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Beach Girl


When I go to the beach, I normally try to travel during the off-peak time. Normally right at the end of summer, when it’s still warm but not crowded. It gives me a chance to just relax and scope out the scenery. I’m not talking about the beach, but the young girls in their bathing suits. I’m a bit of a pervert, but normally all I do is look. That is until my last trip when...

Adult Cinema


I had for the first time a few month ago wrote about what happened to us on holiday on a nudist beach and it gave me such a thrill so when this happened i just had to send it in and see if it got the same effect on me and others that commented on it. We had been out for dinner with a coupe of friends Jill was looking her sexy self nice blouse and skirt not to short and i was telling her all night...

Public sex in the Dunes


We have just come back from a holiday in Gran Canaria. I am Jack and my wife is Carol. We are both fifty and decided to celebrate by having a winter sun holiday. I had read up about the Maspalomas Dunes and fancied doing a bit of naked sunbathing. Carol told me she would only go topless. We arrived at our hotel, staying half board. The next day we headed to the dunes. We had a good walk around...

Sex in a library


I had been working on my assignment for my degree in marine Biology at Kings University. I needed to spend considerable time in the library researching the material. It had been six months since I was in the library, and it took me a while to find everything. I had been searching online and got some information, but had to hit the library stacks for additional reference and print material. I was...

Fun on a long haul flight


Samantha had been having a lot of erotic dreams lately, dreams of hot sex. Maybe it had been all the stress and excitement of moving to Canada, dreams can sometimes be a form of stress release. In her dream she was on her way to Quebec, the long haul flight half way to its destination. The cabin lights were out and almost all the passengers of the half full plane were sleeping. The only sounds...

Fucking The Gardener


My husband was out of town and the gardeners were in the yard working. i went out to the greenhouse to pick some vegetables. there was one man in there watering the plants. he was very attractive and i saw him staring at my large breasts. i had a short low cut sun dress with not panties on and my long blonde hair was curly and flowing. i bent over to pick a cucumber and all of the sudden i felt...

My First Time


I met a girl online after a night out we hit it off we met in a park two days later now calling are selves boyfriend and girlfriend she was bitin on her lower lip as she took me by the hand to a patch of grass in the sun i started kissing her i slided my hand under her top and was feeling her breasts she was quick to act shy saying no i asked her for some where more private we moved up to where...

Sex Stories Free sex stories and erotic stories

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