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Bringing My Drunk Mom Home


I woke up one day and went to the kitchen, and my dad was there putting on a tie and looking like he was in a hurry. He also looked pissed off. I said,”good mourning” He said,”hey good mouring man. I gotta go to the airport to catch a flight that leaves in two hours. Your mom stayed out last night, i don’t know where. I gotta run though, I’ll see you in a few days.”

My dad left and I thought i had the house to myself for a few hours. About twenty minutes later the phone rang. It was my mom, and she sounded plastered. She was laughing and then she slurred,”Hey Mike.” I said,”no it’s me Chris.” Mom slurred,”oh sh*t Chris is dad there?” I said,”no he had a flight he needed to catch.” Mom slurred,”fu*kin sh*t.” I said,”mom you ok?” She slurred,”no, I partied too much last night, and I’m drunk. Can you come pick me up?” I said,”sure mom where you at?” Then mom gave me directions to her location.

I left the house right away, and in the car I was thinking my dad’s not home, and my mom is sh*t-faced. This is a perfect opportunity to have sex with my mom. To describe my mom, she is 42 about 5’ 4. 120 pounds. She has long black hair that she usually keeps in a pony tail which makes her look like a soccer mom. She has big tits. She works out so her belly is tiny, and fit. She has a tiny four pack, but she doesn’t look like a nasty body builder. Her ass is tight and cute.

I get to the place and my mom comes out. She is falling down drunk, and she had a bottle of whiskey in her hand. She opened the car door and looked at me for a second with her drunk sexy green eyes. She slurred,”thank you honey for picking me up.” I said,”No problem. Mom you should stop drinking.” She struggled a little bit, but then got in. She slurred,”I’m trying to drink myself sober. I just keep getting more drunk though.” On the drive home, mom leaned her chair back. She seemed to be in her own world, and started to rub her belly and drank the whiskey right out of the bottle. I said,”mom, you alright?” She looked at me and slurred,”Yeah, my belly is tight, I feel like I’m gonna pop. I wanna see how big i can get my belly full of alcohol.” I said,”alright.” We get home and I help mom out. Her belly was sticking out a lot. She slurred,”I am so fu*ked up right now.” I said,”mom you need help in the house?” She said,”yeah i am to drunk to walk.” I took mom’s arm over my shoulder, and walked with her to the door.

Before we went in I turned mom around so we were facing each other. I said,”mom I gotta tell you something.” She slurred,”yes dear?” I said,”I’m really attracted to you.” She giggled, and slurred,”Oh honey, you don’t want me, I’m too old for you.” I said,”mom you’re 42. You have an amazing body. I just wanna have sex with you one time.” She slurred,”Baby, I’m really wasted now.” I said,”that’s a good thing mom. You won’t remember anything tomorrow.” She laughed and slurred,”So you wanna rape me?” I said,”no not really.” She slurred,”Baby i haven’t been fu*ked in a few months since your dad is traveling so much. If we have sex, you have to promise you will not tell anyone.” I said,”yeah like I’m gonna brag to people that we had sex.” She whispered in my ear really sexy,”After you get my pus*y and I’m all done with you, you’re gonna wanna tell everyone.” I said,”really.” She slurred,”I’m so horny right now. Fu*k me baby.”

I carried her to her bed. I laid her on the bed and she got completely naked. I started to lick her pus*y and she was breathing heavy. She slurred,”lick my pus*y get me all wet.” I found her g-spot, and she shrieked a little loud. She said,”ohh god. ohh god. I love it. Take advantage of your drunk mom.” I said,”all right mom, i’m gonna stick it in.” Mom slurred,”Make me scream baby. I want my pus*y pounded real hard.” I put it in slowly, and mom moaned. I started to get faster, and she was moving her neck around, and moaning some more. I must of done something, cause she screamed,”FU*KIN SH*T OH MY GOD. OHH!” After about 15 minutes of going at it. She sat up in the bed and slurred,”That was amazing. Baby you’re right. I won’t remember this tomorrow since I’m so drunk. We need to film this.” I was shocked, and didn’t really want her to remember it. I said,”Mom you don’t wanna remember me having sex with you.” She slurred and grabbed my cock,”Yes i do. This thing is fuckin huge. I wanna remember the pounding you gave me.” She stood up and staggered to the closet and got the camera. She slurred,”It’s fully charged with a new tape in it.” I said,”oh really?” She turned it on and started recording, she sat it on the table.

She slurred while pushing me on the bed and crawling on me. “The tape is 6 hours long, so guess what that means? You and I are gonna fu*k for a long time.” I said,”You won’t make it that long.” She slurred,”yes i will.” I started talking dirty to her,”You’re a drunk whore, you’ll pass out in a minute.” Mom kissed me, and slurred, “Well let this drunk whore do as much as she can to you and we’ll see if it’ll be 6 hours.” She kissed me, then got on her knees and guided my co*k in her pus*y. She bounced up and down, and moved her hips forward and backwards. She put her head down then flicked it up real quick to get her hair back. That was real sexy. About twenty minutes later she got off and went to the side bed standing.

She said,”wow, this is gonna be a fun night.” She went to get the bottle of whiskey. She tipped it up and chugged it. She put it down and went to the camera and slurred,”by the time this night is over, this bottle will be gone. My belly will be huge, and I will be satisfied by my son’s big hard co*k.” Mom chugged the bottle some more, and slurred,”Damn i love being drunk.” I said,”mom come bring your drunk ass over here.” She came on the bed and got on her knees. Her body was perfect. Her hair was messy, face looked like she wanted more co*k, her belly nice and tight, and her pus*y was wet. She got closer to me and stopped and slurred,”is it time for your co*k to go inside this drunk whore again?” I said,”yes it is.” She got close and straddled on my di*k. We went at it even harder then before. About twenty minutes later mom got off. She said,”whoa, I’m fu*kin hurting.” We laid by each other, and i rubbed mom’s firm belly. I said,”just think if this was a baby in here.” She said,”i would be so happy to have a baby with you.” We made out and i got up and said,”ok, i think i’m going to bed. Good night.” Mom slurred you cant go to bed. the camera’s not done.” I said,”good night, love you.” I walked over to the camera and took the tape out then went out of the room. I wanted to hide the film so i put it in the other videos to disguise it and do something with it tomorrow. Then i went to bed.

The next morning i got up and mom was watching it on the tv in the living room. I walked right by her and she said,”honey come here for a minute.” I thought i was in trouble. I go over there and she said,”honey i’m so sorry i got that drunk. I’m such a bad mom.” I said,”mom, don’t say sorry.” She said,”yeah, it looked like you had fun fu*kin your drunk mom. Well i don’t remember anything so it’s oh. haha.” I said,”mom you were great. i loved your pus*y.” She said, “whoa son. Hopefully sometime soon we can have sober sex.”

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