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My name is Brian, I was 35 when this occurred. I’m 5’9″ tall, athletic build, single, and a real fanny rat. I have a girl friend, Jessie, she’s blonde, great figure and pretty. She was married when I first met her some years ago but divorced soon after, and she had a daughter, Angie. Angie was twelve then and already well-developed, she was a virtual clone of her mother.

Jessie and I didn’t live together but saw each other frequently, we fucked like rabbits. She loved variety but didn’t like pain or having it anally, as I didn’t like thse things either we really suited each other.

As Jessie worked irregularly I just called when the opportunity arose, if she was in, fine, if not there was always next time. I don’t think Jess had any other lovers from the time we met, although I knew that she’d had a pretty interesting private life before.

Any way, that sort of sets the scene. One afternoon I called, we hadn’t seen each other for a week which was unusual and I was disappointed to find that she was working. Angie opened the door, ‘Hello, Brian,’ she said, ‘ ‘fraid Mum’s not here but come in. Mum said that I was always to make you comfortable if you called when she was working.’ I followed her into the lounge, admiring her developing figure. She turned and said, smiling, ‘I know all about what you and Mum do, so I guess I could make you comfortable the way she would.’ With that she unbuttoned the cotton dress she was wearing, all she had underneath was a pair of pastel blue, stretch cotton, knickers. I gasped, ‘Christ, Angie, what are you doing?’ I couldn’t take my eyes off her beautiful little breasts and the sizeable hump she had below.

She pouted and said, ‘This is what Mum would do isn’t it?’ And she slipped her knickers down and off. Her prominent mound was hairless, at thirteen what would you expect? I felt my cock stir but I said, ‘If you think that I’m going to fuck a thirteen year old, you have another think coming, however beautiful she is!’

Angie pouted even more, ‘Oh, I think you’re mean! I’ve got everything Mum’s got and it hasn’t been used yet! Wouldn’t you just love to fuck a virgin?’ By now I was as hard as a rock, couldn’t see much of her cunt because I was too close, but from what I could see it was obvious that she had quite a large one.

I said, ‘Look, Angie, no offence, but just think what your Mum would say if she found out that I’d come here and fucked her teeneage daughter? I’ll be honest, you look gorgeous, just looking makes me hard, you have a great figure and it’s going to get even better! When your Mum thinks that you’re old enough I’d be delighted to fuck you, but I think a thirteen year old is a bit much even for me.’

I took her by the shoulders and kissed her, her little stiff breasts poked into my chest, I groaned inwardly, ‘Look, I’ve got to go before I do do something I’d regret.’ I turned and walked to the door, looking back I could see that she had tears in her eyes, her legs were apart and I could see more of a magnificent young cunt. I closed the door behind me.

That evening Jessie rang, ‘Thanks for what you did today, Angie told me all about it. What I will say is, that when I think she’s mature enough, whatever her age, I can’t imagine anyone better qualified to teach her all about sex! See you soon.’

Our relationship went on with lots of regular sex, sometimes Jess came out with me, waiting in the car while I made client calls. Occasionally Angie came too we used to ahve some really nice days. One lovely summer’s day a couple of years later they were both with me, I only had three calls to make, but they were well spaced out and some distance away. I had made two of them in the morning and then we stopped at a pub for lunch.

Carrying on afterwards I eventually got to my last call and Jess and Angie had to wait some time before I finished. When I came out we headed homewards, now a considerable distance away. After about half an hour later while we were passing through a wooded area, Angie said, ‘Please Brian could we stop, I need to spend a penny.’ Jess chimed in, ‘I wouldn’t mind either.’ So when I spotted a place I pulled in, before we got out and walked into the trees, Jess said, ‘Take your knickers off here, Angie, it’ll make things easier,’ they both did. We got out and walked down a path into the trees, just off the path we came to a little clearing. ‘This’ll do,’ Jess said. ‘I’m bursting!’, Angie crouched down with her legs wide apart. She was right in front of me, she now had a little tuft of almost colourless hair on her mound. She reached between her legs and parted her cunt lips just as she started peeing. I got a hard-on immediately, then Jess joined her, she was shaved and her flow was even more than Angie’s.

I wanted desperately to pee too, I took my cock out and they both looked, Jess grinned, ‘You’ll never manage it with a hard-on!’ I couldn’t. Jess, finishing stood up, ‘Come on, let’s get rid of that!’ She bent forward and flipped her skirt up over her back, her open cunt hung between her thighs like some exotic fruit. It was still wet and I stepped forward and eased my throbbing cock into her, ‘Oh yes!’ she gasped, ‘fuck me hard darling!’

Putting my cock in her was like putting it in a furnace, albeit a slippery one. I gripped the front of her thighs and fucked her hard as she wanted. It didn’t take long, I was aroused enough anyway, but the sight of Angie, off to the side but in front of me, aroused me even more. She was masturbating. I watched as I fucked her mother, she looked up and saw me watching, her face was almost agonised at the thrills she was experiencing. When I came, groaning, as I shot five fierce jets of hot spunk up my lover. Angie’s face contorted and she gasped.

I withdrew and watched my spunk, mixed with Jess’s love-juice, drool out of her cunt. She said, ‘That was great and I think we made Angie cum too! Did we darling?’ Angie smiled, ‘That was my first really big one, Mum! I’d love to be fucked too!’ Jess turned to look at me, her skirt still hoisted up, she knelt and sucked my limp cock into her mouth.

I was well used to this, it was her method of getting me hard when she wanted to be fucked again straight away. Three minutes later I had a hard, clean, cock. ‘There you are, Angie, if you want Brian to fuck you, now’s your chance!’

An incredulous look spread across Angie’s face, ‘Do you mean it, Mum?’ ‘Oh yes, darling, you’re fifteen now, the best age to have your first cock, and you couldn’t have anyone better than Brian’s.’

I said, ‘Let me pee first.’ Jess said, ‘I’ll hold it for you.’ I finished with relief and Jess shook the drops off, then said, ‘ Let’s find a nice patch of soft grass and we’ll do it properly.’ Then said, ‘Would you mind going back to the car first, darling, and getting the tissues, I’m getting into a bit of a mess!’ I obliged and she was soon cleaning herself up. Then we wandered on through the trees before I spotted a much bigger clearing through the trees. It was a bit difficult finding a way in but I found what I took to be and animal run of some sort and we crawled in. The clearing was wide and carpeted with lovely short, soft, grass. I said, ‘Take your clothes off, Angie.’ I undressed too.

Angie was incredibly beautiful laid on her back, her breasts still stiff enough not to spill across her chest. Her legs were apart revealing the neat closed lips of her cunt with the little patch of hair just on her mound alone. As a man I have always liked women with prominent mounds, I think they give you something special when you’re fucking. Jess’s was quite prominent but not nearly as much as her daughters.

I got down with her, my cock rampant, she grabbed it as I kissed her, she responded eagerly. I had noticed as I lowered myself that the whole area around Angie’s cunt was blushing, now, as I kissed her lovely breasts, they blushed too, her nipples had erected and I sucked them. She gasped and her fingers gripped my cock hard, I kissed my way down over her stomach to her cunt. I kissed the insides of her thighs as her legs sagged open, then all up and down the sides of her cunt, then, finally, the lips themselves.

She gasped, ‘Oh my God!’, and reacted, wanking my cock hard. So I pushed my tongue between her cunt lips and began to lick inside, she moaned and I felt thrills running through her. I tongue fucked her, she thrust her hips up at me, my face was buried in her soft, delicate flesh. So I sucked her hard little clit, she screamed and came, convulsing until I stopped. Then I mounted her and pushed my cock in her, she wrapped her arms round me, digging her nails into my back as I eased right up as far as I could go. I stopped and kissed her, she licked my cunt-wet face.

I began fucking gently, ‘Nice?’ I queried. ‘Oh God, yes!’ she panted, ‘fuck me harder!’ I gave her what she wanted. Twenty minutes later I was still fucking her, she’d gone quite limp, simply accepting and enjoying the feelings she was experiencing. Then I heard Jess say softly, ‘Come on Brian, I think she’s had enough, but cum up her, she needs to experience it all!’ A couple of hard thrusts then I was shooting, Angie cried out as she felt my hot spunk filling her, then I flopped. She was all over me kissing me, stroking the back of my head and crooning love words. After a while I lifted off her, my flacced cock dragging reluctantly out of her throbbing cunt.

As I moved away I looked to see our mixed juices oozing from her wide open cunt. She was all flushed but looking very pleased with herself, her mother helped clean her up. ‘There,’ Jess said to her, ‘worth waiting for, was it, darling?’ ‘Oh yes, Mum, it was wonderful! Brian will be allowed to fuck me again, won’t he?’ she asked anxiously. ‘Yes, I did so hope that you’d like it, we’ll have to get you fixed up so that you can’t get pregnant. Come on now, stand up and jump about a bit and get as much of that stuff out of you as we can!’

After that we all got dressed and went back to the car, both women lining their knickers with tissues until they could get home and clean up properly.

Well, that was a memorable day, but from that day forward I have nearly always had to fuck both mother and daughter when I visit. But do I complain? What do you think?

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