A Girl Drooling at Me

I’m just a guy with simple needs. I’m not a sex addict. I can survive without it. But I’m a straight guy. I’m 35 but I don’t look like one. I have lots of work. I work out at gym 2-3 times a week. If anyones wondering, my chest is 50 inches. I’m also attractive, I’m handsome, many girls are attracted to me. My height is 6″2. And I’m also hot. I have a waist line of 32 (because I gained muscles)

I had a girlfriend who was really encouraging me and her to sex. She was very pretty and she was my type, but I feel that it’s somehow wrong. We were both 25 years old. She said I’m her type. She said I was tall, hot, muscular and attractive. One night, I went to her house. I gave her chocolates. It got pretty late so I had to stay in her house because it was too dark. I slept in the guest room. When I woke up (probably 2:00 am) I saw her kissing my neck and abs. I was also half-naked (I only had my pants but I slept with my shirt and pants). When she realized I was awake, she was embarassed. I turned on the lights and asked her to get out. I took a bath and thinking what she had done. Of-course I was naked. She looked and opened the door a little. I didn’t notice it yet. She stared at my you know what. It was erected not because of what happened but because it normally hardens when I take a bath. Then I noticed her. I was a little shocked because she was drooling and saying I’m the hottest boy she saw and I have big yu know what. She said I was perfect. She said I was smart, good looking, muscular and had a big you know what. She started sucking my dick and kissing me (we already kissed by the way) but I didn’t stoop to her level. I said that we should marry before we started sexing. A month later, we got married. We had our honeymoon. She took her clothes off. She had her bra on. I also took my clothes off. We french kissed. She said we should start sexing. She also took hers off. I said I’m going to the bathroom because it’s hot and I started to perspire. I took a bath, then, ofcourse, my penis erected. After I took a bath, I put my towel on covering my legs. My penis was still erected since it’s wet. She took my towel off quickly and started to touch my penis and started shaking it using her hands. SHe sucked it, licked it and all the malicious thing you can think off. We sexed. It was very fun, especially for her. It’s really weird when a girl like worships you and your penis rather than a guy drooling at a girl’s breast. It was a little hard for her, she said to me. She said I had a large penis. It was 8.2 inches long when erect(she measured it) and I had a big chest since I was weight lifting. Four years later, she urged me to do it again. I gained chest again. It became 48 inches. She had a hard time doing it but she said it was worth it. One night, she secretly sucked my dick thinking I wouldn’t notice. I was wearing only boxers when I slept. But I was still awake. It became erect because of the nervous system. A few minutes later, she woke me up. She said if she could play with my dick. I said ok, but don’t hurt me, she shaked it, ofcourse it was erect and it was clean because I take a bath 3 times everyday. Every night, She keeps playing on it and keeps rubbing her hands and her large breast on my abs and muscles.

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From USA. 6 foot 2 inches. Muscular, Handsome, Hot, Attractive (that’s what girls and my relatives say about me)

Older is Better

When my girlfriend (26) and I (28)were recently house hunting, we contacted a realtor named Nancy who was the agent for a particular home we wanted to see. We made an appointemnt and met up with Nancy at the property. I could tell from her picture in the magazine, she was an older woman and very attractive, but until she climbed out of her new Lexus..I didn’t realize just how sexy.
Nancy was dressed more like a collge senior than a senior citizen. She was in a tight little skirt with a beige knit top and teetering on 6″ spiked heels. Although she might have been a few pounds toward the heavy side, she looked very curvy on the whole and I am assuming her outfit often helped with her sales numbers. I know she caught my attention. I had looked over a few mature women in my years, but this was all different. As Nancy showed us all the rooms and all the extras in the house and my girlfriend took notes..I was having trouble concentrating on the tour. Instead, I was checking out the hot real estate agent’s every move. She had large full breasts that her top did nothing to conceal and long legs to die for. When she told us she had been married for 37 years, I assumed she was aproximately 60, but with the body of a woman half her age. Somewhere during our 2 trips thru the house, I think she noticed I was more into her than I was the property and she seemed to become extra friendly. I made up some rather weak questions just so we could spend more time. Luckily, my girlfriend did not notice that Nancy was turning me on…she didnt even catch on when my hand briefly brushed our tour guide’s backside by “accident” as we enterd one bedroom. Nancy gave me her card when we were finished with the tour and suggest we call if we had any questions.
Two days later, I called Nancy and told her that I’d like to see the house one more time (even though my girlfriend had scratched it off our list). She seemed very happy to show me again and maybe I detected an even joyful tone when I told her my girlfriend couldn’t make it this time.
This time when we met at the house, Nancy somehow looked even more delicious in a sexy short black business suit. I watched her every move as she unlocked the front door and we slipped inside. From behind , she could have easily passed for a woman similar to my girlfriend’s age.
I decided right away I would get my intentions right out in the open and told her that it was really the master bedroom I wanted to see again. Nancy didn’t miss a beat, telling me, “Then I think we should start the tour there!”.
When we entered the bedroom I took the sexy senior into my arms. She was more than receptive, her lips on mine in an instant. As we kissed, we worked at the others garments. Nancy unbuttoned my shirt as I pushed off her jacket. My right hand found her full left breast through her blouse and gently squeezed. She moaned her approval as her expert hands worked my shirt free. Within seconds, I had removed her blouse and could only stare in admiration at her soft pink lace push-up bra, so full and inviting. It didnt take long for her to help me out of my pants nor to slide out of her skirt. She looked so damn delicious in her thigh highs,panties and heels, my cock was at total erection long before she slid her hand around it. She stepped backward to the bed and dropped back onto it spreading her gorgeous legs. I reached down to help her out of her lace pink panties..anticipating what was ahead.
Nancy pulled me forward and gently guided the head of my cock into her warm moist opening. I took my time, entering sooo slowly in order to enjoy the feel of each wet inch as it diasppeared into this woman old enough to be my mother. Instantly, we were moving in rythymn, her legs raising to lock around me as my hard cock slide in and out of her tighter than expected pussy. Nancy moaned louder with each hot stroke, her red nails scraping my backside. I drove it in deeper and deeper with each thrust and she loved every plunge, moaning and screaming as I hit her love spot. We continued our love making until my I could feel my load boiling over and ready to explode. My hands went beneath her sexy full ass as my shaft slammed inside deep to deposit a hot full load of cum. Nancy wrapped herself tight around me as we exploded together and we lay like that for what seemed like a half hour.
My afternoon with this hot 60ish real estate babe has changed my mind about a lot of things in regards to sex..and mainly has taught me that older sure can be better.

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I am 28 years old, now engaged to my girlfirend since this took place…but I am paying much more attention to those older sexy women.

My Favorite Teacher

This story happened while i was in the 11th grade. School was almost over, and boy was i ready to. The only thing i would miss was my spanish teacher. She was 5 foot even, about 105 pounds. She had to only weigh about 100 pounds, but her booty was HUGE, easily 38 inches. I would day dream of her being in nothing but a thong, walking up and down the aisles teaching the class. At the end of a school day, she came up to me and said that i was failing her class. My mind was racing a thousand miles per hour, ’cause with the 30% F in there, there was no chance of me pulling it up before the end of the year. (even though i don’t mind having her again.) I had a talk with her about what i could do to pull it up. In our talk, i tried to pay attention, but that day she was wearing tight pair of black jeans and her booty was HUGE. She also had on a basic white t-shirt. We were coming up with ideas to pull my grade up, but everything we came up with would only give me a 59% which is still an “F.” I think she noticed me checking her hips out, ’cause she got up slowly, and stuck her booty out a little bit, and said “come in tomorrow, and we’ll see what we can do.” I thought for a moment and realized that that would be saturday. I still said “ok, what time?” She said, “I like to do things in the mourning, so how does 9 am sound.” I thought “Damn it! I wanna sleep in.” But i said “Ok, thats fine.” With that i said bye and went out of the room.
The next day, i got there at 8:45 and went up to her window, so i could see what she was doing. To my amazement, she was at the bookshelf bent down in a mini skirt and i could see a little of her booty. She stood up, and she had a bottle in her hand, i looked closer, and i reconized that it was a rum bottle. She took a big sip of it, then i left, in fear of me getting caught. I wanted to surprise her so i knocked on the door, and i heard some noise like she was putting the bottle back. She came to the door, and said “How you are?” then quickly cleared her throat, and said “I’m sorry, how are you?” I said, “I’m good. Are you ok?” She said, “hey i fine. Just stayed out drinking with a few friends last night a little to late. I usually don’t come in on saturdays so i partied to hard.” I said, “What time did you get to bed?” She looked at me for a second, and i thought that she might think that was to personal. But then she said “I didn’t. We actually drank all night, then they dropped me off here about 2 hours ago. I’m still drunk if you couldn’t tell” I said, “Well you look very nice for a lady who spent the night drinking.” She said “thanks you.” We walked in the door, and she locked it, which was a pretty good sign for me. She went over to me, and said, “ok to bring up your grade i have a idea…” I said, “ok, what is it?” She put her hand on my shoulder, and said “My husband hasn’t gave me the attention i need.” At this time i’m thinking, (Hell yeah i’ma tap that big round brown booty.) She said,”So would you please fu*k me wild?” I said “hell yeah.” She started to kiss on my neck a little bit, then she took of my shirt. Then i took off her shirt, she actually had nice breast. Probably big b’s or small c’s. We continued kissing, then she took off my pants. She noticed my boner i had, and said,”I think someone’s all ready to fu*k.” I said, “yes i am.” She turned around and slowly removed her skirt. I said, “Mrs. Santos, you don’t know how many times i stare at your booty in class.” She continued to remove her skirt When her booty was fully exposed, i thought i was gonna faint. She said, “oh i know. That’s why i asked you to come here today.” She had a perfect booty, perfectly round, and very nicely tanned. She started swaying side to side. She then said “Still wanna fu*k me?” I said “your damn right i do.” She went down on her knees, and said “Want me to blow your co*k?” And before i could answer, she had her hand on it jacking me off. I was about to blow already, when she put it in her mouth. Her head bobbing up and down slowly. Then when i didn’t know that it could get any better, she opened her mouth wide, and took ALL my co*k in. I said “ohh mrs santos, i didn’t know you could deep throat.” I pumped my co*k in her mouth, and heard her gaging a few times. She took it out of her mouth, and gasped for air. She said something in spanish which meant in english “Oh baby, fill me with your man juice! Make my ass hurt.” She stood up, and i layed down on the floor. She strattled on my co*k,and cam down slowly. She said, “OH SH*T!” really loud. and started getting used to the size of it. When she did, she bounced up and down her long black hair was getting messy. It felt so good having her big round booty on me. Her ass slapping against my legs. She moaned which made me even more hornier. As she was riding me, she was getting sweaty. I spanked her ass, and she said “oh yeah, spank me baby, i’ve been a bad whore.” After about 30 minutes of just going at it. She scream “YES! BABY! YES!” then collapsed on my chest and said, “thank you baby. You’re much better then my husband.” I said, “you’re way better then my girlfriend also.” She got up and so did i. As she was trying to catch her breath, she said “I didn’t know you had a girlfriend.” I said “yeah, for about three months. Her body is nothing compared to yours though. She’s real petite.” She said, “So what are getting at? calling me fat? There’s only one thing on me that’s fat, and i think you like it like that.” I said, “Hell yeah” She spanked her ass and said, “this was the extra credit you know. Don’t worry about your grade. You passed my class.” I seen her mess with her grade book, and said, “Did you drive here?” I said “yeah.” She said my husbands at work until 10 tonight. You wanna go back to my place and have sex where he and i sleep, so I can have good thoughts when i go to bed from now on?” I thought that it was risky, but i said, “Yeah lets go make some good dreams for you” With that we left the school and drove to her house……but that’s for a different story. 😉

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I love older women.

Mum Teresa and the Rude Optician

This is the story of the second incident in my Stepmother’s cuckolding and whoredom, and her adventures into S/M.

This was what made me realise her secret rude side existed for sure, because at this time I’d only suspected about her having made a sex video [Described in my story “Teresa’s Torture”], but not having seen it myself at this point, I could only go on my instincts and hints from the incident with Kabul. [It was ten years after this that I eventually saw the film itself.]

I only suspected she might be unfaithful to Dad sometimes, not having seen anything myself to confirm it. Therefore all I had were my fantasies at this point, which I secretly enjoyed, but I still knew I’d be horrified if I ever discovered she’d had someone else than Dad in reality. Subconsciously I suppose I knew for sure, but at the time I was mentally blanking out the conversations and indicators I’d heard and seen concerning her adventure with Kabul and his friends. It seemed too incredible to be real, and also one of those things a respectable, middle class family brushes under the carpet and pretends never happened, hoping it’ll go away!

Mum used to see a certain optician, Mr. Miller, in his shop up the road. I’d never liked him at all, having been there a couple of times in the past when we’d been for our eye tests, and I didn’t like his attitude. He was self important, pompous and patronising to both of us, and I guessed he fancied my Mum. The way he would fuss around her, touching her unnessecarily, made me squirm. Plus when the lights were dimmed for her tests, Mum would slip off her shoes as she sat in the chair, relaxing and rubbing a stockinged foot up her other leg suggestively.

She would laugh at his jokes and innuendo to her during the tests, even once giggling when his hand slipped from her shoulder and closed over her right breast through her top, before he moved to the light switch again! I’m sure I saw that happen, there in the dark!

He was a very big man, professorish but powerful too, and I felt that somehow Mum was attracted to him.

At one point in time when Dad was away abroad, he wasn’t sending any money home to us, as he’d gotten into a bad situation, and Mum needed her expensive spectacles replacing. I happened to be with her after shopping when she next saw her optician, so I was there when we sat before him at his desk in the office.

Mum acted up to him, to try and get them for free, or at least so he would delay the need to pay till next time.

He hummed and pontificated, lecturing her about it. This guy really was a self righteous bastard, and I was irked to see my Mum accepting his telling off.

When she kicked off her shoes and made very flirty body language to him, I felt hurt and uncomfortable. My annoyance was building up, and I felt a knot in my stomach.

Mum then told me to go and wait in the reception area, as they had to discuss business, as she put it.

I noticed as I left that they left his office by another door. I glimpsed inside as it opened. It was a little poky storeroom, with a high metal couch, cushioned in black rubber.

As it was near closing time with our appointment being the last, his assistant, a weighty black woman, was alone in the reception area, where I waited.

I sat nervous, pretending to be engrossed in a magazine. Soon I saw the woman turn the volume down on the intercom and switch it on. She eyed me to check I wasn’t listening, then put her ear down to the speaker, turning the sound slightly up.

Just audibly, I heard sounds from it.

I recognised the optician’s voice mumbling something and sounding very smug, along with Mum’s voice going, “Hugh! Ough! Ourrgh!”

At first, I was sure she must have been just laughing out loud at some joke of his. Then, I doubted that.

What was he actually doing to my Mum, in there?

The black woman smiled as she heard these sounds, then switched the intercom off after looking over at me and smirking in a manner I found uncomfortable.

Mum emerged maybe half an hour later, looking quite happy and normal. I assumed this couldn’t have been what I thought it was.

Mr. Miller said she’d better bring the money this time next week, or she’d have to pay extra for the delay. Mum promised, sounding dubious about the extra, but having to accept it.

Mz. B, his assistant, let us out, reiterating to Mum about the extra next week. She blew a loud raspberry at Mum after repeating that word, and to my surprise my Mum blushed very red at that! Mum denied to me that the woman meant anything by it.

I couldn’t help it, I drew scenes of Mum bonking the optician that night, and wanked with them. Masochistic feelings of both hate for him and lust for the sleazy idea of him taking advantage of my Mum overcame me. I drew pics of him having her in the test chair, etc.

I suspected she found them during the week, as she’d cleaned my room while I was out one day, and they’d been moved about!

Well next week came, and Dad still hadn’t sent the money. We were due to go and explain, after a bit of shopping. I noticed Mum always seemed to dress more tartily and provocatively than usual on visits to the optician.

Today she wore a flimsy white blouse that you could see her black lacy bra clearly through, a pair of black tights that had thick tarty seams all up the backs of her legs, the highest heels I’d ever seen her wear, plus a tiny black stretch mini skirt. This was so small you could see the tops of her legs where they joined into her buttocks!

Her hair was newly permed and peroxided blonde too, and she put on lots of make up to finish her raunchy strumpet look.

She hardly looked at all like my respectable, churchgoing Mum!

I felt so embarrassed walking up the shopping centre with her. Men were making comments as she passed, saying things like, “Corr! I’d love to get up that!”

Everyone was staring at her, and their eyes were lingering on her bum, which was like two eggs in a wet cloth!

She seemed to ignore them, yet she also smirked as I blushed angrily red and glared at the blokes, and she told me not to stare at the nice men!

Mr. Miller’s receptionist was again the only one there now, as she’d seen off the previous customer. She smiled nastily on our arrival, and asked if Mum and I had the payment today.

When told we didn’t, the negress smirked at Mum and said, “Well now, honey, I hope you are ready to have to pay our exxxtra!”

She sounded that last word lasciviously, drawing it out and widening her eyes mockingly, as if it meant something totally different and more lewd. If it did, Mr. Miller must have told her, and they’d obviously laughed at us about it!

As we sat before Mr. Miller again, he told us off once more, lecturing my Mum and saying, “Do you understand what this means, Teresa? I’m adding on the extra!”

Mum looked sheepishly up at him from under her curls and replied quietly, “Yes, Mr. Miller. I’m sorry. We’ll have to come to an arrangement!”

He waved his pen at her, very pompously. He always had this oversized metal pen, a big long thing that he used to sign things with. As they got up to go into the side room, he took it with him.

Mum let me stay in his office this time, saying, “Don’t worry, love, I’ve just got to try and get round Mr. Miller about the bill. You stay here, it’ll be okay.”

She slipped of her shoes and left them with me along with the bags, telling me to look after them.

I still recall the smell of her perfume and the slight musky scent of her feet, as she popped off her warm footwear, and the way she pulled and straightened the nylon from it’s ruffled place between her toes. The sense of worry combined with sexual titillation as she kissed my cheek still moves me to this day.

Her crimson wet lips awoke my desire, before she pulled away, leaving me with a lurching stomach and sense of doom as she allowed Mr. Miller to lead her away.

The last thing I saw before the door shut was her ass quivering and clenching nervously in it’s tight clothing as Mr. Miller’s big hand roved over it.

I waited in silence. Suddenly, I heard the noises again, louder now that I was only on the other side of the door.

Mum’s voice was loudly groaning, “OURGH! UUGHH!”

Mr. Miller was grunting like a pig.

I didn’t know what to do. I walked around, worrying.

I looked through the office door window, into the reception room. The cheeky black girl had the intercom on again, listening to Mum and Mr. Miller, as they were loud enough to be picked up by the unit on his desk.

Now she was alone, the receptionist had a hand down her skirt, touching herself and smirking as she listened!

I had to try and find out what was happening in there. Surely my Mum wasn’t having sex with him?

There was a small one way mirror on the door they’d gone through, and I found if I switched his office lamp off, I could dimly see through it.

Wow, what a sight met my worried gaze!

Mr. Miller was standing with his back to me, his pants down, and his big ugly arse thrusting forward steadily, with Mum’s arms and legs showing round his back!

The dirty big bastard was fucking my Mum!

Her fingers clawed the air or clung to his grey shirted shoulders, and her tights were almost off, rolled round her feet with the crotch of them between her ankles. Her sexy toes clenched, waved and shook, sensually stroking each other, as her voice slowly became more urgent.

My dick leapt to erection, despite my hurt, and I had to take it out and put my handkerchief over it to prevent it messing my pants and the floor if I came.

He grunted as he fucked her, as he actually fucked my Mum, bonking her with long deep thrusts.

“Unnh, Unnhh, Uhnnnnh!”

He fucked in and out between her legs and made the couch she sat up upon shake and bang against the wall.

Her cries built up to a crescendo, and then a deafening pause infected the air.

Then she went, “UUUUuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhrrrrrrllllllllllll!”

She froze, with her feet tensing, stretching out the nylon between them, and one hand spread, shivering in the air!

Yes! It seemed she was coming. Unbelievable but true! My Mum with the optician, behind Dad’s back, was orgasming in abandon on Mr. Miller’s dick!

When he pulled off her, he turned to the side, and Mum lay back on the couch, pulling her legs right up to her chest. For the first time, I saw her naked body. It was really sexy, with firm wobbling boobs, a hairy crotch, and nipples that stood up all red and excited.

I also saw he was still hard, maybe he hadn’t come yet. His dick was a great big veiny thing maybe 10 inches long, with a foreskin that only just covered his huge onion like knob end!

It still throbbed at her, and I felt sick to my stomach to know he’d just used that huge sausage dick on Mum, but my cock pulsed even harder, to see how aroused she was by it.

I couldn’t believe what happened next. He took hold of his large pen, and Mum let him prod it on her bumcheeks, while lecturing her about the unpaid bill.

“Do you know what I’m gonna do to you, Teresa?”, he patronised.

“Yes, Sir!”, she chirped, widening her legs upward a bit, and letting one hand reach back into her hair, posing for him like some 60’s sex symbol.

He moved his hand down, putting the pen between her twitching buttocks. Then he touched it on her arsehole.

Suddenly, Mum gasped, then let out a deafening groan, almost a roar, of mixed lust and indignation, as he pushed it up her arse!

I watched the lewd, shocking sight of Mum and the optician having a very rude sex session. He was in there with her, and Mum was lying back, offering her bare behind to him and his pen!

Mum actually went “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOORRRRGHHHH!”, as he shoved it up her bum!

The optician shoved his pen up my Mum’s bum!

My stomach lurched as he began to waggle it around, wiggling it sideways, then up and down, and then twisting it around, making her surprisingly broad, dark and creased arsehole twitch and stretch at his ministrations.

She made moans of surprise and disgust but clear enjoyment as he did it!

Keeping her legs up with one hand, she reached out for his dick with the other. I saw her little dainty fingers take his shaft, and begin to pull him off over her body.

She skilfully wanked off the optician, as he turned, twisted and plugged the pen around up her bum! It was so rude seeing Mum let him do it, even encouraging him by wanking him lewdly like she was a prostitute, and waving her eyebrows suggestively. All the while she was looking back and forth from his face to the object being waggled in her arsehole!

Smirking now at him, she blew raspberries and giggled about the thing stuck in her bung, between her groans, as if she was shocked but liked it.

He snarled in lust at that, “Woarrgh!”, and in his lust he really jiggled and shoved the pen around harder, right up her arse.

His other hand reached out to her tits now, crudely grabbing them and squeezing them alternately, with Mum’s red aroused nipples poking up between his fingers.

Her shockingly lewd behaviour for that big pervert was so weirdly erotic that I gasped, and held my breath, hoping I wasn’t seen or heard, as my sperm poured into my handkerchief. All this was making me shudder in ecstasy and humiliation, all at once, transfixed by this sight!

Her hand worked on his dick, expertly squeezing, pulling and rubbing, and now she panted out in rhythm, in time to her jerkings off.

It was both the most disgusting sight I’d ever seen, yet the most arousing I’d ever seen!

Suddenly, his hand left the pen, and a big jet of sperm shot out of him, landing with a splat across Mum’s aroused tits!

“YES!”, he snarled, as Mum giggled and wobbled her defiled, cum streaked, cheating tits in encouragement!

Oh my God, he was having my Mum in the dirtiest way in there, and I peeped on their secret, hot and peverted adultery!

“Ahh yes, do it, you dirty man!” she said, and she pointed his dick over her body, directing his jets over her navel and filling it up, then directing spurts over her crotch, splattering her pubic hair with his white juice.

Now she smiled at him as she held him toward her bum, to let all the rest of his sponk splurt and shoot down her bumcrack, splattering and covering her cornhole. The pen still quivered, unattended, embedded in her brown hole!

I thought that was it, so I hurriedly put myself away and sat down, expecting their speedy emergence, but there was more.

After some minutes, I heard him say, “And now are you ready to give me the extra, Teresa?”

She replied, “Yes Sir. I am ready.”

I still didn’t get up, for fear of being seen at the window, now. I waited quietly, wondering what the extra he insisted on actually was.

Suddenly I heard him laugh loudly, and Mum said, “Ooohh, it’s gone right in! Ooohh God, how could you?” Soon I heard her groaning again, and him slapping something. So I risked a look at the window again, and saw that Mum was leaning side on, against the wall. He was behind her, shoving his cock into her, and slapping her arse. Then I saw the worst bit.

She shifted a little, and I saw his boner was right up her bum! Mum was taking the optician up the arse!

So that was the “Extra” that Mum had to pay, and what the receptionist had mocked us about. He had demanded to shag my Mum up her shithole! Worse, she’d ended up agreeing to it!

It was a bit sick making, to watch his enormous, veiny willy sliding into my Mum’s brown bumhole, right there in the otherwise placid premises amid the quiet and unsuspecting shopping centre outside. People were probably going past outside, people who knew us, even. Friends, relatives, neighbours; all were unaware of what the local optician was doing to my Mum in there!

Under theirs and my Dad’s noses, was Mum’s lewd affair with Mr. Miller!

He had a hand round her waist, pulling her back onto him, and the other grabbing her blonde permed hair, as he crudely shoved himself up her dirtbox.

He growled as he fucked her arsehole.

“Hulllgh! Ullgh! Hullllgh!”

“Do you like it, Teresa?”

“Yes, Sir! Hooohh, Huuurrmmhh!”

She was being shoved against the wall, her tits squashing on the plaster and she had a hand tightly between her legs, squeezing her hairy cunt hard. He smacked her bum hard as he sodomized her. Smack! Slap! Whack! Her buttocks quivered like smacked jellies.

She was tossing her head around in joy. I didn’t want to be seen if she turned this way, so I sat down again, leaving the window.

I waited there, I’m not sure how long, but hearing every grunt, slap and exclamation from them was both straining on my mind and very arousing. I got hard again. I risked another look, when I heard the fucking sounds stop.

Now, he was stood there, with Mum just turning round to kneel before him. She held his huge erection by the root, near his balls, and her free hand went down between her legs, rubbing herself on her hot hairy pussy.

She let his foreskin roll back a bit. Then she exclaimed, “Oooooohhh!”, and chuckled ripely!

I couldn’t be sure what I saw, with the dimmed view I had, but I thought I saw something!

I hoped it wasn’t, because Mum just opened her lips and went, “Ooommmmmmgghhhh!”, clamping them round his dick, and squeezed her cunt in deep joy!

She sucked him deeply, and the sweet loving Mum I was used to certainly seemed to know how to suck a dick! He quickly tensed up, and I saw his cock thud and throb in Mum’s lips. She sucked hard, swallowing deeply. He was shooting his sponk in her mouth!

She moaned appreciatively, and slowly raunched her hips onto her hand, climaxing as she took his ejaculate on her tongue, with her closed lips catching every drop!

I heard them cleaning themselves up, and soon they came out, with Mum looking all happy again, and even Mr. Miller had a smirk on his face! Very unusual for the patronising, stuck up bastard, except when he was around my Mum, perhaps!

Mum said wasn’t it nice of Mr. Miller to let her have the glasses for free! She thanked him for being so kind! I mumbled an answer when she insisted I thank him too!

However, the black girl stopped Mum as we went to leave, and wanted a private word with her.

I was told to wait outside. I could see her talking to Mum in the reception area, and she produced a videotape. I didn’t catch the cover, but Mum went bright red. The girl then grabbed my Mum in an embrace, letting her black hands go up Mum’s skirt, lifting it at the back and squeezing Mum’s bumcheeks hard, and jiggling them up and down as she said something obviously suggestive! I saw Mum nodding then, meekly, as the girl wagged her finger, clearly demanding or warning about something.

The black girl joked as she let us out, that Mum might want to go out the backdoor instead, and slapped Mum’s bottom as she said so! Mum went red again! As we walked away, she called out after us, “So remember Teresa, I’ll be in touch about the little sessions you owe me now!” and pretended to lash a whip in the air, going “Whoo-TSSHH!” at us!

Mum wouldn’t answer my questions about why she went off alone with Mr. Miller, and denied anything personal had happened, even berating me for suspecting so!

However, at bedtime that night, I found Mum had left her used tights from that day, as if by accident, just outside my bedroom door. I took them, and during the night I wanked like crazy with them, with my dick in the toes of her nylons.

I was muttering “Ohhh, Mum! Ooolla, Mum!” as the scenes of her with Mr. Miller whirled round in my mind.

Yes, I wanked in a tormented frenzy into the tights that Mum had fucked the optician in, and recalled her sweating and groaning in passion!

I’m sure I heard her laugh at one point, from her room, but I assumed it was just talking in her sleep, and that she couldn’t have heard me.

Was she teasing me on purpose? I couldn’t be sure. Anyway, she never said a thing about finding her tights all thick with my sperm the next day!

I naturally wondered what the cheeky young negress had meant about what she said as we left, and though I waited for signs, I had no indication of anything, so I worked my usual shifts and carried on. One day the girl called on the phone, asking for Mum in a cheeky, mocking tone, and Mum took the call in her room, shutting the door. Large brown envelopes soon sometimes arrived for her in the post, posted locally. She’d immediately take them to her room and I’d see nothing of their contents, but sometimes her vibrators were left out on the bed later on, I would peep in as I walked past. However, about two months afterward, I was looking in Mum’s underwear drawer for some of her tights or panties to wank into [No, NOT to wear myself, I ain’t into that!]

Well, I found some A4 brown envelopes at the bottom of her lowest drawer, hidden among all the clothes.With this was a large vibrator of Mum’s. I opened the envelopes. In them, I found, were a big collection of large photographs. The first one I got out was a close-up of Mum with her tongue pushed right down between the toes of that very black girl!

There was the tip of a nasty looking whip lodged between her large fleshy toes, and Mum was having to try to dig it out with her tongue! Her eyes were screwed up in concentration, and the black girl’s face showed in the background, a nasty snarling expression of scorn and cruel joy on her features! She’d put a dog leash on Teresa too, like a bitch slave! In others, Mum was licking out little bits of sock fluff from between the girl’s toes. I shivered in shame and deep humiliation as I discovered the pictures, and like every hooked cuckold-type, I got a massive bonk on; my shameful lust took over.

Another showed Mum sucking on the negress’ soles, with her dusky feet all covered with Mum’s saliva. In another, Mum was again kneeling before the girl, who had hold of Mum’s hair quite aggressively, and she was directing Mum to lick at the blister in the middle of the sole of her big dark foot. Others showed her whipping Mum’s bare arse very cruelly, in various positions, with Mum clearly yelling as her poor bum was lashed with red weals. The negress had a fucking big bullwhip, lashing at Mum’s naked body with it. In others, had Mum on all fours, riding her like a horse and yanking at the dog leash round Mum’s neck! Others showed Mum licking the ebony girl’s pussy; and her arsehole. Yes, Mum had her tongue shoved up the black ass of her tormentor. Various other things were shown too, such as them sixty-nining, or the girl poking various unusual objects into Mum’s cunt or arsehole- pencils, lipsticks, feathers, spoons, lots of things! She was sucking hard on Mum’s tits with her sexy thick lips too, and doing all sorts of things to her. The black girl had obviously seduced or coerced Mum into kinky lesbian sex sessions! She got off on dominating and humiliating my Mum. I don’t know who took the pics, though! The girl had written comments on the back of the photos, too; rude and dirty things, in a mocking, cheeky tone. They mostly seemed to be taken in a house somewhere, and Mum had been sent the pics of the sessions later, and was tickling her fanny over them, obviously! OMG, what had Mum gotten herself into???!!

You can imagine how they made me feel!

I’ve never forgotten that experience. It revealed a lot about her to me, and spurred on my secret thoughts of her.
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Remember, out there there’s not just cuckolding wives, there’s cuckolding moms, too!

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My Favorite Teacher Part 2

We rode together to her house, and we both had a smile on our faces. The ride wasn’t to long. I got out of the car, and she said “here’s my place.” She and i go in the door, and it was nice and cleaned. She shut the door, and went into her room and said “i’ll be out in a minute honey.” As i was waiting, i walked in to the kitchen, and seen all the empty bottles she was talking about from the night before. She entered the kitchen, and said, “Yeah it was a wild night.” I looked at her, and she changed in to a pair of skin tight jeans. I said, “Damn, looking good.” She said, “Do these jeans make my ass look big?” I said, “Yes, but I think i can handle it.” She surprised me when she ran and jumped in my arms, she said,”I’m glad, I wanna ride you again babe, is that ok?” I spanked her ass and said, “You think that ass can handle a beating again?”

She gave me a kiss and said,” I don’t think, i know it can.” She kissed me again, and then got off. She unzipped her pants, and pulled them down to where her whole ass was showing, and bent down, and rubbed it and jiggled it. She said, “i’m ready. Are you?” Then she pulled up her pants, but did not zipped them. We went in her room and i sat on her bed. She started rubbing her booty on my lap, and said, “I give wonderful lap dances.” I said,”babe, why don’t you take them pants off.” She pulled them off, and did another lap dance. My hand slowly went over her hips, and lower back. I wanted to see if she’ll let me, so i reached my hand around to her pu**y and stuck a finger in. She put her head back, and moaned. She then stood up, and went on the bed, and layed on her back. She got demanding and said “fu*k me now!” I quickly got on the bed and picked her legs up, and put them over my shoulders. I inserted my rock hard boner in to her tight pus*y. She made this sexy moaning sound that she never made before. I went in and out only a few times, and she already was grabbing the bed sheet, and screaming,”yes fu*k my pus*y! yes!” We did that for about 20 minutes, then I layed on my back and she got on top of me. She was already breathing heavily, and she said, “Baby put that rock hard co*k in my butt.” I was willing to do anything at this point, so she came down on me, and in went my co*k. She went down slowly trying to get used to the size. She kinda dug her nails in to my shoulder and let out a moan. On the second time of her going down, she went faster.

Before i knew it, she was riding me like she did in the classroom. She was bouncing up and down, her long black hair was getting messy. I spanked her on the butt, and she just screamed “HARDER, HARDER!” So I spanked her with all my power, and she screamed “OOOHHHH YESSS! TREAT ME LIKE A FU*KIN WH*RE!!!” We did this for a good 30 minutes, then we heard a car pull in the drive way. She stopped riding me, and then looked outside the bed room window. She said, “oh sh*t he’s home!” I shot up and pulled my pants on, and shouted at her, “I thought you said he won’t be home for a while?” She said “Sorry, just leave, and walk down the road, and i’ll create a way to go pick you up in the car.” So i hauled @$$ out the house, and as he came in the front door i was out the back door. I walked for five minutes in the dark then i seen headlights coming towards me. The car slowed down, and the window was rolled down, It was Mrs. Santos. She said, “Jump in babe.” I got in the car, and we started talking about how we almost got caught. She said “yeah he came back early.” I said, “how’d you get out?” She replied, “I told him my friend Stacey is trashed at the bar and needs a ride home.” I said,”hmm cleaver.” She unbuttoned her night gown and said, “So did that end everything or can we still continue?” I said “well i guess we can continue, but the car’s not really comfy…” She said, “The back seat is really roomy baby.” I said jokingly “true, but that big ass of yours might take up most the room.” She pulled the car over, and took off her night gown (Which by the way was the only thing she had on.) She got out of the car, and said, “come on babe, lets see what you can do in the back seat of the car.” I went to the back seat, and took of my pants. I asked her if she still wanted to do anal sex, she said “hell yeah.” She was on her hands and knees, and i was on my knees. I put it in her, and went kind of fast. She grabbed the back of the passenger seat seat, and screamed, “OH FU*K!!!!” I started pounding her ass for 5 minutes really hard, and she was very loud since no one was around.

She yelled “STOP BABY STOP!” So I pulled it out of her, and she started giggling. “Damn, my ass is killing me.” She then sat in the seat and I put my co*k in her mouth, and started fu*king her face. She started gaging a little bit, but then she took control of my co*k. She started jerking me off, and i couldn’t hold it anymore, i unloaded a huge load on her breasts. She moaned, “MMM Nice hot cum on my tits.” She continued jacking me off and then i warned her when my next load was coming, and she directed it so it would go in her mouth. I always wanted to know what she would do with it. She spitted it back on my co*k, and then licked it back up and swallowed it. I said, “you swallow?” and she said, “yes i love drinking cum.” With that, she got dressed, and said, “we better get you home.” I replied,”So that really means you’re all done, and wanna go home yourself.” She laughed, and said,”yeah, i wanna go home to see if my husband can compare to you.” I said, “i don’t think he can.” So she dropped me off at my house, and she drove back home. The next school year i see her alot more then i thought i would have….and let’s just say, i spend time with her after school just to say hi. 😉

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