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Me and My Brother


When I was 18, I had just started having sex. Most of them were not that great. I was starting to leran more toward girls. When I would talk to my little brother about this. He would always tell me that I just needed to find the right guys to have sex with. But I didn’t believe him. My brother and I have always had a really close relationship. Well I am now 25 and I can tell you this, I have had some of the greatest sex that you could think of. But I would have to say that my little brother would have to be one of them. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t plan for me and my brother to have sex. It just happened.

It happened when I was 19 and he was 18. I had just gotten out of a really bad relationship. With my brother and I being really close. I didn’t think anything of it when he would come in my room because he would hear me crying. He would climb into my bed and hold me in the crook of his arm and tell me that it would be alright. I would just let the tears flow. Again I didn’t think anything of it when he would kiss me on the forehead.

Well one night I was crying because I was really lonely and I didn’t have anyone to make me feel better. So when my brother climbed into bed with me and told me that it was alright and kissed me on the forehead, I thought that it was all normal.

“But it is not going to be alright Ben! I am really horney and there is no one to help me with it. I am not going to sleep with anyone. I am not a slut,” I told him.

“Well you don’t have to go out and sleep with anyone. I am not even telling you that you are a slut. I just think that maybe I can help you. What would you do if I told you that I want to have sex with you?” He asked me.

“WHAT!!!!! You want to have sex with me? Have you ever had sex before?” I had to ask him.

“Yea, I have had sex before. I am not that young you know,” he told me.

Again I just had to ask him, “Well when did you have sex? I mean when was your first time? Who was it with? Why didn’t you tell me? I mean I thought that we told each other everything.”

He kind of hesitated at first. But then it just started to come out if his mouth. “Well the first time that I had sex was when I was 14. Yea, I know that I was young. But it just happened. I mean I didn’t stop it from happening. It was with this girl that I was dating at the time, and I am not going to tell you who it was with because that is my little secret and you don’t have to know every thing about what goes on in my life.”

I just looked stunned. I didn’t know what to think. I mean here I was, tears still rolling down my face, my brother telling me that he wanted to have sex with me and that he was no longer a virgin. I just had one more question for him. “Why would you want to have sex with me? I am nothing special.”

Well he thought differently. “I must say Shelly, that I think that you are the most sexiest girl that I know. You have a perfect ass and boobs. I mean look at you. You have guys hitting on you all the time. All of my guy friends tell e that you are hott. At first I didn’t want to see it but then when I started coming into your room when I would hear you cry and there you are in your skimpy little pajamas. I couldn’t help but notice your body.”

I had to admit. I did get hit on all the time. But that didn’t mean anything to me. I just thought that the guys did that so that they could get into my pants. So I never really paid much attention to it. I was tall for my age. I stood 5’8”. I had really long brown hair and brown eyes. I had the perfect C cup bra, perfectly rounded ass, I weighed right around 130 and wore a size 4 in pants. So I guess that you could say that I was pretty. I just never thought to hear it coming from my brother.

But then I started thinking of all the times that I would catch my brother looking at me funny
And they way that his friends would look and talk to me. Or the fact that my brother would walk in on me when he know that I was in the bathroom.

Wow. I cant believe that I was thinking of having sex with my brother. But before I could even answer him on wither I wanted to do it with him or not. He was kissing me. I am not like a brother would be kissing his sister either. I mean this was a full on the lips. Then I felt his tongue run over my lips trying to get into my mouth. I opened my mouth just a little so that he could gain access to it. He was a good kisser. I didn’t think that it would be that good. But just his kiss was making me really wet. So I opened my mouth to let his tongue explore some more.

Before I know what I was doing I had my hands locked behind his head, kissing him wildly. I was not even paying attention to his hands. But there they were, on my breasts. His fingers slowly working my nipples to hard peaks. I let out a soft groan against his mouth.

“You like that don’t you sister? You like it when your little brother plays with your tits. What else do you want your little brother to do to you? Do you want me to play with that pussy of yours? Do you want me to play with that hard clit?” He said against my ear.

“Yes, I want you to play with my pussy, play with that clit,” I said.

Then his hands where slow but surely making their way down my stomach, to the top of my pussy mound. I had no underwear on so the only thing that was in his way of doing just that was my silky pajama bottoms. He hooked his fingers around the elastic band of the bottoms and pulled them down just a little. So that he could have access to my bare pussy. Since I started getting my period, I shaved everything down there. His finger slowly worked up and down my mound. Every once and awhile his finger would slip between the lips and play with my clit. When this happened I would take in a short breath.

Ben was kissing my, then my neck while he was playing with my pussy. But then he stopped doing both. He reached for my top and started to slip it up. Pulling me into a sitting position so that he could finish taking off my top. He laid me back down and resumed playing my pussy. When he started to kiss me again it was not on the lips or on the ear. He went straight for my nipple. He licked around it, the flicked his tongue over the nipple. Then he sucked in the nipple. While he was doing this, his other hand was working the other nipple into a hard peak. When he was done working the one nipple with his mouth he went right to the other one.

It felt so good. I would just moan and pant. I hands groping what ever I could reach for. Which really wasn’t much. Because Ben was so much taller them me. I would scrap my finger nails over his arms and down to the middle of his back. He didn’t know what he was doing to me. I didn’t want it to stop at all.

“God Ben, Where did you learn to do this? It feels sooooo good. Yea, that is right play with my pussy, make me cum all over your fingers.”

Ben stopped playing with my nipples and continued to kiss down the length of my body. He stopped just above my pussy mound and looked at me.

“Do you want your brother to eat you out? Do you want to feel your brothers tongue in your dripping wet pussy?” He asked me

I couldn’t say anything. When I didn’t answer him for awhile he took that as a yes that I wanted him to do that to me. So He finished kissing his way to my pussy. His wet tongue ever so lightly touched my pussy. I jumped off the bed. None of my boyfriends had ever done this to me. So it was all new to me. I liked the feeling that he was giving me. He licked the length of my cunt. His tongue slipping inside my pussy lips, to find my clit.

He teased that for awhile, before moving down to my hole. He let his tongue slip inside of me. I let out a loud moan as he did that.

“Oh my god Ben. That feels so good. Don’t stop. That is right eat my pussy. Lick me till I cum all over your face.” Since it was my first time having this down to me. It really didn’t take me that long before I had an orgasm. “OOOOHHHHHH BEN. I am CUMMING. I’m CUMMING!!!!!!!!!!!” Wow that was one of the best orgasms that I have ever had. “Oh my god Ben that was great. Where did you learn to do that?” I asked him.

“I learned to do that by practice. Have you ever had a guy do that to you?” he asked me.

“No, None of the guys that I have ever been with have ever done that. But I would like to repay you for doing that to me. I want to suck your cock. I want to make you feel the way that you just made me feel. Let your big sister suck your cock.”

Then without waiting for Ben to answer me. I started kissing him. I grabbed the hem of his shirt and lifted if over his head. Now he sat in my bed without his shirt. I started kissing my way down his chest. Making sure that I stopped and flicked my tongue over his nipples. It must of felt good for him because he took in a deep breath. I kissed my way down his stomach and then to the top of his athletic shorts that he had on for bed. I grabbed the band of his shorts and slowly pulled them down. As I pulled them down his big cock sprung free. Let me tell you it was one of the biggest cocks that I have seen.

Most of the guys that I have been with were average, right around 6 inches at the most and most of them really didn’t have much of a girth to them. But Bens cock was 7 to 8 inches long and had the biggest girth that I had ever seen. I didn’t think that I would be able to wrap my mouth around it. I got his shorts to his knees and stopped there. I moved my body around so that I could have better access to his gorgeous cock.

I took his cock into my hand and just looked at it for awhile. I could not believer that my little brother could have such a big cock. Guys half his age were not that big. But I was not complaining. While I held his cock in one hand I weighed his balls in the other one. Let me tell you that his balls were big like his cock.

Then I lowered my mouth so that I could lick his cock. I licked it up and down. Getting the feel of what it was like. After I did this I took the head of his cock in my mouth. Wow it was just as big as I thought it would be. I could barely get it in my mouth. But I did it just so that I could say that I did. I slowly and softly sucked just the head of his cock for awhile. Then I lowered my head and took a little bit of his cock into my mouth. I worked my way up and down slowly. I didn’t want to rush anything. I wanted to take my time. I wanted him to have a big orgasm.

After working a little bit of his cock for awhile more. I decided that I would try to take in as much of his big cock as I could. I lowered my mouth. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to take the whole thing so I just went as far as my gag reflex would let me take me. Which wasn’t that much. I could feel his cock hitting the back of my throat. I worked faster and faster on his monster cock.

Going up and down. Then I thought that I would try this thing that that I had saw on this movie that an old boyfriend and had watched. I looked up and my brother to see if he was liking what I was doing to him.

His eyes were closed and his breathing had become labored. So I knew that it was feeling good for him. Well I took his cock in my hand, while it was still in my mouth and I started to jack him off while I was sucking his cock. When my mouth moved up my hand fallowed. I knew that Ben had to be getting close to an orgasm. He was breathing really loud, and he was groaning just a little. So I work up and down faster and faster. I wanted to taste his cum. I wanted to feel it shooting down my throat.

“Wow sis, you are greattttttt at thissss. Oh my god don’t stop. There that is it. Keep doing that. Oooohhhh my god. I am Cumming sis. I am Cumming.”

And that he did. It started shooting in my mouth. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to swallow it all. It came out in big long shoots. The first one that came into my mouth made me gag just a little but I didn’t mind it. It was what I wanted anyways. So I just let it come. I wanted it all. So if it started to dribble out and down from the corner of my mouth. When Ben was down, I just used my finger to wipe if off the corners of my mouth and put it back into my mouth. I played with the last bit of it before I swallowed it all gone.

“wow that was great big sis. I don’t think that I could ever get enough of you sucking my cock. I will let you do that anytime that you want to do that. You don’t even have to ask. The next time that you have the feeling of sucking my cock, all you have to do is pull my pants down and suck it all you want. I will never stop you. But now that you have done that I want to feel what it is like to have this cock in your wet pussy. Will you let me put this big cock in your pussy sister?”

“Yes I want to feel that big cock in my pussy. But you will have to take it easy at first. You are the biggest cock that will have ever been in it,” I told him.

With that he pulled his shorts the rest of the way off. He climbed over me so that he was on top. Ben leaned over and started to kiss me. I could feel his manhood at the opening of my womanhood. I was getting really wet at just the feeling of this. I couldn’t wait. I wanted it in me now.

“Fuck me Ben. Fuck you big sister with your monster cock. Fill me full of you”

Without farther encouragement he took his cock in his right and moved it up and down my slit so that my own juices would lubricate him. Slowly he inched his big cock into my tight hole. “Sis, you were not lying were you? You have never had a big cock like mine in your pussy have you?”

He just worked it in slowly. Not wanting to hurt me. But it was hurting just a bit. But I didn’t mind it, because I was getting what I wanted. I was getting laid. Once Ben had his cock most of the way inside of my pussy. He started working it in and out. Going a bit faster with ever thrust in.

I had never had an orgasm with the guy on top. I don’t know what it was about the other guys. But they could never do it. So when I could feel myself having my first orgasm. I was in heaven. I could start to feel myself floating toward the sky. We had not been at it for very long either. I was groaning and moaning loudly.

“You had better put a pillow over your face. You are getting too loud. You don’t want mom and dad to come in here and see what we are doing do you. Do you want mom and dad to see that you are getting fucked by your little brother?”

“Oh god, Oh god, Oh god. Yes that’s it.”

I couldn’t get the pillow over my mouth fast enough. I was having an orgasm and I didn’t care. I didn’t care who came in at the point in time to see what was going on. I was feeling the greatest. But Ben must not of wanted anyone to come in because he placed the pillow over my head, as he started to pump into me faster and faster, harder and harder.

“That right sis. You like this big cock of your brothers. Take this cock. Take all of this cock.”

As he said that he started to pound into my pussy. Pounding it harder and harder. But then he slowed down to where he was barely moving at all. “I want you to fuck my cock. I want you to ride me. I want you to take all of my cock.”

With that he rolled us over without having to take his cock out of my sopping wet pussy. I was on top of him. Sitting on his cock. I started moving up and down slowly, taking in his cock. Up, down, back and forth grinding my hips to his. “Oh wow, this feels so good. I love your cock in my pussy. I would of never expected that it would be like this.”

“That is right my big sister. Take this cock. Fuck me good!”

As I was going up and down on his big cock, He would rise his hips and we would meet in the middle. God it was good. I was having orgasm after orgasm. We were at the point that we didn’t really care if our parents would walk in on us. We were into it that much.

Without any warning Ben stopped me and rolled me over and put me on my hands and knees, “I want to fuck you like a dog. I want to watch my cock going in and out of your pussy.” With me on my hands and knees, he positioned himself behind me and stuck the head of his cock in my hole. He started working it in and out. Slow at first, then working up to the point that he was pounding into me so hard that I thought that I would burst.

“EEEEHHHHHH oh my god Ben. Yea fuck me hard. Pound into my pussy, make me scream.” I told him. I had to bury my head in the pillow from yelling out loud when my next orgasm hit me. But Ben kept pounding into me. I could feel this cock swell so I knew that he was going to cum soon. “Cum in my pussy Ben. Cum in your sisters pussy Ben.”

Ben let out a groan and with a hard, fast, and deep pump into my pussy he came. I could feel the sperm flow into my cervix. While he pumped into me I could feel some of his cum leak out of my pussy and down my leg. Ben collapsed on me, I tried to hold his weight but I couldn’t. My knees buckled under his weight. We both collapsed on the bed. I rolled over so that Ben could hold me some more.

“Well big sis. How was that?” He asked me.
“I don’t think that I could of asked for anything more Ben. You can come to my room any time that you want to. Just make sure that you lock your door before you come in so that we don’t have to worry about mom or dad walking in on us. “

“You can bet that I will be doing that. But everything is alright now. I told you that they would be.”

I just smiled as he put his arm around me and I went to sleep with him holding me!!


About the Author

Well I am a 24 year old female that loves to write stories. This is the second one that I have put on the net though.

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