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Pregnant blonde


Wittney was a hot number. Especially 6 months pregnant. She was about 5 foot eight with dark olive skin and a small tight cunt with a landing strip shaved into her crotch.

Andy glanced at her with a type of man who hadn’t blown his semen in a year. Of course they weren’t girlfriend and boyfriend. Wittney’s boyfriend had been an alcoholic, always abandoning her for the bar with his friends.

Andy had stepped up to fill her pussy with the man meat she craved.

“You know,Andy. If you were to put a baby in me, it would be so pretty. It would have our dark skin, our green eyes, everything”

The naked whore made his prick rock hard and at full size as she took her small manicured hand and stroked his 8 inch penis, licking the pre cum that oozed from his fat dick.

“I’m sure this is your baby in me, Morgan won’t fuck me anymore, he slaps me and calls me a dirty whore”. Andy’s dick flowed with precum as she licked his helmet and strached his thigh with her new salon nails.

“I just found out, I’m having fucking twins baby! Can you believe that? You got a total whore with your two babies inside, and the only way to calm them down is for mommy to cum”

Andy’s dick became harder than ever. A gorgeous preggo whore with his babies inside her began to take every inch of his throbbing cock into her small, pretty mouth.

Wittney began to rub her little pink snatch with a white fingernail and moaned around his thick prick. “Ohhh” and “Ummmm” she muttered around his thick cock.

A second later the pregnant whore began to rub her bulging dark tummy with her right hand, soothing the twins inside her womb.
She sucked Andy’s cock angrily, sucking every drop of precum into her stomach.

“Oh god, give me more, you know I’m eating for three sweetie” she begged for his baby batter, licking the under side of his cock and gently squezzing his big balls. She continued licking up his oozing cock and began to rotate rubbing her soft, sensitive cunt lips and nurturing her two kids inside.

WIttney gave Andy’s dick one last hard suck, making sure to get the pre cum into her tummy. She dropped his prick and lay on her back on the bed, rubbing her pregnant belly with one hand and violently rubbing her clit with the other.

“God Andy, I just love being pregnant and having a fat cock in me” That was all it took, he trust his engorged dick into her tight and wet pussy, burying his thick prick balls deep.

“Ohh fuck yes, baby, will you get me pregnant again?” She moaned as a fat penis hit her insides and her pussy juice coated his dick. “Ohh god wittney, I wanna get you pregnant 10 times, you nasty slut”

He smacked her face, which Wittney moaned at. ” Fuck, ohh god. I feel like I’m stuffed. That’s it, smack me like a dirty slut.”

Andy rammed his throbbing prick into his baby’s mom, rubbing her clit with his pubic bone. A pretty pregnant whore was what he had always dreamed of, and he hoped Wittney enjoyed this pleasure as much as he had. It was like her pussy had a vacumm grip, always sucking at his cock and seeming to suck his baby batter tightly into her cervix.

Now he rode her doggy style as she made a rubbed a circle into her tummy and moaned. “Give me that cum baby, ohh god” she screamed.

Just right then his friend ryan had walked in. “Cum here” Wittney demanded loudly. She fumbeled with Ryan’s belt and jean zipper until finally a 6 inch cock flopped from the denim. It wasn’t as thick or long as Andy’s, but it would satisfy her double hole needs.

She pointed at Andy and Ryan. “I want you in the front Andy, and I want ryan in the back” Gently, the twin carrying girl sat down unto Ryan’s cock with her pink tight asshole.

She rubbed her pussy lips, which were dripping with pre cum and her own pussy juices. Inch by inch, she slid her dark tiny ass onto ryans’s cock, begging Andy for front entrance.

“Oh, GOD!!” she screamed as Ryan’s prick had almost fully penetrated her small tight asshole. Quickly, Andy entered her pregnant cunt until his balls rubbed the insides her pussy, Wittney braced herself unto the bed with her petite arms, moaning at each stroke.

She felt a crazy pressure at the place between her cunt and asshole, two hard cocks rocking back and forth and filling up her love holes. At one point Andy and Ryan had picked up the twin bearing whore, holding her up with none other than fat dicks and a single hand each. Wittney buried her blushed and sweaty face into Andy’s chest. Between a cock rubbing his against Wittney’s thin wall and her very pregnant belly bouncing againt his pelvis, Andy screamed and slapped Wittney’s beautiful face so hard she screamed in pain.

Finally, they all screamed in orgasm, filling Wittney’s pregnant cunt with a load of new baby batter and Ryan cumming into her tight little asshole.

“Fuck me you studs, I love having twins in me Andy, but they need dick’s for mommy, you better fuck mommy hard, fucking hard baby, give it to me” She smacked Andy’s ass hard with a “whack!” sound. Between Ryan’s fully flared cock in her air tight asshole and Andy’s cock in her small pussy, her only release was to scream into the ceiling, releasing the only way she could.

Ryan began to work a finger into her asshole along with his cock, the double preggo slut moaned louder, sexier with his finger. “Ohh god!!!” he slipped another two fingers into her impregnated body, she shaked into an orgasm as she yelled “Kiss me, baby daddy”

She shoved every possible part of her tongue into Andy’s mouth as she orgasmed from her shithole and pussy, her arms smacking against his back.

Though she begged for a release from her overstuffed tight asshole and a filled pregnant pussy, neither of them released their fingers or cocks form her tight holes.

Instead, Andy shoved two fingers into her pussy, feeling the walls stretch as the tips entered her precious pussy. “I know this might hurt a bit baby, but the two babie’s will come out better I promise”

There Wittney was held suspended in mid air, her twin girl’s kicking her tummy, three fingers and a thick cock in her asshole, a thicker cock in her pussy with two fingers under the shaft.

The amount of stimulation in her twin love holes drive her insane. The babies kicked hard against Andy’s stomach. Her toes, fingers, legs and arms switched with demonic violence. Andy slapped her face as hard as he could, rightafter rubbing his baby daughters in this smokin hot whore’s belly.

They all came just like that. Ryan shot a load of cum into Wittney’s strecthed shithole, Andy unloading literally half a gallon of new baby batter into her pussy, which seemed to suck up his baby maker into her cervix.

Wittney and Andy now go to ultrasounds, waiting for the twins to be born to make room for other babies.

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