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Gone to Far


My sister and I have always been close. Me being the youngest in my family and she being 8 years my senior, she was the closest to me in age of my 3 siblings. That afforded us the opportunity to spend a lot of time together, with my brother and oldest sister having moved out by the time I was eleven. Coincidentally it was around this time that the comments started rolling in from my friends about how hot my sister was. They’d tell me how lucky I was to live in the same house as her and ask if I’d ever seen her naked. Of course I hadn’t, she was my sister I’d tell them. I had never thought about my sister in that way but the more they talked about it the more I took notice of her. It didn’t take long for me to see what they were talking about.
Sarah was about 5’5”, 115 lbs with shoulder length auburn hair and green eyes. Upon a little investigating I discovered she was a 36B, breasts perfectly proportionate to her body. I’d glance at her when she’d walk from the bathroom to her bedroom after she showered, wrapped in a towel. I’d watch her through my sunglasses when she tanned by the pool.
However, it wasn’t until I was twelve and she was away at college that I stumbled upon quite an intriguing discovery. While organizing my closet I happened to notice a small hole in the wall. I took a look through and could see perfectly into my sister’s room. My eyes lit up as I dreamed of the possibilities. I couldn’t wait for her to come home for winter break.
The time finally came. The first day she was home I was presented with an opportunity. After she showered she retreated to her room to get dressed. I heard her door close and I set up shop in my closet. I was sweating with anxiety with a million things running through my mind. Is this wrong? Will she catch me? Will someone walk in on me? With all these questions weighing on me I chickened out. I had convinced myself that it was wrong and I shouldn’t do it.
However, my attraction and hormones eventually overtook my moral stand. About a week after my first chance I followed the same procedure, camping out in my closet after she showered. Sarah entered the room and stood in clear view of the peephole. After what seemed like an eternity, but was only a few seconds, she dropped the towel. Her back was to me so my first view was of her ass. Her tight, toned ass with a thong tan line. I was immediately hard. She soon turned to look in her mirror and revealed to me her perfectly firm, perky tits and well groomed pussy. I sat jaw dropped, drinking it all in for a moment. Being that she was the first girl I’d ever seen naked live and in person, I was harder than I’d ever been before. There was no choice but to relieve myself. The taboo of it all made for a quick job, ending with me blowing my load in about 30 seconds. From then on I was hooked on my sister. These private shows went on for years until she moved out when I was 19. Luckily she moved only a few miles away so I was still able to see her, although not in the manner in which I wished.
After her relocation, I was left with only fantasies of her. As wrong as I knew it was, I longed to fuck my sister. Little did I know that this opportunity would arise a few years down the road.
By the time I was 22 I had gotten my own apartment with a buddy of mine, just two blocks from my sister’s place. At the time she was seeing this guy who on the surface seemed like an alright dude but when he got to drinking turned into a real asshole. I was doing just fine with the ladies but my sister was always on my mind. I would think of her often while having sex.
One night I was out a bar with some friends when my phone rang. It was Sarah and she was practically bawling. From her slurred speech it was obvious she had been drinking. Between the sobbing and the mush mouth I could barely tell what she was talking about. From what I could decipher, she and her boyfriend had been out drinking and got into a fight. He wound up leaving with another girl and she was left without a ride home. I had been drinking but I felt good enough to drive and I didn’t want my sister to have to take a cab. Plus, I wanted to be there for her given the condition she was in and what had just transpired.
It was just a short drive to the bar she was at so I arrived only a few minutes after she called. When I got there she was falling down drunk and pretty much incoherent. It was only a few miles to her apartment but by the time we got there she was already passed out. I carried her to her apartment and laid her on the couch. Sarah stirred a little so I tried to wake her to give her some water. She was just barely able to lift her head to take a sip before she threw up all over herself. I took her shirt off to change her into something clean. My thoughts immediately shifted from concern for my sister to the stirring in my pants. At this point she threw up again all down the front of her. I was hesitant to clean her up or remove her bra for risk of that kind of touching making things awkward. She was able to sit up a little and said she needed a shower. As she went to stand up she immediately fell back down. Then much to my surprise she asked me to help her in the shower. I nervously agreed and helped her to the bathroom. I remained fully clothed but helped my sister disrobe and tried not to stare. She entered the shower but I remained outside of the tub and attempted to keep her upright from there. She slipped twice before asking me to get in and help. I couldn’t say no so I took my shirt and shoes off, leaving my pants on to conceal my raging hard on, and climbed in. Having her wet, soapy body so close to me just about had me busting. Holding her hips to keep her standing I had to keep my distance to avoid poking her with my wood. She fell backwards and I caught her with her ass in my hands. Drunk as she was she thought nothing of it but i of course was in heaven.
After getting her cleaned up and dried off i dressed her in her robe and laid her in her bed. I turned to leave to go sleep on the couch when she grabbed my hand and asked me to stay with her for the night. I crawled into her bed and draped her leg over mine, gave me a hug, thanked me for taking care of her and passed out on my shoulder.
My dick pulsated with excitement from being so close to my sister. I knew there would be no sleep for me without some release. I slid out from under Sarah’s arm, hoping she wouldn’t wake. She didn’t move an inch. I opened her robe, stood at the side of her bed and proceeded to stroke it.
Only a few seconds passed before I was overcome with lust and climbed atop my sister. Still no movement. I positioned my cock for insertion, ignoring the fact I had no condom, and went for the plunge. My sister’s warm cunt around my stiff prick was the greatest feeling I’d ever known. As I began lightly thrusting in and out her eyes cracked open a bit. When she realized what was happening she began to protest. She began to squirm, trying to escape, but she was to drunk and weak to get away. Her faint cries of “please don’t, this is wrong” had no effect on me. I just continued humping away.
I continued thrusting progressively harder when something unexpected happened. She let out a moan. At first I couldn’t tell what it resulted from. Pain? Fear? Then there was another moan. And another. To my immense surprise, she seemed to be enjoying it. Following the moans came something even more shocking. She began bucking underneath me, meeting my thrusts with those of her own. I was overcome with lust. What began as rape turned into her begging me to go faster, harder, deeper. She then did something that sent me over the top. She leaned in and whispered in my ear, “Cum in me.” Hearing my very own sister telling me to shoot my load into her was more than I could bear. With one final thrust I buried my cock deep inside her and emptied my balls into my sister.
I collapsed with exhaustion but it didn’t take long for me to realize what I had just done. I was overcome with guilt and immediately got dressed and took off. Sarah begged me to stay but I couldn’t even look her in the eye. I had raped my sister. There was no getting around that fact. Even though she was willing in the end, it began as rape. And what was worse was I very well could have impregnated her.
It was a week before I saw my sister again. She had called, left messages and stopped by my apartment but I couldn’t bear to see or talk to her. I knew the issue had to be addressed sooner or later so I stopped by her place.
Sarah assured me that even though she resisted at first, she did not at all regret what we had done. She also told me that she was on the pill and not to worry about pregnancy. At first I was a bit uncomfortable with the situation but she continued to reassure me that what had happened was completely fine and given the chance she would do again. She told me how much she loved me and how much that night actually meant to her, with me leaving my friends to take care of her. I was so relieved by all she had to say that I confessed to her my feelings and how it all started. She informed me that she had known about the peephole. She said at first she was a little freaked out but then accepted it as flattery. Needless to say, that was not the last night we spent together. We went on dating other people but only as a front to cover our relationship. We’re still “together” to this day. I’ve gotten a vasectomy and she her tubes tied as precaution. It is by far the most passionate and meaningful lovemaking I have ever been a part of and look forward to it lasting a lifetime.

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