Love thy Neighbour

As Joanne did her university work in front of the TV on Saturday night, she heard the doorbell ring. She set down her book and got up. She looked through the peep hole and rolled her eyes. It was Carl, a friend of her step dad, Carl was in his thirties but quite handsome in a quite brooding sort of way. He had never married preferring instead to travel to more exotic corners of the earth often for months at a time.. something most wives would not have tolerated.

“Hey Carl, what’s up,” she said casually.

“I was looking for your dad, is he around?” Joanne never understood Carl. He was in his late thirties, not bad looking, but he was never around women and socialised with her parents.

“No, sorry, they are away for the weekend,” she said. “But he’ll be back tomorrow.”

“Oh, no worries, I just wanted to borrow his golfing gloves.”

“Here, come on in… I think they are in the garage.”

Joanne led him down the hall to the garage. Carl was surprised to see how untidy the garage was since the rest of the house was always kept spotless. As Joanne began rooting through the piles of junk and clutter, Carl began to notice things he never noticed before. Even though he had only known Joanne for just over two years ago, it seemed she had grown up so much. He took in the beauty of the woman in front of him, full perky breasts, flat stomach, and legs that seemed.. well to go on forever. Looking at her face he noticed it seemed to glow with youth and sophistication. Then she bent down to look through a box of sports gear that was when Carl saw something he never thought would affect him. Her backside….. her skirt had risen up and you could see her bare butt just covered by the thinnest  strips of material. He never thought a girl almost half his age would make him stiff but he could feel the first signs of his erection as he stared at the vision in front of him.

“It’s just I saw you bending down, then the coffee made your T-shirt see-through, and I couldn’t help it”

Suddenly Carl was jolted out of his trance as Joanne exclaimed “Ah ha! Here they are,” He felt awkward for ever having such thoughts, but it was too late. Joanne had noticed his stare and more importantly noticed a bulge in Carl’s trousers.

Was it her imagination she wasn’t quite sure but she saw a definite bulge in her neighbour’s pants. On way to find out.. she threw one of the gloves down in front of her, she bent down again, this time far enough to make sure he could see what lay below her thong. Turning her head slightly she could see, Carl’s erection grow. He couldn’t help it, he was hypnotised.

Joanne’s mind began to race. She’d had sex once with her old boyfriend, but they were both virgins so the experience was awkward and uncomfortable. Joanne decided to take it slow and see what happened – after all, everyone was always telling her to be more spontaneous.

“Would you like some coffee?” she asked.

“Well I really should be going, but… Sure why not,” he answered harmlessly.

They talked for a few minutes while Joanne made the coffee. She used this time to decide on a plan, only to be interrupted by the coffee maker. Joanne thought as she poured the coffee. She let it cool a while before she brought it over to Carl. She made her way towards him until she was inches from his face.

“Oh,” she exclaimed purposefully spilling the coffee across her chest. She began to wipe it off, still inches from his face, making sure to brush the her hand over her braless nipples, causing them to harden. “Here, let me get a napkin,” she said reaching over him towards the counter, almost brushing his face with her breasts. Carl couldn’t believe it, this must be a sign right?

In a moment of madness she allowed herself to fall back and landing on his lap straddling him. She felt his bulge digging into her crotch through his pants and her pussy moistened. By the time she got up there was a large wet spot on his crotch. It could have been his pre-cum but Joanne knew better.

“I’m so sorry,” she said, and began wiping the spot, causing his manhood to grow, therefore making the spot even bigger.

Embarrassed by her inappropriate actions, Joanne broke down and cried. Carl did his best to comfort her. “Joanne, don’t cry, I’m the one who should be sorry. It’s just I saw you bending down, then the coffee made your T-shirt see-through, and I couldn’t help it.”

She gathered her composure and did her best to go back to her plan. Frantically Joanne kissed him, forcing her tongue down his throat pushing him back down onto the sofa.

“Are you sure?” Carl managed to say between kisses. She stopped once again, embarrassed, and nodded. “Then let’s take it slow,” Carl said and he slid his fingers down her belly until he reached the bottom of her T-shirt. He raised it over her head, exposing her breasts; she blushed as he caressed them. Carl slowly took each one in a hand and raised the nipples to his mouth. As he sucked Joanne let out low soft moans of pleasure.

She took off his shirt and reached for his belt buckle. Carl stopped her and laid her down, got off the coach and knelt in front of her. Then he unzipped her skirt and let it drop to the floor. Joanne shuddered.

With only her drenched thong protecting her pussy, Carl grew more and more, his cock aching in his pants. He pushed her thong aside and teased her clit with his tongue. Without his even entering her, she slid into her first orgasm, gasping loud and cumming hard.

Carl unzipped his pants and slid his cock into her mouth. Eager to please, she nearly swallowed it, pumping hard down her throat and back up. He came faster than ever before, all the time wondering how an almost virgin could give such good head. She swallowed every drop. Carl collapsed beside her on the carpet.

Joanne was now recovered from her first orgasm, she began touching herself, something she’d never have done before this. Carl became hard again as he watched her fingers probe and explore before she brushed his lips with her cum soaked fingers, Carl licked eagerly.

As she saw his cock swell again, her excitement grew, she sat on top of him, her back at his face, and began grinding onto him, taking his prick all of the way in her and back out so the head almost fell out before drawing it all the way back inside her.She rode him for a while until they both began rocking in sync. Carl felt her tight pussy clench and her legs begin to shake. Her fanny muscles squeezed his cock to the verge of cumming. As soon as her climax passed, she cruelly pulled off of him, not allowing him the satisfaction of burying his load deep within her. She smirked and walked away, leaving him with the image of her ass wiggling down the hallway.

Joanne returned with mischievous look on her face, hands behind her back, obviously hiding something. She positioned herself in a 69 on their sides. She licked his pulsing member until she felt him slip three fingers into her soaking pussy.. She pumped harder and harder with her hand while nibbling at his head. Joanne had her third orgasm while her hand brought him to what would be his second.

He came hard, spurting out hot sticky cum. She used Carl’s cum to lubricate the dildo she had hid behind her back. Just as he seemed to have squeezed every last drop out she slid the vibrator into his ass hole. Without a pause for his spent cock to re-harden, he felt loads of fresh cum spewing from his penis, Joanne was surprised at just how much… before he collapsed on the floor, completely exhausted and thoroughly satisfied.

After a rest, Joanne began cleaning the carpet and couch, both were soaked with her cum. Carl had left in a trance golfing gloves in hand, though golf was the last thing on his mind.

And both were eager for the next time her parents were out.

After Hours at the Office

My sex life has been anything but regular over the past few months. So when Carmela dropped her pocket rocket and it rolled beneath my desk, I was aroused. Carmela replaced the old receptionist about two weeks earlier. Very vuluptuous 26 y/o with a body to die for. I kicked her little toy between my feet, smiling as I spun the chair around to face her. Her face was flushed as she stammered trying to speak. I put my finger to my lips hushing her as I reached down for the device. Bringing to my nose as reached for her extended hand. Twisting the end it began to vibrate, I pulled her hand over my bulging crotch while sniffing the vibrating tip. Her fingers wrapped my manhood as it strained in my trousers. As I sighed she took her toy from my hand, while squeezing my cock with her other hand, she pushed the cylindrical sphere under her waistband into her crotch. Releasing my cock she ran her fingers over her mouth as she turned away. As I left work, I found an address in an envelope under my windshield wiper.

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