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Daddys Lil Girl


She came sneaking in the house around midnight. She was tiptoeing to the stairs. She knew she was supposed to be home two hours ago. Surely daddy would be sleeping now and she could get in bed before he knew she did not make it home by curfew. She put her foot on the bottom stair and then she heard him. Little girl, where in the hell have you been? Do you know what time it is. The breath she had...

Untold love


During last summer, my wife with our younger daughter had gone to see her sick mother at her home town and was likely to come back after four days. Our elder daughter who is studying in a university in another city had come home for summer vacations and on that Friday night, after having dinner with me had gone to her bed room for her studies. It was 10.00 PM and I was lying alone in my bed. As...

Sex Stories Free sex stories and erotic stories

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