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Loving Dad


Married at the tender age of 18, we had our daughter Alison (Ali) within the year; Ali was an energetic outgoing daughter full of life who, by the age of 19 left to set up on her own and rented an apartment in Newcastle-upon-Tyne which was quite a way from home. Ali was doing great; her job seemed to pay well as she had a nice car and flew off on holiday to nice places (we often got the unexpected ‘wish you were here’ card). Anyway, every now and again I like to visit the odd massage parlor for a little self indulgent treat, never in my own home town, always in another town; this particular day I traveled to Sheffield to a parlor that advertised in a paper that I’d picked up, when I’d telephoned for details the receptionist explained there were three girls available – Chantel who was described as a 5’7” 21 year old blond size 10 with a 36C bust, Alexi who was a 5’ 5” 20 year old size 10 blond with firm 34B bust and Paris who was a 5’8” 23 year old Brazilian size 12 with 36B bust – I was almost drooling over the phone so I couldn’t wait to get there!

The massage parlor was a house set back off the main road with access down a quiet side road, I opened the door and went upstairs where I was greeted by the receptionist “hello love, have you been before?” – “no” I responded, heart almost bursting out of my chest with anticipation, the receptionist had a friendly smile which was a little comforting and sort of made you welcome “its £45 for half hour, £80 for the hour – which girl would you like?”; hmm, “don’t know really, but the 20 year old sounded nice, is she available for the hour?” I blurted out, “yes, she is – go through to the bedroom with the red door, she’ll be with you in a few minutes” – off I went like a school boy about to meet Santa Clause!

I found the room, entered and closed the red door behind me; the room was sparsely lit with one lamp on a small table at the far end of the room away from the bed and near a chair which I used to put my clothes onto – its customary to place the money on the table, de-robe, lay on the bed and await the girl to come into the room to apply the much desired massage. So there I was, bullock naked face down on the bed, soothing music was playing somewhere in the background, I lay there for a few minutes when I heard the door open, the girl came into the room but was a little behind me so I couldn’t get full view, although I did manage to appreciate the sight of her pulling her top over her head to reveal those fabulous 34B breasts, she was wearing a black thong which further enhanced her gorgeous curves – I was delighted with my choice and relaxed facing down closing my eyes letting her straddle across my naked backside, I could tell she had removed her thong as I could feel her warm pussy on my bum – great stuff! The massage was slow and relaxing, so much so I would have nodded off it weren’t for the small talk between us; she asked my name and where I was from, I gave a false name and false town (no surprise there then?), she said she was from Newcastle, I remarked that my daughter lives and works up there – and so the conversation slowly went on until she lifted her leg off me slapping my bum “turn over then and I’ll do your front” – I willingly obliged, turning over placing my hands behind my head for comfort – the girl, stark naked and kneeling on the bed beside me, turned to face me – oh, oh! “DAD!” the look of horror on both our faces said it all – it was Ali, “Bloody hell Ali, what are YOU doing here??” I asked – “back atcha” she replied.

What a situation, major nightmare and no mistake! I’m bullock naked on a bed in a strange house with my 20 year old daughter who was starker’s and about to give me a blow job! As you might imagine, the conversation was VERY exploratory – what was I doing in a place like this, what was SHE doing in place like this, what about mam, what about everything!! We must have discussed this bizarre situation for about half an hour. Turned out she was making £1,000 per week – cash – doing two days parlor work and two nights Lap Dancing, she said she enjoyed her work as the money gave her freedom, independence and the lifestyle she wanted – there was no job in Newcastle, but she did like the nightlife.

“What will we do now” I asked, Ali paused for thought “I don’t mind if you don’t, we can’t tell mam or we’re both dead” – couldn’t argue with that statement! Ali massaged by testicles with one hand and pulled the foreskin of my limp cock back with the other; I must confess she had a nice touch which soon had me responding and erect. Ali slipped a condom onto my erect cock and promptly lent over and placed my erection into her mouth, she rolled her tongue slowly over and around my cock, her mouth was warm and very, very pleasant; her head slowly raised, slowly lowered; “that’s fucking fantastic Ali, but you’ll have to stop, I’m about to cum” – Ali lifted her head releasing my cock from her warm mouth and smiled “are you enjoying it then?”; “you must be joking, I’m in heaven”, Ali told me she caught me glancing at her when she was in her early teens “you couldn’t keep your eyes off me, I used to leave my bedroom door open just a little ‘cause I knew you where there, watching me undress – I didn’t mind, I knew you loved me and I was proud of my body, I didn’t see any harm ‘cause I knew you cared as well”. She wasn’t wrong, fathers love their daughters with a strong bond, we might drop our guard to temptation on the odd occasion, but would defend their daughters to the death.

“I did like to peek on the odd occasion, I didn’t really get to see much but I used to admire you something awful”; with that Ali smiled, straddled across my erection and guided into her cunt, Ali could see my delight, this was unbelievably fantastic! Ali fucked me slowly, grinding her pussy forcing my erection deep inside, she watched me as I lay transfixed on her firm breasts – “can I touch?” “yes” she replied; I reached out to cup her breasts, rubbing her erect nipples between my fingers, Ali rode my cock some more, soon my cock was pulsating with cum, Ali pressed her pussy down some more, her womb gripping my cock, squeezing every last drop, milking me ‘till there was nothing left but deep sighs. Ali came off, standing up she handed me some tissue “that’s a one off dad, you can’t come back here again”; I couldn’t have agreed more, this was Ali’s life and she was in control as always “don’t worry darling, I love you, always did always will – you know where I am if you need me”. We both got dressed (well, Ali sort of got dressed), left the room together, I kissed Ali on the cheek squeezing her hand “bye for now love, that was fantastic, but then you always were!” I said my goodbyes to the receptionist and made my way downstairs and out of the house.

This maybe every father’s worst nightmare, what happened between us happened, I enjoyed it immensely, the memory will last forever, you couldn’t plan it. Looking back I’d do it all over again, we both love and care for each other very much, sex was an inevitable output of such a father/daughter relationship caught up in such circumstances, we both found it easy and, on the day, quite natural – but never to be repeated. We talk on the phone every week, Ali shares stories of the weird and the wonderful (she tells me she has her regulars, some weird, some wonderful), we talk openly to each other and both look forward to the future – whatever that holds!

As for me, I’ve given up the massage parlors preferring to lay back, replay the event in my head and enjoy a good old fashioned wank.

About the Author

A VERY happy and content father!

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  • Good story with quite authentic sounding description. The first time I fucked my oldest daughter was wne she was 13. We were cleaning up in the basement after a teen party. Evry one had gone home, my wife and sons had gone up to bed and left Sue and me to clean up. After everything was cleaned up and put away, I casually put my arm around her and said, “You are such a wonderful girl. I love you so much.” She put both arms around my neck and said,” I love you very much, too Dad”
    I reached down lifted her skirt, and put my hand on her pussy rubbing it gently. She smiled and said, “that feels good Daddy” Then I pulled her panties off and ran my erect cock through the lips of her pussy. She moaned, ” Put it in me Daddy, Put it in me. I put it in and gently eeasewd it into it;s full length in her tight little pussy. She moaned again,”. and we proceeded to fuck for about ten minutes. we both exploded in a gigantic orgasm” Daddy, it feels so good,” she said.
    We were lover from that time on as well as father and daughter.

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