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Glory Hole


I had come back home after being away in the military for some time. I had recently divorced and was living in a medium size city with a stagnate dating scene. On one particular night when I had struck out with the girls again, I proceeded to go to a local porn shop to masturbate in a video cubical. I chose an empty booth and locked the door. It was really dark inside and only after I sat down and dropped in some tokens did I realize that there was a very large peep hole in the wall next to me. It was only about a foot away from my face and I could see into the next booth. At first I thought that it was there so people could see each other masturbating and later I felt foolish that I didn’t know that men actually placed their penises through the holes to get pleasure from one another. I thought to myself, “If someone wants to watch me masturbate I guess I don’t care.”

Then as film of young women being pounded fiercely by men with over-sized cocks flickered on the screen, I realized that something was entering the cabin through the large hole. The head of a circumcised penis was slowly making its way into my view. When I was younger my mom used to have me, my brother and cousins shower together after we played all day outside. We used to touch and fondle each others’ undeveloped penises and even masturbated a little. But I had never thought about having sex with another man as I was an adult. It kind of shocked me to see this handsome penis hanging so close to my face and because of thepartition I was not ashamed to take a good close look at it. I enjoyed looking at it and was afraid that if I did nothing that the owner of this penis might take it as a rejection and pull back out. So after thinking about it for only a moment I touched the velvety head with my hand. The man on the other side of the wall took this as an invitation and proceeded to force the rest of his fairly large cock through the hole. I really wasn’t sure what to do. Not that I didn’t know what to do with an erection but I just wasn’t sure how far I wanted to go. One thing was for sure, I liked looking at this beautiful, inflating penis. So I began to stroke his cock. I was timid at first, but as his girth became more and more rigid in my hand I stroked more purposefully. His penis was so different from mine and I liked it. The head was large and round with a pale pink color. And he was also about two inches longer than me (my penis being five and a half inches long).

As I stroked him I became more brave and brought my face closer to his pointing staff. My nose was nearly touching his glans now and I smelled the intoxication mixture of shower soap and masculine sex sweat. I couldn’t help myself anymore and I pursed my lips together and kissed the head. As I pulled back I realized that a large drop of pre-come stuck to my lips and when the lengthening string broke, it landed on my chin. As I wiped my chin clean he pulled his penis away and with his finger motioned for me to put my dick in its place.

By now I was very turned on and didn’t want to stop so I quickly pulled down my pants and underwear and fed my hardened cock through the hole. Any hesitation that I exhibited this man did not show. He immediately engulfed my penis with his warm mouth and began to suck and bob. I have always taken a really long time to come and after he fellated me for about five minutes he gave up and I pulled my penis back from the hole. I wondered if I would see his attractive member again and I didn’t have to wait long for the answer.

His penis, still erect, found its way back into my booth and I went for it immediately. This time though,heartened by the stranger’s actions, I grasped his dick and opened my mouth wide. It was a wonderful feeling, even better than being sucked myself and I went at it like I was an old pro. I loved the sensation of his dick in my mouth but I also liked looking at it so after about every ten bobs I would release him and gaze at his dick. I was surprised at the different sensations that his penis had; so hard and stout, yet the skin was so smooth and soft. I sucked and licked and bobbed up and down until I felt his warm, salty seamen erupt in thick spurts into my mouth.

After that I knew that I wanted more. I made a habit of going to the three porn shops in town after that and even began to practice deep-throating a 10 inch dildo (I could get about 9 inches in my mouth and down my throat) so that I could give the men I sucked the best blow job of their life. All the while I still had sex with girls if I was lucky enough to meet them. I prefer sex with women but cannot go a long time without wanting to suck a cock.

On one occasion I began to peep into a booth and found two men stroking each other as the porn played. I got their attention and motioned them over to the hole in the wall. I was horny and ready to make love to a beautiful cock but I was not prepared for what I was about to get. The penis was only semi erect and the shaft was really large but the head of the dick was so immense that it barely fit through the hole. The head of this man’s cock was the size of a tennis ball! I was in awe as I stretched my mouth till the corners burned. I had by now become a master cocksucker and had not encountered a penis that I could not completely cover to the balls but this man’s giant was just too large to get into my throat. The head of his penis was so big that I could feel the glans rubbing all my back molars. He had to settle for me sucking only the first 5 inches. I loved this man’s cock and I had to see the whole thing up close without the interference of the partition, so I let him go and knocked on his (and his companion’s) cubicle door.

I had never been so bold as to enter another person’s booth. I was always afraid to be spotted by management or something. But in seconds I was in this small booth with two well hung men. The second man also had a really large member (about eight inches) but was no where close to the size of the first man. I dropped my pants and underwear and started to stroke my dick. I didn’t want to waste any time and I dropped to my knees directly in front of the owner of the largest cock that I had seen.

By now I had seen and blown dozens of cocks and I had seen all shapes and sizes. Before now the biggest was more long than big. At about ten inches I was still able to devour that penis to the balls because of the slenderness of his shaft. But here was the most impressive member that I had ever met. The girth was as large as a woman’s wrist and so heavy that even while he was erect, it sagged low from the weight. And the marvelous head! It was a dark pink color with a bit of a shovel shape at the end. The ridge of his glans was so pronounced that it seemed that it stood out a half an inch from the shaft. His dick was heavily veined and his large pendulous balls were covered in wiry black hair.

I grasped his giant staff and hoisted it up, pointing it towards his belly button. Then I nuzzled my nose under his weighty sack, and as the warmth of his scrotum rested on my face, I licked. I licked his hairy balls, I licked his taint and I licked the underside of his big shaft. I opened wide and gently sucked his hairy balls into my mouth as my hand slowly began to stroke him. Now was the moment of truth, I wanted to know if this goliath was really too much for me to handle.

I pointed his head at my mouth and yawned my mouth the best I could. It really was like trying to put a tennis ball in your mouth. The head slipped past my lips and stopped as it met my back teeth. It was too big to get in my throat. I sucked the head and licked it all over but I couldn’t deep throat him. I wondered what this man’s penis would do to a vagina.

The second man had been patient through this whole experience and now it was time to give him his turn. Although his penis was no-where near the size of the first man, his was impressive too. I used this chance to redeem myself. I opened my mouth and began bobbing on his dick. I slobbered and sucked, licked an kissed. Then I relaxed my throat muscles and forced his eight inch cock deep. I felt his glans meet my esophagus and push past. He gasped as my nose made it to his lower belly and his balls rested on my chin.

They both seemed impressed with my talent and allowed me to alternate between sucking one as I jerked the other. Then as I was deep-throating the second man, the first, with the giant cock, worked his way behind me. His stubby fingers were groping around my back hole. I love attention to my anus and like to be penetrated. I was eager to find out if he would try to fuck me and if I could handle this monster cock. His penis was still dripping wet from my sucking and he worked the wetness around my sphincter with his pointy head. I felt him roughly grasp my cheeks apart, and he spit on my asshole for good measure. Then his penis was again pressing firmly and I felt I might rip apart. After the initial pain the head popped in and my ring closed around his shaft. I had never felt so full. There was so much pleasure that I though that I might faint. My dick was hard and drooling and he began to stroke my cock as he pounded into my clutching rear. He was so deep that sometimes it hurt but when his heavy balls smacked into mine it evoked nothing but pleasure. In the meantime the second man clutched my head with both hands and began to pound his manhood down my willing throat. My throat made wet gurgling noises as he rammed at a furious pace. Then he suddenly stopped and his body jerked as his dick, firmly embedded in my neck, spit pulses of sperm down my throat. After he collected himself he moved down to suck my rock hard dick as his partner pounded my ass. This was too much for me and I spurted the largest load that I had ever deposited into his mouth as he gulped it down greedily.

The man fucking me had great stamina and was drilling me for so long that the second man’s cock (and mine) had started to become aroused again. Then they spoke for the first time. Mr. Eight Inch stroked his own growing penis and said to the other, “Come on Honey I want to fuck him too”. The voice behind me answered, “Your favorite, then?” “Yeah, lets try it”, Mr, Eight Inch replied. The man behind me abruptly stopped and pulled away from me. It felt awesome when his head popped from my ass and my cock responded by becoming rock hard again. “He wants to fuck you now”, he plainly said. I just submissively nodded my head and started to turn my back to Mr, Eight Inch who was sitting on a chair. “No”, he said. “I want you to face me”.

So I removed my pants and underwear that were still around my ankles. Both of my hosts, were completely naked, so I decide to take off all my clothes too, to avoid any stains from our fucking. I knew that my new lover might be dry by now, so I gave him a few wet bobs of my mouth. I straddled Mr. Eight Inch and his chair. I slowly sat down on his north pointing prick. I took him easily after the thorough fucking that “Honey” had given me. I began to rock on him inching him deeper and deeper. He sucked my nipples and it felt amazing.

I looked back and “Honey” was Between Mr. Eight Inch’s legs, licking his balls as his dick slid in me. I could then feel his tongue flicking from Mr.Eight Inch’s cock to around my sphincter. Man it felt good! Then a moment later. Honey stood up and leaned against me. Mr. Eight Inch, taking his cue, grasped my ass cheeks and spread them apart. I could feel Honey probing my already full anus with his gigantic member! I began to protest. “I don’t know if I can do that!” I yelped. They must have sensed my submissive nature and just held me tightly. “Yes, you can”, came the voice from behind me. “And you will like it.”
I knew that if I really wanted to escape that I could, but I didn’t want to stop, and I liked my partners’ dominance.

Once again I felt those massive glans rubbing my stretched anal ring. I could feel the pointedness of his penis pushing down against Mr. Eight Inch’s penis and up against my sphincter. His massive dick kept slipping away each time he tried to push it home, flopping up against my butt. I began to think that he wouldn’t be able to get it in. Then I felt one of his thick fingers slide in beside Mr. Eight Inch’s dick. It hurt a little but I could feel that he now had a little room to work with. He placed his fat cock next to his finger and drove it in a little. He removed his finger now and steadied his manhood. With one hand positioning his rod and the other grasping my waist, he forced his mammoth penis past my anal ring. It hurt. But now that the head was in, he easily began to pump into me.

I was in shock. It hurt, but it was also awesomely pleasurable! Two cocks in my ass at once! And one was the largest that I had seen. Honey, grasping my waist with both hands was now driving deep into me. And Mr. Eight Inch sucked my nipples and pumped up as much as he could although it was difficult from the position that he was in. It was too much for me and my cock, without even being stimulated, exploded jets of come onto to Mr. Eight Inch’s face and chest. I licked my come from Mr. Eight Inch. After a few seconds I could feel Honey’s regal cock burst a large load into my bowels and I could feel his engorged head pulse as it drained. Mr. Eight Inch was next as his penis emptied deep into me. Honey removed his deflating monster from my reamed butt and I could feel the seamen running out of my gaping orifice. I weakly picked myself off of Mr. Eight Inch’s softening dick and held onto the wall for balance. The smell of sex and masculine sweat was thick in the air.

Honey indicated to his now flaccid penis and said, “So how about some clean up?” Not even thinking to argue, I slowly bent down in front of Honey and Mr. Eight Inch who stood up to join him. I began to lick and suck his heavy member clean. I was covered in seamen and even a little bit of blood. It tasted salty and a little sour. When he was clean, I repeated the job on Mr. Eight Inch. We then dressed a left separately. I never saw the two of them again. But there is not a day that goes buy that I don’t think of that intense fucking or that marvelous cock.

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