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My Beautiful Mom Part 1 The Party


To start off, my mom is 5 foot 4, Long blond hair that goes down to her ass. She has 38DD breasts, and a perfect butt that’s around 40 inches big. She is a total knock out. One good thing is she doesn’t think she’s that beautiful, or so i thought. This event changed my life completely.

It was the Friday before my graduation, and i had this really hard test i needed to pass in order to graduate. I was studying constantly, but when my mom had breakfast ready i had forgotten everything cause i was more in tuned to her body then my work. She was wearing a bathrobe, that was tied to her waist, showing her perfect hour glass body, and her heavy tits that were popping out a little they were still a little wet from the shower. She asked me, “honey, are you ready for the test?” I replied, “yes ma’m, i think i am.” She said “I hope so, if you pass it you’ll have a big surprise waiting on you at home. No pressure though.” I asked, “what is it?” She said, “i can’t tell you, but lets just say you’ll never forget it.” Thoughts were running through my head, like, maybe mom has picked up the signs i threw at her indicating i thought she was sexy. Maybe I’ll be able to finally get at her. I went to school trying to get the image of my mom in the bathrobe out of my head so i can study. The test was not as hard as i thought, I made a 94% on it. I called my mom to tell her, and she congratulated me. I wanted to know what the surprise was so the rest of the school day went slow. By 3:30 i was past ready to get home. I was home by 3:45, and when i got home, it seemed like no one was there.

I went out to the pool area, and about 20 people were there and they yelled “CONGRATULATIONS!!!” The other thing that surprised me was my mom, who was self conscience, was wearing a bathing suit. I went over to her, and said “is this the surprise you were talking about? This is awesome” She said “Yes dear this is it.” She gave me a hug not noticing that she was rubbing her tits all over me. I went to hang out with some people and swim for a few hours, not watching my mom. Next thing i knew i heard a voice call over the yard, “I think you need to slow down Kim” I looked over to mom, and she was staggering with a bottle of vodka. (since i was born, my mom was only drunk about 3 times) She yelled back, and raised the bottle in one hand, “I’M NOT DRUNK!!! I’M JUST TIPSY!” We all ate about 7:00 o’clock, and mom was slurring every word. When we finished eating everyone kinda trickled out the door. About 7:30, only a few people were there, and some guy asked me, “You need help getting your mom on the couch?” I said, “no I’ll be able to get her.” No one was there except mom and i. I went up to her, and she smelled like nothing but vodka. I said to her, “ok mom you ready to go in?” She replied, “yeeahh, give me a minute to get my drunk ass up.” I said, “Mom i’ll help you” I stood mom up and she was swaying back and forth. She leaned forward to give me a hug and almost fell. She said, “iimmm sorry for my condition baby, I’m just so fu*king happy for you.” I said, “It’s ok mom, let’s go get your drunk ass inside.” She burped and said, “ok honey.” so we made it to the couch, and she plopped down. She leaned back, and had a blank stare for a second. I noticed her belly was sticking out a little bit. She said, “oh fu*k, look at me, i look like i’m a fu*king prego. Hey honey, you know what will make this night awesome?” I said, “what” She said,”Strip poker, i’ll be back.” so mom stood up and staggered to her room, her ass was so big in that bathing suit she kinda made it look like a thong.. She came back in a few minutes wearing a t-shirt, and Tight jeans. She said, “damn i drank way to much tonight, i’m gonna hate myself tomorrow.”
Long story short, she wasn’t a good poker player, when it was time to take her bra off, she said, “I hope i don’t remember doing this tomorrow, i’m gonna feel like sh*t for showing my son my tits.” I said, “It’s ok mom, i don’t mind” She said laughing, “Of course you don’t, you’re a guy.” She paused for a second, then lifted up her shirt.

Her breast were in a sexy pink lacey bra and they looked full and firm. She said, “ok your turn to deal the cards.” I wasn’t thinking clearly, and said, “Mom, your tits are huge.” She looked shocked and gave a sexy giggle, and said, “Thank you sweety, you wanna touch them?” I got a instant boner at this point, and said, “Ok” So i reached my hand over and cupped her left breast. She said, “wow, nice firm touch you have there this isn’t your first boob you’ve grabbed is it?” I said,” no, but it’s the biggest.” She said, “baby, do you look at me more then just your mom?” I tried to play it off and say,”no” She said, ” Yeah, bulsh*t. I see you every now and then looking at my ass, or while i’m talking to you sometimes your eyes go to my tits.” I said, “Oh..I guess i’m caught.” She said, “why don’t you remove this bra of mine, and unleash my big breast that i’m sure you wanna see.” With out saying anything i put my hands around her back, and unclipped her bra. Her breast fell a little, but were still perky and perfect, they were complete with nice pink nipples. I said, “Mom, you’re amazing.” She stood up and got her balance, and started jiggling her tits. She bent down to take off her pants, and almost fell. “Damn I’m drunk” But she managed to get them off, and she was wearing a little sexy pink thong. Her ass was more firm then i thought. She stood up, and turned her back towards me. She said, “Doesn’t this ass look like a porn star’s ass?” I stood up, and said,“that’s a perfect ass mom” She said, “you think you could handle it?” And turned around, and kissed me. I reached over and spanked her. “Mom, i wanna fu*k the hell out of you.” She said,”Well guess what, i want you to fu*k the hell out of me to.” I sat on the couch, and took my cloths off. Mom emediatly dropped to her knees, and started to jack me off. She said,”oh my! your di*k is so big” I said, “damn mom you must of done this before.” She said in a sexy voice,”let’s just say i know more then you think i know.” Then she started moving her mouth towards my co*k. I was so ready to see if my mom was good at giving head. She started to bob her head up and down, and move her tongue all around. About five minutes later, i was ready to explode. I warned my mom, but she kept at it. Finally i thought (what the hell, i’ll just unload in her mouth.) I shot the biggest load down her throat. and she came up and swallowed it saying, “that was tasty cum baby.” I said, “I have more if you want it.” She said, “hold on.” She got up and staggered to the kitchen, bumping in to the refrigerator, “damn I’m fu*ked up.”

She came back with a cup. While she was staggering, her ass had a sexy jiggle to it, and her bowling balls of tits were swaying side to side, and her belly still looking like it was gonna pop. She said, “OK! i want you to put your cum in this here glass, and i’m gonna make a drink with it. I’m gonna mix vodka, with your cum, and chug it all. Then i’ll give a new meaning to drunk off cum” I said, “ok” So i filled the cup as much as i could while mom was jacking me off. She went back to the kitchen and put vodka in it, and came back. I could smell the vodka in it, she must of made it where it was 70% vodka. She said, “let’s do this damn thing.” Then she drank the whole thing in a few seconds. When she was done, she gasped and said, “That was strong.” I went over to her and felt her belly, and it was a little more round and tight. I said, “mom, i like how your belly’s nice and tight.” and She replied, “i like how my belly feels when it’s full also, it’s amazing.” Then she started to rub it, and said,”I think I’m a little to drunk right now.” She raised her arms up over her head to stretch, and she let out a sexy sound. She said, “babe, I’m just gonna come straight out with it, I want us to be more then Mother and son…I want us to be lovers” I said, “That’s cool with me. I’ll be your lover instead of your son.” She said, “Baby, I want you to treat me like a sl*t.” So we sat on the couch, and i reached for her breast, and she took my hand, and guided it to her pus*y. I put one finger in, and i felt her getting relaxed. She then took my finger and licked her juices from it. She then started putting her tongue in my mouth. We made out for a minute, then i started to go down on her. First kissing her neck. She got relaxed and started moaning. Then to her tits. I licked all over them, getting them all wet, and squeezing them. She then started breathing heavily. I went to her belly, and kissed and licked it, an then took my hand and pushed it in a little. She said “uh baby don’t do that, i might puke.” Then i finally made it to the place that i’ve thought about for so long…her pus*y. I was amazed it was really tight for her age. I ate her out for about twenty minutes. She was twisting and turning her body, and giggling like a little 18 year old virgin. She said,”awww baby don’t stop. Lick my pus*y.” By the time i was done, she was breathing so hard, i thought she was gonna pass out. I said, “alright Kim, Time to have some fun.” She said “oh! what’s next?” I stood her up and then she turned around and bent down, and i spanked her ass. I dragged the tip of my di*k all over her ass and she said, “baby, stick it in please, i can’t wait any longer.” So i stuck it in her virgin-like pus*y. And she squelled, “Oh my god ugh!” I went in and out a couple of times, then went fast. I loved feeling her firm ass slap against me. She would have my co*k all the way in her, and then stop, and shake her ass. This little movement made me almost shoot my load in her. She then stopped, and stood up, and had the sexiest drunk look on her face. She said, “I think that vodka and cum drink finally kicked in. Baby, pick me up.” I knew exactly what she wanted to do. So i picked her up, and her legs were spread, and i eased her on my co*k. She went so wild that i had a hard time keeping her stable.

Her tits were right in my face, her head was like a bobble head doll, and her long beautiful blond hair was everywhere. She made this grunting noise and was saying something like, “fu*k my fu*kin pus*y!” After a few minutes my arms got weak, and i said, “kim, i gotta put you down.” She got off, and stumbled back a few steps, and she said while laughing. “What, am i to heavy?” I said, “yeah babe, you went kinda wild there. That ass of yours is thick.” She stepped forward and took my hand, and spanked her ass. She said, “i know, I like it like that. I get good attention ‘cause of it.” I said, “oh really, so you do realize how sexy you are.” She said, “of course goof ball, with a body like mine, I make guys drool.” I said, “I knew you were more slutty then i thought” She said, “I wanted us to fu*k for so long babe, I just didn’t make any moves towards you.” I said,”How come you didn’t?” She said, “’cause you are my son. I held it as a good secrete, to contain myself from hitting on you, I would go in my bed room, and play with my dildo.” I said, “Mom, you’re more of a freak then i thought you were.” She said, “Baby you haven’t seen anything yet. I’ll be right back.” She went to her room, and a few minutes later, she stuck her head out her door, and pointed to me, and said, “Come here sexy, come to the sex room.” My head was racing a thousand miles an hour. Right when i got there I looked around her room, there was all kinds of sex toys laying around her bed. I was shocked and said, “Damn Mom, i had no idea you were this sexual.” She said, “I’m no porn star, but i do have experience. Since the big secret is out I’ma let you do anything you want to me.” I said, “What kind of stuff are you in to?” She said,” you name it, i’ve done it.” I said,”hmm, Have you done anal sex?” She said,”I’ve been fu*ked up the butt, more then i have in my pus*y.” I was amazed and said, “What’s the most freakiest thing you have ever done?” She said, “um it was when I turned 21 years old, and i was single, I went to this party that was suppost to be mostly girls, cause i was deciding if i should turn lesbian. And there was nothing but guys there. I made the mistake of thinking drinking was the answer to get me out of this situation….next thing i knew i was falling down drunk, giving almost ever guy a bj, and loosing consciousness. The next day my “friend” who told me that the party was mostly girls filled me in on the stuff i “Missed”..She said That i was face sitting on guys, and getting my pus*y ate out. and if a dude held out a bill higher then 50 bucks, i fu*ked him, I made $200 that night.” I said, “damn mom you are a freak.” She said, “yeah, i’ve done my share of slutty things.” Then she came over to me, and said, “you want me to give you a sex show you’ll never forget?” [Read the next story to find out what happens. :-)]

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