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Mr Stevens


My name is Ariel, I am eighteen and in fabulous shape. I’m a cheerleader and have 34C breasts at 5’5″ and 110 lbs. I am dark complected with hazel eyes.

My best friends has always been Maggie Stevens. My parents were going out of town one weekend and I was going to go stay with Maggie. I wasn’t allowed to stay at my house because of the party I was caught throwing one time. I headed over Friday after school, Maggie was at a dance recital, she wasn’t in school that day, but was returning later that night. I showed up in my bathing suit, ready to get wet. Her father was in the kitchen getting things ready for the Friday night game with the boys. Each Friday, he had his friends over to watch the game. Mr. and Mrs. Stevens had a huge house with tons of money, an in ground pool, anything you could imagine. I went in the side door, threw my bags on the kitchen floor, said hey, and went out by the pool.

I took off my jean skirt and my tank top and began rubbing lotion all over myself. I looked over at the house and saw Jason (Mr. Stevens) watching me through the kitchen window. I quickly looked away, trying not to embarrass him for watching. Jason is extremely hot for an older man. Hes a personal trainer, so he’s built, not too much thought which is great, and he has black hair and blue eyes. I layed in the sun for a while and started to hear the guys coming in the house. I jumped in the pool because I was so hot and the men started to come outside, they were getting the grill ready for dinner.

I could feel all of their eyes on me and as I got out of the pool noticed I had nip ons and I have to admit I loved the attention. But I grabbed a towel and went to talk to Jason. He told me that Mrs. Stevens had called and they weren’t going to make it home because the weather was so bad, their plane flight was delayed until morning. But since he had talked to my parents, I had to stay. I was kinda bummed out but figured I could always watch the game with the guys.

I threw my jean skirt and tank top back on and went inside to help with getting the snack foods together. They were grilling kabobs on the grill and had tons of snack foods inside as well as beer. All the guys were drinking and I know that by the time they leave the game, they are good and buzzing. Jason came in and thanked me for helping and gave me a sexy smile that gave me goosebumps. I love it when he looks at me like that.

All the men had the food in the living room watching the game on the big screen and I was kind of the beer bitch, unless one of them had to take a piss anyways. It was halftime and I told Jason that I was headed up to take a shower and he told me to use the shower in his room because Maggie’s was out of shampoo and conditioner. So I went upstairs, grabbed my bad and jumped in his shower. When I came out, I was in my towel and to my surprise, Jason was in the room, in his boxers. He was changing into his sweats and I didn’t know what to say. He noticed me through the mirror and said he didnt mean to startle me, he was just changing. As he faced me he put on his sweats and I caught myself staring at his package the whole time. He had a big smile on his face and damn was he sexy.

He told me how sexy I looked in the towel and with wet hair. I blushed and said thanks. I bent over to pick up my bag and felt Jason right behind me. I knew he was making a move. I only had sex with one person before and was kind of nervous. His huge dick was pressing up against the towel around my ass. He picked me up and threw my on the bed forcefully. I didn’t know what to do. My towel had come off, I was laying there naked and shocked.

Jason came over to me and asked me if I was attracted to him. I said yeah and he said then this won’t be a problem. He kissed me and then slowly kissed down my neck and ran his toungue down my chest, then sucked on each of my nipples, ran his toungue down my tummy and finally up and down my clit. I have never felt this before, my ex never went down on me. I was breathing deep and so excited. He looked up and smiled at me and I started to cum all over. OHMYGOD! I screamed and Jason knew that the others must have heard me. He stood up, took his pants off and started jerkin his cock. I figured he wanted the favor returned so as he stood by the end of the bed with his cock in his hand, I crawled over and began to lick and suck at his cock and balls. I noticed him watching in the mirror. From this view he could see everything so nice, seeing how I was on all fours.

In no time, the four friends of Jason were in the bedroom. “Damn, youre good” said Pete. He was watching intensely. “I know you were planning on sharing this man” said Isaac as he began stripping himself. Soon enough all the men were naked and pulling on their cocks just waiting for a piece of me. I can’t believe they were so excited! This made me feel so hot and sexy that all these grown men wanted a piece of me!

Jason layed down on the bed and pulled me on top of him. I sat on his cock and started riding his nice eight inch cock. Greg came over and started to play with my tittie as he slapped his dick in my face. He wanted me to suck it, Im sure, so I began sucking him while riding Jason’s cock. This wasn’t so bad, I thought to myself. Then Mark came over and began rubbing my clittie and sucking my tit. I felt a finger – that was lubed – enter my ass. I cringed a little. This was a weird feeling. Someone was lubing me up back there and finally I heard Isaac behind me as he whispered in my ear… this will hurt at first, but it will also give you a lot of pleasure. I closed my eyes and tightened up as he pushed his cock into my ass. I was sucking on Mark and Greg’s cock as I was fucking Jason and Isaac fucked me from behind. Pete was jerking off and as Mark exploded into my mouth, Pete was in no hurry to stick his dick in after. I had cum drizzling down my face and I was being gagged by the cocks in my mouth, Greg was getting close so he kept grabbing me by the back of the head and shoving his cock deeper and deeper down my throat. I kept gagging and this was turning them on. They felt like they could do what they wanted to me… of course I was letting them.

Jason began to cum and I felt Isaac cum up my asshole. I had Greg fill my mouth and then Pete jacked off all over my chest. Mark came back over to me and said that it was his turn to fuck me. He told me to go doggy style, and shakily I did. I was tired and shaking from being fucked and cumming so much. He put his dick right in and started pumping slowly in and out then he started fucking me, fast and hard. Pounding my coochie. I looked over and saw Pete jerkin himself trying to get hard again. Isaac came over and I started to take his dick in my mouth. I realized his dick was just in my ass!! He asked with a big grin on his face if I liked how his cock tasted. I almost puked even though it didnt taste bad. He grabbed my hair and thrusted his dick down my throat, watching me gag, he loved it.

Jason came around and after Isaac cummed all down my throat, Jason wanted next. I sucked him so good because he started this whole thing and deserved it. I started to cum when Mark pulled out of my clit and began pounding my asshole. He was bigger that Isaac and it hurt. He came in no time and then most of the boys had gotten off twice. I notice three of them had wedding rings on and thought that if this was the married life, I couldn’t wait! I layed on the bed covered in cum and my holes ripped open by the biggest cocks I had ever seen. I was sore, but experienced the best pleasure of my life. I was invited back whenever I wanted.

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