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Brother and Sister First Time


It was my sister who first introduced me to incest on the internet. Actually, she introduced me to incest in real-life too, but we’ll get to that in a moment.”Hey, Marty” she shouted one evening. “Come and look at this.”What we found was this site, complete with stories from people like us who enjoy close-relation fun and games, although Paula and I were only interested in each other, not involving parents or other siblings.

After we’d read a few, and got ourselves so horny we had to break for a shag, Paula suggested writing a story of our own. “Well, yeah ok. But what do we write about?” I asked.”Tell them all about how we started” she said. So here goes.About 10 years ago, I was 20 and Paula was 18. One night I got in from evening class at college (i was studying engineering as part of an apprenticeship) and ran up the stairs bursting for a pee. The house was supposedly empty, so I was most annoyed to find the bathroom door locked.”Hey, can’t you wait?” came Paula’s voice.”Sorry, I didn’t know anyone was in. And no, I cant wait. I’m busting to pee.””Ok, Hold on and dont open the door till I say.”I heard her get out of the bath, walk across the floor and unlock the door. Her footsteps raced back to the bath and she splashed in. “OK, you can come in now”I opened the door, headed for the toilet and unzipped my jeans. The layout of the bathroom was such that me facing the toilet meant my back was to the bath.

The wall to my left was one long mirror though, and through the corner of my eye I could see Paulas head and shoulders above the rim of the bath.I was still peeing, and to my surprise I caught sight of Paula moving in the bath, and leaning forward obviously trying to get a look at my cock. I finished, and shook the last drops away, zipped myself up and turned to Paula, expecting her to look away. Her eyes remained fixed on my flies and suddenly my eyes were drawn to her tits.”Bloody hell”, I thought. “When did she get those? She always looks flat chested in her school uniform.”Just then the spell was broken and we both looked at each other and I darted out from the bathroom into my bedroom, shutting the door and layed down on my bed.I couldn’t stop thinking about that naked body, just 2 feet away from me on the other side of the wall. I could hear her splashing in the water, washing

I couldn’t stop thinking about that naked body, just 2 feet away from me on the other side of the wall. I could hear her splashing in the water, washing herself, and I started to rub my cock while fantasising about my sister. My 18 year old sister! What was I doing?But it was so nice, and that image of her body, imprinted on my mind, was never going to turn me off.”Marty”, Paula called. “Can you come here a minute?””Sure”, I called back and stood outside the bathroom door. I knocked gently and heard Paula say “Come in, dont be shy”She was still in the bath, and making no attempt to cover herself up.”I cant find the loofa, could you please wash my back for me.” She then turned away from me, so that all I could see was her back.I dunked my hands into the water, picked up the soap from the side-holder and started to wash her. I took my time, and was really wanting to get another look at her tits, but she had her arms folded in front of her so nothing was doing.

I rinsed her back, and she turned her face to me, smiled and said “Thanks. I’ll do the same for you sometime. Maybe later if you have a bath tonight.”I dried my hands and left the bathroom and headed back to my room. I heard Paula getting out of the bath, pulling the plug and then heading off to her room. After a while I decided to have a bath myself and within 10 mins was lying back in the hot water, relaxing except for my cock that was still hard from thinking about Paula. A soft knocking at the door, followed by Paulas voice asking “Can I come in?””Sure” I said sitting upright to hide my stiffness in the water.Paula came in, with a dressing gown over her pyjamas. “You want me to do your back now?” she asked.”Please”, I tried to reply, but my throat was dry so all I could do was nod. Instead of kneeling next to the bath and rolling her sleeves up, Paula undid her dressing gown, letting it fall to the floor and exposing her body.She wasn’t wearing anything underneath!Paula climbed into the bath behind

Instead of kneeling next to the bath and rolling her sleeves up, Paula undid her dressing gown, letting it fall to the floor and exposing her body.She wasn’t wearing anything underneath!Paula climbed into the bath behind me, and started washing my back. Her fingers, while not experienced at massage, were certainly playing with my back as though it was one hugh erogenous zone. My mind was racing and my cock stiff and ready to burst.She shuffled nearer to me and I felt her breasts press against my soapy back. Her hands came around to my front, and started playing with my nipples.I knew that a womans nipples were mega sensitive, and even knew that occasionally women can reach orgasm just by having their breasts played with. But I never knew mens nipples worked the same way.

She started kissing the base of my neck, and this combined with her tits pressing into my back and her fingers woring on my hardening nipples, nearly made me cum there and then.Paula then stopped, stood up and moved so she was infront of me. She sat back down in the bath facing me and began to kiss me on the mouth. My response was immediate, and our tongues were quickly exploring each others mouths. My hands reached out for her tits, to give her nipples the same treatment that she had given to mine.Her hand moved through the water and found my cock. She almost thought I’d cum, because it jerked in response to her touch. She stopped kissing me and just sat their infront of me, my hands on her tits and hers holding my cock.”Stand up” she said. I did so and Paula took my cock in her mouth and started to suck. Slowly at first, going from just the tip to about half way down my shaft and then back up again. One hand had hold of the base of my cock and the other was rubbing and squeezing my balls. I reached down and was able to still play with her

I reached down and was able to still play with her tits, when I felt myself start to tense.Paula also realised what was about to happen, but instead of withdrawing, she moved her hand out of the way and swallowed the whole of my cock into her throat. Licking my balls with her tongue, I shot my load into her and kept cumming like never before.Paulas eyes looked up into mine, and we kept staring into each others eyes as she slowly withdrew my cock and carefully sucked and licked every drop of cum from me.Without a word being said, we both changed places. Paula stood above me, her hairy pussy already smelling that musty ready-for-sex smell that I love. My hands reached her buttocks and pulled her pussy forward to my eager and waiting mouth. My tongue

My tongue was licking her out as my hands moved to her front. One hand went to her cunt and two fingers quickly found their way inside.Paulas moans let me know when I had found her g-spot, and with my fingers working on the inside, my tongue flicking and licking her clit and my free hand playing with her tits, Paula was soon thrusting her hips back and forward over my mouth.”I’m still a virgin, but I dont want to be in 10 minutes” Said Paula. “And dont worry, since puberty I’ve been on the pill.” “Thank fuck for that” I said, as Paula lowered herself gently onto my newly hardened prick and she rode me in the bath. For a virgin she wasnt tight, and Paula said this was because she had nearly fucked with her boyfriend, but he pulled out when he started to cum to early.Water was going everywhere, our bodies were splashing to and fro and we were in danger of flooding the bathroom.Paula stopped again. She faced away from me, bent forward and spread her legs as much as possible in a small bath. “Take me from behind” she said.”Bloody hell” I thought. “Doggie style!”I entered her juicy pussy from behind and felt my full length of cock slide into her.

Paulas breathing became fast and loud as I pounded my cock in and out of her cunt. One hand managed to locate her clit, which I gave a good fingering to.At once, Paulas whole body tensed and I felt her warm juices flood her cunt as I exploded into her. Wave after wave of tremors and spasms engulfed us as we came together. After an eternity, or maybe 30 seconds, I slowly withdrew my cock and Paula turned around to suck every last drop again.”You’d better go to bed” said Paula. “I’ll stay in her and clear myself out.”Nodding I left the bathroom, climbed into my pyjamas and went to bed.

About half an hour later I heard Paula come out of the bathroom and open my bedroom door, wearing her dressing gown again.”I dont know about you, but I enjoyed tonight” I said.”Me too” said Paula and came to sit on the edge of my bed. “But you owe me one you know. I made you cum twice, but I only came once.””Open that dressing gown and I’ll eat you pussy again” I said.”Not tonight, Marty” said Paula. “Mam and Dad will be home soon. But another night, and soon.” She then kissed me, her mouth still tasing of my cum, and wished me goodnight.

Well, thats how Paula and I got started. We had sex maybe 2-3 times a month for the next 10 years, until Paula went and got herself married. Luckily, I’m into computers now, and Paula makes an excuse to come round my flat several times a month to use the internet, which gives us ample opportunity to continue our sex life.


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