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Drunken Night With Mom


I went out partying with a few friends just like a normal high school senior. I drank a little to much and couldn’t drive home. I called my mom at 1AM, she was pissed. The phone call went like this:
Me(slurring): Hey mom, I’m drunk can you pick me up?
Mom(half awake):Damn it Johnny. This is the third time this week.
me:I’m sorry mom, won’t happen again.
Mom:Ok I’m coming right now.
Me:thanks mom.
I waited at my friends house. My friend was drunk and asked me,”Who’s coming to get you?” I slurred,”My mom.” He slurred,”Dude you’re mom is so hot, have you ever tried to bang her?” I slurred,”no, she’s my mom.” He slurred,”Dude come on. She’s 42 years old with a body of a 23 year old. She has huge tits i’m guessing 38DD, a nice round ass that’s easily 37 inches, great legs….She as long blond hair for god’s sake.” I said,”i don’t know.” We sat on the couch, and about twenty minutes later, mom came knocking on the door. I staggered over to it and open the door. I slurred,”Hey mom, thanks for coming.” She said,”get in the car.” My friend slurred,”hey jane, you look sexy tonight.” Mom said,”i’m to old for you. See you.”
We get to the car, and drive a little down the rode. I stared at mom’s breast and she caught me. She said,”Johnny, what are you doing?” I was to drunk to care I slurred,”looking at your beautiful full breast. Can I squeeze them?” She said,”no i’m your mom. You need to sober up.” We get in the drive way, and she helps me out of the car. While i was getting out, i “accidentally” put my face in her tits. She pushed me away and said,”stop it” We walk to the house and i spanked her ass. I slurred,”can i hit that tonight?” Mom said,”i am not gonna fu*k my son now stop it.” We went to my room. As she is helping me in to bed, i pull her in bed with me. She yelled,”what the fu*k are you doin?” I slurred,”mom, you’re fu*kin beautiful. I wanna fu*k the hell out of you.” She said,”Johnny you’re trashed and i’m your mom. Stop it, Good night.” Mom got off my bed, and went to her room to sleep. I laid in my bed fantising my mom naked. About 20 min later, i got really horny and got up out of bed. I wanted to see if my mom was asleep so i staggered to her room. When I got there mom was asleep on her side. Her ass was hanging out from the sheet. Her mouth was opened. I went over to her mouth and put my erect co*k on her lips. Mom’s lips quivered a little bit. I seen her hand coming towards my co*k, next thing i knew she had a grip on it. She stayed like that for a few seconds, then she woke up and got alarmed. She quickly sat up and said,”What the fu*k. Johnny what are you doin?” I slurred “I love you mom, i want to have sex with you.” She stood up even when she was still naked staring at my 8 inch di*k. I think she was still half asleep because she said,”ok, If i let you have sex with me, will you keep it a secret?” I said,”yes” She went over to me and said,”ok you can fu*k your mom.” Then she dropped to her knees and started giving me a blowjob. Her nice lips, and tongue on my di*k. I took mom’s head, and pressed it against it hard, and my di*k went down her throat. She came up and said,”that was amazing.” Then she got on the bed and shes said,”baby, pound my ass.” So i went on the bed and directed my co*k into her ass hole. She screamed “fu*k!!” Then i pounded it harder. Then she said, “baby i want you to make me cry.” I didn’t know what she meant by that, but i pounded her ass as fast as i could. She started to grunt and moan. after a few minutes, i seen a few tears come from her eyes. We stopped and then laid by each other. I slurred,”mom you ok?” She said,”yeah, my ass really hurts. Thank you babe.” I slurred “you’re welcome. Mom, you have an amazing body. I love your tits, and your ass is nice and firm, more firm then i thought.” She said breathing heavily,”yeah i’ve been working out. I had to. last time i wore a thong, my ass was to jiggly for me.” I slurred,”i wanna see you shake your ass.” Mom stood up then put her arms in the air and started shaking her big sweaty ass. I slurred,”goddamn that’s a big ass. She said,”All 38 inches. Babe, i’ll be back.” Then she left, and came back with a bottle of jack daniels. She opened it and then said,”I was thinking. You shouldn’t be the only drunk one here.” Mom sat on the bed and started chugging the bottle. About twenty minutes later, she was gone. Mom puts the bottle on the ground, stands up and slurred,”That was tasty.” Her belly was a little round. She came on the bed next to me and laid down on her side. She slurred,”my belly’s tight. I look like i’m pregnant.” I slurred,”you’re still hot mom.” She slurred,”so…are we gonna fu*k while we’re both trashed?” My di*k got rock hard in a second. She looked at it and said, “I take that as a yes” She got on top of me. I eased it in her, and she slowly went down all the way on it. She moaned, and slurred, “i’ve always loved drunk sex.” Then she started slamming her ass against my pelvis. Twenty minutes later, she was out of breath, and she laid right next to me. She slurred,”Babe. How come you’ve never told me you loved me like this?” I slurred,”cause you’re my mom, i didn’t know how you would take it.” She slurred,”well from now on, no more secretes. Anytime you wanna spank my ass, just do it. Anytime you wanna kiss me, just ram your tongue down my throat. Any time you wanna fu*k, tell me, and I’ll turn in to a sex starved whore.” I slurred,”I love you mom.” She slurred,”I love you to hun. Goodnight, i’m gonna pass out i think.” I slurred,”good night.” Mom passed out with in ten minutes.
The next mourning mom woke me up saying,”you wanna have mourning sex babe?” I woke up and said,”lets start this day off right.” Mom stood up and said,”ohh my belly hurts from drinking to much last night.” Then she bent down i put my di*k in her pus*y and we went at it for a little bit. After, she stood up and said,”thank you babe. I needed that.” Then she got dressed. She wore a tank top that showed her nipples, and also a tight pair of black pants that made her ass huge. She said,”what do you wanna do today?” I said,”um I don’t know, your choice.” She said,”If it’s cool with you, I wanna go to the pawn shop down the street and get a video camera and then come back here and spend the day having as much sex as we can.”
So we did. Mom and I had sex fifteen times that day. She is really amazing.

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