly lit bedroom brightened unexpectedly and the lesbian’s face jumped up to loom over Maurine’s. The redhead stared in awe at the face which was stained in her girl-cum; the honeyed custard was dribbling down the thin-lipped, smiling mouth. She opened her mouth to say, “Linda”…

And then Maurine woke in a start. She felt she hadn’t said Linda’s name just in the dream, but heard herself calling the mature woman for real. The beautiful redhead lay alone in her bedroom, where there had neither been that strange illumination nor was the looming face of Linda soaked with girl-cum.

She blinked for some time into the semi darkness, thinking about her erotic dream and felt something soft pressed between her thighs. She splayed her legs, switched on the bedside lamp and braced herself in the sitting position. The thing pressed between her soft thighs was the pillow, which was soaked in girl-cum.

Maurine took the pillow and raised it to her nose. She sniffed at her own cum and the pungent wafts made her to reflect on something delicious and unforgettable. It happened when she was called at Safemme Studios for her audition two days back. The Studios were owned by the mannish financier Linda Perkins, who was a famous producer of adult videos based on very erotic lesbian themes.

Maurine believed inwardly that the slim producer was an absolute lesbian and her deduction about Linda was confirmed during the test scene involving her with Linda. The producer stripped the girl naked and began to slobber down her voluptuous body. The redhead enjoyed the sensational bout of lesbian love and came for twice as Linda smacked on her full lips, sucked on her large pink nipples and ate her juicy cunt.

After the audition, Linda acquired Maurine for her address and telephone number. She knew Maurine was a natural and had the faculty to be a star. She told the girl before dismissing her that she would call her back in a day or two.

Of course Linda had other things in mind and therefore she dialed Maurine’s number just thirty hours after the audition.

Maurine’s musical voice answered, “Hello.”

“Miss Wells?” Linda asked, her heart beating faster.

“Yes?” Maurine inquired into the phone.

“I’m Linda, Linda Perkins.” Linda introduced herself.

“Ahh yes… Miss Perkins. I remember you.” Maurine’s face was flushed and she felt her excitement growing as she listened to the voice in her ear.

“I feel very glad to tell you the good news Miss Wells. You have passed the audition.”

“Wow! Thank you Miss Perkins. I… I don’t believe I did it!” Maurine felt so excited to hear this and say thankful words that Linda could hear a faint laugh of happiness.

“It’s nothing to your talent Miss Wells. You indeed were a natural,” said Linda. “Before our first rehearsal I need to have few words with you in person. If you don’t mind to come at my place, say er… for lunch tomorrow. Actually, I have a business proposition for you to discuss on.”

“Of course, I’d be delighted to have lunch with you” Maurine answered quickly, feeling more excited to agree with Linda; she too had wished to meet Linda in person, inwardly longing for the “repetition” of their lesbian “test scene”.

“Great!” Linda said, smiling at Maurine’s approval.

They spoke a bit longer. Finally the producer told Maurine her address and then hung up. Linda had tasted Maurine and sighed in hope to re-taste the red-haired nymph.

At night, the beautiful Maurine had that erotic dream as she had thought about the mature producer who had pleasured her orally during the audition.

The next day wasn’t much busy for Linda. Most of the time she thought of Maurine and didn’t want to scare the girl off; so she would go slowly in explaining the details of their first rehearsal for “Tasty Melons, Tasty Tarts”. She had dressed herself in a white T-shirt and a pair of Levi’s to look very casual. Linda felt very excited to see her guest at noon and she had ordered the old cook to bake the fruit cake for this special meeting.

At half past one, the doorbell rang and Linda rushed to answer it. Standing in the doorway, Maurine flashed a very pretty smile at her mannish host.

Linda stared approvingly at the perfectly feminine redhead. Maurine was indeed a nymph. She wore a sleeveless, low-neck, silk blouse and a short skirt made of denim material. The tight outfits had accentuated the taking curves of her voluptuous body. The light illuminated her hair from the back like a blaze of fire burning around her very pretty face. It fell gracefully in curls to her protruding ass.

Linda was stupefied by Maurine’s celestial beauty. The desire of making love to this nymph swelled up from the depths of her heart. She wanted her so bad. A strange thought occurred to her. It was, to say Maurine never to leave her.

“Hi. Can I come in?” Maurine asked Linda, breaking the ice of her stupor.

“Ahh! I… I’m sorry. Please get in, get in.” said Linda quickly, forcing a smile. She stood aside and closed the door as Maurine had stepped inside the house.

The redhead looked around the decorated interior and said admiringly, “You have a nice taste, isn’t it?”

“Thank you dear” said Linda flashing a grin. She pointed at a sofa and said in a hearty mood, “Get comfortable please. The lunch is ready and soon we’ll be filling our stomachs.”

The lunch was served on the dining table within five minutes. Linda had dismissed the old cook, saying to her that she would have to return for baking supper at 7.0 pm that evening. Hence there wasn’t any third person to accompany them for some hours.

Both women talked different things over lunch, especially about the delicious fruit cake eaten by them. Their talk continued in friendly mood and they exchanged jokes until Linda asked her, “Would you care to swim? The water is nice, not too cold!” She looked directly into Maurine’s eyes as she spoke.

Maurine answered in her low, sexy whisper, “You know, that sounds wonderful but I didn’t bring a suit.”

Linda smiled, “I have one that would fit you, or if you like, we can go without the suits. It’s very private here.” She said, winking at the redhead.

“Erm, ok. I’m not shy, you know” Maurine said and they stood up. She started to unbutton her blouse and skirt. In a fluid motion she took off her undergarments and stood before Linda showing her taking nakedness. Linda smiled and started to take off her male apparel, savoring the glorious sight of Maurine’s voluptuous curves.

They walked naked, crossing the ante-chamber hand in hand and entered the south wing of house where they found the swimming pool. Linda reached the pool and dove off its side. Maurine followed Linda’s example.

Linda was quicker in swimming than Maurine; perhaps because the redhead was bigger than her. On the other hand Maurine was enjoying more of the producer’s company as the water ripples felt delightful to her naked body.

The short-haired producer swam round the corner, crossed the pool and turned to reach Maurine. Her stare was fixed at the redhead, who looked back at her. Maurine felt a strange hint of hypnotizing glint into Linda’s eyes.

Linda swam nearer to Maurine and let herself drift close enough to touch the girl. “You are very pretty, Maurine. I’ve never seen a girl as pretty and taking as you,” she said softly.

She moved her hand and stroked on Maurine’s cheek. The girl closed her eyes as Linda touched her full lips and moved the fingers down her neck. “Very lovely, very innocent. You are like a fragrant flower to me, darling. Let me kiss you. Would you mind, wont you?”

Maurine heard Linda’s softer tone. She opened her heavy-lidded eyes. Her heart was beating faster and she felt Linda’s hand stroking her softly, down to one boob. Maurine closed her eyes again and sighed. Linda moved even closer, her lips brushed across Maurine’s throat while her hand cupped the huge tit and squeezed it gently. Her eyes still closed, Maurine turned her face to Linda’s, who kissed her mouth. Their wet bodies pressed together. Linda worked her tongue into Maurine’s mouth and kissed her deeply.

It wasn’t their first kiss and Maurine kissed Linda back, equally enjoying the lip-to-lip suck. They sucked each other’s mouths as Linda ran her hands over Maurine’s wet, curvaceous body. Their kiss broke when Linda offered Maurine to make love in her bedroom. Maurine nodded and was kissed on mouth by the short-haired woman.

They climbed out of the pool and hugged each other to avoid shivering as a current of wind struck them. Linda took two towels from a basket and handed one to Maurine. They wiped their own bodies quickly.

Back through the ante-chamber, they climbed one storey up the stairs and stopped at a polished oak door. Linda turned the knob, opened it and switched on the lights. The bedroom was decorated in a luxurious way. The drapery matched well to the wall paper, table spreads and bed sheet. The bed was indeed largest of all the things furnished in bedroom. Linda signaled Maurine to lie on it. The redhead complied as she laid herself on back and was immediately followed by the mature producer.

Maurine’s heart began to beat faster as Linda leaned above her. She pushed the soft-contoured arms up round the red-haired head and then pinched playfully on the pink, puffy nipples. The girl closed her eyes, savoring the soft playful roaming of Linda’s hands over her heavy chest. There was a touch of surety in that manual manipulation of her huge tits.

Maurine moaned as she felt Linda’s hot mouth brushing on her left nipple to kiss it. Linda’s tongue darted out and its tip streaked unto the rough textured areola. She pursed her lips and pulled the nipple into her mouth.

Linda’s lips pulled the nipple and her tongue licked the areola in circular strokes. The redhead reached out and put her right hand on the back of Linda’s head to finger through the short hair.

After a minute or two, Linda switched her lips on the right tit to kiss it as she pushed Maurine’s right arm up again. She closed her lips around the sensitive nipple and pulled it into her hot mouth. The redhead lay close-eyed under her and continued to moan at the oral pull of her sensitive nipple. Her pink teat began to harden as Linda’s tongue twirled around it, coating areola with the saliva.

Linda smacked on each nipple, pulling it into her sucking mouth alternatively. Her right hand roamed on Maurine’s soft-contoured body down to the fat thighs and slid between them so she could touch her pussy. In reflex Maurine moved her own thighs apart and let Linda’s fingers play with her cunt in soft strokes. She shuddered and sighed as Linda’s fingers invaded her snatch and touched her clit. She bit her lip and wrenched on the pillow case as the woman pleasured her manually.

The short-haired producer slid down Maurine’s voluptuous form and stroked lovingly on girl’s thighs. She began to lick those soft thighs and groin, worked her way towards the shaven pussy and pushed its soft cunt-lips apart.

“Mmmm… Ohhhh yessss…” Maurine moaned when she felt Linda’s tongue touch her sensitive clit. Linda licked the pink cunt and then pushed her tongue on it. Still keeping the pussy stretch-open under the force of her fingers, she inserted her tongue-tip into Maurine’s vaginal orifice.

Maurine cried and raised her voluptuous torso as the pleasure wave generated at her loins. The walls of her love tunnel pulsated as Linda’s tongue twirled around her orifice and clit in quick strokes.

Linda worked the index finger into Maurine’s vaginal orifice while she licked her throbbing clit. She pushed the finger deeper into redhead’s tunnel like a thin pointed cock and took it out. Maurine’s body twisted in rising heat of lust and she moaned as Linda continued to finger-fuck her, increasing the tempo push after push.

“Yesss… yesss… Ohhh yesssss…” Maurine moaned when Linda inserted two fingers into her cunt and fucked her in quick strokes, licking her clit alongside. Then she held redhead’s thighs more apart to press her mouth on the twitching cunt in a deep kiss.

After lapping Maurine’s cunt, Linda got up and reached into a drawer of the nightstand next to the bed. She fished out a 10″ strap-on and tied it to her narrow hips. Before fucking Maurine with rubber cock, she leaned between her splayed thighs and licked her pussy again.

Linda knew she was bringing Maurine close to the orgasm, so she decided to really fuck the lovely redhead. She got up on her knees and flipped Maurine onto her stomach. Maurine raised her bottom high upon Linda’s ministration and moaned in pleasure as Linda kissed her globular, soft ass.

Linda moved between redhead’s legs. Maurine sighed when Linda stroked her perineum. As soon as she had stretched open the girl’s cunt, Linda touched the tip of her rubber cock against the pulsating labia and inserted it into the vaginal orifice. With an easy thrust of her hips, Linda impaled the cock into Maurine’s cunt who cried out, enjoying the fucking sensation. The darling girl braced herself on the elbows to open her legs wider and let Linda fuck her deeper.

Linda was on her knees behind Maurine, admiring her huge ass as she pushed and re-pushed the strap-on into the depths of her cunt. Maurine’s love tunnel was lubricated in the secretion of honeyed juice, which made it all the easier for Linda to penetrate her.

“Mmmmm… Oh yeah… yeah… yesss… yesss…” Maurine moaned aloud as her lesbian lover picked up the pace. Linda was entering Maurine from behind, forcing the rubber cock harder and quicker into her wet cunt as if she was a wild stallion who was fucking a mare. She fucked Maurine harder and harder in each thrust, reaching around to stroke and pinch on redhead’s puffy nipples.

The strap-on was designed to rub the wearer’s clit, and it was doing a good job on Linda as she continued to fuck Maurine. Both the lovers were getting wetter and the lust wave rose from their loins as the erotic heat, which made Linda to raise her fucking tempo into Maurine. The redhead cried aloud as she reached her orgasm. The girl-cum released through Maurine’s twitching cunt, lubricating Linda’s cock. Linda reached her own orgasm few seconds after Maurine. The redhead screamed as Linda pushed the cock very hard into her.

Both women collapsed on the bed, heaving. Maurine’s heart was pounding and it took a few minutes to regain her normal breathing.

“Wow, that was brilliant. You know, I never had been with a woman before that audition.” the redhead said.

Linda smiled and said, “As long as you stay with me darling, you will enjoy the depths of our love. I know very well how to please a woman.” She leaned over and kissed Maurine on the lips.

“Am I correct in saying that you like women?” asked Maurine, directly looking into Linda’s eyes.

“More than a hundred percent.” said Linda as she slid down to suck Maurine’s tits. Maurine moaned as her nipples were pulled into Linda’s mouth. After some time she cried out her orgasm when Linda ate her cunt and licked her clit.

Two months later Safemme Studios released “Tasty Melons, Tasty Tarts” which was a hit in the box office. The viewers jacked off more than once, especially when they watched a flick involving the voluptuous red-haired heroine being pleasured orally and fucked passionately by slim dark-haired Linda… the producer of the movie.

About the Author

Name: Monica Marshal Sex: Female Age: 19 years Figure: Skinny Height: Tall Orientation: Lesbian Status: Attached Smoke: No Drink: Yes