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Drunk Mom Becomes Lover


Drunk Mom Becomes Lover

This event took place on my 18th birthday. My mom (Julie) at the time was 34, real young for a son my age. Anywho, being so young my mom loved to go out and party, sometimes a little to much. She’d come home in a taxi falling down drunk. The amazing thing about my mom is with all the drinking, she was not fat at all. At that time she was, 5’8 about 140 pounds her fat was in all the right places. She had a slender face with a smile that will make any guy weak in the knees. Her breast were natural and about 38DD. She had an amazing belly, not to big, not to small. It always looked full and pretty. And yes, her ass and legs were fantatic. Her ass was nice and round very little cellulite. I’ll tell you how i measured it in a little while, but it was 38 inches.
So here is the start of the event. Mom was asking me what i wanted to do for my birthday, I found out that my birthday fell on a friday. I then said i wanted a party and get drunk. Mom was uneasy of the idea and said,”honey i don’t want to see you drunk” I thought she was putting the idea down for good so i said,”but i see you drunk atlest three times a week.” She was at a loss for words. I said,”so it’s final then, party on my birthday.” She said,”ok fine. What kinda alcohol do you want to be there?” I wrote down a list and she went out to buy it. When she got back she said,”ok honey we’re set. I also rented a movie, you wanna watch it?” I said,”ok sure.” It was a scary movie, to her. We sat on the couch and she made herself a drink. She sat down and i said,”i thought thats for the party?” She said,”i bought extras.” Then i asked if i could have one and she said,”yeah, i’ll make it.” She got up again and made it then came back. I tasted it, and it was weak. I said,”mom why is it weak?” She said,”i’m not trying to get my son drunk.” I growned and said,”ok.” Threw out the movie, my mom had 4 drinks. During the end of the movie she got closer to me then i thought she would. She had her head on my lap and also one of her hands. At the end of the movie she had a little slur in her voice and said,”that was an alright movie, ok honey take it out of the DVD player.” I said knowing that she wasn’t able to walk straight,”why can’t you, you’re closer.” She laughed and slurred,”ok i will” She got up slowly, and with in the first few steps i could see she was waisted. I laughed and said,”hold on i’ll get it, you’ll hurt yourself.” She laughed and slurred,”no, i’ll get it.” So she staggered to the Tv and on her way back she almost fell. She slurred,”I think i’m drunk.” She sat back on the couch, and that’s when i started to have my first sexual thought of my mom. I didn’’t care, i said,”mom, how long has it been since you had a co*k in you?” She looked at me with sexy drunk eyes, and got on top of me and slurred,”It’s been to fu*kin long. what are you getting at?” I was shocked and said,”i was just looking at you and you’re real sexy.” Mom gave me a kiss that was a little more then a mother and son kiss. I spanked her ass, and she ended the kiss. She slurred,”naughty boy, spank mommy’s big again.” So i did and mom got off me and stood in front of me. She took off all her clothes and i got an instant woody. She slurred,”Do you wanna abuse mommy’s pus*y?” I said,”would you let me?” She slurred,”only if you can abuse me, and make me scream.” I said,”so you like it rough.” She slurred,”hell yeah, I love it rough.” I went up to her and gave her a kiss and grabbed her ass and squeezed it. I then dropped my pants and let my throbbing co*k hang out. Mom noticed it and gave me a sexy look. With out saying anything, she dropped to her knees. She started to lick the tip of my co*k, it felt so good. She then licked every inch of it, and softly put her teeth on the outside of it long ways. I was ready to blow a big load. She then started to give me a blowjob. While she did that i started to get real hot and sweaty. I then played with her hair a little bit. After a few minutes, she stopped and looked up at me with her sexy drunk eyes and giggled a little bit. Then she went back to sucking my co*k. She then surprised the hell out of me and grabbed my hips and shuved all my co*k in her mouth. She took the whole thing in and out. Gagging a few times. On the last time she did it, i held her head and forced her to keep it in her mouth for a few seconds. Then i let her take it out, and she gagged and gasped for air. She stood up and smiled. She slurred,”damn that’s a great co*k.” I grabbed her right breast and giggled it a little bit. She moaned and slurred,”i want your co*k in my pus*y.” I sat on the couch, and she sat on my lap. I put my co*k in her asshole for a little surpise. She yelled,”holy f*ck!” She was to drunk to care, she took it all in. In a few seconds we were going fast. Her ass cheeks were slapping against my pelvis. I spanked her a few times softly, then she slurred,”spank me harder.” So i did a few more times. I don’t know how she could deal with it, both her ass cheeks were red. We finished up and she gave me a kiss and got off me. I said,”how was that?” She slurred,”i bet you never thought you could take you mommy’s v-card. That was my first time having anal sex.” I said,”did you like it?” She slurred,”i fu*kin loved it.” She slurred,”Well i think i’ma go to bed. Good night sweety.” I said,”good night mom.” I watched her stagger to her room. Before she closed the door, she looked back at me. she spanked her ass, and slurred,”you might see this again soon.”

Fast forward to my birthday:
I woke up like any other day. I went to the living room, and my mom was hanging a thing that said,”Happy Birthday” across the wall. And she was naked. I thought she was trying to get it done fast before i woke up, so she didn’t get clothes on yet. But she must of heard me and she turned around and smiled. She jogged towards me. her big boobs bouncing. She said,”morning hun.” I said,”um hey?” She said,”oh. yeah. I thought since it’s your birthday i’d walk around naked, you know since we have different things going in our relationship now.” I said,”it’s ok with me.” She smiled and gave me a big hug. When we were in the hug, she took my hands and placed them on her bare ass. Then she whispered in my ear,”what do you want for breakfest?” I said,”whatever you wanna make.” Then she broke off the hug, and went to the kitchen. I sat down in the living room and watched tv. I started smelling whaffles and got real hungry. While i watched tv, she came in wearing whip cream on both her nipples and pus*y. She walked to me and said,”for starters, you want to have a little taste of me?” I said,”hell yeah.” She got on top of me and i licked her tits. She moaned and breathed heavily. Then she stood up over me and perfectly placed her pus*y in my face. I licked all the whip cream from it. Then she put her hands on the back of my head so i couldn’t get free. After a few seconds, she let me free. She got off the couch and went to the kitchen. Breakfest was good, then mom put up the dishes. While doing that she asked me,”honey, how many people are gonna come over tonight?” I said i didn’t know. We continued the day normally, and mom put clothes on at about 5pm. People came at about 6. We had music and a lot of food people brought. I was talking to one of my friends at about 9, and my mom came up to me totally wrecked, and i also had a few to many. She slurred,”is this a good party?” I slurred,”hell yeah this is a fu*kin great party mom.” She slurred,”watch your mouth, and your drinking hun.” She staggered away and my friend said,”dude your mom is such a milf.” Then i told him about when we fu*ked. Then i went to ask my mom when the party was gonna be over and i over heard someone ask her what she got me for my birthday, and mom said the present will be here later. So i went to ask here and she was surprised and said it was gonna end around 12. So i went back to visit people and a little later we ate. About 11pm i opened presents, i got a lot of cool stuff. By 12 there was about 5 people left, and i wanted them to leave. By 12:15 they left and finally i had my mom to myself. She was waisted, and so was i. We went inside and mom was putting away the food. I went up to her from the back and rubbed her belly. I slurred,”damn you ate a lot.” She turned around and slurred,”and i drank a lot to. So overall how was the party?” I slurred,”it was awesome mom, thanks.” She smiled and slurred,”It’ll be better when i give you your present.” I slurred,”what is it?” She gave a sexy giggle, and slurred,”let’s just say it’s something that’ll last a few hours, and you will have a lot of plesure from it.” I slurred,”any more clues?” Mom laughed and slurred,”ok if you don’t get it after this one, you’re brain dead. It involves a really waisted sexy milf.” I acted like i was thinking, then slurred,”am i gonna bang aunt Jessica?” Mom slapped my shoulder and slurred,”hey watch it, that’s my sister.” Then she looked at me with her sexy drunk eyes and slurred,”You and i are going to fu*k the hell out of eachother.” Then i kissed her. We locked tongues for ten minutes. Then she took off her shirt. Her full breast were in a sexy pink bra. Mom acted like she was gonna take off her bra but she guided me to a seat. She sat on my lap and turn to where her breast were in my face. She slurred,”do you want me to take this bra off to release my big breast?” I slurred,”yes i do.” She reached behind her back and tried to take off her bra. She about fell back, but i caught her. She sat back up and slurred,”i’m a trashed whore.” I helped her with the bra. I got it off, and she started to jiggle her breast. We started to make out again and i massaged her breast. She stood up and fell on the ground. She stood on her knees and walked to my lap. She started to jack me off. She looked at me with her drunk sexy eyes and slurred,”i want you to fill me with your hot cum baby.” I slurred,”i don’t want you to get pregnant.” Mom slurred,”i’m on birth-control. So i can have all the cum in my pus*y i want. I can have it dripping out for all i give a fu*k. Now be a good boy and cum in mommy’s mouth” She started to suck on my rock hard co*k. I squirted in her mouth a few times and each time i did, she moaned real sexy. She finished and stood up. She had a mouth full of cum and stuck out her tongue to show me. She pointed up one finger to tell me “hold-on” then she swallowed every drop. Then she giggled and stuck out her tongue. She then slurred,”all gone.” I slurred,”Naughty girl.” Then she stood up and put her ass in my face, and started to jiggle it. I was amazed at her ass shaking skills. I spanked her ass and she moaned. I grabbed her hips and slowly lowered her on my co*k. She slurred,”what are you doing?” I slurred,”putting my rock hard co*k in your pus*y.” Then my co*k began to enter her. She slurred,”I like it rough hun.” I eased it in her, it was all in. then she got up a little bit and went back down. I spanked her ass, and she slurred,”Spank me daddy.” Then she went faster. I leaned back and just let her go to work on me. After about 15 minutes, she stood up. She started to stagger forward a few steps. She turned around and smiled. She got on me so we were face to face. She slurred,”honey, why do you have sexual feelings for me? I’m an old woman” I slurred,”bull sh*t you are. Mom your amazing, you have a body of a 20 year old pornstar, and you fu*k like one to.” Mom laughed and then she slurred,”So you’re telling me i’m a who*e.” She smiled and then kissed me. She stood up and then patted her belly a few times. She slurred,”maybe i am a drunk who*e. But i’m your drunk who*e. I hope you had a good birthday today babe.” I said,”I had an amazing day mom. Is it over?” Mom came back to me and stood me up. She whispered in my ear,”It’s far from over.” She took my hand and guided me to her bedroom. When we got there, she turned me so i’m facing away from the bed. She pushed me on the bed, and slurred,”get on the bed bi*ch.” I was shocked about the 180 my mom turned. She went to the closet, then came out. She came out wearing a tight pair of black spandex pants, and a small black top. She crawled on the bed and got on top of me. She slurred,”you ready for round 2?” I got a hand full of her ass, and she gave me a kiss. I was just about to take her pants off when she stood up. She slurred,”time for a drunken striptease.” She got off the bed and started dancing. She slowly took off her shirt, and threw it across the room. She jiggled her tits around for a few seconds. Then she lowered her pants to around her hips. She turned around and raised her arms over her head. She shook her ass for a few seconds. I was sitting in bed wacking off to my mom’s big butt. She took off her pants and got on the bed and started to crawl to me. She slurred,”how do you like my ass shaking hun?” I slurred,”that thing is big.” Mom sat beside me and slurred,”I don’t know how big it is, but guys stare at it all the time.” I leaned over and took out a measuring tape from the drawal. She stood up on the bed and was very unsteady. She slurred,”hurry up babe, i’ma fall.” I measured it and it was 38 inches. I told her and she changed moods. She sat down on the bed and slurred,”it’s how big?” again i said,”38 inches.” She slurred,”i have a fu*kin huge ass.” I turned her on her side and faced her. I spanked it and slurred,”i love it though.” She smiled and slurred,”It’s not to big?” Before i could answer she pushed me on my back and got on top of me. She slurred,”let’s fu*k again.” She lifted up a little, and i put my co*k in her pus*y. She started to go up and down. I didn’t like how slow she was going so i spanked her ass real hard. She went faster and yelled,”Oh shit! That’s right hun, treat mommy like a drunk slut!” We were going crazy fast. Here hair was messy and sexy. I thought we were gonna break her bed because of all the rocking it did. After a about 30 minutes of going at it, she got of and laid beside me. Breathing real heavily, she slurred,”that was amazing. Babe you satisfied?” I slurred,”hell yeah. Mom you deffinatly know how to ride the co*k.” She laughed and slurred,”I don’t wanna sound like a slut, but i’ve had plenty of practice of riding co*ks. Babe i’ma go to the kitchen.” She got up and i slurred,”mom you’re passed your limit. No more alcohol.” She continued out the door and looked back at me. She slurred,”ok daddy.” Then i got up and raced after her, she started running. I took my hand and spanked her my hardest on her ass. She yell,”ouch that fu*kin hurt!” She went to the kitchen and got a bottle of rum. She tipped it up and chugged it and rubbed her belly. She put it down and slurred,”man i’ma hate myself tomorrow. I don’t care, i love being drunk.” I went behind her and wrapped my arms around her belly. I slurred,”so drunk whore, your belly’s pretty full.” She slurred,”my belly is feeling like it’s gonna pop. I guess we can go to bed. You’re sleeping with me tonight hun.” She took a few more chugs and then put the bottle on the counter. She looked at me and slurred,”honny can you carry me?” I picked her up and went to the bedroom. I sat her on the bed and she was gone, totally wasted. She slurred,”damn that bottle just bit me.” She could barely get under the covers. I got under the covers with her. She was laying on her back and slurred,”honney, you think this changed our relationship?” i reached for her pus*y and rubbed it a little bit and slurred,”I hope so.” Mom looked at me and slurred,”babe i can’t go another round. I’m a drunk piece of sh*t right now.” I slurred,”Ok, no more tonight. Good night.” We went to bed.

The next morning i woke up with a nasty hangover. Mom was next to me and she said,”how’s your head?” I said,”i feel like sh*i. you?” She said,”I hate myself today.” She got out of bed butt naked. She went to her dresser and put on a pair of sexy booty shorts, then went to the kitchen, I followed her. She looked at the bottle of rum and said,”no more of that crap.” Then she put it up. She sat at the table and asked,”hey hun do you remember anything from last night?” I didn’t know if she remembered anything and asked me to fill her in. Or she wanted to know if i remembered things from last night. I said,”what do you remember?” She laughed and said,”all i remember is being a complete drunk slut.” I said,”oh really?” She said,”don’t pretend you don’t remember.” Then she stood up and face away from me. She dropped her booty shorts and said,”do you remember anything now?” I stood up and spanked her ass. I said,”yeah i remember this big thing.” She turned around and said,”you wanna have sober sex?” I kissed her and we ended up making out for 5 minutes. After i told her to bend down over the couch. I put my rock hard throbbing co*k in her pus*y. She turned her head and looked back at me. She moaned,”you got it in the right hole this time.” Then she started to slam in to me. I grabbed her hips and went to town on her. In, out, in, out real fast. She moaned,”fu*k your mommy’s pus*y. Abuse it baby.” After about 45 minutes of going at it, we stopped. She stood up and said,”wow that was amazing.” I said,”mom you have an excellent pus*y.” She smiled, and said,”thank you babe. So now i know you look at me in a different way.” I said,”we’re not mother and son any more. We’re lovers.” She gave me a hug and held me tight. She said,”i don’t want it any other way either.” I put my hand on the small of her back, and said,”me either. I love you Julie.”

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