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Island Fever Part 2


Jason went in to shower after dinner, and the rest of us sat out on the patio, enjoying the warm evening. Jason joined us a few minutes later, laying a box on one of the chairs. He announced, “Carrie and Jan, you are two incredibly hot women, and you have done an excellent, no, an unbelievable job keeping things exciting and hot. But tonight, Ben and I are in charge. We will be role playing, servants and masters, and it begins right now. Do you both understand?” he asked sternly.

“Yes Master,” they answered, falling quickly into the roles.

“Just remember,” he continued, “that there will be a price to be paid for disobedience, so make sure you comply exactly with our instructions.”

“Yes Master.”

“Go take off all of your clothes, hang them up, and get in the shower together. You are to wash each others’ asses and cunts thoroughly, and be back here in ten minutes, exactly. You are to be naked at that time and ready for inspection. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master,” as they nearly sprinted for the cottage.

When they had gone, Jason confirmed that he had been able to purchase everything we needed for his fantasy. He had spotted an adult store while we had been shopping earlier, and was able to purchase everything else at a local hardware store. “I swear, my cock was hard half of the afternoon just thinking about this stuff. Did you and the girls have a good time while I was gone?” he asked with a grin.

“Great,” I answered. “Try it sometime.”

“I will!”

Precisely 10 minutes later, Carrie appeared in front of us, stark naked and spotlessly clean. “Where is Jan?” asked Jason.

“I am sorry, Master, but she is not yet ready. She was fingering her cunt when I left, trying to make herself cum.”

“That is not acceptable,” he said harshly. “Ben, will you please get her and bring her here?”

I went and found Jan doing just as Carrie had indicated, fingering her cunt and trying to cum. I grabbed her hand and made her stop when she was only seconds from going over the top. I put her over my knee and gave her ten hard spanks on the ass. “That is only from me! I have no idea what Jason will do, but he is going to punish you. Don’t expect him to be lenient, and don’t expect me to intervene.”

“I’m sorry, Master. I just wanted to cum.”

I led Jan out to the patio where Jason awaited her with his arms crossed over his chest and a stern look on his face. Carrie was standing next to him, saying nothing.

“Slave, you have been disobedient. I told you to be back in precisely 10 minutes, and you did not make it. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, Master. I know you will have to punish me. I am bad, and I deserve to be punished.”

“And punished you will be,” he said. He turned to Carrie, and said, “Go to our room and get the switch. Do not be long, or it will be your fate as well.”

“Yes, Master,” she replied, and she headed back to the cottage, returning in less than one minute with what appeared to be a switch made of birch or some similar wood. It seemed innocuous enough, so maybe he was letting Jan off easy.

He took the switch from Carrie’s hand, and ordered Jan to bend over the table, offering her ass to him. As she bent over the table, Jason said, “This will hurt, but you are not to move no matter how much it does so. I will be giving you 20 lashes with the switch, and every time you move I will add five extra to your punishment. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master.”

He stepped to her left side. Raised the switch over his shoulder, and sent it flying squarely onto Jan’s ass where it left a welt across both cheeks that immediately turned red. I saw her tighten her grip, but she did not cry out and she did not move. He lashed her again and again until her ass was a crisscrossed mass of red welts. He handed some lotion to Carrie and ordered her to rub it into Jan’s ass to soothe the burn.

He kept Jan bent over the table, while the three of us enjoyed another glass of wine, a privilege that was denied Jan. All three of us enjoyed looking at her ass, and Jason and I occasionally walked over to her, putting some of the lotion on our fingers before sliding them into her asshole. Being obedient now, she did not complain nor cry, although I knew she was actually enjoying the ass fingering!

Jason finally let her stand up, and he ordered the two women to stand facing me with their backs toward him. He went over to the box he had brought out earlier and pulled out the slave collars the girls had used last New Years up at the cabin. He put one around each girl’s throat and tightened them firmly in place. His box next yielded two blindfolds. Jason placed them over their eyes so they would not be able to see where we were going or what we were doing.

He threw me a leash and kept one for himself. “Which one of these cunts do you want to train?”

“I’ll start with Carrie,” I replied. I hooked the leash to Carrie’s collar, and Jason did the same with Jan. Although it was still daylight, we kept them naked as we started out along the island trails. Although it was really not that far to the copse of trees, we took the long way around, taking many side trails and going in circles to try to cloud their sense of where they were, and how far from the cottage. We even led them out onto the beach on the far side of the island, counting on its privacy to keep unwanted eyes from seeing our women.

The three trees we were planning to use were in a row running parallel to the beach, and in plain view of it. Jason had stashed the box of supplies he had picked up earlier, and he went to get it while I held Jan’s leash as well as Carrie’s. It was obvious Jason was going to need a hand, so I led the two slaves to a nearby tree and ordered them both down onto all fours. I looped the handles of the leashes over a convenient broken branch, and ordered them to neither change position nor talk to each other under penalty of punishment.

The three trees were close enough that if the girls were spread eagle, their hands and feet would be close enough to the trees for us to be able to secure them there. We tied coils of rope around each tree, and then got the box of items from the adult shop ready for use.

Since Carrie had been well behaved, I decided to bring her over first. I allowed her to get to her feet, and then led her by the leash to the trees. “You have been a good slave, so far,” I said. I kissed her gently on the lips and gently stroked her hair. “Your training should go well!”

“Thank you, Master.”

I let the leash dangle behind her while Jason and I attached bondage cuffs to both her wrists and ankles. We extended her hands straight out from her side, and tied off the cuffs to the coil of rope attached to the tree on the left, and the one in the center. We next spread her legs as far as possible and tied her ankles off to the trees as well. This left her spread eagle between the trees, fully exposed front and rear, cunt and ass alike.

I then went back for Jan. I forced her to crawl over to the trees as further punishment for her earlier defiance. Jason spanked her ass hard 10 more times, and then we yanked her to her feet. We attached the bondage cuffs, and tied her off to the tree on the right and the one in the center. The result was the two naked women were firmly secured, spread eagle and side by side, to the three palm trees. There was still some daylight, and they were fully exposed on the beach should anyone happen along in a boat.

We ordered them not to speak, telling them we had a digital recorder right in front of them to monitor their compliance. We then left them there, tied to the trees, and went back to the cottage, which in reality was only about five minutes away. We had a glass of wine and quietly reviewed how the rest of the training would go for the evening.

We were back to the girls within about a half an hour, although I am sure it seemed longer to them. We listened to see if they were talking as we approached silently, but we did not hear a sound from them. Their blindfolds were still in place, and the leashes still dangled from their collars. We took turns standing either in front of them enjoying our view of their breasts and cunts, or behind them admiring their well-formed asses. We did not speak to them, and tried to conceal our presence from them for several minutes.

We checked the digital recorder and discovered they had both obeyed the order not to speak, so we had to do no additional punishment in advance of their training. Jason reached into the box of purchases and came out with two pairs of nipple clamps. I walked up to Carrie and sucked and pulled on her nipples until they were firmly erect and then hooked the clamps to her, pulling lightly on the connecting chain to make sure they were secure. She moaned, gently, and I asked her if they were too tight.

“No Master. They feel fine. Thank you.”

I decided that would not do, so I removed the clamps, adjusted them just a bit tighter, and put them back on Carrie’s nipples. She winced this time, but did not cry out, and I again tugged on the chain to make sure they were properly in place.

Satisfied the clamps were set tight enough, I watched Jason hungrily sucking Jan’s nipples. They stood out proudly from her areoles, and my cock throbbed a bit at their site.

“Do you think she had been adequately punished yet for her disobedience?” Jason asked me,

“No, I don’t,” I replied. “She will need more persuasion or you can never hope for her to be a good slave.”

He nodded his agreement, and then decided to remove the vinyl caps from the nipple clamp, leaving nothing but metal at the point of contact. Being blindfolded, Jan had no idea what was coming, and she bit hard into her lip when Jason firmly clamped each nipple. “Thank you, Master. I deserve to be punished.”

It was now nearly dark, and Jason and I slipped out of our clothes, freeing our cocks from their confinement, and allowing the slightly cooler night air to wash over our bodies. I walked up behind Carrie and gently stroked her hair with one hand and her ass with the other. I again complimented her on her obedience, and told her that she was a very hot slave who would soon be rewarded. Jason was telling Jan how disappointed he was with her, and asking her if she would do as she was told from now on. She was nearly in tears from having been humiliated, but she also seemed very willing to obey and receive the rewards for doing so. “I’m sorry, Master. I will never disobey you again.”

“That had better be the case,” he replied. “The next mistake will result in more serious consequences!”

We backed up again, and began to admire the girls, and talked out loud about how hot they looked stretched out side-by-side attached to the trees. We spoke to each other, making comments about how much we enjoyed their asses, and how nice their tits were. Jason had some more tricks up his sleeve, though, and he went back to his box of tricks.

He got out to lengths of lightweight chain and put one around each of their waists, and fastened the ends of the chains by means of a snap hook. He next pulled out a dildo and a butt plug from the box, as well as the jar of petroleum jelly. He greased up the butt plug and handed it to me. He nodded in Jan’s direction, so I walked over to her and shoved the plug up her ass, holding it in place. He, in turn, took the dildo and started working it in and out of her cunt until she began to lubricate, allowing him to insert it all the way.

I pulled the leash down Jan’s back and wedged the chain between her ass cheeks, locking the butt plug in place. Jason pulled it up over her cunt to hold the dildo securely in her snatch. He attached the leash chain to the chain around her waste using the snap hook. Jan was writhing more than a little bit. “Thank you, Masters. It feels good. I am your slave.”

We moved over to Carrie and repeated the process on her, and both girls were tied to the trees with both their asses and cunts stuffed! We sat on the blanket and enjoyed the view, especially that of their cunts and asses. Our erections were becoming more of an issue, so we decided to move forward with the training. We decided to train Carrie first, the additional spread eagle time for Jan being the last of her punishment. We disconnected the leash from the waist chain, removed the plugs and the chain itself, and then released her from the bondage cuffs. She stood there for a few moments with her hands at her side to allow the blood to circulate back into her arms and hands. “Thank you, Master. I am ready.”

I kissed her hard and told her how proud I was of her. I put her down on all fours and led her by means of the leash over to the edge of the blanket. I stood her up and brushed the sand from her knees and feet and then ordered her to step carefully onto the blanket. The collar, leash, blindfold and nipple clamps were all still in place.

“Your lesson tonight will involve your obedience of my orders. My first order to you is that you must also obey Jason’s orders. Do you understand?”

“Yes Master. What is your bidding?”

“Get down on your knees and spread your legs.” When she complied, I ordered her to begin fingering her cunt and playing with her clit until she made herself cum. She was already so randy that it took only a couple of minutes.

“Thank you, Master. I needed the release.”

“That was your reward for obedience. As you know, Jan has still not been allowed to cum because of her disobedience. That is one of the consequences.”

I moved around in front of her and handed Jason the leash. “You are now going to suck my cock, but you will do it the way I tell you. Is that clear?”

“Yes Master.”

“Slave, start by kissing the head of my cock all over. Good! Now kiss your way down to my balls. Gently suck each ball into your mouth and hold it there for a moment. Great! Now lick my cock from the base all the way to the tip, just like an ice cream cone. Do that ten times. Now put your mouth over the head of my cock and suck me until I tell you to stop, but do not go even one second longer or I will have to punish you.”

Her head bobbed back and forth on my cock, taking it all the way down to the hilt.

“Stop!” I ordered. Jason and I now traded places and he handed me the leash. You are now to suck Jason’s cock exactly the way you did mine, making sure you stop when he orders you to do so.”

She worked enthusiastically on his cock until he finally ordered her to stop. “Excellent,” he told her. You are a great cocksucker!”

“Thank you, Master. I love to suck cock. I want to be the best cocksucker I can be. I want to obey and please you.”

I pulled on her leash and said it was time to go on with the training. “During the next part of your training, you can make as much noise as you want, but you are to say nothing of what was is happening to you. And, if you are very good, I might even remove your blindfold so you can watch what we do to Jan.”

“Thank you, Master. I will be good. I will not tell. I want to watch you train Jan.”

“Good, slave. You are a good slave, a terrific cocksucker, and a first class cunt!”

“Thank you, Master.” She meant it.

Jason laid down on his back on the blanket. I led Carrie over to him, making her straddle him. She eased herself down, and Jason guided her firmly onto his cock. She kept on going until she had all eleven inches of Jason’s cock buried in her cunt. She let out a contented groan and started grinding up and down on the huge cock, and she began to pant and moan with pleasure. I stopped her movement and handed the leash to Jason. He pulled on Carrie’s leash until she was fully bent over him, his cock still imbedded in her cunt, and her ass fully exposed to me.

Carrie’s ass was still well lubricated from the insertion of the butt plug, so I put some petroleum jelly on my cock, and knelt down behind her, straddling Jason’s legs. I touched the head of my cock to her ass, and she let out an involuntary yelp, but then hushed when Jason yanked on the nipple clamp chain sharply! I slowly eased my cock into her ass until I was all the way down to the hilt. She started to wiggle, and that helped me get firmly entrenched in her ass. I looked over to where Jan struggled against her restraints, trying to figure out what was going on.

None of us had ever done this before, so it took a couple of minutes for us to get into a comfortable rhythm, but we were soon operating like a well oiled machine. This was amazing! Carrie had eleven inches of cock in her cunt and another nine up her ass, but she thrashed away with her hips, apparently enjoying being reamed out this way. She came suddenly and without warning, and her spasms caused her head and hips to sway violently, causing her to yelp even more.

Carrie began to cum again almost immediately, and, in the course of about five minutes, she came three more times. We continued to pump in and out of her, and she neither let up her efforts nor asked us to stop, not that we would have done so. It was too much for me, and the cum came gushing out of me, feeling like it was going a yard up her ass. She clamped down with her ass muscles and held me firmly in place until Jason had likewise filled her cunt with cum!

Jason and I pulled out of her, and she collapsed on the blanket. “Good slave! You get to watch!” Although she could barely stand, we led her back to the trees and reattached her to the restraints, spread eagling her once again. She had cum dripping out of her cunt and out of her ass, making a puddle on the ground between her legs.

We needed some time to recover, so I jogged back to the cottage and washed my cock while Jason guarded the slaves. We dared not leave them alone or Carrie might be tempted to tell Jan what she was in store for her. Although there would be some variations with Jan, the end event would be identical!

When I got back, Jason ran off to wash up, and was back in just a few minutes. Jan was getting very edgy, pulling at her restraints, and begging for her turn. “Please fuck me, Master. Please!”

We decided not to punish her for speaking out of turn. She had been restrained for a long time now, and had endured hearing Carrie repeatedly pleasured. We removed the dildo, butt plug and chains, and released her from the restraints. After giving her a couple of minutes to get the blood flow going, Jason handed the leash to me, and instead used the nipple clamp chain to pull her over to the blanket. She moaned and yelped, but she was obedient and did as she was told, thanking us for punishing her, but asking to be fucked.

Jason forced her to her knees. “Ben tells me you’re the best cocksucker in the world. Prove it to me!” She got to work on him and got him hard as could be, and she was squirming with anticipation as she sucked on him. He stopped her, and ordered her to give me the same treatment, which she enthusiastically did, flicking the tip of her tongue along the shaft of my cock, and nearly swallowing my entire cock. I ordered her to stop before I got too far gone.

Jason lifted her to her feet, grabbed the back of her hair, and kissed her hard, shoving his tongue down her throat. He pulled his lips away, but continued to hold her hair and said, “You are an excellent cocksucker. But you have one more test to see if you’re training is advancing satisfactorily. Do as you’re told, and there will be no need of further punishment tonight. But, do not make any mistakes. Lay on your back on the blanket.

She immediately complied, and Jason kneeled at her head, his throbbing erection just inches from her mouth. I glanced over at Carrie and saw that she was wide eyed with excitement as she knew what was about to happen. Jason tipped back Jan’s head, and slid his cock all the way into her mouth and down her throat in one move. It was amazing to watch. Jan did not so much as gag, which was hard to believe. The image was unbelievable, this huge cock impossibly imbedded in Jan’s throat. He started to work gently in and out of her mouth. She whimpered and squirmed, but we could tell that she loved what he was doing to her.

Carrie looked like she needed some relief, so I fingered her cunt until she came twice, Jason reaming out Jan’s throat the entire time. Although she herself had cum, Carrie never removed her eyes from the tableau on the blanket here on the beach. We had seen it before back in the cabin at New Years, but this seemed different somehow, probably because this was being done with Jan in bondage rather than her asking for it herself.

Jason pulled his cock out of Jan’s mouth, and she begged him saying, “Please, Master, fuck my mouth. Cum in my mouth.” She was panting and nearly frantic. He smacked her once on the ass to bring her out of it, and then lay on his back on the blanket.

He ordered Jan to impale herself on his cock, and he did not need to tell her twice. Her cunt was already sopping wet, and Jason’s entire cock disappeared into her almost instantly. She let out a scream of delight, and then began pumping up on down on his cock until he stopped her. She came several times and begged him to keep fucking her. He pulled her face down to his using the leash, and he kissed her hard and long. Carrie looked at me, and I smiled back. I gave her a very tender kiss and told her I would be back for her shortly.

I greased up my cock and came around behind Jan. I was glad her blindfold was still in place as I wanted my penetration to come as a surprise to her. I knelt behind her, seized her hips, lined up my cock with her tight asshole, and drove it home before she had time to figure out what was going on. She screamed, “Yes!

I glanced over at Carrie, and she was wild eyed, jealously watching us do to Jan what had already been done to her. We caught the rhythm more quickly this time, and we soon had Jan thrashing with abandon, the mixture of pain and pleasure an intoxication for her. She had two more orgasm and I could tell she was totally into what was going on. Jason came first this time, but I soon shot a big wad of cum up her ass as she collapsed onto Jason’s chest.

“Thank you, Master,” she managed to say.

Using the leash, Jason led her back to the trees, and we reconnected her restraints. We had them both spread eagle again, and it was a vision to behold. We removed their nipple clamps, and the sudden rush of blood caused them both to cry out. We kissed their nipples and massaged them to help alleviate the pain. Jason removed Jan’s blindfold and threw it in the box with the rest of our accessories. We left them attached to the trees, and walked back to the cottage, leaving the digital recording device running. There was no admonishon not to talk this time. This was out and out spying. We just wanted to hear what they would say to each other.

We showered quickly and then came back for them, fully dressed and looking no different than we would if we were walking down one of the streets in town. I released Carrie from her bonds and she fell into my arms. When Jan was released, she was so wobbly that Jason had to literally catch her to keep her from falling. We threw things into the box, but left everything there deciding it would be safe until the morning.

We used the leashes to lead them back to the cottage where we removed the collars and leashes. They showered off, and we ordered them to get into the Jacuzzi. We went inside and listened to our little recording.

Jan’s voice was the first heard. “I have never been so well fucked in my life. I had no idea what they were doing to you, Carrie. All I knew is that based on the noise you were making, whatever it was, I wanted them to do it to me, too!”

“They did the same thing to me, except that they also had you deep throat Jason. My turn for that next, OK? You’ve already had him that way twice. You cannot imagine how hot you looked with that cock of his completely in your mouth! If I could have gotten loose, I would have come over there and licked your cunt and made you cum while he was in your throat. It was the hottest thing I have ever seen!”

Jan went on about how she didn’t think it was possible for her to get two such big cocks in her at one time, how she had never felt so full or cum so hard. “I know what you mean,” said Carrie. “It was incredible. I wanted to touch myself so badly that I was literally crawling up the walls.”

“I’d love to know whose idea this one was,” said Jan.

The rest of the recording was much the same, the only remarkable piece of information being that after the initial pain of the clamps and double fucking, they felt nothing but pleasure. Jason and I grinned and decided Jason’s fantasy had been well worth living out.

We walked back out to the Jacuzzi and helped the girls out. They looked spectacular there on the patio, two very pretty, very hot women with outstanding bodies, dreams for any man. They showered, and we ordered them to dry each other off again. We did not bother to reattach the collars and leashes, but ordered them to go back into the cottage.

They were each given a glass of wine, and some crackers and cheese which we had prepared for a snack. They were still naked, and Jason and I were still fully dressed. We moved back into the living room, and we told them that we had one more task for them for the night. “You two are both outstanding slaves, and two of the best cunts and cocksuckers that ever lived.” They both smiled appreciatively, knowing it really was a compliment.

“Thank you, Master.”

“You performed so well tonight, that we have decided to reward you. Come on back into the bedroom.”

We had removed everything from the king sized bed except the bottom sheet and a couple of pillows. Jason ordered Jan to climb up on the bed, and I ordered Carrie to do the same. “When you have completed this task, your bondage will be over and you will be free. We order the two of you to make love to each other. You may do that however you like, and we will watch,” I said.

“Thank you Master,” answered Carrie. “This will be the perfect ending to a perfect evening.”

They looked at each other, then nearly lunged at each other, kissing each other deeply, crushing their breasts together. Carrie took one of her own breasts in her hand while Jan followed suit, both of them kneading their tits and pulling their nipples. They pressed their nipples together, and rubbed them in a circular motion. They sucked each others’ nipples, stroked hair lovingly, and hugged each other frequently.

Jan rolled over on her stomach, offering her ass to Carrie. Carrie spread her cheeks and then aggressively rimmed out Jan’s ass with her tongue. She slopped Jan’s asshole up with saliva, and then slid her middle finger into it, sliding in and out rapidly. Carrie flipped over onto her back, and Jan shoved her middle finger into Carrie’s cunt, which was already sopping with her cum. Jan used the cunt juice to lubricate Carrie’s asshole, and then returned the favor by sliding a finger into her ass. She shoved her thumb into Carrie’s cunt, and then double clutched her, stimulating both holes at the same time. She sucked the juices from Carrie’s cunt from her thumb, and then looked longingly into her eyes.

Jan rolled over on her back, and Carrie got herself facing the opposite direction. She moved in and kissed Jan on the lips, alternately licking and biting them. She moved down to Jan’s neck, kissing and sucking as she went. She moved down to Jan’s nipples, and began sucking on one while she pulling and twisting the other with her hand. Jan’s mouth found one of Carrie’s nipples, and they were soon both moaning with pleasure.

Carrie kissed her way across Jan’s abdomen, and I could see her stomach muscles flutter in response. She worked her way down toward Jan’s cunt, finally reaching under Carrie’s thighs, pulling her legs apart, separating her cunt lips, and then rapidly flicking her clit with her tongue. Jan moaned and sighed, and quickly exploded in orgasmic ecstasy. Carrie started plunging her tongue in and out of the opening of Jan’s cunt, and her head began thrashing back and forth. Jan reached up and grabbed Carrie’s ass, pulling her cunt down into her own waiting mouth.

They ate each other with utter zeal, and they both had each others’ cum all over their faces. They both had multiple orgasms, the last one in tandem. They fell apart, turned around so they were both facing the same way, and then kissed each other once more. They cuddled back up with each other and almost instantly fell asleep, exhausted by having cum so many times in one evening. I threw a sheet over them. Then Jason and I left the bedroom, pulled out a couple of beers, and sat at the kitchen table, telling each other how lucky we were to have experienced what we did today. We agreed it was memorable, and then reminded each other that it was only Tuesday! What else might the week have in store?


All four of us were pretty well wiped out after the events of Tuesday, and we decided we might have to back it down a notch or two until we all had time to recover. We went out to the site of the prior evening’s incredible goings on and picked up all of our belongings. There was a rake at the cottage, and we used it to smooth out the sand around the trees and make sure we had left no sign of our presence behind.

We took the shuttle boat over to the main island, and once again rented a car for the day. We expanded our exploration, discovering quaint little villages, and magnificent views of the sea.

We found another secluded little beach, and sat for a while just talking about how fortunate we were to have each other, and how wonderful the trip had been. We were all a bit high on the enormity of everything. It had been a big week. Carrie and Jason were now married, and the four of us had solidified our own unique relationship by going to new sexual heights, and feeling new feelings.

We found our way home in time for dinner at the cottage. We were all so exhausted that we were in bed and asleep by 9:30 PM without so much as one tryst throughout the day. Like I said, we all needed to recover. I slept like a baby that night.

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