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House All to Ourselves


I had always wanted to fuck my mother-in-law. She was a very attractive older woman that worked out everyday. She was 56 but didn’t look like it, and I had jerked off the her picture numerous times. I was driving to her house because my wife and her father were both away on business trips, and she didn’t like to stay home alone. On the way down I began day dreaming about how her mature pussy would feel. Every time I went down to their house I would sneak into my wife’s parents room and jerk off in her moms underwear drawer. It was so hot cumming on the panties and bras I knew she would eventually wear. When I arrived at her house I was greeted by my mother-in-law with a hug and a kiss on the cheek. She asks me how the drive was, and tells me I can put my bag in the guest room. I walk upstairs and drop my bag in what will be my room for the next 3 days. I can’t help but creep down the hall and gently open the door to my mother-in-laws room. I walk into her closet and slide open her underwear drawer, pull out my cock and start stroking.

My shaft grows larger and larger with the though of blowing all over her panties. I grab a picture of her off the dresser and stare at her legs while I stroke, she wore stocking literally ever single day. She was a teacher and always dressed proper, skirt just above the knee, blouse revealing little or no cleavage, and tan, brown, or black stockings. I pull on my cock for the next 10 minutes, grabbing different pairs her panties and bras and rubbing them on my pole. I close my eyes and continue jacking, when suddenly I hear my mother-in-laws voice. “What are you doing?”, she confusingly asks. Startled, I drop the picture and stumble with my pants around my ankles. “This is why I have sticky underwear after you leave!”, she accusingly shouts. “I’m sorry Mom, I’ve always been infatuated with you, I dream about you, about fucking you”. The confused look on her face turns into a smile. “I always knew it was you cumming on my underwear and catching you in the act with your huge cock in hand makes my pussy wet”. “We are in store for 3 days of ecstasy, and it’s going to start right now”, she excitedly says. She grabs my cock and pulls me into the bedroom with it, sits me down on the bed and starts to stroke my pole. “I’ve never seen a dick even close to this big before!”, she energetically shouts. My wife’s parents met in high school so my cock was only the second to ever touch her hand. “For the next 3 days I want you to forget the Mom thing and call me Sharon, it would creep me out if you called me mom while we fuck.”, she laughs. This made me even hotter because every time I jerked off to her picture I would moan, “Yeah Sharon, here it comes Sharon baby”, which would make me cum harder every time.

Sharon jerks my pole hard with her hand, and starts to lick the tip with her tongue. Her licking the tip turns to sucking the head and eventually her sucking my cock while she pumped away with her hand. “Fuck Sharon suck that pole, oh fuck yeah suck that shit!”, I moan. I can tell that the feeling of my 25 year old cock in her mouth is making her very hot. “It’s so nice tasting a cock that isn’t my husbands.”, she says, slapping my hard rod against her face. “I want to feel you inside of me, I want you to pound this mature pussy.” Sharon stands up and hikes up her skirt. She grabs the crotch of her stockings and rips a large hole in them, exposing her shaved fuck hole. Her pussy looked more like a 25 year olds than someone 56. She slurped my cock down one more time and climbed on top of me, positioning her pussy right over my pole. She licks her hand and rubs her clit. “I’m ready baby, stick it in my pussy and fuck me like you always dreamed about.” I grab her sweater, pull it over her head and unhook her bra. “Show me those tits Sharon baby, I want to suck on your nipples while we fuck!” She slides off her bra revealing a round pair of 34C breasts, I know her size from jerking off in her underwear drawer. They had a slight bit of sag to them but they still looked amazing for someone her age. I start to suck on her tits, while she slowly and seductively slides down onto my rock hard cock. “Oh fuck yeah that’s a big cock you’ve got there baby”, she moans as she rides up and down on my pole. Her pussy felt incredible, tighter and moister than her daughters (she had all of her kids via caesarian section, which definitely helped keep her tight). I feel her pussy tighten and she begins to quiver in pleasure as she cums in the first 2 minutes of fucking her. “Your dick feels so massive inside of me, I’ve never felt so full, oh yeah fill me up, fill me up with that big piece of meat!” I pound away at Sharon’s pussy, all the way in and all the way out. I rubbed her stocking covered legs while she rode my pole, bringing me to the point where I was going to cum. We had only been at it for 10 minutes or so but the thought of fucking my mother-in-law wasn’t going to let me hold out much longer. “I’m gonna blow Sharon, I’m sorry baby but you pussy feels so good1”, I shout. “I want to feel your hot cum inside me, fill me up with that big load!”, she says excitedly. Sharon sits all the way down on my lap, my cock buried inside her, and starts to grind against me. I suck on her tits as I build my load.

“Fuck Sharon I’m ready to blow!”, I moan. I feel her pussy tighten again and her eyes roll back in her head as I feel her cum. I can’t last any longer, I grab her breasts and spray my thick load inside her mature pussy. Sharon quivers in pleasure and slides off my cock, lying down next to me. She can’t even talk she just lies there shaking in ecstasy. I kiss her on the lips and we lock tongues for a few minutes. “This is going to be a great 3 days”, she says in delight. She wraps her stocking covered legs around me and we lie there for an hour or so. I can’t wait to be back inside Sharon’s hot pussy, and judging by how we lusted for each other, it was only a matter of time. To be continued…

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