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I’ll call myself Jack, although it’s not my name, nor are the names of other people involved true either.

I had always had this yen to fuck two related women, mother/daughter, aunt/niece, sisters, etc. I thought that it would never happen as I had never even got a sniff of such situation. Then one day I opened a new account, it was just a village shop, you know one of those that do everything. The woman was very pleasant I reckoned in her late thirties, and a size twelve figure but with everything in proportion and decent to look at. She listened to my proposirion and signed up, I would be calling every month when I would do a stock take and make out any order necessary.

She really was very pleasant and a treat to talk to and, after we had concluded the deal she asked if I would like a cup of coffee, I agreed. We went into the back room and she made the coffee and we chatted for a while. As we talked I covertly sized her up. She had excellent legs and unless she had one of those bras that ‘manufacture’ a women’s shape, nice breasts too. I came to the conclusion that she was worth pursuing.

Over the succeeding months I made every effort to ingratiate myself. Once the friendship was established we were on terms about our personal lives. It started off by her saying how nice it was to have a real gentleman to deal with, ‘You’d be surprised,’ she told me, ‘how many reps come in here and turn out to be very arrogant and treating me like a stupid country hick.’ I sympathised and asked her what her husband did, ‘Oh, I’m a widow,’ came the answer. I sympathised for that too, I said how difficult it must be to have the same desires and urges but be unable to satisfy them. ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘you can’t imagine how true that is. I see a man like yourself very attractive and a gentleman and wish I was more forward, I bet you meet other women you can become friendly with!’ I laughed, ‘Oh, it’s true and, although I am married, I can’t always resist the temptation!’ She giggled, ‘I’d love to be naughty like that!’

I thought, ‘Here’s my chance!’ and said, ‘Are you telling me that you haven’t met anyone you could… er . shall I say … have pleasure with?’ ‘Oh,’ she said, ‘only with men I wouldn’t touch with a bargepole!’ I laughed again, ‘I hope you aren’t including me in that description!’ She went pink and cried, ‘Oh no, Jack, quite the opposite!. I’m a free women and I’d love someone like you as a lover!’

I looked like my slow but sure method was working, I said, ‘Difficulty is that we could hardly do anything with the shop open……’ ‘Oh, of course, butit’s almost lunch-time, I close for an hour and a quarter then.’ When she said that I got up, went to her and kissed her, ‘I think I could wait for that, don’t you?’ She went very pink, ‘I…..I …er…couldn’t think of anything better!’

A few minutes later she closed up and coming back into the backroom said, ‘I’ll just go and spend a penny, if you come upstairs my bedroom is the second door on the left at the top of the stairs.’ I followed her up admiring her legs and knowing that I was on a sure thing, I went into the bedroom and waited. A few minutes later she came in minus her shop overall and looking excited. We kissed again and she pressed herself against me, ‘I always loved sex with my husband and before, I was a bit naughty as a young girl!’ We kissed again and I caressed her breasts through her thin dress, her bra was just a standard one, the type that don’t alter the breasts to a shape they’re not. I felt her nipples rise.

Elaine said, breathlessly, ‘You’ll have to be patient, Jack, I haven’t had a man for over nine years.’ I kissed and caressed her, ‘It’s alright, love, I’ll take my time, if I’m going too fast for you, just tell me.’ But it wasn’t long before she was pressing herself against my burgeoning erection. I unbuttoned her dress and slipping her bra straps over her shoulders, kissed her nipples. She was breathing hard but let me unbutton her dress all the way then take it off. I removed her bra and told her how lovely her breasts were. I rubbed my now hard cock against her belly, I put my hands on her bum and pulled her against me while I ducked my head and sucked her nipples.

She moaned and felt for my cock. I undressed down to my boxers and let her have a real feel, ‘Oh!’ she gasped as she wrapped her fingers round the shaft of my cock, ‘I haven’t had one of these in my hand for years and years!’ I pulled her knickers down and she kicked them away as I cupped her mound. Her mound looked like those Greek or Roman statues, a lovely rounded pad between the top of her thighs. My middle finger lay in the slight groove between the lips of her cunt, it was slippery. I began to caress her there and she moaned as her lips parted and my finger slipped between them.

I gave her the treatment then, finger fucking, teasing her clit and thoroughly arousing her. ‘Oh yes, Jack, oh yes! Do it to me!’ I pushed her down on the end of the bed and,kneeling in front of her, spread her legs wide. He cunt was now wide open, she had incredible inner lips, they were almost semi-circular and like the outer ones were engorged and glistening with her love juice. I kissed the insides of her thighs, then her outer lips, her inner lips and her clit. She moaned and shook, ‘Oh God! Oh God!’ she moaned. I buried my face in her delicate flesh, her juices washing my face as I sucked at her and then tongue-fucked her. She grabbed my head and forced it into harder contact, I could hardly breathe and sucked at her juice, swallowing it.

When she allowed me to raise my head I noticed that her inner lips had folded out over her outer ones, it looked incredibly sexy. I sucked and filled my mouth with juice, then I slid up her body and kissed her. I emptied my mouth into hers and after a moment she swallowed it, I did it again then hauled her up the bed and mounted her.

She licked my face as I pushed my cock into her and began to fuck. I was surprised how tight she was, she was loving it rising to meet my thrusts and I could feel her tightening her cunt each time I withdrew. ‘Like your love-juice, do you, Elaine?’ I panted. ‘Oh yes, always have, ever since I was a little girl and sucked my finger clean after playing with my quim,’ she replied.

Somehow I knew that I wouldn’t last long and I didn’t, ‘Are you protected?’ I asked as I realised the end was near.’ ‘No, but don’t worry about it, I want to feel you cumming inside!’ She responded. So I did, ramming my cock in hard I shot the first load as I withdrew, she cried out and I shot another three or four into her feeling her cunt go sloppy as I filled her with my spunk. Then I flopped.

She cuddled me, crooning love words in my ear as I gasped for breath. When we’d recovered I rolled off, she raised herself on her elbow and looked at my cock, ‘You’ve got a lovely dick,’ she said. We kissed, ‘Do you want more?’ I asked. ‘After all this time,’ she murmured, ‘of course I do!’ ‘Do you suck cock then?’ I asked. She went very pink, ‘I’ve never done that!’ I said, ‘It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to,’ I dipped a finger into the spunk drooling out of her cunt, ‘Taste this.’ She looked doubtful but did it. ‘Was it horrible?’ ‘No,’ she replied. ‘Then it’s not a problem, is it? My cock won’t taste any different and it’s a very quick way to get me hard again.’ ‘I didn’t know men could do it more than once in such a short time,’ Elaine said. ‘Fucked twice is twice the pleasure,’ I said. She giggled, ‘Go on then, I’ll give it a try.’

She turned out to be very good at it, I suppose a lot of women are like that, once they start it comes naturally and five minutes later I was pushing into her sloppy cunt.

The second time I fucked her for about half an hour before shooting my load deep into her grateful cunt a second time. As we slid apart she kissed me, ‘I’ve never been… er… fucked … like that,’ she told me, ‘ it was wonderful, could you do me every time you call?’ ‘Of course,’ I said, mentally adding her to my ‘regulars’ list.

After that I did fuck her every time. Then one day she said, ‘I’ve told my eldest daughter about you…’ ‘What?’ I said, ‘You’ve never mentioned that you had kids!’ ‘Hardly kids,’ she told me, ‘Louise is nineteen and the other one in fourteen going on fifteen.’ ‘Good heavens! You surely didn’t mention what we do?’ ‘Why not? She’s a grown woman, she’s more like a sister really and we talk about everything. I told her what a wonderful lover you are, she was quite jealous!’ I laughed, ‘No need to be jealous, she can have the same if she wants it!’ ‘You’d do my daughter?’ ‘Well, not if you didn’t want me to, but if she’s nineteen I doubt she’s still a virgin.’ ‘She isn’t,’ Elaine replied, ‘I wonder…’

We left it like that, I thought it a good sign that Elaine didn’t condemn the idea out of hand.

A couple of months later, while we were indulging in a lazy second fuck she said, ‘You know what you said about Louise?’ I nodded. ‘Well I asked her about it, told her what care you took to make sure that I enjoyed it. She said, ‘Huh, that’d be a change. I haven’t met a man yet whowas interested in anything but his own pleasure.’ ‘What did you say?’ I asked. ‘I said, ‘Well you’ve got the chance now!’ ‘And?’ ‘She wants to try it!’

I couldn’t believe it, all those situations in the past that could have developed into something like this and now it had dropped in my lap, so to speak! I said, ‘Bring it on then!’

Elaine said, ‘Well it’s something we shall have to organise, after all, Louise works and she’s to far away to come home for lunch.’ ‘Don’t worry about that,’ I told her, ‘we’re always having sales meetings over weekends, just let me know and I’ll organise it.’

To cut a long story short that is what we did. Elaine was quite clever and, finding that her younger daughter, Lucy, wanted to do a sleepover with a girl-friend, agreed.

I drove over Saturday morning and found out that Elaine closed the shop, which was part Post Office, Saturday afternoons and we had the rest of the weekend for me to fuck both of them. I was introduced to Louise, who was a beautiful girl with a real rogueish look in her eye. We got on like a house on fire. We had a nice lunch with a bottle of wine then it was upstairs to the bedroom.

Both women had showered just before I arrived and were only wearing dressing gowns, these they took off as they watched me strip, we all enjoyed that! The Elaine said, ‘I’ve told Louise that I’m going to have you first as I know you can last a lot longer the second time, and she’ll really enjoy it!’ ‘Okay with me,’ I replied.

Louise sat back to watch me fuck her mother, during my usual method of thoroughly arousing a woman before even attempting to fuck her, I heard various gasps and cries of incredulity. I assumed that Louise hadn’t experienced what I did to arouse a woman. It was a very enjoyable fuck, Elaine was delighted that I managed to fuck her for quite a long time, I had in fact fucked my wife that morning for that very reason.

Louise said, ‘I’ve never seen anyone else doing it, let alone my own mother! And I wouldn’t have believed a man could last so long I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes!’ I suppose there’s not much point in describing what I did for Louise, because it would just be repeating exactly what I did for her mother. All I will say is that it was a gloriously uninhibited fucking by Louise who became very enthusiastic and kept on cumming all the time. The only physical differences between her and her mother were that she didn’t have inner lips that overlapped the outer ones and her clit was massive, the biggest I had ever seen.

I fucked both of them all over that weekend and went home exhausted. I still had to fuck my wife!

Just one last thing, I subsequently met the younger daughter, Lucy. What a vision of loveliness! Not only that but she exuded sex, I absolutely knew that she was up for a good fucking simply by the way she looked at me. I’ll let you know if I ever do get the chance to fuck her too, it’s now my main ambition!

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