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Bachelor Party


My Uncle Robs bachelor party was being hosted by my father in our downstairs den, I was supposed to be staying with my friend Cathy for the night but we had argued and I stayed home.
I was upstairs in my room, I could hear music and the men from early on, as the evening progressed the voices became louder and more boisterous.
By about midnight I heard my father stagger upstairs and some of the cars leaving. Over the sound of the music I began to hear the sound of a porn movie, the men where howling and laughing.
I started to gentle rub my clit thinking about what they were watching and the fuck sounds that were drifting upstairs, as my pussy got wetter and I had two fingers stuck up my cunt and couldnt help wanting to sneak dow and peek into the den to catch a glimpse of the porn they were watching just for long enough for me to cum.
As I crouched by the door to the den that was slightly ajar with my fingers furiously fucking my pussy I could just make out the tv, the men were all watching a big titted blonde getting screwed doggy style. A few of my uncles friends had their dicks out and were wanking while they watched the porn.
As I was about to cum watching the big dick sink into the blondes asshole the door was flung open,
“Hey Rob look what we got here its your horny little sneaky niece”
All the men in the room swung round, I still had my fingers jammed into my pussy with my legs spread open for all of them to see.
I looked at my uncle standing there with his ten inch dick in his hand and before I realized what I was doing I started jigging my fingers in and out of my slit.
The men, seven of them in total, started howling and cheering.
Uncle Rob came striding over, still with his fat cock out, for a moment I thought he would throw me out, but as his cock knocked against my face he growled down at me
“How long have you been watching us you horny little bitch?”
“long enough to see you wanking yourselves like school boys” I answered sassily not breaking stride with my furious finger fucking.
The other men I noticed all had their dicks out and had their eyes fixed on my 18 year old pink pussy filled with my fingers.
Looking at them turned me on so much my pussy juice started to gush, not wanting to disappoint my now captivated audience I took my fingers out and spread my pussy lips so they could have a good look.
Get inside here now” growled my uncle who’s dick had almost turned purple it was so fuck ready.
“yes uncle Rob” I simpered in my best school girl voice
I got up and walked into the middle of the room and sat myself down on the coffee table, I hitched up my legs and displayed my juice wet cunt for all to see.
Next to me was a cooler filled with beer, I picked one out, opened it and took a long drink, I heard the door close and uncle rob turn the lock. My pussy clenched in fear and anticipation.
I started sucking on the beer bottle like it was a cock, my uncle and his friends stood dumb struck watching my little show.
“Jesus christ Rob look at here suck that thing” said one of the men that I recognized as my father and Uncles boss at the car dealership. His voice was thick with lust and his thick stumpy dick was standing straight out.
My Uncle just grunted watching me and strocking his long thick pole.
I took the bottle out of my mouth, licked my lips and looked pointedly at their boss,
“Uncle Rob and daddy say you are soooo good to work for” I cooed while I moved the beer bottle to my now drenched hole
“Maybe I could suck on your dick to say thank you for being so good to my daddy and uncle?”
The fat little man needed no more encouragement after a quick look in Uncle Rob’s direction his short thick dick was in my face,
I swallowed the whole thing with absolute ease and started sucking it in and out of my mouth as fast as I could. I could hear him grunting hard each time I took it all the way in and new from he twitching that it wouldnt be long before he blew his load.
“mmmmm suck me for your daddy you little slut” he gasped
He ripped at my little night shirt until my tits were exposed and started to grope at them twisting my nipples harder and harder until he started to cum in furiously little jerks. I gobbled down all of his thick creamy cum in one gulp and then rubbed his prick all over my lips.
I looked up and smiled coyly at the fat little boss man as he collapsed into one of the chairs with his dick still hanging out of his pants.
The men whistled and cheered all except Uncle Rob who looked ready to kill me, except that his ten incher was now so rock hard it looked like it would burst.
“Uncle Robbi” I purred ” maybe the Bachelor should fuck his naughty little neice”
“Get that beer bottle out of your cunt you filthy little whore” he growled while walking toward me
“only if i am gonna get some of your cocky in there Uncle”
“get on your knees so I cant see your face you little slut”
I swung myself around and pushed my ass out and wiggled it for the onlookers
Uncle Rob was there in a second and he drove that big fat long ten inch cock straight into my sopping cunt with a grunt
“ooooo Uncle Robbi ” I moaned
“ooo fuck me good fuck me hard”
with each trust of his giant dick I called out to him encouraging him to fuck me.
I had never thought about being screwed by my uncle but the thought and the feeling of it was sending me over the edge as his pole shunted in and out of me I started to cum
“your making me cum Uncle Rob ooooyour doing it to me so good”
Out of the corner of my eye I saw two of his friends on the point of blowing their loads just watching him fuck me
“spray your man juice all over me” I called out to them
“cover me in cum like a naught girl” I gasped
the first load hit me all hot and sticky god it felt good!
Uncle rob summoned the next guy and grunted between thrust “right here on her asshole”
The second load came down in gobs right on my asshole
My Uncle started to rub the cum in and around my butthole
“look at this boys, look at her little butt opening for him” said the cum shooter
Fuck her Rob, fuck her good and hard the little slut can take it”
Another man stepped up and took over fingering my butt hole while my uncle started pounding me for all he was worth
As he began to shudder and explode he spanked my ass, grinding his big dick even harder into my slit
“here you go you filthy little cunt, here it comes you want this”
I could feel gallons of cum squirting up into my pussy as he exploded while he spanked and fucked me and his friend furiously worked at my ass hole.
I came like I have never cum before yowling and grunting and begging for more.
As he pulled out of me I collapsed onto the table with my legs splayed and cum dripping from my cunt.
“oh no your not done yet” I heard from behind me as another unknown dick drove into my now fucked wet hole another cock apeared infront of me and I started sucking on that
I cant remember how long it lasted but I know I fucked and sucked all seven of those men and never had such a good time.
My daddy got a promotion thanks to me and I call round to the dealership once a week to see daddy and his boss. Uncle Rob got married and left the dealership, he now organizes bachelor parties and takes along his naughty little niece and I get to be fucked hard atleast once a week.

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I am now a nineteen year old “exotic” entertainer making more money that I ever dreamt doing the thing i l Love the most.

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