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Wine and Roses


Friday night traffic on the Interstate was at a crawl, and it looked as though I would be later than usual getting home. It was shaping up to be a less than perfect ending to a less than perfect week. Things had looked bright enough on Monday morning, and it seemed like I would have a good week of sales. But, on Monday afternoon, an appointment for a large account was indefinitely postponed, and...

Meadow Lark


The sun shown warm this June day, so the shade provided by the forest canopy was most welcome as we hiked up the mountain trail. Our daypacks were light, carrying only our lunch, a first aid kit, and a couple of other odds and ends in case of an emergency. We planned to hike only about three miles in each direction, but we still allotted several hours for the trip so we could take our time and...

Danni Revisited


Lake Michigan seemed as though it were rising up to meet the belly of the plane as my flight made a straight in approach to O’Hare. Although the Chicago skyline beckoned to me from the shores of the lake, my mind was on Danielle. It had been only three weeks since the class reunion that had rekindled an old, and nearly forgotten, high school romance. The weekend we had spent together had been...

Sexy Mother


I had stopped at dance hall bar in Oklahoma City. There was a pretty girl next me. I gave her my line about how good she looks and it had been a long time since I had seen her. We laughed over my silly joke as we had never met before. We danced. She was vibrant and had great muscles and smooth, sweet smelling skin. We were falling in love. Black hair, hazel eyes, and a great ass. Her curvy cheeks...

My Boyfriend and I


Well, I am a 19year old virgin girl going to tell you all bout my experience. I was in sec 5 that time, dont know anything about sex at all. That time I met my love, A handsome looking guy with his big eyes who will come and pick me with his green car whenever he is free to date me. Everything started after i use to go to his house. Whenever i see him, i melt inside. 1 day, he left me in the hall...

Passion in Silk


The knock comes suddenly and I start from the couch. I wasn’t expecting you this early and I rush to the door. I brush my hair back and fix my ruffled shirt. I look awful after that impromptu nap. “Just hug her, just hug her”, I tell myself. You knock again and I realize I have my hand on the knob, but haven’t turned it yet. I unlock the door and finally turn the knob. The...

Sex Stories Free sex stories and erotic stories

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