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Hotel Hot


Jan and I were headed downtown to spend an evening with our close friends, Jason and Carrie. The four of us had secured a two bedroom suite in one of the nicest hotels in the city, and we were looking forward to what would undoubtedly end up being a fun and sex-filled adventure. Jason and Carrie were arriving ahead of us, and we were to meet them there.

Upon arrival, we picked up our key cards at the front desk, and took the elevator to the 16th floor and the luxury suite it held. We let ourselves into the room, tipped the bellman, and closed the doors behind us.

“Hi, Jason,” I called.

“Hello, Carrie,” yelled Jan.

“Come on back,” answered Jason. “Carrie can’t talk right now, but come on back any way.”

We left our suitcases just inside the door and headed toward the bedroom from which we heard Jason’s voice. It was no wonder Carrie couldn’t talk! Jason had Carrie tied down on her stomach to the four poster bed with bondage restrains, her head between his legs with his eleven inch cock stuck in her mouth. He was sitting up, leaning against the headboard, and was holding her by the hair so that she could not so much as lift her head up long enough to say hello. Carrie was moaning with delight as she did her best to get every inch of Jason’s huge cock into her throat.

Jason nodded to Jan and me, and we both started tearing off our clothes. Carrie’s alluring ass was facing us, and we instinctively knew what to do. Jan climbed up on the bed and began a very harsh spanking, quickly turning Carrie’s ass bright red, simultaneously fingering her own cunt. Jason had left a jar of petroleum jelly on the dresser, and I used it to grease up my already rigid cock.

Carrie was squirming from the head she was giving Jason coupled with the spanking she was getting from Jan, and her ass was writhing back and forth in response. I climbed up on the bed behind Carrie, lined up the head of my cock with her puckered asshole, and drove my cock in all the way to the hilt with one thrust. Carrie’s back arched so hard she almost got her mouth off of Jason’s cock, but he held firmly onto her hair and promptly pulled her back down before she could escape. I began rhythmically pumping in and out of Carrie’s ass while Jan moved forward on the bed, shoving her right nipple into Jason’s willing mouth while she continued fingering her own cunt. Jan had great breasts, and I was getting a real treat from my vantage point as I watched Jason enthusiastically sucking that nipple, Carrie’s ass wiggling below my thrusts, and her head bobbing up and down on Jason’s cock.

I could see the tension building in Jason’s face, and he let out a loud moan as he shot a load of cum well into Carrie’s mouth and throat.. However, he kept his cock in Carrie’s mouth as she continued to suck and lick him, gathering up every drop of his cum that was possible. Jan’s fingering of her own cunt was getting to her. She shoved her nipple back into Jason’s mouth, and then let out a near scream as she came hard and long. Everyone else’s cumming, coupled with Carrie’s tight ass, was all I needed to put me over the top, and I shot a huge wad of cum up her ass.

At Jan’s urging, I moved away from Carrie, and she dove in with her tongue. She started by rimming Carrie’s ass, sucking up some cum that was oozing out, but eventually working her way to Carrie’s cunt. That cunt was dripping wet, and there was a puddle of her juices on the bed sheets, so she was well primed. Jan found Carrie’s clit and licked it furiously, causing Carrie’s body to be wracked with orgasm in less than two minutes. That orgasm was soon followed by another, Carrie’s ass flailing back and forth as she responded to Jan’s tongue. Jan kissed Carrie’s cunt and ass, and then sat up on the bed next to her, lovingly stroking her back and ass.

Jason finally relented and let Carrie lift her head from his huge cock. She placed her head on Jason’s thigh, smiled over at us, and said, “Hi, guys. I’m glad you could come, in both senses of the word.”

Jan immediately bent over, kissed Carrie, and then Jason. I shook Jason’s hand and gave Carrie a friendly smack on the ass, making her smile all the more. Jason removed the restraints, and Carrie jumped to her feet, hugging both of us, but spending a longer time with Jan, crushing their breasts together, and sharing a long, tongue-filled kiss.

Greetings completed, we decided it was time for dinner, so we all hit the showers. Jan and I showered together, washing each other with soapy hands. Jan’s nipples were still standing well out from the areoles, and my soapy fingers were keeping them hard. I slid a soapy hand down to her cunt and worked magic on her clit until she once again exploded in orgasm. She knelt down and shoved my rapidly hardening cock into her mouth, but I stopped her, wanting to save as much as possible for later. Jan, however, was having none of it. She grabbed my balls and began tightening her grip on them.

“I want you to cum in my mouth, now! You will be fine later.”

Her head moved back and forth along the length of my cock, her tongue hungrily working its way around the head and up and down the shaft, and I soon granted her desire by filling her mouth with cum. She swallowed, licked up what she could, and then washed my cock clean with her soapy hands.

We unpacked our bags, dressed, and then joined Jason and Carrie in the living area of the suite. Carrie came over and kissed me. “Ben, that was one of the best ass fuckings you ever gave me. Thanks!”

“My pleasure,” I responded.

We headed out for dinner, deciding to eat at one of the hotel restaurants. The food was excellent, the ambiance appealing, and the wine outstanding. I noticed that Carrie’s nipples were outstanding as well, her clothing doing little to hide the fact that she was aroused and not wearing underwear. As the restaurant lighting was rather dim, I had not noticed that Jan’s hand was down in Carrie’s lap, apparently up her dress and had found her clit. I could see the orgasm building on Carrie face. She suddenly turned and buried her face on Jason’s chest, causing her muffled orgasm to sound more like a sob. These two women had done lots of crazy things over the years, but this had to be the first time when one of them had experienced an orgasm in a public place!

Jan’s hand came up and gently lifted her wine glass, giving an unspoken toast to Carrie before she sipped its contents. I doubt that anyone else noticed that she licked her finger before she actually sipped the wine.

We arranged to have a bottle of champagne sent up to the suite, and then headed off to the elevators ourselves. The large living area of the suite welcomed us, and we finally took some time to look over our accommodations. There was a gas fireplace, which we promptly turned on, and the drapes opened up onto a spectacular view of the city below. The four of stood there drinking it all in until we were interrupted by the arrival of the champagne. Jason poured a glass for each of us, and we sat around the fireplace, slowly sipping the sparkling wine.

“It’s been one heck of an evening so far,” I offered. There were nods of agreement and comments as to how it would certainly continue to be terrific. The girls excused themselves to “go get into something more comfortable,” while Jason and I stood by the fireplace, drinking the champagne, and reassuring each other that this would be as incredible as our other trips together had been in the past. We guessed that Carrie and Jan likely had something cooked up for the rest of the evening, and we knew that whatever it was it would be fantastic!

The girls came out shortly in a mix of lingerie and bondage clothing, and there was nothing unusual about that. But this was slightly different. In the past, Jan had been the dominant and Carrie the submissive, but this time it was clearly the opposite. Both women were dressed in black, and both were wearing black stiletto heels that were at least four inches high. Other than the heels, Jan wore only a black collar engraved with the word “Slave.” Her dark cunt hair was neatly trimmed, just a triangular patch above the cunt itself, which was free of all hair. Carrie was wearing a black garter belt to which was attached a pair of sheer black stockings, and a collar that said, “Mistress.” As always, her cunt was clean shaven. She held a leash in one hand, and pair of nipple clamps and a flog in the other. We were, clearly, in for an incredible evening.

They acted as though they didn’t even realize we were in the room. Their eyes only found each other, and their expressions were equally wanton. “Come over here, now,” ordered Carrie. Jan obeyed, approaching Carrie respectfully and sexily. “You made me cum in the restaurant without allowing me to return the pleasure. Therefore, you will be punished.”

Carrie attached the leash to Jan’s collar and led her over to the settee in front of the fireplace. Carrie sat on the settee, and then pulled Jan to her knees in front of her using the leash. “Suck my nipples,” ordered Carrie.

“Yes, Mistress,” Jan replied. She took Carrie’s nipples, one at a time, into her mouth, licking and sucking them until they were hard and sticking out beautifully from the areoles. Apparently, Jan got a bit too enthusiastic as Carrie suddenly winced and yelled, “Slave, you bit my nipple too hard!”

“I’m sorry mistress,” replied Jan. But Carrie obviously thought additional punishment was in order rather than an apology.

Carrie put Jan down on all fours, walked around behind her, and proceeded to whip her ass with the flog. She lashed Jan at least twenty times, leaving red welts across her ass and lower back. Jan was nearly in tears, torn between pain and pleasure from the flogging, Carrie then made Jan stand up in front of her, and she began sucking and biting Jan’s nipples until she too winced in pain. Jan’s nipples were now also erect, and Carrie took advantage of that to attach nipple clams to her.

“Mistress, that hurts,” complained Jan.

“You should have thought about that before you bit me,” Carrie replied.

She pulled sharply on the chain attaching the nipple clamps, causing Jan to yelp with a mixture of pain and pleasure. Carrie forced Jan to her knees, stood up with the leash in her hand, and forced her to crawl obediently at her heel.

“Jason,” asked Carrie, “would you mind getting undressed?”

“No problem!”

Carrie half dragged Jan by the leash to the middle of the floor in front of the fireplace and then pushed her over onto her back. She beckoned to Jason and had him kneel at Jan’s head. His cock was beginning to swell as, at Carrie’s request, he tilted back Jan’s head and shoved all eleven inches down her throat. Having deep-throated Jason on many occasions, Jan did not even gag, and this seemed to please Carrie. While Jason reamed out Jan’s throat and mouth, Carrie pulled on the nipple clamps, causing a gasp from Jan that was audible despite having Jason’s cock shoved down her throat.

After several minutes of deep-throating Jan, tension was beginning to build for Jason, so Carrie stopped him, saying this would be too much of a reward for her errant slave. While Jason kept his cock in Jan’s mouth, Carrie went back to their room and grabbed the petroleum jelly. She had Jason pull out of Jan’s mouth, and then pulled her into a sitting position and over onto her hands and knees, using the leash to force Jan to comply. She reached into the jar and scooped out a wad of petroleum jelly with her fingers. She reached down and greased up Jan’s ass, inserting as many as three fingers into Jan to get her stretched out and ready for Jason.

“Okay, Slave, get ready for one good, hard ass fucking! Jason, please pound this slave’s ass into submission.”

Jason lined up his huge cock with Jan’s ass and quickly pushed himself all the way in until his balls were resting up against her cunt. Jan screamed, but quickly recovered, and was soon shoving back hard as Jason thrust and pounded into her time and time again. His balls slapped against her cunt while his cock reamed her out thoroughly.

After the deep throat blow job, it did not take Jason long, and he ejaculated what Jan later said felt like a pint of cum into her ass. At Carrie’s request, Jason left his cock in Jan until it shrunk and plopped out on its own. Carrie rolled Jan over onto her back, told her she was being a good slave, and that she would soon be rewarded. However, she had one more task to perform.

“You are going to eat my cunt, until I cum at least three times, while I simultaneously suck off Ben.”

“Yes, Mistress, I will do as I’m told. I deserve to be punished. Please let me eat you.”

Carrie straddled Jan’s face and shoved her cunt down into her mouth. I pulled off my clothes, freeing my rock hard cock from the imprisonment of my clothes. I stepped over in front of Carrie who immediately seized my cock and pulled it all the way into her mouth. The blow job she was giving me was, to say the least, enthusiastic. Jan’s tongue had apparently found Carries clit, and she was being pushed toward an orgasm. As the first one hit her, Carrie pulled my cock more deeply into her throat as though she were trying to swallow it whole. It was challenging for me not to cum, but I was determined to hold off until Carrie had experienced all three of the orgasms she was demanding from Jan’s tongue.

The second orgasm hit Carrie so hard she had to momentarily pull my cock out of her mouth just so she could breathe while waves of orgasm wracked her body. She grabbed my cock again, and began grinding her cunt into Jan’s mouth as she licked and sucked my now over-stimulated dick. It took almost five minutes this time, but Carrie did cum, hard, the orgasm lasting nearly a minute.

Carrie pulled my cock from her mouth and had me kneel at Jan’s head. Carrie asked me to fuck Jan’s mouth, but to let her know when I was ready to cum. I was almost there already, so I was only good for about two minutes when I indicated to Carrie that I could no longer hold back. Carrie had me pull out of Jan’s mouth, and then stroked my cock until I shot cum all over Jan’s face, breasts and stomach.

It was now Carrie’s turn to show mercy to Jan. She hungrily got down, licking cum from Jan’s body. She removed the nipple clamps and sucked and licked Jan’s nipples as her tongue served as a combination of sponge and washcloth. She worked her way down to Jan’s cunt and sucked and licked it from stem to stern until Jan exploded in a massive orgasm of her own. Carrie sucked Jan’s clit and shoved her tongue into her cunt until Jan’s back once again arched, and a loud yell emanated from her lips as a spasm ran throughout her body. Less than a minute later, another wave of orgasms worked its way through her, and then the two of them just lay there, gasping, in each others’ arms. Carrie kissed Jan, told her she loved her, and stayed with her, caressing her breasts and ass.

We were all pretty messy. Jan headed off to the shower with Jason, and Carrie and I did the same. We would spend the night together, and leave the next day. After the shower, Carrie climbed into bed with me, and, as always, curled up beside me, her head on my shoulder and my cock in her hand. She kissed me goodnight and drifted off to sleep.

I woke up sometime in the middle of the night to find Carrie holding my stiff cock in her hands while she sucked my balls. Seeing I had awakened, she stopped and asked if I was up to a little love making. Taking my grin for a yes, she continued to suck on my balls, but then took my cock and shoved it down her throat. She licked me like she would an ice cream cone, licking from my balls all the way to the tip, her tongue flicking back and forth along the way.

She flipped over onto her back, and we got into the classic 69 position. I ate and licked her shaved cunt until she had cum three more times. In the meantime, I was using her mouth like a cunt, shoving my cock down her throat until I was down to the hilt.

I stopped face fucking her and turned around to her. She spread her legs wide, and I entered her sopping wet cunt with my nine inch cock. We started slowly, me taking long slow strokes while she wiggled her ass, pushing back against me with her cunt at the end of each stroke. Given I had already cum three times, my staying power was better than average, and this fucking just lasted and lasted. Carrie came two more times before my cock finally stiffened that little bit extra, and once more shot a load of cum into her beautiful body. We collapsed together on the bed and fell back asleep within minutes.

When I woke up in the morning, Carrie was gone, and Jan was sucking my once again raging cock. “I wondered when you were going to wake up. I’m still horny, and I want you before breakfast.”

She soon stopped the blow job, climbed up and straddled me before impaling herself on my cock. She rode me like a bucking bronco until she had cum twice, her breasts bouncing with her up and down motion, her nipples jumping out of her areoles as though they were trying to escape, but reluctant to leave their place on her tits.

She climbed off and stood next to the bed, bending over and grasping the footboard. “Fuck me hard, and then go get Jason for me.” I came up behind her and shoved my cock all the way into her cunt. I pounded her as hard as I could and soon shot cum deep into her, Jan achieving another orgasm herself.

I opened the door to the bedroom and called to Jason who came in with Carrie in tow. “I didn’t have enough of you last night, Jason. Please, fuck me again,” Jan begged.

Carrie dropped to her knees and sucked Jason until he was hard and long, and then Jason went over and stood behind Jan where I had stood only moments before. He plunged all the way in, and Jan screamed in delight. “Hard, Jason, fuck me hard.” He pounded in and out of her, making a loud slapping noise as he rammed up against her. Jan squealed and moaned, and she was cumming about once every two minutes.

I grabbed Carrie and shoved my cock into her mouth until she had cleaned off all the cum that was still there along with Jan’s juices. I recovered quickly and soon was hard enough to take care of Carrie. She grabbed the footboard next to Jan, bending over forward, and I proceeded to shove my cock deep into her cunt. I didn’t need to ask. I knew she wanted it as hard as Jan was getting it from Jason, and that’s what she got. Carrie came twice, once at exactly the same time as Jan. She must have known I was ready to cum as she pulled away from me, dropped once again to her knees, and took my cock and the subsequent load into her mouth.

Jason finally reached his breaking point, and with one final lunge into Jan’s cunt, emptied himself into her sopping wet snatch.

The women ran off to shower with each other. Jason ordered breakfast from room service while I showered again. Noise from the other bathroom told us that Jan and Carrie were taking care of each other as I heard both of them cum at least once. Jan came walking back to our bedroom naked, looking happy and well fucked. She gave me a big kiss and then went to get dressed. Jason finished showering in time for breakfast. Afterward, we all headed home, happy, exhausted, another incredible sexual adventure under our belts!

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Ben Galloway is an amateur writer who loves women.

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