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Helping Mom After Accident


When Mom came home I had to move it with her as she has no one else.

The visiting nurse came only twice a week and that left me there alone to help. The nurse said she could use a bed pan, but Mom wanted her dependence at night. I was very shy at first as I had never seen my Mom’s womanhood before.

I was supprised that she was no shy about showing me all she had and spreading her legs open wide. Her slit was not real hairy and the lips of her pussy seem to be tight.

After a couple of mornings of changing her I thought nothing of it and just did it in a hurry.
Two weeks had pasted and nurse said she should be ok in about 2 more weeks. The nurse said she had a small red spot on her thigh and I should put cream on it.

That night I was sitting on the bed talking to her and she said she was ready to go to sleep and I should get her ready.

Something was different tonight it the way she was acting, but I slid her panties down as usual and she spread her legs extra wide I slid the depends under her ass and she said ” cream me up, honey.” The spot was high up and on the inside of her thigh as I started to rub the cream on her she moved my hand to her hairy mound and held it there. Her legs were spread wide and the lips of her pussy were open more than usual a small amount of wet was on them. I was rubbing the cream on her spot when she moved and my hand was on her pussy I had tried not to touch it, but tonight she wanted me to so I went along with it and thought she would stop soon.

To my surprise she moved down and my fingers went in between the lips she was real wet now. I rubbed my hand up and down the slit and then into her hole she was soaked and 2 of my fingers went right in her.She said ” yes,yes its been so long.” and then she started going to work at fucking my fingers. She dropped her hand down and showed her clit to me it was as hard as a rock ” please, touch it please ” she gasped. I put my finger on her little prick and it was rock hard. ” Honey,please kiss it for Mom ” she begged.

What could I do but lower my mouth on to her cunt, I sucked her clit and then stuck my tongue in side her pussy she was going wild and yelling for me not to stop she wanted to cum. She soon yelled ” Im cuming don’t stop eating me,suck my cunt,suck my juice.”
There was sure a lot of it and I am sure glad she had the depends under her ass.
She shuck all over as I keep lapping her pussy I think she had more that one orgasm to release that much liquid.

My own prick had become hard by now and I took it out and started jerking off Mom said ” get between my legs and rub your cock on me it will help you cum, just stick it in me, OK.” I agreed and took my pants off and climbed up on the bed my cock was leaking pre-cum already.

In all this time I had never thought about having sex with my Mom,but her pussy was so open and so wet I wanted to just fuck the shit right out of her, but I couldn’t, so I started rubbing my hard-on up and down the wet lips of her cunt. I let the head slid into her hole and she said ” not yet,don’t fuck me,please. ”

I started jerking off with the head in her hole it was so warm and wonderful. I have read about guys who fuck there Moms and I thought it was all lies,but here I am with my dick it Mom’s pussy and it feels great.

” Son, don’t shoot your load into me ” she said as I was getting ready. Quickly she opened her pj top exposing her tits and said “shout it up here.” ” Let me cum on your pussy, Mom, I won’t cum in you ” I answered .

” No thats to close to my hole ” she replied ” now shoot your cum up here. ”

When I pulled the head out of her she closed her legs and I held my self up over her the first shot went right accross her face and the second on her tits. I milked my cock out on to her nipples as I did she was licking my cum of her face with her tongue.

” Why didn’t you tell me I could have cum it your mouth ” I said as she licked my cum off her fingers.

” We will save that for another time, Honey ” she just smiled…………

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