The woman with the dark, shoulder length hair looked familiar to me, but I just couldn’t put a name with the face. I would describe her as extremely attractive, elegant perhaps, with long, well-shaped legs, and a beautifully proportioned figure. She seemed to be alone.

It had been 20 years since graduation from high school, and this had been my first chance to make it back for one of the reunions. All of us were already in our late 30’s, the youthful looks of high school well behind us. I did recognize a number of my former classmates, and we were having a great time catching up on each others’ lives. I glanced at the dark haired woman from time to time, and although many of the women were stopping by to speak with her, I did not see any of the guys doing so. I guess that almost everyone in attendance was either married or had brought a date along, but I was recently divorced and not dating anyone.

I thought I caught her looking over at me a time or two, but decided that was probably just wishful thinking! It crossed by mind to walk over and confess that I couldn’t remember who she was, but I just couldn’t quite summon the courage to do so. After 14 years of marriage, I was still at that awkward stage of trying to remember what it was like to date and interact with women to whom I was not already married. In other words, I was a bit scared!

I decided to take a load off my feet, and found a chair at a table where I could still check out Miss Long Dark Hair. I looked up and this time definitely caught her looking at me. I gathered she was going through the same mental exercise as I was. We made eye contact, so rather than awkwardly turning away, I raised my glass of wine to her and smiled. She smiled back, and that gave me the courage to walk over to introduce myself to her.

I told her that I was sorry to admit that I was unable to remember the name of a woman who must have been the best looking girl in our graduating class. But, before I could introduce myself, she said, “Well, I remember who you are, Nathan. Please sit down.”

Surprised she remembered me, I gladly sat down with her. I looked at her face more intently, and the cobwebs began to clear from my mind as she smiled at me coyly. “Danielle?” She laughed and nodded as we stood and briefly hugged each other, sitting down again to find out what had been going on for the last twenty years.

Danni and I had gone out together a couple of times while we were in high school. I had been crazy about her, but she had been more interested in John, one of the popular guys for whose attention many of the girls competed. I had been devastated at the time, and lost many nights sleep over her, as teens often do. She had not been unkind to me, but our relationship just never went anywhere. I eventually went on to college, other girlfriends, and eventually my wife Robyn, so I had not thought about Danni in years.

“Whatever became of John? You know you broke my heart when you chose him over me,” I said teasingly and with a smile.

She smiled back, although somewhat wistfully. “Let’s just say that maybe I made the wrong choice back then. Our relationship didn’t even last through the first year of college, and we broke up even before Spring Break. I never saw him after that. Did you know he was killed in an auto accident about five years ago?”

I had not heard, and told her so.

Danni went on to say she had been married, briefly, to a young man that she met in graduate school, and that they had long since divorced. She had decided to focus on her career and was still single. “You won’t believe this, but I was actually going to call you a year of so after the divorce. Once I found out you were married, though, I didn’t follow through.” She told me she ran her own consulting business, and was now living outside of Chicago, although she traveled extensively.

The DJ put on a familiar song, and she agreed to dance with me. She felt wonderful in my arms, and a wave of nostalgia swept over me when she rested her head on my shoulder as I pulled her gently to me. One dance turned into three, and we were enjoying each other immensely

We talked with each other, and more than a few of our old classmates. We danced often and closely, and I found myself hoping, as we danced the last dance, that our time together would not be over. As the dance ended, she reached up and kissed me gently on the corner of my mouth. “It has been wonderful seeing you again, Nate! How about letting me make up for that mistake I made 20 years ago? Do you have to rush off anywhere?”

I didn’t, and welcomed the opportunity to be with her, again. She took my hand, and we stepped outside into the cool evening air to walk and talk. She felt chilled, and I put my arm around her, ostensibly to help keep her warm, and she snuggled in close to me as we walked through the grounds of the hotel where the reunion had taken place.

Danni stopped unexpectedly, spun around toward me and came into my arms. We kissed, slipping our tongues into each others’ mouths and grinding our bodies together. Our lips parted, and we stood there holding each other tightly. She looked up and said, “I am here until Sunday, and I have this lovely hotel room that will seem very empty tonight unless you would like to join me. Will you stay?”

I never answered her; we just turned around and started walking back toward the hotel. The elevator ride to the 17th floor was painfully slow, but she was soon slipping her keycard into the slot on the door. The bed was already turned down, inviting us to its warmth. But we stood just inside the door for a moment wrapped in each others’ arms, desire starting to heat things up.

My cock was starting to get hard, and she soon noticed that I was aroused. She looked up, smiled, and then reached down to gently grasp my cock through my pants. A bigger smile crossed Danni’s face as she felt its length, and I heard a sharp intake of her breath. “Give me five minutes, Nate. I need to freshen up.”

Danni headed off to the bathroom, and I began to undress, hanging my clothes carefully on the back of a chair. This would be the first time I had been with a woman since the divorce, and I will admit to some anxiety.

I still had on my boxers when she rejoined me, and the site of her took my breath away. Wearing only her high heels, a black bra and panties, the light from the bathroom door framed her profile in silhouette, and I could see that her body was even better than I had imagined!

Danni stood there for a long moment, obviously showing herself off to me and enjoying my gaze. She moved toward me, glancing down approvingly at the substantial bulge in my boxers. We climbed up onto the bed from opposite sides, kneeling across from each other. Our lips met, and passion took control.

I reached around and unfastened the bra, freeing her beautiful breasts and allowing me to fully see them. Her nipples were standing out straight from the large areoles, just begging for my attention. I rolled them between my thumb and forefinger, eliciting a moan from deep in Danni’s throat. I gently pulled and twisted them, and she moaned even more loudly.

We lay down next to each other, kissing and exploring each others’ mouths with our tongues, hugging as I crushed her breasts to my chest. I ran my hand down her back until I encountered the top of her panties. She rolled onto her back and lifted her hips so I could easily remove them. Her cunt hair was neatly trimmed and nearly black in sharp contrast with her fair skin. I let my fingers brush lightly against her cunt, and her hips rose to meet the caress.

Danni rolled over onto her side, and we lay pressed against each other, biting necks and lips as we got hotter by the moment. I slid my hand down to her ass, gently feeling its firmness. She thrust forward against my cock, lightly grinding against it with her cunt. I rolled her once again onto her back, and proceeded to kiss my way down from her neck to her breasts. I pulled Danni’s nipples into my mouth, sucking them and flicking them with my tongue. I continued my journey south, but stopped kissing her just as I reached her pubic hair. She grabbed my head and hugged me to her cunt, and said, “My turn.”

I rolled over on my back, and Danni slid my boxers down over my hips, freeing my cock from its cotton confinement. “Oh my, what a great cock!” she gasped. I was rock hard, showing off all ten inches proudly. Its 2 ½” diameter had her hands full as she grasped it in both hands. Danni’s lips found the head, and she lightly kissed it before engulfing the entire head in her mouth. She took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, and began bobbing her head up and down while she rapidly flicked her tongue back and forth along the shaft.

I stopped her long enough to push her onto her back, and then turn around so my knees were up by her head. I leaned forward, spreading her legs before burying my face into her cunt. She immediately began moaning and writhing under my tongue as it flew up and down the full length of her cunt. I found her clit and licked and sucked it until she exploded in a very loud, very intense orgasm.

Danni grabbed my cock and stuck it back in her mouth. I firmly pumped in and out of her mouth, going just a bit deeper into her throat each time until she had the entire length of my cock in her mouth. She gagged momentarily, but she figured out how to handle it so she could breathe while still sucking me. Another orgasm overwhelmed her, and then another as spasm after spasm wracked her body.

I pulled my cock out of her mouth and then knelt in between her legs. She spread them wide for me, fully exposing her cunt to my view. I placed my cock head at the opening, and then gently pushed into her cunt until I was fully buried in her. She moaned ecstatically, and her ass rose off the bed causing her cunt to meet my cock solidly and hard. We found just the right rhythm, and my long strokes had her purring like a kitten, frequent groans coming from her lips as I thoroughly reamed out her cunt.

Her back arched, throwing her hips up to meet me again, and a massive orgasm spread through her, causing her head to thrash from side to side, and her cunt to clamp down on my cock as though trying to devour it. A second orgasm followed right on the heels of the first, and her cum poured from her cunt, ran down her ass and all over my cock. I felt my own orgasm building, and I exploded into Danni, shooting a massive wad of cum into her sopping wet cunt.

We both lay there panting as my cock shrank and sneaked out of her cunt, pulling some of my cum with it. I rolled over onto my back, and she nestled her head up on my shoulder as we just enjoyed the feel of each other. Danni got up, kissed me lightly on the lips and then the head of my cock before trotting off to the bathroom. I heard the shower start, and she stuck her head out of the bathroom door long enough to ask me if I was going to join her.

This being a luxury hotel room, the shower was large enough to comfortably accommodate both of us. We washed each other and hugged each other, enjoying the slippery feel of soapy skin to soapy skin. Danni was washing my cock when she confided to me, “That is the biggest cock I have ever seen in my life in person. I was surprised I could even get the whole thing into my cunt. It was fantastic!”

I smiled at her, saying, “The pleasure was all mine. And, by the way, you were fantastic yourself. You have an incredible body, and you are a wonderful lover!”

I was starting to get hard again, an event that did not go unnoticed by Danni. “Hmmmmm,” she said, “looks yummy!” She knelt down in the shower and took my rapidly growing cock into her mouth. She lightly seized the head with her teeth and reamed out the hole in the end of my cock with her tongue before sliding as much of the length of me as she could into her mouth. She sucked and licked and worked her right hand up and down my shaft while gently massaging my balls with her left. The wad of cum I shot into her mouth caused her to gag for just a moment, but she immediately recovered, swallowed, and continued to move her head and tongue up and down until I was thoroughly drained, and every drop of cum licked off.

Danni smiled at me, and I held her tightly, not wanting to lose the heat of the moment. We got dried off and headed back for the bed where we curled up together and fell asleep, Danni comfortably cradled in my arms.

We slept in the next morning, but gently made love before heading out for breakfast. We rode out to my place so I could change and pick up some personal effects before heading out to spend the day together. We drove up into the mountains, reminiscing about the past, sharing disappointments and joys, but also celebrating our rediscovery of each other, our own “reunion” so to speak.

We walked hand in hand along a streamside path, and I was feeling alive for the first time since Robyn had walked out eight months earlier. We spotted trout hiding behind rocks in the water, and we even got a glimpse of a whitetail that we startled from its afternoon bed.

Danni spotted a restaurant perched on the side of the mountain where we enjoyed an excellent dinner and drank in the phenomenal view of the valley below.

As darkness settled in, we drove back to her hotel where we settled into a booth in the hotel bar sipping very dry vodka martinis. When she was nearly finished with hers, she slid her hand beneath the tablecloth and rested it on my cock, asking, “Are you ready to go up?”

“If you don’t get that hand out of there we may not be able to go up for the next 10 minutes,” I teased back. We asked the barmaid to have a bottle of champagne sent up to Danni’s room as soon as possible, and then we headed for the elevator.

The champagne reached the room about ten minutes after we did. I poured a glass for each of us, and we stepped out onto the balcony to enjoy the view of the city. I had one arm around her as we stood there, silently drinking in both the champagne and the events of the last 24 hours.

The alcohol was starting to get to Danni. She looked at me amorously, took me by the hand, and led me back into the room. She drew the drapes, but left the light on the nightstand turned on. I poured us each another glassful, and then settled into one of the comfortable chairs at the far end of the room.

Danni turned on the radio and changed stations until she found some music that suited her. She began to dance, doing a slow and sexy striptease for me. Her breasts moved enticingly as she gyrated before me, her slender waist and flat stomach rotating just a foot or two from my face. As she slid down her panties, she turned her back toward me, wiggling her well formed ass alluringly, causing the blood to start to flow to my cock.

Danni picked up the champagne bottle and came up close to me, her nipples inches from my face. She cupped her hand under her left breast, poured some champagne over her nipple, and offered it to me to taste. It was good, as was the right one which was soon proffered as had been the left. Her nipples were sticking well out from her breasts when I was done!

After pulling my head forward and burying it between her breasts, she took my hands and urged me to my feet. She continued to move with the grace of a gifted dancer as she slowly undressed me, freeing my cock from its unwelcome confinement.

She knelt in front of me, a glass of champagne in her hand. She took my cock and dipped it into the glass, then pulled it out and licked every drop from me. She looked up and smiled enticingly. “You taste good. I want more cock.” She dipped me and licked and sucked me off another half a dozen times, and then drank the remaining champagne from the glass.

She rose to her feet, took my cock in her hand and guided me over to the edge of the bed. She laid back with her hips on the edge of the bed, spread her legs, and begged, “Nate, please eat me!”

I put a pillow on the floor, knelt down between her legs, spread her cunt lips and got to licking and sucking. I sucked her clit into my mouth and held it between my lips, tonguing its tip until, with a spasm; she came all over my face. I continued my assault until multiple waves of orgasm swept over her, leaving her nearly breathless and spent.

She sat up and kissed me, shoving her tongue into my mouth and tasting her own juices. “There is something I want you to do for me.” She rolled over onto her back, and laid across the bed with her head hanging over the edge. She looked up at me, and said, “I want your big cock in my mouth as far as you can get it. Fuck my mouth, please.”

I put my swollen dick up to her wanton mouth, sliding it in, inch by inch, until I was buried in her face to the hilt. She looked up at me and let me know with a wink that she was OK as I began to work my cock in and out of her mouth. She was lost in the moment, the moans pouring out from deep within her body. I began to pick up speed and I was soon pumping in and out of her mouth as though it were her cunt. I felt the tension building, and my cock soon spewed cum right down her throat.

When I started to shrink, I pulled out of her mouth while she kept her lips tight around me, trying to scrape off as much of the cum as possible. Danni managed to swallow it all before she sat up on the edge of the bed. She put her arms around my waist and pulled me tight to her. “That was awesome! I have never deep-throated anyone before. I was so excited I almost came myself!”

We showered and climbed between the sheets. She kissed me and then asked, “Will you drive me to the airport tomorrow? I came by taxi, but I’d like to be with you as long as possible tomorrow. My plane isn’t until 3 in the afternoon, so we can sleep in.”

“You couldn’t keep me from taking you if you tried,” I smiled.

Danni rolled over until she was on her side with her head on my chest and her left leg lying over mine. She was asleep in minutes. I lay awake for a while wishing that it had been me she had selected in high school rather than John. This had been so incredible that, in many respects, I felt I had been cheated out of 20 years with this beautiful, exciting woman. I fell asleep daring to think about the future.

I woke up around 3 AM to find Danni enthusiastically sucking the raging hard on that had developed as I slept. When she saw I was awake, she kissed me hard and then climbed up on top of me. Straddling me, she grabbed the base of my cock, and fully impaled her cunt on it until she had the entire 10 inches buried. She stayed up straight, and started riding my cock hard, as though she were trying to find some way to get it even farther into her. I reached up and pulled her nipples as I thrust up with my cock to meet her cunt.

An orgasm tore through her body, and her eyes rolled back in her head with the pleasure of it. Twice more her back arched, her body wracked by orgasm before I shot my cum deep into her wet snatch. She kissed me, rolled back on her side, and we were both asleep again in minutes.

Something woke me in the morning, although I wasn’t sure what it was. Danni was in the shower when I heard a more persistent knock on the door. “Room service.”

“Get that, would you love? I’m still in the shower.” Danni had ordered breakfast for us, and I sent the bellman away with a generous tip. The coffee smelled particularly good, as did the omelets and fresh fruit.

The shower stopped momentarily and Danni joined me wearing a hotel robe with a towel wrapped around her hair. “Good morning, love.” She smiled, kissed me, and sat across the table from me. Breakfast tasted as good as it smelled, so the morning was off to a great start. We took our second cup of coffee out onto the balcony to enjoy the morning breeze. It was wonderful, and I could not help but wonder what it would be like to wake up morning after morning with Danni at my side.

I jumped in the shower while Danni dried her hair. When we were back out by the bed, Danni asked, “How about a quickie?”

She immediately dropped to her knees and started sucking me off as she reached down between her legs and began playing with her cunt. She came quickly, and I was soon hard and well lubricated.

“Brace yourself, my love,” Danni whispered. To my surprise, and delight, she jumped into my arms and wrapped her legs tightly around my waist. I held onto her with both of my hands while she reached down with one of hers and seized my cock. She guided it to the entrance to her snatch, and then she lowered her cunt onto my cock until I was fully impaled in her! There was a sharp cry as pleasure and pain from the deep penetration mixed, although it just seemed to stimulate her all the more.

She began riding up and down on my cock, slamming her cunt down and forcing my cock so far into her cunt that it was taking away her breath and causing her to moan in delight. She came three times, but she rode me even harder until I finally shot yet another load of cum deep into her cunt! We were both totally spent, so we lay on the bed in each others’ arms, kissing and saying how glad we were to have found each other again, until we knew we had to get ready to leave.

We freshened up, dressed, and headed for the airport. Danni seemed a little pensive as we navigated the relatively light Sunday traffic, and it looked as though she were deep in thought about something far away. I did not disturb her reverie until we were turning onto the airport exit ramp. I pulled up to the terminal building and let Dannielle out with her luggage so she could check in while I went to park the car. A skycap helped her with her suitcases.

I met her inside the terminal about 15 minutes later, and we went to find a bite to eat before she had to go past the security checkpoint. I glanced up at the departure screen and was disappointed to see that her flight back to Chicago was on schedule.

All too soon, it was time for Danni to head out to the gate. We stood for a long time, holding each other, silently. We kissed and said how wonderful the weekend had been before she turned to head toward security. I walked with her as far as I could before giving her one last hug and kiss. I started to say something, but she put her finger to my lips, and said, “Shhhhhh.”

She reached into her purse and took out a plain white envelope which she handed to me as she spun on her heel and headed off toward her gate without saying another word. I watched her walking away until I could no longer see her, and then looked down at the envelope she had put in my hand. On the outside was a note that said, “Please do not open until my plane has taken off.”

My heart sank. I knew before I opened it what it would be: a letter saying how great everything was, but that she was happy with her life, and how she hoped I wouldn’t be hurt. But, I did as she asked and waited until I was sure her plane was winging its way back to Chicago. I opened the envelope, expecting the worst.

It was a round trip plane ticket to Chicago.

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Ben Galloway is an amateur writer who loves women.

in the shower

The girls shuffled into the locker room after what had been a brutal hour of gym class. For some unknown reason old lady Stiller had gotten up on the wrong side of the bed and taken it out on her third period group of senior girls. “Judas priest,” Matti sighed while slumping down on the bench in front of her locker, “what the fuck was that all about!?!” “I dunno,” Ricki replied while peeling off her dripping wet shorts and tee shirt, “I don’t know if I can make it to my next class!” Everyone in the locker room was in a state of shock, but after taking a few minutes to recuperate they all stripped naked and headed off to the showers. Once under the soothing streams of hot water their tired muscles began to relax a bit, and as was usually the case, most of them openly masturbated in front of each other and had no qualms about have massive orgasms while others watched. Of all the girls, however, it was Matti who was the envy of the entire class in that she had incredibly large breasts and a perfect hour glass figure!
Matti soaped her exquisite 36D’s, and then casually as you may, wandered over to little Dani Nesson and without so much as a peep pulled the surprised girl’s mouth to one of her rock hard nipples! “Oh my,” Matti sighed while caressing the young girl’s head, “you suck me sooooooo nice!” Dani nipped at the hard little nub while at the same time letting her hand wander down to Matti’s bulging vulva! After getting her fill of her nipples, she dropped to her knees and stared at the incredibly plump pussy that by now was open and ready for a good sucking! While every one else in the room looked on Dani slowly leaned forward until her mouth and tongue made direct contact with the blonde hair covered pussy of the big titted senior!
“Look at Dani,” one of the other girls squealed while wildly fingering her boiling pussy, “she’s suckin’ Matti’s hot cunt!” Most of the girls were now furiously masturbating while staring at Dani literally eating the big blonde alive! Being Matti’s best friend, Ricki pressed her body up against Matti’s back and whispered into her ear, “I just love watching you get sucked off!” Matti’s pussy was now absolutely on fire and in a halting voice gasped, “Y-yessssss, pleassssssse, suck me, suck my hard fucking little clit!!!” This was truly a sight to behold! Little Dani on her knees tonguing Matti’s fat cunt while Ricki caressed and kissed her big plump ass! Pretty soon Ricki was kissing Matti deeply on the mouth while her pussy began to spasm uncontrollably as the little cunt lapper sucked and tongued her to ecstasy! Of course being best friends, Ricki and Matti took turns sucking each other almost every day, but as was usually the case, it was always just like the first time and incredibly arousing! She grabbed his friend by his tits, twisted the nipples roughly until her legs wobbled and her knees knocked while her own orgasm exploded in her own bulging cunt!!!
The shower was by now filled with sounds and smells of young women cumming in buckets all over the tile floor! What a show Matti, Ricki, and Dani had put on!!! “I just love your big chest,” Ricki sighed while slipping slowly to her knees in front of her friend, “and just to show you how much, I’m gonna suck you off!!!” “W-we don’t have much time,” Matti stammered as Ricki kissed and licked her wet crack! “Mmmmm, there’s always time for this,” Ricki sighed while nuzzling the incredible organ against her face, “I just never get tired of licking it!” “Oh my fucking god,” Matti moaned, “y-you know just what I like, you hot mouthed bitch!” Ricki loved hearing his friend extolling her oral technique, and without warning he began sucking on the bulbous clit like it was an all day sucker! In no time at all Matti was grabbing the shower head for support while her pussy wrenched hard for the second time in ten minutes, sending her over the proverbial cliff onto the rocks of Cum City!!! “You love sucking cunt, don’t you bitch?” Matti asked through gritted teeth. “Mmmm, yes,” Rick mumbled without taking her mouth off the drooling organ. Matti’s pussy shuddered out of control as it convulsed hard again, sending a gusher of hot cunt juice all over Ricki’s eager face!!
It didn’t take long for the news to get around school that Matti had let little Dani Nesson suck her off. It was almost like a badge of honor to have been allowed to suck on Matti’s bionic pussy and gravity defying breasts! For the rest of the day Dani told anyone who would listen how Matti and selected her for a good hard cunt lapping! She was in the process of regaling Tammy Dunbar of her shower room escapade when she was overheard by her American Lit teacher, Mrs. Davis. The teacher of course had heard stories of Matti’s sexual prowess, and on more than one occasion she had masturbated while wondering what it would be like to have the big titted blonde for her very own! Almost immediately her pussy drenched itself while she pictured little Dani on her knees paying homage to Matti’s incredible pussy! For the next fifty minutes she struggled through the day’s lesson with her pussy running on the ragged edge of orgasm, until when the period thankfully came to an end she asked Dani to stay late to discuss a problem.
After everyone had filed out of the classroom Dani asked quietly, “What is it you need, Mrs. Davis?” Mrs. Davis turned a bright shade of red and stammered, “W-well you see it’s like this, uh I just wondered, you see it’s like this……….” “You want to show me your pussy,” Dani whispered while staring wantonly at her teacher’s crotch. “Oh yesssssssssss,” Mrs. Davis sighed while lifting her skirt, “j-just for a minute!” Dani’s eyes were now focused on Mrs. Davis’ groin, and when her big hairy muffy popped into view she gasped audibly, “M-my god, it’s beautiful!!!” “Do you really think so?” Mrs. Davis asked proudly. “Oh my yes,” the little eighteen year old sighed while dropping to her knees with her mouth open, “you have an absolutely lovely vagina, so fat and bushy, I just adore it!” Seconds later the teacher was standing there in front of her desk with her cunt gaping open while the cutest little cunt lapper in the whole school had her way with her!!! Right away she knew why Matti had wanted the little slut to suck her! She was just so fucking adorable, and talented too!!! It didn’t really take long, only about two minutes until her entire body shuddered while Dani’s aggressive tongue bored in and brought the middle aged teacher to a stunning climx!!! And of course just like all good little cunt lappers she cleaned up the entire pussy with her mouth and tongue, leaving it spic and span and ready for more action!!!
After giving her teacher a knowing wink Dani gathered up her books and offered softly, “That’s two hot cunts in one day, I just must be living right!!!

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thought this moght be nice to read! 🙂

school disco

it was nearly the end of the summer term, and everyone was saying bye to each other,

and my friend told me about her masturbation “sessions” i was disgusted and she even made videos of herself masturbating

she told me

” i like to rubber my nipples so they become hard enough for me to lick them but then i don’t touch my clitoris becuase it might get infected…”

i told her why?

she said, becuase i want to be good for when i have a boyfriend

on the last day of summer term at school (going into year9)

we had a disco in the main hall and Eleanor had noticed a really cute guy and they were chatting she called me over and introduced me to him

his name was Ryan and he had a twin called Kevin they seemed quite nice except Ryan was only looking at our breasts, but i couldn’t help noticing his bulge and so i dragged Eleanor out and was like

“your making him hard”

she said

good, before you came over i was talking to him about if he ever had done anything naughty with a girl before

and then i said what did he say?

she said he said

” only in truth or dare with some older girls who were well developed and he had to inger two of them

and they had to give head to him

i couldn’t believe what i was actually hearing!

i said to her

Eleanor you wouldn’t do anything with him would you? she said

well…he seems nice i mean i wouldn’t do anything to make me preggers

i was like THANK GOD.

we went back out to the disco he asked Eleanor , wow you sure know how to keep a guy waiting she held him head close to her breasts i could see a smirk on his face i felt like pushing him away, then he finally said

“erm Eleanor can you show me the toilets ” with a wink

“she said “sure ”

so it was just me and kevin, we got talking and he seemed really nice and cute, but he kept looking at my pussy, wearing a skirt makes me feel uncomfortable, so to end him looking at it i said erm come with me to help me find Ryan and Eleanor

he said, sure

and i could see at the corner of my eye he grabbed him dick and pushed it down his pants to hide his hard on.

we finally got to the toilets area

we heard some moans and some clothing sounds i was like : S

and he just said

“whats that?”

i said “don’t know let’s see”

i walked into the girls bathroom kevin came with…

i looked in all the cubicles

and no one was there then i turned around and Kevin held me close to him

he slowly pulled my top up and felt around my breast section, i got pleasure but sharing my body with a uy i only met an hour ago felt wierd.

he then said

do you mind if i do this?

i said nothing

he turned me around i didn’t know what he was doing i was scared if he pushed me down on the floor and raped me…

he said

“don’t worry i won’t rape you”

i was thinking then why are you feeling my bra?

he asked me again if this was okay

he was now putting his hand on my breast while it was still cupped in the bra moving it around slowly making sure not to hurt me

i was quite scared.

he slowly lifted my top up

he paused just before he saw my breasts in my bra

and said “are you okay?”

i nodded i was actually so scared but i liked him and he seemed nice!

he then lifted my top over my head and i was standing with my skirt on and my bra on
i was comfortable with this.

he then held my hand and said

” you sure? ”

i nodded he cupped my breasts in his hands firmly

he seachered them ahile discovering and unvieling a girls secrets

he closed his eyes and removed his hands from my tingling breasts.

he put his arms on my shoulders

i could see he was enjoying every moment of this.

he layed his hands on my shoulders

with once again saying

“you sure?”

and i nodded and stuck out my chest he smiled.

he put his hands on my shoulders and gently pulled my bra straps down along my arms he apused and closed his eyes remebering how they felt

he did not dare open his eyes to catch a glimse of my breasts untill the grand unvieling.

when done pulling my straps down and the cups of my bra were still covering my nipples which he hadn’t yet seen.

he then said

“are you sure beuase i want ou to be comfortable with me doing his to you.”

i said ” yes, i am completely confortable “and pushed my breasts together

when i pushed my breasts together i saw his getting an erection.

he then said
“i want to take this slow becuase i love you.”

i was wondering becuase of how long he knew me for…


he then cupped my breasts in his hand again
feeling the sensation he got from this
i was begining to get wet right about now.

he slide his hand around my back and began tugging at the clip i could sense he couldn’t undo it

so i put my hands around aswell , i found his hands and guided him to opening my clip he said

“let go, i want to do this slowly”

he looked into my eyes with such a daring stare which i seemed to love.

i let go and stood there while he was the one incharge of my bra he closed his eyes and took my bra away from my breasts

i looked down at my breasts and saw my nipples had already hardened from the teasing.

he took a step back and the released my bra to the floor .my breasts had a tingingling sensation in them.

he opened his eyes and stared at my eyes first then lowered his eyes to my breasts

he then said

“are you okay with this?”

i said

“i’m very glad your doing this to me.”

he said good this is what i want.

he cupped my breasts into his hands

giving them support with his soft hands.
he took his hand away and took his index finger and rubbed around my nipple .

it felt so good, i couldn’t wait until what he was going to do next!

he did this for about 1 minute

i was moaning he then lightly pinched my nipples giving them the same tension to each one

he said

“i am going to lick them now”

i was a bit scared of it becuase i didn’t want him to hurt them.

he then said

“i will only lick if you want more just say.”

i said “okay”.

he knelt down becuase i was basically 3/4 of his size he pulled himself closer to my breasts

he stuck out his tounge and licked my nipple.

i was moaning quite loudly.

i said “MORE, MORE!”

he nodded and he began bitting them lightly and it felt so good i couldn’t wait for his to firmly grab them and start shaking them everywhere.

he bit them for about 2 minutes licking and biting.

he took my hand and brung it close to his zipper.

he siad” is this okay?”

i said “yup, this is great”

he pulled the zipp and undone his zipper
there was a big bulge comming from there

i went in his boxers and tried to grab his dick he let me

he said “this is my first”

i looked at him and then laid on the floor wanting more.

he looked at me and then at his dick.

i pulled his trousers down and then his held my hands while he pulled his boxers down awell.

i got excited, very excited.

his dick just sort of flung out.

i saw he wanted oral.

i pulled my pants down and he nodded

and then he came down on me.

he then felt my vagina again not going inside of it just feeling it.

he went on all fours and kissed me softly on my forehead and then my nose and then my lips .

he smelt my neck and as soon as he got to my breasts he pushed his built up man breasts on mine his nipples had become hard too.

he laided himself on me but not all his wieght

he let his dick touch my vagina
, i liked this a lot.

he then inserted his cock into me slowly saying

“small and new”

i didn’t answer i was about to go into orgasim.

he slowly very slowly inserted his cock into my clitoris.

it didn’t hurt one bit, but i enjoyed it a lot.

we did this back and fourth my breasts were moving along,

about 3 mins into it he started moving faster

i cumed on him

he said ” feels good.”

i suddenly grabed him and started going up and down as fast as i could and started cuming about 3 times on his cock inside of me.

he did not cum

he siad “i don’t want to make you pregnant”

he was struggling to say this becuase he was trying so hard not to cum inside of me.

i said after my orgasim

“then spray it into my mouth”
his eye widened and he quickly took his cock out of me ad put it around my face


I opened as wide as i could

trying to cover his cock in my mouth

i thought whats does it taste like?

i knew straight then it tasted all saltly but i liked it i swallowed it and then got up and relised what i was doing wrong

i grabbed my bra and top and panties and he said

“i thought you were okay with this?”

i said ” i like you but don’t love you.”

he was standing there helpessly.

i said sorry and got chnaged quickly

i was panicking.

he then grabed me and he said sorry

he held me tight and he kissed me head again.

i liked him.

i unraveled his hug

and said

“ELEANOR!?!? RYAN!?!?”

he said

“sorry i guess i got carried away, i’m gonna get changed and come with you to find them”

i was still scared of what he might try and do again.

he held my hand i was okay with this though.

he ran with me trying to find them

we finally did.

i wasn’t the only slutty girl doing this with Kevin.

She was letting him finger her and was humping and sucking her nipples she had cum all over her face

she was laughing.

i was like WHAT.

and kevin then said i’m so sorry Julia please forgive me

he really did mean it this time.

he walked me back.

i was shocked from what i saw with Eleanor and Ryan doing.

i said i’m going home.

he offered to walk me home

i nodded which as a stupid thiong to do.

when we reached my house door

he said i hoped you enjoyed it..

i said i guess i did.

my mum opened the door and said KEVIN! Julia!

kevin it’s been a long time since last time.

he nodded and said yes ma’am.

she said julia you found Kevin from Nursery

remeber you used to go everywhere together.

i then relised i had sex with a guy i knew my whole life.

he kissed me again and then i went inside.

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yes very cool. i dontcare

Finger Fuck Me Hard

Standing infront of eachother face to face, Eva gently drags her hands along the sides of Austins hips. Caressing his curves, pulling herself closer to him, She pecks his bottom lip softly pulling away quickly,dragging her finger across them, She begins to suck on his bottom lip,dragging her finger tips along the back of his neck. She can tell Austin is enjoying it as he starts to breathe in and out at a fast pase, with sighs of enjoyment. Opening her mouth a little wider, Eva clamps her teeth down on Austins bottom lip firmly, but softly,pulling and tugging on it. His lips are so lucious and full, She wants to kiss him so bad, but she wont, not yet. Eva then drags the tip of her tongue along both Austins top and bottom lip. He tries to kiss her, but She pulls away teasing him, his soft gentle hands are gliding along the dip on her lower back, down to her round and full ass, he pulls her into his body aggressively. Eva lifts one of her legs up and entwines it around Austin, rubbing up against the side of his hip slowly, kissing his neck, dragging her teeth along it. Austin tilts his head to the side and closes his eyes, letting out deep sighs. Placing both her hands on each side of Austins face, she looks deep into his beautiful green eyes, admiring him and his astonishing features. Biting down on her lip slightly, Eva drags her finger tips along his define face, feeling his silky soft skin against her hands. Eva leans in slowly and gives Austin just one little soft kiss on his plump looking lips, pausing for just a moment, Austin slowly leans in towards Evas face,the warmth of his breath on her lips sends chills throughout her body, kisses her back, sliding his tongue only half ways in, massaging Evas tongue with his own. Eva starts grinding a little harder and faster against Austins hip, digging her red finger nails into the back of his neck. Austin grabs ahold of Evas other leg and pulls her up onto him, still standing up. She pushes her tongue into his mouth more and twirls it around his tongue, feeling his lips pressed against hers sent chills down her spine making her body twitch a little. Austins hands are implanted on each one of Evas lucious ass cheeks, pushing her into him. Moving her hips in a circular motion, Eva grinds her pubic bone into Austin aggresively, letting out little sighs and moans. Austin starts kissing Evas neck, sliding his tongue up and down, taking his finger tips and just slightly dragging them against her pale white skin, goosebumps arise upon her entire body. Eva slides herself off of him and grabs his hand, guiding him over to his bed and pushing him down. Eva gets down on her knees infront of him, sliding her petite hands up his slim thighs , she looks up at him with a sly look on her face and smiles. Eva undoes the button on Austins pants, and unzips them slowly, keeping eye contact with him. She pushes him over so that he’s laying down on his back, lifiting his torso up abit, Eva slides his pants down along his thighs,down his legs, off his feet and tosses them on the floor. She teasingly rubs her hands along his thin,yet extremely defined stomach, watching him lay his head to the side,eyes closed, biting his lip, imagining what will happen next. Evas hands adventure to his crotch, her fingers rub against his already hard cock hiding inside his plaid boxers. He lets out little groans as he grows more and more aroused,his boxers are soaked at the front with pre-cum and now all over Evas finger tips and palms. She sticks out her tongue and drags it along Austins erect cock still inside his boxers. “You taste so fucking good,” She tells him. She slides his boxers off his legs and tosses them on the floor along with his pants. Starting from the bottom of his throbbing shaft Eva slides her tongue up slowly, making her way to the head. Austin starts breathing heavier, letting out soft quiet moans, while her tongue makes its way to the head of his cock, giving little licks, flicking her tongue on it, teasing and tasting every bit of him. she twirls her tongue around in circles, sliding it across her lips. She closes her lips over his warm cock head slightly, sucking a little bit, whilst putting a little pressure on it ,swirling her tongue around it ,while it’s inside her mouth, this feeling makes Austins toes curl and clench up, his heart is racing, about ready to explode out of his chest. Eva pulls it out of her sweet little mouth and starts licking up and down the shaft again, massaging at the same time with both hands, Austins cock just keeps growing bigger and harder. Austins legs are starting to tremble abit, his hands clenching the sheets. Eva starts licking his balls,not missing a spot, then sliding her tongue back up his hard throbbing member. Eventually after teasing him intensely, She slides his cock in her mouth, going all the way down,taking all of him in her mouth. She can feel the head of his cock at the back of her throat, and she can taste all the pre-cum that it’s releasing. She can feel her pussy getting so wet , she slides one of her hands down and starts rubbing her clit through her panties. “Fuck it feels so good.” She exclaimed. she continued sucking on Austins now extremely hard cock pulsing in her mouth, feeling her spit drool down the sides. Eva starts sucking a little faster Austin is moaning louder now, letting out deep breaths, biting down on his lip hard. He’s going insane inside with ecstasy. Pulling himself up, he pulls Eva up by her arms towards him and kisses her hard and passionately, tugging on her hair gently. He pushes Eva over onto her back and starts kissing her chest, lifting her shirt up slowly and kissing her stomach.He makes his wake back up lifting her shirt and bra up, revealing her erect nipples.Austin slowly licks around and round, starting from the outside to the inside of Evas nipples. Using his fingers he flicks them and tugs on them,watching her reactions. He slides back down kissing her stomach making his way to her pubic area, kissing her thighs soflty and rubbing his hands everywhere. Eva looks down at him and grins as he takes her panties into his teeth and pulls them down her long smooth legs. Austin takes his index finger and slides it up and down along Evas wet pussy lips, she movs her hips up and down on the bed, letting out little moans. Slowly Austin slides his tongue ever so gently from the bottom of her pussy crack to the top, pushing his tongue between her lips he can feel her hard throbbing clit on his tongue. “Your pussy tastes so fucking delicious.” He says to Eva while panting with excitment. ” Do you want me to eat this pussy for you, bitch?”
“Tell me what you want.” He said to her.
“I want you to eat my pussy so fucking good baby. mmm” Eva replied to him.
Continuing back to Evas pussy he pushed his tongue inside her lips and started to flick his tongue on her clit, licking up and down in even strokes. She began to moan almost immediately, grasping her hands on Austins hair and pressing his head down. He took his index finger and middle finger and opened up pussy lips to reveal her beautiful pink clitoris. Austin proceeded to drag and flick his tongue all around it, up and down, side to side, inserting one finger inside her, Eva let out a loud moan.
“Oh Austin, eat my pussy baby. Finger fuck me hard, Oh god yes.”
“Yeah baby, I’m gonna make you fucking cum all over my fingers, I wanna taste your sweet pussy juices all over my face” Austin paused to say to her.
He started to finger Eva faster now, rubbing her clit with his fingers,sliding his tongue between her pink lips. Austin suddenly stopped what he was doing and slimbed up towards Evas face, kissing her and letting her taste herself on his lips. She pushes him over onto his back again and straddles her legs over him, leaning down and kissing him once again. His lips were the most amazing she had ever seen and felt, se loved kissing him and feeling his lips all over her body. Eva took hold of his cock in her hand and rubbed it on her clit, teasing both him and her. As soon as she was sopping wet, she gently slid the tip of the head in first,lowering herself down onto him. Austin leaned his head and let out excessive moans, Evas pussy was so tight, it was tugging at his cock, making that cum want to come out without barely any work. She began to ride up and down on him, grinding her hips into him, she could feel him deep inside her warm hole. Eva started to ride Austin a little faster and harder, she wanted it so bad, but didn’t wanna rush it. He grasped onto her hips and pulled her back and forth on his cock, helping her ride him. Using her thumbs and index fingers she tilted her head back and pinched her nipples, twisting them and tugging on them as she rode that handsome man she had always dreamt of being with. Both of them were moaning so loud now, breathing heavier than they had in a long time, their hearts racing a hundred miles per hour. Austin pulled her off slowly and bent her over, he inserted his cock into dripping wet pussy and began to pump into her. He slapped Evas ass cheeks , making them a nice rosey red. She loved it, she wanted him to show her who was in control and he made it clear to her. He started going faster, leaning his body over onto her back, rubbing her breasts and pushing himself deep inside her. He kissed her back and shoulders, sliding his tongue along her soft skin, smelling her sweet perfume. He grabbed a hold of her hair and tugged her head back, hard enough to turn her on,but gentle enough not to hurt her. Austin could feel it deep inside him, he wanted to cum so bad, he wanted her to taste him and she wanted the same thing too. Before it was too late, he leaned over to her ear and told her.
“I’m gonna cum soon, where do you want it”
“I want you to cum in my mouth. I want to feel that fucking hot cum shooting down my pretty little throat. I wanna taste you and having you lingering on my tongue for hours.” She replied to him trying to control herself.
Austin continued jamming his cock in her pussy, holding on to her hips tightly. She started moaning his name so loud, the neighbors would beable to hear it a mile away. She wanted it so hard and so fast, she wanted him to make her cum all over his cock.
“Fuck me Austin, fuck me as hard as you can!” she screamed out.
Austin shouted out alot of “oh fucks” and “Oh my gods” as he tried to last longer inside her. The feeling was like no other he had felt, her pussy was literally grabbing onto his cock and jerking it off. It was the most amazing feeling ever,and he didn’t want it to end. They were both so close to orgasiming, moaning and sweating. He pumped a few more times and he knew it, he couldn’t hold it in any longer, he had to cum right now. He pulled out his cock and moved towards Evas face, she stuck her tongue awaiting his sweet man juices, rubbing her pussy with her hand she was ready to cum as well. Austin let out a huge groan and came all over Evas tongue, there was so much , it was dripped down her lips and along her chest. She came at the exact same time as him, her legs were shaking, trying to keep her balance, they both let out little moans of relief. She swallowed every last bit of his cum and even licked it off her lips, after licking her pussy juices off her fingers. They both laid there, no clothes, no worries, and cuddled while they fell asleep.

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Ahead of time;SORRY FOR ANY MISTAKES. I KNOW THERES ALOT OF ‘EM ,BUT I WROTE THIS IN LIKE 25 MINS. SO BARE WITH ME HERE. :]<br>Theres this guy I like alot and well I like writing eroctic stories. Anyway.. I asked if he wanted me to write him one and he said yeah. So this is it.Sorry it’s so long and, to those think it shouldve been longer, i don’t like to drag my work on. Enjoy :]

After School Special

I was in New York City when I met up with this girl just walking home from high school. She looked so hot in her high school uniform. She was a 5’3″ slim/slender brunette wearing her blue shirt and her blue short skirt and her sneakers. Her name is Vanessa. I was 6 years older than her. We rode in the subway holding hands and my hands. I kept thinking I’m going to fuck this little girl. All she did was smile at me and gave me a peck on the cheek. When we got to her apartment, her parents were still at work. We got to her bedroom. Her bedroom had Hello Kitty posters all over and I started kissing her while we were standing. We went tongue to tongue, my black dick(I’m black, she’s white) was getting hard and I started grabbing her little tits and rubbing her little teeny pussy. She never even had a boyfriend and she never kissed anyone so I was gonna teach her how to suck cock. I told her to get down on her knees. She was still wearing her high school uniform. I unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock.

She’s like wow that big. I said “I’m gonna put this in your mouth sweetheart.” She opened her mouth and my dick went in there and she said “Whoa!!” I said “You like it?” She nodded her head. My cock went back into her mouth and she started sucking it slowly for five minutes. Then I started throat fucking her and she had watery eyes. I didn’t care. I fucked her mouth HARD and she gagged several times she was on her knees. We got on her bed and she laid on her bed, I got on top of her and I fucked her mouth. Then I turned her around on her bed and started grabbing her teeny ass, pulled up her skirt and pulled down her white underwear and stick my cock in her ass. I fucked her doggystyle for 30 minutes while I grabbed her tits with her blue shirt and skirt still on.

Afterwards I started playing with her ass, rubbing it kissing it, spanking it the whole nine. Then I rubbed my cock on her ass for five minutes and I grabbed her head and had her suck my cock again. That lasted 3 minutes then I fucked her again and I had cum splashing on her face and her uniform. Then I left her in her room while she was walking sideways and her hair all messed up. I just finished turned this innocent little girl into a dirty slut.

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Me living in New York City fucking the shit out of this high school slut