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Curious Cousins


Growing up, my cousin Hannah and I were best friends. We always got along, told each other everything, and went everywhere together. Ever since we were little people thought we were twins. We both had long brunette hair and even developed the same.
One summer, our parents decided to take a trip and since Hannah was taking summer school, our parents decided we could stay home. While cleaning my parents room one day, we found a box of unlabeled movies. We were curious and put one in. What we saw both startled us. On the screen we saw a man pumping his huge, smooth cock inside a woman’s wet cunt. We just looked at each other, I could tell Hannah was getting wet and she knew I was too. We kept watching and she moved a little closer to me. Together we watched the woman getting fucked in the ass while eating golden wet pussy.
Hannah asked if I had ever done anything like that before and I told her no. She told me the same thing. When she told me she had never kissed someone before, my pussy got even wetter. I could feel my juice running down my slit and my nipples were hard as ice. I asked her if she wanted to try it and leaned in. She kissed like she had done it before, shoving her tongue deep in my mouth. Before I new it she had pushed me down on the bed and took off my robe. She slowly began sucking my tits while rubbing her wet pussy against my leg. My clit was swollen and she could feel my cunt shivering with exitement. Hannah put her wet hairy pussy on top of mine and began writhing back and forth, rubbing our wet hard clits against each other. She began sucking my finger when I motioned for her to sit on my face. I stuck my tongue deep into her hole while she went to town on my pussy. Fucking my hole with her fingers while sucking my clit. Before I knew it we had both cum. She got up quickly and ran to her room without saying anything. This surprised me, but then she came back in with a huge black cock strapped to her pussy.
I was still layed out on the bed, my body still quivering with orgasm. She came over and put the large cock in my mouth. She rubbed her pussy juice all over and made me suck it dry until she rammed it in my pussy. She put me on my back and began pumping me faster. I put her titties in mouth while fucking her ass with my fingers. She let out a huge moan as we both came together.
We are now closer than ever, and still ‘hang out’ four times a week.

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