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Cousin Lucy


We are a large family with many sisters and cousins. My little cousin,Lucy, and I were very close. We teased and flirted. Wrestling, play slapping and tickling. I liked the taste of her skin when we played. The salt and sweat on her neck gave me hardons when I nuzzled her. She would push her butt into me trying to get free.
One warm day I was gathering wood along the creek. Lucy was helping. She wore a pair of tight levis that were too wide for her waist. Just looking at her belly made one want to put his hand in her pants. She had tied her shirt tails below her pretty, but small tits, exposing her belly and back. Lucy’s tits were perfect as she would press them against me. I liked it she reached across me for something or just leaned over me.
We had got to goosing each other. One time when I had her down I tickled her ass and she wet herself. She acted mad and threw dirt at me. But we ended up laughing.
Wood gathering is a lot of bending over. Lucy had goosed my butt and I had dropped my arm load of wood. I feigned anger and went after her and caught her. We went to the ground and she wrapped her legs around me. Lucy is very wirey and strong. I started try to lift off her but she hung on. I then tried to grind her into the ground. I had a big hard on and loved rubbing it on her. We were dry fucking and suddenly the tingle in my balls began. The humping got faster and the grinding longer. Then I came in my pants.
Lucy had a little smile on her pixie face when we relaxed. I lay there puffing and she reached in her pants and brought up her sticky fingers a rubbed them on my lips. I was surprised but it tasted good. We ended up kissing though it felt wrong as it might lead to fucking and our game playing would be serious. Maybe we could just fuck for fun.

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country boy. now 42. Still see my cousin. She is married and has kids. I have a small ranch and also wotk out.

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  • I was two years older than my cousin and we would see each other often and from the time he was eight he would spend from a month to the entire summer at our home. That first summer I started teasing and rough housing with him. By the time he was twelve and almost seven foot and I like my mother had growned into a full woman. I was a 40FFFF and five foot and we decided to go swimming. When we got there we had no suits so we went skinny dipping. While in the water I swam between his legs and then stood up pressing my chest into his. As I settled in the water I felt his hard cock looking for my cunt hole and he found it. I was not a virgin like he was but I had trouble getting him in me. As he tried to seat his cock in me he came and while he was still hard he carried me out of the water. He layed down on his back and I proceeded to ride his cock. I came so many times that I lost count and he came in me again. I had been on the pill for three years and was not really worried. We fucked ourselves to death for the next eight years. As I finished college and was about to get married I stopped taking the pill. I knew that the week-end that I was to be married I would be at my most fertile time. I saw my cousin all that week before the my wedding and we made love many times a day and even on my wedding day. I knew that my first would be his and I was right having had four daughters nine months later. At the time I did not know but my husband had a very low sperm count and I would be hard pressed for him to get me pregnant. He was very happy with his four daughters and I was very happy seeing my cousin again. When my cousin left the following month I was pregnant again. My cousin got me pregnant five more times before my husband became a mega millionare and was killed by a drunk driver. My cousin came to me in my time of need and now we are together and I am pregnant again.

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