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My Cousin and I


I am just an average 18 year old guy with an average life, until my cousin Alyssa asked me to give her a massage. My cousin Alyssa is one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. She has long dark hair, tan skin, beautiful face and amazing body. She has 34C tits and a perfectly round and firm ass.

One day i was hanging out at my aunt and uncle’s house like every other normal time I have spent there. I had made plans earlier that week to hang out with Alyssa, so I was waiting for her to get home from work. When she walked threw the front door she looked gorgeous. So after talking for a few minutes, she told me to come up to her room with her. When we got to her room she fell on to the bed, letting out a slight sigh. I sat on the end of the bed and asked her what was wrong. She said “I had a long day at work, I’m tired and my back is killing me.” So i told her to just relax. She then asked me to give her a back massage. I figured, why not.

She sat up and took off her shirt revealing her perfect tits covered by a black bra, and layed on the bed face down. I climbed on top of her and sort of straddled her. I started to rub her shoulders and back and then massaged under her bra. she said to unclip it so she could take it off. So I unhooked her bra and she slipped it off. As the massage continued i moved my hands down lower and lower. I was massaging her lower back and near her waist, where her sweatpants began. I moved lower, sliding her sweatpants down to her knees. She wasn’t wearing any underwear. At this point she giggled and i started to massage her perfect, tan ass. As I peeked down I could see her pussy lips between her legs and I ran my finger threw her wet lips. My cock was rock hard now and almost bursting threw my jeans. Then she told me to stick my fingers in her pussy. I then took her pants all the way off and started to finger her and play with her asshole. She turned over and said to lick my fingers, so I did. It tasted so good. She Leaned up close to me, looked into my eyes, and then we kissed. It was passionate and wild. I reinserted my fingers, got them wet with her pussy juice and made her taste them. While she was sucking on my fingers, she started rubbing my cock threw my jeans. She reached up and unbuckled my belt, and pulled my jeans and boxers off, exposing my huge, throbbing cock. She then started to suck my dick while I played with her beautiful tits. She was so good at sucking dick, I felt like I was going come so i flipped her over and started to eat her out. My mouth was filled with her pussy juice and it tasted amazing. She was moaning uncontrollably. She grabbed me by the back of the head, pulled my up to her face and then we kissed again for a few minutes. She broke the kiss away and said “I want you to fuck me.” I started rubbing her pussy lips with the head of my stiff cock and then thrusted into her tight pussy. She moaned painfully, putting her arms around me and digging her nails into my back. I kept thrusting and thrusting while she was moaning and breathing heavily. I told her I was about to come and she said she was too. So i gave a couple more powerfull thrusts and pulled out and came all over her stomach. She orgasmed and she came all over my legs and her sheets. I started to eat her pussy out again because i love the taste of her juices. I kissed her again for a few minutes and she said “This will be our little secret.” Now whenever I go to see Alyssa we always give eachother a certin look to remind eachother of the amazing moment

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im 18. i go to michigan. i love incest

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