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My Debauch Part1


I am a 30yr old female, Narin. My husband was working abroad. I live with my brother in law Sati and brother in law Mar who is not married. After my husband left for job I feel aroused but not satified often and had to satisfy myself fingering. All three of us slept in the same room because our house was small. Mar will sometimes come in while we were changing to night dress and watch our bodies and Sati seemed not to mind and I felt sometimes she showed of a bit. I also gew bold and did not care to stop from giving him a peek or two. I got nice arousal from this and my nipples poked through the night dress and Mar would look intently at them and give me a look. Sati would finger herself in the night without letting me know in the bed. But eventually she grew bo I felt that Sati and Mar were involved in more than this when I was away at work.
I told about this to my friend Kirin and she sort of got excited and encouraged me to go along and enjoy. If we are sitting near enough she took opportunity to squeeze my arms or thighs and I felt slight excitement at this and wondered about my feeling towards other woman. One day she slightly brushed my nipples as well and I did not pullback.
That day I got back home a little early and saw Mar and Sati leaving the bedroom hurriedly but gave me a sly seductive smile. I could see that the blouse top of Sati was slightly damp. I wondererd if they were making out..
That night Sati was even more careless and even opened here bra in front of Mar while we were putting the nigh dress and i saw Mar’s eyes fixed on them. I remembered Kirins comment and grew bold and removed my bra as well and Mar and Sati look at my boobs while I put on the gown.Me and Sati used to sleep on one cot and Mar on the other. That day I could feel Sati fingering herself and even touching me in the motion. I felt excited and moved a was drawn to move and feel her touch. She seemed to be deliberately doing it and was moaning a bit now. I am sure Mar could hear it. I put my fingers over my cunt and slightly move and could not hold a slight moan. I think this was the signal Sati was waiting for because she now put her hands over mine and guided my figers in to my cunt. I froze and a pleasure shot through me and I moaned. She covered my mouth with a kiss and put her toung in to me. I sucked on it. She guide my other hand in to her cunt and I felt the wetness there. She made me take those fingers dipped in mouth sher juice and lick them. She slowly moved up and pushed my face towards her swat. For the first tiem I tased the honey from another womans cunt. We went in to a 69 and came and came. Her fingers were in my asshole and it felt so good.
Next day morning I saw her getting up and not bothering to coverherself. I saw Mar watching us and advancing to her cupping her breast while looking at me. His hands snaked down to her cunt and my eyes were glued to them. I was wet again. They moved towards me and started licking me from all parts. Mars touge was in my ass while Sati was sitting with her cint on me.

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