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Vivid Imagination


I have quite the vivid imagination when I masturbate. I love to imagine that I’m making out with a beautiful, dark-skinned woman. I like to imagine us making out, kissing, fondling each other’s breasts, and then stroking each other’s pussies. I’d start masturbating by gently rolling my middle finger over the outside of my panties, just until I felt my clit stiffen while my...

Kim Koman and The PGE Man


I was sitting on my sofa one cold winter morning curled up with a blanket watching television. I was really horny on this cold rainy winter morning, more so then usual. I was using mineral oil (baby oil with no fragrance) and was rubbing it all over my pussy getting good and wet. I was warm and cosy under my blanket and enjoying my self knowing that I was going to have a great orgasm to start my...

Mai Flatmate


I heard the shower running as I walked to my room. The scent slowly filling the hall way was delicious. The door suddenly opened and Mai walked out in the steamy smoke with her silky red robe on and her hair hanging loosely around her face. She had that fresh look, like she was revitalised and ready to relax. She walked slowly to her room and as she drew closer to her door she began to untie her...

Sexual Awakenings


Being a child of the 70’s and having a family that was pretty strict Catholics, sex was something that was never mentioned in our household. As a result, I was a very naive child who made many interesting and confusing discoveries. Unlike so many of the stories that I have read by others, I did not masturbate almost from birth. Until around the end of the 5th grade I thought that a penis...

Spring Break in Turkey Part 1


Last week was amazing. I can’t keep myself from daydreaming and still feel my heart rate going up every time I think about it. Spring break, finally some time off college and managed to convince my parents that I’d be a good girl, going off for a week with some friends to Bodrum, Turkey. Truthfully I wanted an opportunity to be uncompromisingly slutty, had enough of the sensible...

I Love to Masturbate


As a mature male, I love to get a photo of a beautiful nude woman up on my computer screen. There are many good sites, but I like or MCNudes, among others, or of course The main thing is to find a really hot woman, preferably with large breasts in a scenic outdoor setting, in open sunshine. I recently found a real beauty, Sirena, on the site that fits this...

Text Messages


Julissa is like any other normal teen girls out there now a days, with a twist. She’s been in a few relationships that haven’t brought her what shes wanted. Young boys that just want to make out and TRY to be grown adults. Her recent love..yes love.. she loved this young man…but he let her go.. no phone calls nothing they became distant. But she lost it to hi…no not that...

Three Nights of Pleasure


You stand behind me as we look out at the moonlit ocean The moon reflecting on the dark blue waters Your hands gripping gently at my hips I can feel your warm breath on my neck I’m breathing the sea air into my lungs as I feel your hands wandering over my flat stomach I close my eyes and let out a tender moan My heart is beating faster than usual as your right hand moves under my white vest top...

Sex Stories Free sex stories and erotic stories

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