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Twice the pleasure


So i had finally started to date the girl iv been goin after for a year, jaclyn. She had been my best friend for years but we never thought of being a couple until then.
So we were two months into a great relationship. I was ecstatic to have the hottest girl in school as my girlfriend. She was beautiful. She was 5’3 mexican burnette and had such a pretty face. A dancer, she was in great shape with greatly formed legs a flat stomach an athletic figure and the genetic gift of an amazingly huge breasts. I saw all my friends drool over her from afar and i never let a day go by without adoring her for it. We had recently had sex for the first time bringing our relationship that much closer. Things were good.

It seemed to fall downhill however when jaclyn invited her ex to the movies with us. Her ex being a girl who claimed to be bisexual even tho she seemed to hate everyone with a penis. She dated lyn 2 months before i did n they somehow remained good friends. Her name was mariah and anyone could tell why lyn dated her. She was probley the only girl in the same class as her except completey off limits to guys. Mariah was also mexican n very beautiful. Her face almost as gorgeous as lyn’s. She had a gorgeous set of lips. Most people however didnt even notice her face first. She was short and buxom with large thighs big breast and, most noticable, a big ass. For being so small it was astounding how some one could have such a large butt.

I reluctantly agreed to the movies. Lyn wore a beautil leather jacket on top of a green spaghetti strap wid black skinny jeans n tall black heels. Her body looked amazing n the the colors aided her beautiful smile her long curly hair and her deep chocolate eyes. Mariah wore a red v-neck with no bra, tight blue jeans, that made her ass look amazing, and red heels.

We showed up at the theater and i felt proud to be walking in with the two most beautiful women on that side of town. I walked in next to lyn, her hand in mine, with mariah on her other side. Before the movie mariah went to the bathroom to check her hair. Lyn and i waited in the arcade playing resident evil.
“So do u think mariah’s cool?” She asked me as she crotch shot a very unlucky zombie.
“Yea sure,” i replied. “She hasn’t really tried to talked to me though, ya know.”
Lyn sighed. We stopped playing and sat down in the lounge. she smiled n it made me smile in return. “I like that jacket. I think ur making every other girl jealous.” She smiled even bigger. “You really look georgous” i said just loud enough for the people around us to hear. She blushed deeply.
I kissed her cheek. she gave me an adoring look. I lifted her chin with my hand and softly kissed her rosey lips. she took a long breath in and held it. She tasted sweet. I kissed her again and her lips began to tremble against mine.
“Get a room” mariah had returned from the bathroom. Lyn leaned away. Fuck my life.
We saw the movie then went to chill at lyns house. I was going to spend the night and mariah was going to get picked up. We watched some tv and ate some snacks.
Lyn went to the bathroom leaving me and mariah in an awkward silence. Finally she spoke, “so why do u like lyn?”
“She’s my best friend” I replied, “what don’t I like ’bout her?”
“Oh so its not just cuz she’s hot?” She asked jugdementally.
“No.” She didn’t believe me. “I’m guessin’ you haven’t met decent guys.”
“Nope” she replied. “I doubt you’re different”
Lyn returned shortly and sat on my lap. She smiled then kissed me. Mariah roled her eyes. Lyn smiled at her.
“Your not jealous are you” lyn asked mariah with a laugh.
“Of him or you” she sarcasticly replied.
“You don’t think he’s cute?” Lyn asked.
“No he’s cute. But guys are ass holes.”
Lyn sighed, “Samuel is different. He treats me great.” I smirked. “I bet you’d like him. N he probley thinks your hot,” I chuckled under my breath. “don’t u?”
“Yea your decent,” I joked. Mariah half smiled. “Honestly though I think you have great lips.”
As if compelled by something Lyn leaned toward mariah and randomly kissed her. “They taste great too. You should try them sam”
Both me and mariah were shocked. She nodded to mariah to kiss me. Even through I was in a state of utter confusion, my dick uncontrollably started to grow. Lyn noticed. She chuckled and started to bounce on me a little. Mariah thought for a moment then looked at me.
“Most guys only compliment my ass you know.” She leaned towards me and placed her juicy lips on mine. Her tounge pushed into my mouth and found its way around nicely.
I moved one of my hands off of lyns thighs and placed it on one of mariah’s love handles. Lyn began to start grinding on me and my dick started throbbing under her and from there I was gone. My other hand slid off her thigh and under her shirt onto her smooth stomach.
I started kissing mariahs cheek then her neck as she arched it back and began to moan. The moans were deep and long. My hand slowly went under lyns panties. She gasped wen I started rubbing her wet clit. Once I slid my finger inside of her she jolted causing my dick enormous pleasure. I bit into mariahs neck and her moans increase in volume.
I guess I fingered lyns g-spot almost perfectly because she quickly let out multiple high pitched cries before cumming into my hand. She stood up and took off her jacket. I then stood up and took off her shirt while mariah took off mine behind me.
I kissed lyn while mariah went around and pulled off lyns jeans. Lyn’s hands travled down my abbs and unbuckled my belt. She then pushed me back onto the couch. Mariah started kissing lyn’s cleavage above her bra.I watched as lyn’s nipples got hard.
Mariah then got to her knees. She took off lyn’s boy shorts exposing her. Mariah then turned towards me. “You like my lips huh?” She unzipped my pants and pulled out my dick. Her eyes grew big and she smiled a sexy smirk. She started to stroke it, feeling its thickness with her soft hands. “Wow” she said. She kissed the head and I throbbed. Her lips were nice and plump.
Lyn stood up onto the couch. She stood over me with her dripping pussy right infront of my face. My hands moved up her perfect legs and grabbed her ass. I forced her hips forward putting my lips on her soaked pussy. I kissed the wet lips. I started licking her clit and let her tasty juice filled my mouth. She moaned gently. She tasted so good. I grabbed her firm ass tight tighter.
I felt mariahs thick lips enlcose around my dick head and then slide down my cock. My dick slid through her soft lips, into her salivating mouth and over her tongue into the back of her throat. I had reached the back with only 3 inches inside. Mariah decided to stroke the remaining 7 or so inches with her hand.
As mariah sucked my throbbing cock Lyns moans got louder and louder. It made me want to lick faster. She pulled on my hair started breathing heavily. Later she then cried out and began to orgasm in my mouth. It poured over my tounge and tasted so good.
Mariah went faster and faster, sucking harder and harder. It felt incredible. I started thrusting into her mouth making her slightly choke. She made one hard suck and I started to cum into her mouth. She drank it as it flowed down her throat.
Lyn sat down next to me and mariah next to her. My dick was still hard “that was fun” lyn said.
I looked at mariah and smiled. “We’re not done wid you yet jakie.” Mariah said. I unclipped lyn’s bra strap and her gigantic tits bounced out. Her boobs were round and firm, and her nipples were hard. I grabbed one boob and started to suck on her nipple while mariah began to suck on the other.
“Oh my god.” Lyn whispered and started to gently moan. Her nipples tasted amazing in my mouth. I started to suck harder. “Please go easier. My nipples are sensitive!” She began to beg. Both of us igored her and sucked harder. She arched her neck back and screamed. Me and mariah then both stuck two fingers in her wet pussy. I thrusted my fingers into her as deep as they went. She was soft, tight and wet as always. She started scatching our arms and then I felt her pussy quivered. Her thighs were soaked in the sweet dew. She tried closing her legs but we didn’t let her. Her gorgeous body began to convulse and her glorius chest started to heave letting out heavy breaths. She started to cum again while I bit on her hard nipple. “Please I’m done. I can’t take anymore.”
Mariah seemed dissapointed. I was kind of happy though. All this time we had neglected mariahs needs. Now I would focus on her. I took off her shirt and removed the jeans. I laid her down and kissed up her thick thighs, her juicy pussy lips, her stomach, up her ample chest, and her neck. I spread her legs as far as they would go. Her pussy was dripping wet. I put my dick head in. She started fidgeting in agitation. I thrusted my dick in half way. She started to moan. With each thrust I went harder and deeper. With every thrust her fat thighs shook and her tits bounced. She looked so sexy I thrusted harder. She started to gasp and lose breaths. Still I went harder. Her thighs shook. In and out I went sliding my dick againsts the walls of her tight wet pussy.
She took a large breath. It made her chest heave. She moaned louder making my dick throb even more. In and out I thrusted.
Her pussy was almost as tight as lyns. I slipped deeper into her than I ever had in lyns. I want to get balls deep and would’ve I she hadn’t yelled, “I’m.. I’m cumming. I’m cumming” the words rung in my ear. I kept smashing my dick inside her until she came on my dick. The warm liquid engulfed my dick and made me need to cum myself. I should’ve pulled out but I wanted to keep smashing her pussy. Afew more thrusts and I came inside her. My cum overflowed out of her. She took a large breath ass I pulled out.
We got up and went to the couch where we had put lyn to asleep. I snuggled next to her and fell asleep beside her.

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