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Me and my sister


I and my sister always got along, for the most part, growing up. The regular bickering, silly fights would occur obviously, but the next hour we’d forget about it. We were always comfortable around each other, and I’d look at her just normally; as a little sister. She is 2 years younger than me.

When I was about 13 or 14, when I started noticing women a whole lot (more than just the 10 year old view of women), I started to notice that my sister had a pretty nice body, even at a young age. I tried to suppress it, because I thought it was really weird…that my little sister’s body actually looked nice to me. Her ass, definitely her best feature, stuck out, and had a shape, unlike ANY of her friends she had. She took ballet and tap dance when she was 11-14, and sometimes we’d be in the same room watching TV, and she’d be practicing her dance moves, and my eyes would just be fixated on her. I obviously didn’t say anything because I didn’t want to make her uncomfortable at all, and I thought I’d be over this “obsession” in a few months maybe.

She’d come in my room and play video games, watch TV or just mess around. She’d walk around in her underwear in front of me, not thinking it as a big deal at all. She had some really sexy leopard panties that you could tell were too small for her, but of course I didn’t say anything. She would wear these little shorts around the house, and sometimes they’d rise up and you could see her ass cheeks

When she turned 14, I knew she’d be coming to my school, and I knew she’d be talking to other guys, so I hoped I wouldn’t get jealous. By this times, her breasts looked real nice (36C), her ass looked really firm, and a little bigger, and poked out more, and she just looked more womanly. We still got a long really good. About a month after school started, I was in her room just bullshitting, and I was sitting on her bed. She got up to put something in the closet, and she was wearing this t-shirt that went down only to about the middle of her ass, and it looked like she wasn’t wearing any underwear. So I said, “Damn, put some panties on; what’s the matter with you?” I said that even thought I liked what I was seeing. She then said “What? I do”, as she pulled up her shirt and was wearing this tiny pink g-string that was like, one thread, which looked soooo sexy. She just acted like it wasn’t a big deal at all. We’d be talking, and she would just take off her shirt and bra with her back facing toward me, and when she would kind of turn to the side, I could see her them, and her nipples would look real hard, but she didn’t know I could see. When she was about 13 or 14, we stayed at my aunt’ and uncle house when they went out of town, because they have a swimming pool.

We’d be talking, and she would just take off her shirt and bra with her back facing toward me, and when she would kind of turn to the side, I could see her them, and her nipples would look real hard, but she didn’t know I could see. When she was about 13 or 14, we stayed at my aunt’ and uncle house when they went out of town, because they have a swimming pool. Well we forgot out bathing suits, so I just went swimming in my boxers, and it was so hot, and she came outside wrapped in a towel, and when she got close to the pool and dropped the towel and all she had on was the thong she must have been wearing and her bra. It was one of those exotic thongs too; zebra print with ties on the side. Anytime we’d be at home, I’d always try to see what panties she was wearing, and when I’d see her reach down to get something, and if she was wearing a thong, it would drive me crazy.

I’d get sick of these idiots at school saying how good she looked. I always tried to look good in front of her, hoping SHE’D say something to me. I’d read her diary, and knew she was a virgin. This went on for the next 3 years. So when she turned 18, and I was 20, I was STILL having all these sex fantasies about her. Of course, I had been in relationships with other girls. But when I’d have sex with them, I would sometimes imaging I was having sex with my sister, and that’d make me cum really quick.

I came home one day, and she was in the kitchen making some food, and she was wearing these tight jeans that just made her ass stick out like a sore thumb. Just to see how she’d react, I snuck up behind her and slapped her ass. She just laughed and asks why I scared her like that. A few nights later, we were talking in my room, and I brought up sex. She claimed she was a virgin. I then asked if she ever gotten eaten out or anything, when she said no to that.

When it got late, she was sitting on my bed, and I started giving her a massage. She looked really comfortable. This was the first time I ever really touched her (besides hitting her, or playing around), so I was a little nervous she’d be thinking, “What the hell is he doing?”. Out of nowhere I started moving towards her breasts, and started rubbing them. She started to breathe a little heavier. She left the room a little later.

The next day we looked at each other kinda funny, but she didn’t seem mad. I wanted to take her out, but I knew we’d have to go out the city where nobody knew us. I innocently asked if she wanted to go out to eat, then see this movie we have been talking about, Saw II. And she said yeah. The “date” went smooth as hell. She was looking really good too. She was wearing these knee high black boots, black stretch pants, and a tight sleeveless burgundy shirt showing cleavage. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and I was trying not to stare at her nipples that you could see through the shirt. The whole way there we were listening to music. The restaurant we made small talk, avoided talking about “us”, and just cracked jokes or whatever. The movie was alright too; I had my hand on her thigh, so in case she didn’t want me too, a hand-on-thigh is something innocent anyway.

When we got back home, everyone was sleeping. I asked if she wanted to come in my room and watch a movie or play video games or something. About half way through the movie, my “other head” was doing ALL the thinking for me.

I started kissing on her neck, and rubbing on her thighs. She didn’t respond at all, so I was about to stop because I thought she was getting uncomfortable. But before I stopped, she started gently kissing and licking my neck. We then started to tongue kiss, and eventually I took her shirt off, and was kissing and sucking on her breasts, then I started kissing her stomach. I then turned her on her stomach, and was licking up and down her back. Her ass was looking so nice since she was wearing these stretch pants that zipped from the back that made her ass stick up. I zipped down her pants, and she was wearing this red see-through thong that made my heart beat fast as hell it looked so good. She raised her ass up in the air so I could take off her pants. She unzipped my pants and started rubbing my dick, then got on top and took my pants off. She then stood up and took her thong off, bending over in front of me while taking it off. It took a few tries, but finally we started having sex. She was moaning soft, and so was I. I was going really slowly with some soft music playing. I didn’t use a condom, so that’d I’d get the full effect. It was actually the first time I never used one. Before I knew it, I was about to cum. I was about to pull out, but I waited 7 years for this, so I just came all inside her. We fell asleep later in my bed. She went back to her room at about 4 in the morning, before anyone else woke up.

The next morning, I gave her hug when I saw her, and made her breakfast. That day we both had to go to work. We got home later that night at around the same time. When everyone went to sleep, I told her to come in my room, and we had sex again. This time it was longer. We only did it in one position, me on top, but we did it 3 times that night, from midnight until about 2.

We were both really busy the next week, so we didn’t see each other much. We both had Wednesday night off though. I snuck and read her diary, and she was talking about how she couldn’t believe she had sex with her older brother, and how it hurt at first, but said it felt so good when I was inside her kissing her neck and lips. When she was in the shower that night, I snuck in there with her. We were kissing and touching on each other, telling about how we missed each other. We then made it back in her room, where I laid her down and started eating her out really good. She came 2 times. Then she stopped me and laid me down and started sucking my dick. She said she never did it before, but she knew what she was doing; the way she was rubbing my dick over her face, jacking me off with one hand and rubbing my balls with the other while she was sliding it in her mouth. We then 69d each other for a while, she was rubbing her tits on my dick, before I got on top of her and started giving it to her real good. I asked her if she wanted to change positions, and have her on top.

She seemed shy, saying “no”, because she wouldn’t know what she was doing. I just told her to go with the rhythm of the music, and just do what made her feel good. I was helping her a little, telling her to move her hips back and fourth, with her hands on my chest. Once she started, it was like paradise. Her tits hanging in my face and I was gripping and slapping her ass. She was making sexy faces, biting her bottom lip with her eyes shut. She had to put her hair in a poly tail because she had kept pushing it back. She rode me for about 10 minutes or so. Then I asked if I could do it from behind. At first she thought I meant anal. I was like, “hell no”. So she turned around. Her waist is real skinny, and her ass really nice, so when she arched her back, it looked soooo nice. She was moving back and forth, I had my hands on her waist. Her ass was jiggling, and you could hear it clap, and I could feel my balls slapping on the back of her thighs, and she was moaning my name. I came really quick. She then sucked my dick to make it harder so we could do it again. She did that every time I came, which was 4 times that night. When she got tired, I went down on her again. This was the best sex I ever had.

We both had the next day off, so we slept in until about noon or so. We had to wash the sheets, since they were full of sweat, cum, and were all wrinkly. Ever since that night, we had sex on a regular basis. I definitely decided that she’d be the only girl I mess with, and she thought the same. Officially “going together” didn’t even feel strange too me, and was actually exciting since nobody had the slightest clue what we were doing behind closed doors. It was so fun. When everybody would be at home, we’d sometimes be in the next room having sex. She was on birth control, so we did it when we wanted too.

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