Vivid Imagination

I have quite the vivid imagination when I masturbate.

I love to imagine that I’m making out with a beautiful, dark-skinned woman. I like to imagine us making out, kissing, fondling each other’s breasts, and then stroking each other’s pussies.

I’d start masturbating by gently rolling my middle finger over the outside of my panties, just until I felt my clit stiffen while my other hand gently circles my soft nipples through my shirt.

I’d imagine my lover’s hands all over my body, and then, suddenly gripping my wrists, her jasmine-scented, warm, smooth body on top of mine, her legs between mine, her tits pressing into mine. Her smooth brown muscles are hard, yet silky.

I’d imagine feeling the cool metal of handcuffs sliding around my wrists and clicking shut. When I tried to squirm and sit up, I found my feet tied together, too, and her slipping a blindfold over my eyes.

By this time, I’ve already unbuttoned my shirt, removed my bra, and am circling my hard nipples with my fingers with one hand, caressing my stomach and the outside of my panties with the other.

I imagine being turned over onto my stomach, and something shoved underneath me. It’s a large, firm pillow, so that suddenly, my ass is in the air. I feel so suddenly prone, so vulnerable, yet so eager for the sensual exploration she has in store for me. She takes my bra off, and then begins to slowly peel down my wet panties. When they get to just below my ass, her hand swats my ass until it leaves a warm, stinging handprint. This makes my nipples hard, and I can suddenly feel wetness between my legs.

By now, I’ve slid a hand into my panties, and have one hand still working on my nipples. I like to tease my own pussy slowly- no need to rush. I just lie back, spread my legs a little, and brush my fingers over my pussy lips, tracing them up and down, all the way over my vagina. When I first feel my pussy dampen, I rub a middle finger over my vagina, and then bring it to my mouth. I love to taste pussy juice, and the smell of arousal almost gets me drunk.

I continue to fantasize about my lady lover binding me up as her own, then spanking my pink little ass, and now, I feel her untie, spread, and retie my legs. Soon, her tongue is plunging into my pussy, drooling over my hard, hot clit, and tracing my pussy lips with her tongue. Oh, to feel that sweet warm tongue wetting my gash down makes me squirm and moan, but she just keeps teasing me with her finger in my vagina, and her tongue over my clit. I want her to fuck me so bad.

I snatch my panties off now, while I’m thinking of this, and with one hand, I spread the lips wide- with the other hand, I hold a small mirror up. I love to see it all hot and so flushed it’s almost purple, wanting a good fucking. The sight of my hard clit and a slit so wet it’s shiny and smeared up on my legs makes my legs tremble.

In my fantasy-fuck, meanwhile, Lover Girl has been busy fussing with something for a few seconds, and I wonder what. Suddenly, a drop of freezing cold, slick liquid gushes down my ass crack, and I hear a lube bottle squirting it’s contents onto my ass and pussy. Her expert hands smear it gently down my crack- I shiver thinking about this- and then her fingers work it into my pussy, then my anus, and oh, this almost makes me come- she smears it on my ass cheeks and thighs, just as if she’s going to jackhammer me out.

I grab my own bottle of lube, and do just the same thing- I love to take time and work it over my quivering nub, the ripe, puffy lips, and into the spasming hole I can’t wait to ream out with my dildo. I tease a little bit around my asshole, too.

When she’s finished teasing me with her hands, I feel a round, blunt something pressing against the outside of my slit, and I shudder…she’s going to penetrate me.

I love having my ass propped up like this, bent over the pillow- it feels like I’m just being taken, fucked, used, and then I’ll be left spent in my own juices- the shame of having to clean my nasty self up later titillates me. My pussy quivers around the shaft she gently eases into me, and I gasp and moan- I struggle against my cuffs and ties, trying to ease up her shaft, take it all in, but I’m caught- and she knows it. She slowly, painstakingly eases the prick in a few millimeters, then jerks it back out quickly, each time I’m spasming- I could come right now, but I’m not giving her that satisfaction. Oh, but I want to feel that rush, so bad.

My gooey hands are sliding around my tender vulva, my panties damp and clinging around one ankle, and my toes are curled now. I can almost feel my dream lover’s nipples grinding into my back as she licks my neck, bites it, then runs her nails over my shoulders and back.

When she finally eases that shaft all the way in, I’ve already inserted my dildo into my waiting chasm. It’s so wet it just eases in, but I can feel every ridge and vein on that pre-fab cock.

She pumps my pussy slowly and steadily until I’m gritting my teeth, biting into the sheets, and wiggling around. I feel so useless, and it’s embarassing that my hair is sticking to my face in sweaty tangles, her claw marks on my back are now ridged and stinging in the breeze from the window, and there she is, sawing away at my pussy, her hands clutching my hips to keep me from bucking, from getting my treat too early.

When I envision this, I slide that cock as far into my greedy hole as it’ll go, and I work that clit with my other hand- I’m almost dizzy, but I feel my pussy muscles start to clench and ripple, and I can feel a pool of my own come soaking my ass and my bedspread. I jack my clit off- stroking up and down it’s little shaft with my thumb and forefinger, stroking the head.

When I’m crying out, shrieking, I can barely hold it, she pulls out, and without preamble slams her rod right up my hungry ass, and the palm of her hand slaps my pussy and rigid clit hard. I yell out- the shock, the pain of my little tight asshole stretching to accommodate her merciless, ravenous cock, and oh, oh god, I’m melting… the dirty pleasure of it makes my head swim… she pulls the cord holding my legs wide, I squeeze my legs shut and gather my knees under me- she pulls me up so that I can clench my trembling, weak legs around her prick, and while trickles of lube run out of my ass and down my legs, I buck and thrust, and try to jam myself down on that cock as far as I can go, pulling at my cuffs to be in pleasurable oblivion. She bites my shoulder, and I feel one of hands reach around me to clutch my breast, another around to peel wide open my sweaty, streaked pussy lips, so one fingernail can graze my anguished clit. I love to feel her weight on me- it’s like I’m her beast, and she’s just broken and ridden me… and I’m still begging for her to master me again, as soon as I can catch my breath.

I slide the dildo out of my pussy, and then right into my wet ass, and pump it furiously in and out like I’m mixing cake batter, as fast as I can while spanking my pussy with my hand… I come so hard that I see stars, and almost faint.

Spent, quivering, sweaty, and smelling of the cloying sweetness of come, I pull my dildo out and gently stroke my obedient pussy, and say a silent thank you to my Dream Lover.

About the Author

Vina Drake enjoys writing erotica, fantasy, and other forms of fiction. When she isn’t writing, she’s dancing.

Kim Koman and The PGE Man

I was sitting on my sofa one cold winter morning curled up with a blanket watching television. I was really horny on this cold rainy winter morning, more so then usual. I was using mineral oil (baby oil with no fragrance) and was rubbing it all over my pussy getting good and wet. I was warm and cosy under my blanket and enjoying my self knowing that I was going to have a great orgasm to start my day.

I heard a car pull up in my driveway and saw that it was the PGE meter reader man. He is so handsome and sexy and I enjoy watching him jump out of his truck and strut to the side of my house to read the meter. I usual watch him from my kitchen window. He always wears tight pants and has a great ass. I was already rubbing my pussy and realy getting into it when I saw him walk past my living room window. He was walking fast because it was raining outside. When I saw him it really turned me on so I pulled my blanket off of me spread my legs as wide as I could and continued masturbating knowing he would see me if he looked in the window when he walked by. I was so wet just thinking about him.

He didn’t look in when he walked by, he just went to my neighbors house to read her meter. He must have seen me though because I could see him in my living room mirror. He was standing at my kitchen window looking in and watching me rub my pussy. My pussy began to throb knowing that he was watching me. I was sliding two fingers slowly in and out of my pussy and rubing my clit at the same time. I saw him move behind the tree in my neighbors yard as he stood there watching me masturbate.

My pussy was throbbing and I was ready to cum, I wanted him to watch me I continued to slide my fingers in and out of my pussy and rub my clit. I couldn’t hold back any longer. I could see him in the mirror looking in at me and my pussy was ready to explode. I pushed my two fingers deep inside my pussy. My orgasm was starting and there was nothing I could do about it.

I rubbed the oil on my clit up and down and all around, as my pussy throbbed, tingled and then exploded with the best orgasm I ever had. I just laid there after I finised and noticed he was really straining to get a good look. It was so amazing and felt so good and I cant seeem to get him off of my mind. I cant wait until the 3rd of next month. He will be here to read my meter again, and maybe if he sees me again he will get the idea. Maybe I will just invite him in for coffee and if he says “no I have to work, I will suggest maybe on your day off. Wow he is so sexy and it really was the best orgasm I have ever had.
Kim Koman

About the Author

My name is Kim and I am 23. I live in California.

Mai Flatmate

I heard the shower running as I walked to my room. The scent slowly filling the hall way was delicious. The door suddenly opened and Mai walked out in the steamy smoke with her silky red robe on and her hair hanging loosely around her face. She had that fresh look, like she was revitalised and ready to relax. She walked slowly to her room and as she drew closer to her door she began to untie her robe; she did so a little too early as I got a small glimpse of her naked breast before she closed her door.

I looked down at the floor in shame. I could feel something stirring inside of me; besides the throbbing feeling between my legs. I couldn’t fantasise about Mai any longer. Everyone knows you don’t screw the crew, herein meaning that sleeping around with your flatmates won’t ever work out. How did I let things get this far? We are such good friends, and I kind of have a girlfriend if you count fucking around two or three times a week with the same girl a relationship. Mai was out of my league. She was that girl that didn’t know how hot she was, how much men and woman must think about her stripped bare and fantasise about the naughty things they might do to her. Mai was my flatmate and no matter how much I wanted to pin her to my bed or the kitchen bench, I could never actually do it.

I was up late, doing nothing except watching TV. I heard something coming from Mai’s room next door; I muted the TV trying to figure out what the noise was. Soon enough I realised it was a moan, a low muffled sexual moan. I was instantly rock hard. The thought of Mai next door to me masturbating made me so magnificently horny. I wrapped my hand around my hard thick cock and started to slowly move my hand up and down, I started to moan too. I was imagining what Mai was doing to herself; I pictured her using two fingers to rub her clit then moving her hand down and slowly inserting one finger into her wet pussy. She was rocking back and forth on her finger in my mind. She started to moan loudly and I did the same, I imagined her shoving two fingers up into her pussy and screaming with pleasure. I was so close to Cumming and I started to moan and groan so loud I knew she would definitely be able to hear me. Soon enough I heard the low hum of a vibrator; the thought of her sticking a vibrator in and out of her juicy pussy nearly made me cream right there and then. She started to yell her moans, almost screaming; I could tell she was close to climax. I pictured her rubbing the vibrator on her clit and then pushing it into her loose pink cave. I could hear her moans getting closer together, I started to wank harder and imagine my cock in her tasty pussy. My moans were closer together and getting louder, soon we were in sync. My balls were tingling like they knew I was about to empty them into my hand, my dick was throbbing with pleasure, I hear Mai building up to her climax and start to moan the words ‘fuck yes’, I could see her juicy twat in my head and the sight of it made me explode all over my hand. I could hear her muffled scream and I imagined what it would feel like to have her juicy pussy cum all over my rock hard dick. I un-muted the TV and lay there thinking about the morning and what tomorrow might be like.

When I got out of bed Mai was gone. I sat there all day thinking about what had happened the night before; would this make it awkward between us? The day went past and Mai hadn’t returned. I started to think that I might be off the hook and wouldn’t have to see her, although this kind of made me sad since I love to watch her when she’s home. Around 9 O’clock she came through the door; looking all hot and sweaty like she was ready to go right there and then in the lounge. She was talking to my other flatmate telling him what work had been like and flinged a friendly ‘hi’ my way. She then made her way to her room after saying goodnight and to my surprise giving me a sneaky wink.

It took me so long to get to sleep. I was lying there wondering what last night might have meant to Mai. I fell asleep and started to dream about nothing. I woke suddenly; something was at the foot of my bed. I lay still trying to figure out if I was dreaming or not. Then I felt a silky hand slowly moving up my leg, then soft lips kissing my shins and moving their way up to my thighs. My cock started to stir and rise up. It tingled and the senses at the tip of it started to go wild. I felt naked breasts rubbing on my legs then a hand wrapped around my penis and started to feel its hardness within its grasp. I pulled down the sheet only to see Mai peering back at me with the horniest look I have ever seen looking back at me from her eyes. She kept her gaze with me and slowly lowered her mouth around the tip of my cock. She sucked it like I wanted to suck her nipples and made me start to moan. Her hand tickled my balls and I squirmed as she moved her hand around to my ass and started to massage my ass hole. I was tingling everywhere, her mouth moved down my cock and I was surprised by how much saliva was in her mouth; it was so warm and wet like I pictured her pussy right then. She deep throated me and I nearly screamed. I pulled her up on top of me and flipped her so she was below me. I kissed her so passionately and slid my hand down her sexily curved body to her thighs. I teased her by dancing my fingers around her bikini line and accidently brushing my hand over her clit. She was moaning as we kissed and moaned even loader when I slipped my finger a little way into her pussy and then started to stroke her clit gently. She was so wet; I knew I would be able to slip in and out of her right at the minute. I started to kiss and suck her neck, she squirmed beneath me and I moved down to her perfect breasts. I kissed the whole of her breast and licked around her nipple, my hand danced around her clit and pussy opening. I latched on to her nipple and started to lick it, flicking it with my tongue as if it were her clit itself. This made her even more wet, I put two fingers into her pussy and could feel it throbbing and pulsing against my skin. I pulled out my hand and sucked my fingers which turned her on so bad that she started to kiss me so roughly like a giddy teenager. I moved down past her stomach until I was staring her clean shaven pussy in the face, she had a landing strip which looked like it had been prepared earlier just for me.
Her thighs glistened with her juices; I started to flick her clit slowly with my tongue. She started to moan and beg me to eat her and I dove in full force; I had her pussy all over my face. She tasted so sweet; I just wanted to eat her forever. I ravaged her clit, started to suck it like I sucked her nipple. She pointed to my dresser and I saw she had bought her vibrator in with her; I grabbed it and turned it on low. Slowly I slid it inside her and she started to shake with pleasure. I licked her pussy all over and started to turn up her vibrator. I could tell she was going to cum and started licking madly and fucking her with the vibrator hard. She started to scream my name and as she reached climax I withdrew the vibrator and pushed my tongue into her pussy licking all around her hole. She guided me back above her and pushed me on to my back. Mai climbed on top of me and teased me with her wet pussy, her cum was dripping all over my cock and I push my fingers up inside her then licked them so I could taste her sweetness. She loved it so much she moved up my body and sat on me so that her pussy was back in my face again and I licked her pussy clean of her cum, sucking every bit slowly to make sure it was all gone. She slid down my body and sat on my cock. I moaned and started to groan her name; she did a 180 and slid around so her back was facing me. She slid up and down my rock hard penis like it was a fireman’s pole and she started to cup my balls with her hands. I flipped her over and pinned her hands down onto my bed, I entered her slowly; I was so deep inside her I found all the cum I couldn’t get to. I pulled out and smeared my pre cum all over her clit with my dick, she was going to come again; I could feel it. Her pussy started to pulsate around my cock and I started to fuck her hard. I was sucking her tits and rubbing against her clit. She wrapped her legs around my back and I thrusted so deep inside her. I was close to coming; she pushed me off her and moved down to my cock. She sucked it hard; it felt like a second pussy to me. She licked my balls and teased the tip of my cock with her tongue. I was so close to climax that I had to pull my cock out of her mouth. I flipped her over on to her knees and she bent in front of me. Her ass was so perfect I wanted to shoot my cum all over it. I entered her from behind, reaching around to feel her tits and clit. She was moaning like she was going to come and turned me on so much I was on the edge of orgasm. She groaned “cum with me baby”. We both started to moan and groan together in sync, I started to moan her name, I could feel her pussy starting to contract rapidly and then we came together. My cum dripped inside her and when I pulled out dribbled all over her legs. She spun around and sucked the left over cum off my dick which made me cum a little more inside her warm pussy mouth. I pined her down again and licked all my cum off her clit and around her thighs. She searched my room naked for her vibrator, when she found it she silently left.

I turned the TV on. I watched nothing and drifted off to sleep.

~Melissa Jane

melissajane.writer [AT]

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Just trying to hone my erotic writing skills, please give me some feed back – I only want to get better. melissajane.writer [AT]

Sexual Awakenings

Being a child of the 70’s and having a family that was pretty strict Catholics, sex was something that was never mentioned in our household. As a result, I was a very naive child who made many interesting and confusing discoveries. Unlike so many of the stories that I have read by others, I did not masturbate almost from birth. Until around the end of the 5th grade I thought that a penis was for urination only. Sometime near the end of the 5th grade my best friend and I were wrestling in his basement when the close contact with him and the rubbing of our bodies together sparked something I had never experience before. I got my first boner. (If I had been getting them before that it must have been in my sleep and I was unaware of them.) I didn’t know what was happening to me. I could feel an unusual tingle between my legs and my heart was pounding with excitement.

I didn’t know what was happening to my body, but I knew I enjoyed the feeling I was getting. If Matt knew I had a boner at the time he never let on. After that I wanted to wrestle with Matt all the time. I also started to become curious about whether his penis was getting hard too, but I didn’t dare ask Matt for fear he’d call me a freak. I really wanted to get a closer look between his legs and to try to sneak a quick “accidental” feel the next time were were wrestling. Though before that I usually could pin Matt when we wrestled, I decided that the best way to get closer was to allow him to pin me. This time Matt had me on my back and was sitting on my chest. His crotch was only inches from my face, but he wore tight briefs. So when I tried to look up the opening of his shorts I could see nothing. I was disappointed. The next time we wrestled (which was now daily). I got my face right into his crotch and for the first time I could feel his penis. Sadly it was not hard like mine and I really started to think something was wrong with me. Our daily wrestling sessions went on for several months and well into the summer. Everyday we would wrestle in Matt’s basement. Then one day Matt and I decided to check out the tree house that my older brother and his older brother had built. We climbed up in and were surprised how roomy it was and how private it all seemd. Matt then dove on me and started wrestling. By this time I had allowed Matt to pin me so many times that he actually had become the better wrestler. Before long I found myself in my usual position. I was on my back, he was on my chest, and his crotch was just inches from my face. Now mind you Matt and I were very close friends and all but neither of us had ever made mention of our penises before. Then out of the blue I saw Matt reach his hand down to his zipper and start to unzip his shorts. I laid there shocked and totally surprised. Then he said,”Wanna see it? I know you do I see you looking there all the time.” I’m sure I must have blushed 20 shades of red because I never thought he noticed before. I did want to see it but couldn’t seem to find the courage to tell him yes.

But it didn’t matter because he knew I did. He finished unzipping his pants and pulled out his penis. It wasn’t hard but he was a lot bigger than mine and I laid there staring at it in amazement. Then he said “Suck it”. Now mind you I knew nothing about sex but I had heard kids say to other kids, “SUCK MY DICK” when they got mad at one another. I honestly thought it was a nasty expression guys used but never thought people actually ever did that to other people. Like I said I was naive. I said no but though my mouth was saying no there was a little voice inside of me telling me to do it. And there was that tingling feeling and my boner again. My heart was racing with excitement. He ask me several more times. My mouth kept saying no but my entire body was screaming YES. Then he slid himself foreward to where his penis was right at my lips. He leaned foreward and started to bring it to my lips. He rubbed the head of his penis on my lips and I was instantly his. I melted. I completely surrendered to his will and to my own. I opened my mouth and closed my eyes. Instantly I felt the head of his penis going in my mouth. The excitement was unbelieveable. My heart was pounding and my penis was rock hard. Then I don’t know whether to call it insticnt or what. But I immediatley started sucking on it and working it in my mouth. My immediate mouth action on his penis caused an immediate reaction from his penis. It began to grow and get hard right in my mouth. I know this sounds crazy since I was only 11 at the time but I felt I was in heaven at that moment and didn’t want it to ever end. I sucked him for several minutes and then he said, “Stop or I’m gonna cum.” I had no idea what he was talking about and continued to try to suck him but he pulled it out and zipped up. I asked him why he stooped and he said, “I told you, I didn’t want to cum in your mouth.” I had NO clue what he meant and I said to him. What do you mean? He said, “You mean to tell me you have no idea what cumming is?” I told him no. He looked at me and said, “God, you’re stupid.” I then ask him to tell me but he said,”If you don’t know, I’m not going to tell you.” and he walked away. I asked him again to tell me and he just said, “You will find out on your own.

Trust me.” That was the end of the converstaion. Neither of us ever mentiond that day after that and everytime I’d try to wrestle with Matt after that he’d say, “No, I don’t want to do that anymore.” Needless to say I was disappointed. You’re probalbly asking why this long story and I’ve mentioned nothing yet about masturbation. Well, these events were the events that led up to me starting to masturbate. I was so curious about what cumming was and I had concluded that it must happen when somebody sucks on your penis. So I decided I was gonna try to suck my own penis until I made myself cum. Whatever that meant. So for weeks after that I’d lay on the floor in the bathroom and bring my legs over my head trying to suck my own penis, but I couldn’t reach it. Finally one day I had become limber enough to actually lick the head of it. Before long I was actually able to get the head into my mouth. It did feel pretty amazing, but I couldnt figure out what I needed to do to cum. Then one day shortly after the start of 6th grade I was on the bathroom floor self-sucking when the unusal tingle that I felt became unusually strong. I loved it so I grabbed my penis and started sliding the head of my penis rapidly over my wet lips. The feeling was amazingly intense. Then all of a sudden it happened. My penis exploded and lots of whitish clear liquid started pumping out my penis. Not sure what to do about it I closed my lips around my penis head to keep it from going everywhere and let it empty into my mouth.

It was the MOST amazing thing I had ever experienced in my life and at that instant I suddenly knew what Matt meant by cumming. I had cum for the first time in my life. I did this for several weeks before I discovered that I really didn’t need my mouth to make myself cum. I started using my hand and have masturbated almost daily since that day. I’ve missed days here and there but given the number of times I’ve done it 2-3 times a day, I’ve more than made up for any missed days along the way.

About the Author

This is a autobiographical story that took place during the summer of 1974.

Spring Break in Turkey Part 1

Last week was amazing. I can’t keep myself from daydreaming and still feel my heart rate going up every time I think about it.

Spring break, finally some time off college and managed to convince my parents that I’d be a good girl, going off for a week with some friends to Bodrum, Turkey.

Truthfully I wanted an opportunity to be uncompromisingly slutty, had enough of the sensible student role I had to play all year and wanted some adventure in my life. Boy, did I get that.

It all started when we arrived at the hotel complex, I stayed with my friends Rebecca and Claire in a bungalow overlooking the pool area. Barely had I put down my bags or I set my eyes on a first challenge, a nicely tanned dark haired boy – maybe a little young – just climbing out of the swimming pool.

Claire must have picked up that I fancied him and whispered “no time like the present”. I rushed to the bathroom and change from the dress I was wearing to put on the skimpy white bikini I bought especially for the trip. A little self-conscious but determined I did a sexy strut out to the pool, deliberately walking right next to the pool chair the object of my desire was now lying in.

As I walked by I glanced over my shoulder and noticed him catching a sneaky look at my ass. I gave him a naughty smile as I made my way into the water and took a quick dip under. As I came back up the tiny bikini was clinging to my wet body almost like a second skin.

I sat myself on the steps of the pool, directly opposite my target. “Lets see where I can take this” I thought. I reclined, my chest just above the water level and drips from my long hair flowed down to my cleavage, glistening in the midday sun. I felt incredibly horny, forgot about everyone else around me except for him and me. My nipples soon responded and started poking through the thin bikini top material.

My eyes focused on his bare chest and slowly made my way down to the black swimming trunks he was wearing. I could clearly see the outline of his male member and made it my kinky little game to get a response out of it. Playing with my hair, licking my lips, stretching out to show off my chest, adjusting my bikini top and playing with my nipples through the bikini top all had their effect. What I thought was already a pretty impressive size almost doubled, enjoyed seeing it get harder and harder and slowly making its way towards the elastic of the swimming trunks.

It must have gotten uncomfortably close to exposing itself, I looked up and our eyes locked in a passionate glance; his mouth slightly open and breathing heavier than before. He turned over to lie on his stomach hiding his now huge erection. As I got a clear view of his ass I couldn’t contain myself. Hadn’t noticed I had now slowly started humping the steps of the pool, I felt I was getting close to orgasm. With all the self-control I could gather I grabbed a hotel towel, stepped out of the water and draped it around me.

I started making my way back to the bungalow – trying to ignore the stares of an elderly man who had obviously enjoyed the spectacle – and as I walked past my lover boy I touched his shoulder and said “See you around…”, with a slight crack in his voice he answered “Rick” as I already continued walking.

In the bungalow Rebecca and Claire were lying on the bed. “How was…” Claire started saying as I dropped the towel and again rushed towards the bathroom. “Yeah fine” I blurted out as I stepped into the shower. I couldn’t hold myself as long as to take off my bikini, with the warm water streaming down on me I put one hand against the wall as I pulled the my bikini panty to my knees with the other hand. My right hand made its way down between my legs, and as it rubbed over my clitoris and I had my middle finger slide between my labia and into my pussy I could start feeling it pulsate. I kept rubbing and every time I thought I was going to climax the sensation kept heightening. I opened my legs a little more, my normally quite tight pussy could now easily hold two and even three fingers as my thumb worked my clitoris.

For a minute I thought I was going to black out, I felt my whole body quiver and my pussy started to heavily pulsate and contract around my fingers. I forgot about my surroundings and let out a huge “aaaaaah!” as I pulled my fingers out of the throbbing pussy and out gushed my warm masturbation juices. I had never experienced anything like it, it was pure bliss.

“Are you alright?” the girls called out from the room, “yes, I just bumped my toe” I said out of breath trying to come up with a good excuse. It took me a good five minutes to recover, dried of put my blue dress from earlier that morning back on. Walking back into the room, I collapsed on the king-size bed between Rebecca and Claire with a huge sigh of relief.

Claire turned towards me and as she played with my still wet hair she quietly said “you know, you didn’t close the bathroom door”. I blushed and couldn’t help but giggle as I realized she had a clear view of the shower from where she was lying.

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Sarah is an amateur erotic story writer based in the UK — feedback is very welcome! i(dot)want(dot)you(dot)to(dot)talk(dot)dirty(dot)to(dot)