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Mom’s Have To Look Out Too.


I was back in my old room my Dad was gone and so was my Sister. Mom lived by her self. I had moved away 4 years earlier,but now I was back and needed a new start.
Mom welcomed me back with open arms.
Mom worked during the week,but on the weekend she drank and I mean drank a lot.I had never knowen her to touch a drop,but as she was alone she said it was easy to fall into the booze trap.I started drinking with her some weekends we would be drunk until Monday morning.
I had been home about 3 weeks when we started talking about her and my sex lives.She told me she had not been with a man in 2 1/2 years. I told her it was 1 yr. for me.
Mom is 54 yrs. old and has let her self go a little. She is about 20 lbs. overweight her tits are large and so is her ass, but she still has a lot of life left in her.
Friday night we went out for dinner and started drinking wine we got home about 9:00 and Mom poured us some hard stuff.
She said ” dance with me.”
We started dancing and she turned into someone else. She began rubbing my ass and pulling into her.I cupped her ass in my hands and started rubbing back.
She said ” we need another drink, Don’t you think?”
” Thats not all ” I replyied.
My prick was getting hard and she knew it.
She handed me a drink and took hers with her into her bedroom. She was pulling her sweater off over her head when I walked in. Her white bra was having trouble holding her tits in place. Like she didn’t see me she unhooked her bra her tits sprang forth large and white with dark brown nipples.
Turning she said ” what do you want?”
I guess I got the wrong signal from her,but I was so horny I moved forward toward her tits. I placed my hand on one of them.She stopped me by saying “These are to big for you.”
I laughted and said ” I think they are just right.”
I lowered my mouth on to one of the large nipples and began to suck it.
” Thats all you are getting so you better enjoy” she said.
I stood there beside the bed sucking her tit while trying to decide what to do next.
I pushed her down on the bed and she laughted as her tit popped out of my mouth.
I began sucking the other one it was just as big and her nipples were getting hard.
She lay back on the bed and I began to unzip her jeans they were real tight.
” There’s nothing for you it there,Sonny” she said.
I tried to pull her jeans off and keep sucking her tit,but I couldn’t.
I let her tit go and keep pulling at her jeans. They came down but very slowly, I had them down to her knees then they slipped off her feet I thru them on the floor. Her panties were black and I could some pussy hair sticking out the sides.
I had never seen my Mom nude or even close,so I just staired at her cunt with a thin panty covering.I grabbed at her panties I wanted to see her hairy cunt up close.
” Sonny,that thing will eat you alive,becareful” she said.
” Not if I eat it first” I replied.
“Would you do that for Mom,Sonny” She said it a low voice.
There it was my Mother’s hairy cunt just a few inches from my face.The hair that covered the mound was very dark and thick as I spread her legs the hair went down the outter lips they were thick and tight togeather. I spread her legs wider and her fuck hole opened up.
I couldn’t wait any longer and began to lick the thick lips of her cunt. She put her hand between her legs and spread the lips apart so I could suck the pink inner cunt. She told me to suck her clit and I did.
I started getting undressed,but keep my mouth or hand on the pussy all the time.
I was now nude like her and had put 2 fingers into her cunt hole she was working her cunt into my face.
” Son, I am starting to cum take your fingers out of me and stick your tongue in my hole” she yelled.
I did and she grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her hole she was cuming and the juice was going everywhere. She fucked my face so hard that it hurt my nose.
“Oh Son,I haven’t cum like that in years, you are a great cunt lapper” she signed ” now I need some sleep”
I moved up her body to show her my hard-on,but her eyes were closed. I sat on her tits and rubbed my cock on her face.
” I don’t suck cock” she said ” now go to sleep.”
I looked over my shoulder and her legs were still spread and I knew her cunt was wet. I slid down her body and got between her legs.
I was mad this wasn’t right she had her fun what about me.I put the head of my prick at the opening of her cunt hole and with one shove I buried my cock into her.
She let out a yell and screamed ” take your cock out of me i’m your Mother and your can’t fuck your own Mother.”
” Oh Mom , i’m not only going to fuck you i’m going to fill your cunt with cum and your going to help, now start moving your ass” I yelled right back at her.
” No,No this isn’t right” she replied.
” Sucking your cunt was ok,but not fucking you. Mom fuck me of I am going to start sticking my fingers up your ass until you do,now start fucking your Son and let him cum in your cunt” I told her.
She started fucking me and I could hardly hold on to the action, I came and she took it all,but I knew things would never be the same between us.
It wasn’t worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

About the Author

I am a 50 yr.old cook in a very busy diner. I love to write hope ypu like it.

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