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Mom Shows Son How


Mom Shows Son How

by: Guest
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I grew up in a small house so when I wanted to call my girlfriend on the phone i would go into my parents room and use the phone in there. One afternoon I was laying on their bed talking on the phone to my girlfriend when my mom came in and closed the door. She had been in the bathroom and was wearing only a robe. She locked the door and put her finger over her lips sushing me before I could complain or ask her to leave.
I was shocked at what happend next. She dropped her robe and was wearing only tan colored pantyhose. I had seen her breasts thru her nightgown before and they were a nice handful with the darkest nipples almost black. Then I looked down and saw her hair covered pussy. It was dark brown and completely covered her crotch. I started to get a hard on and felt uncomfortable, so I pushed it strait up against my belly and covered it with my t-shirt. My converstation was concluding and I quickly hung up the phone.

As soon as I did and rose to get up, she pushed me back down on the bed and climbed on top of me. I kinda freaked out and said what are you doing? She said someday a woman is gonna have you down and what are you going to do? I whined and said mom don’t, but she held me down and started humping me. I couldn’t push her off, and I could feel her mound pushing against my penis. I was wearing button front bell bottoms that were lo cut around the waist. My cock was so stiff it was sticking up out of the top of my pants and I could feel her hose sliding on it. I had never been with a woman before and didn’t know what to do. Then she put her warm cheek next to mine and started to moan, I felt a hot wetness on my Dick. She rose up and I looked down to see her pussy was all creamy and had soaked thru her panthose. She was holding me down by my wrists, and started pumping faster and harder and then she started quivering, I felt a burning sensation and tried to suppress it but couldn’t then I came and shot hot cum all over my belly. She fell down on top of me and let go of my wrists and kinda cuddled me for a few seconds and then got off of me. She didn’t say a word and I got up and went to the bathroom and we never spoke of it after.

About the Author

I have a pantyhose fetish and this story is how it started.

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