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Mom Had No Business


Last week was my 18th birthday and Mom got me a laptop computer,its great I can sit on my bed and use it.
Monday morning she walked into my room without knocking and thats not right.
My screen had just brought up 18 yr.old rapes his 40 yr.old Mom amd my Mom is 40.
The woman on the screen had on a white bathrobe and so did Mom.
The woman on the screen was a little heavy with big tits and so is my Mom. I had my back to the door and didn’t hear her come in she saw the screen and yelled ” I didn’t get you that so you could watch that stuff.”
I jumped when I heard her voice and the computer keep showing pictures of the boy pushing his Mom to the bed her robe was open and her hairy pussy was it plain view.
My hard prick was in view because I had no pants on. I don’t know if Mom was looking at the screen or my prick. She came over to the bed and started hitting me I asked her to stop but she keep swinging her arms the top off her robe came open and I could see her tits were bare.
I guess I had never thought about sex and my Mom at the same time,but she looked just like the woman on my laptop.
The woman was now nude and the boy was pumping her pussy and holding her down.
Mom was right in front of me and I grabbed the belt of her robe the robe came open and I got my first look at her hairy pussy.
I reached out and grabbed her tit and pushed her on to the bed she landed spread eagle on it. She didn’t close her legs and I could see her whole slit. I jumped on her and held her arms as I didn’t want to get hit any more.
My hard cock was right between her legs and I knew I wanted to fuck her .
She wasted no time in tell me to get to fuck off her and get my prick out from between her legs.
With the belt from her robe I tied her arms togeather and than to the top of my bed. With me laying on her she could not get away and I knew I was going to have her right there on my bed.
I took one of her big tits and started sucking it she told me she was going to put me in jail if I didn’t stop right now.
She was yelling all sorts of things so I whispered in her ear ” If you don’t stop yelling i’m going to put some thing in your mouth like my hard cock.”
Her reply was ” you are a dirty pig and you will be sorry if you stick that thing into me.”
I glanced over at the screen and the boy had his prick in his Mom’s mouth. I just had to show her. ” I hope she bites it off, you and him are dirty pigs” she said.
” Mom I dont want to hurt you,but you are here and so am I and my prick is right at your pussy so I might as well give you a little fuck just relax and it won’t last long” I told her.
” Please don’t do this I have never had any one but your Dad in me ” she replied.
I put my hand between her legs and found her hole and stuck my finger in it then a second one. ” Stop it hurts i’m to tight for this and besides i’m not wet a pussy is suppose to be wet when you put that thing in it” she barked at me.
” Mom if you don’t want it to hurt spread your legs wide ” I told her. She did as I asked and I spit on my fingers and rubbed then around her hole. It seemed to be wet enough so I started rubbing my cock around the opening, than I pushed it in to her she let out a gasp and said ” you going to hurt me you cock is to big. ”
” Mom you are crazy if a baby can come out of your cunt surely my cock can go in ” I said. ” Don’t put it all in, No please ” she started crying.
” Mom relax its all the way in you and now i’m going to fuck you real slow at first then faster and faster and fill you up with cum and your going to help or i’m going to start shoving my fingers up your ass until you start moving your ass and fuck me good” I spoke softly in her ear.
” Oh, Son i’m not any good at this I just lay there and let Dad do what he wants ” she said.
” OH Mom your cunt fells so good I could just fuck you forever ” I said as I started moving a little faster.
” Son, hurry and finish I don’t like this ” she said as she started moving her ass up to meet me.
” Mom I love it keep moving your ass a little faster and I will fill your pussy with cum ” I told her.
” No don’t cum in me No don’t ” she said ” I don’t want your seed in my thing.”
” What thing Mom? ” I asked.
” You know ” she replied.
” Say it Mom and just maybe I won’t ” I said.
” Don’t cum in my pussy,please ” she answered.
” Keep working your ass and make it great for me and maybe I won’t” I lied.
She was realy working it now and I grabbed her tits to hold on . ” Your prick is growing your going to cum take it out quick ” she yelled.
” Not yet Mom keep it up ” again I lied and let my load go deep in her pussy.
” Your cuming in me you son of a bitch ” she yelled at me.
” Thats right Mom your cunt is full of my juice and i’m going to pump every last drop into you and then i’m going to spread your legs open wide and see a real creampie ” I told her.
” Don’t do this to me you leave me no shame your Father has never looked into my pussy after we did it ” she said in a sad voice. I was between her legs now watching my cum run out of her and down her ass crack I reached up and started rubbing her hairy mound then I bent forward and kissed the most beautiful cunt I had ever seen…..

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Al Jones – retired to Florida

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