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Fun With My Uncle


WOW I thought to myself as my Aunt Jennie undressed and ran her bath water. I was in my bedroom closet peeking through the hole in the wall between the closet and the bathroom. I had first discovered it a month before. I noticed a circle of light behind a poster in my bedroom closet one night. I moved the poster and put my eye to the hole and I could see into the bathroom. I had watched a friend of my moms use the bathroom a couple of times and got to look at her big butt while I rubbed my hard on. Then at Thanksgiving Aunt Jennie and Uncle Mike were staying with us with us for a couple of nights. She said she was going in to take a bath and I went to my room. I looked through the hole just as she closed the door. I watched her undress and got rock hard like only a 13 yeard old boy can. I pulled out my cock and started squeezing and stroking it as she got in the tub. I was really getting turned on when a voice whispered “What are you doing?” I turned around and saw my uncle Mike in the big walk in closet with me. He smiled and stepped up to the hole. I knew I was in for it now. Uncle Mike told me that if we played a secret man game he would not tell anyone I was looking at Aunt Jennie. I asked what kind of game and he said “Just look through the hole again.

I will show you”. I looked through the hole and I felt him touch my cock. It was still hard somehow. He stroked me softly and I felt something wet touch my cock. I looked down just as his mouth closed on the my throbbing head. He started moving his lips up and down my cock and it felt so good. I looked through the hole again and Aunt Jennie was out of the tub bending over looking in the cabinet under the sink. I was in heaven looking at her big pretty butt and getting sucked by uncle Mike too. Then she stood up and I saw her putting something in her pussy. It was a douche. I came just as she slid it all the way into her pussy and Uncle Mike swalowed it all. I stayed hard and he kept going on me until I came again. I stopped looking at Aunt Jennie and closed my eyes as Uncle Mike sucked me like a vaccum cleaner riding up and down my cock. It took me about five minutes to cum again and then I started to get soft.

“Our secret right?” Uncle Mike said smiling. “OK sure” I said. He said we would play some more later. Then we went out and got a coke in the kitchen. My Mom came through and asked us if we were taking a bath or shower soon because she was taking a bath next and we would have top wait a while for more hot water. She left and Uncle Mike told me to come on. We went back into the closet after locking my bedroom door behind us. Uncle Mike told me to play with him while he peeked at my Mom. I was a little curious and had to play along with the “game” or he might still tell on me. He polled out his cock and it was long, like 9 inches. It was kind of slim like mine but 3 inches longer. I started to stroke and fondle it for him and he got slowly harder and harder. I got on my knees and took him in my mouth as he watched my Mom get undresseed and bathe. He came pretty quickly it was a lot. He came and came and I couldn’t swallow it all. His cum was very hot, sticky and salty. Finally he stdopped shooting. The he stood me up and kneeled in front of me. He took my limp coc out and sucked into his mouth and sucked me till I was rock hard. He stopped, looked up and told me to watch my Mom. I had never seen her naked before and I felt dirty but Uncle Mike was sucking me so good I could not help myself. Mom started to get out of the water and I saw her huge tits with such big nipples.

I could see her bushy pussy. She dried off some and then turned her back to me, Mmmmm she had a big butt too and I was getting ready to cum. Uncle Mike felt it and slowed down making me wait. Mom dried completely off then sat on the toilet. She spread her legs and then spread her pussy lips open. She put a finger into her pussy! She pushed it all the way in and I exploded into Uncle Mikes mouth. Then she pulled it out and smelled it and then tasted it quickly. Then she slipped her robe on quickly and left the bathroom. I was still hard so Uncle Mike kept sucking me a little while. Then he stopped and told me to hold his head in my hands and move my cock in and out of his mouth any way I wanted too. I started pulling in and out of his mouth in a rhythm. God it felt good! I came in about three minutes and started getting limp again. The rest is for another story when he got my Aunt Jennie drunk and let me fuck her after she passed out!

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This was my first sexual encounter when I came without masturbating alone.

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