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Hi this is Ajay once again writing this fiction for you. All of you know that I am 25 and live in a Metro of India.I am well built and love incest art of love and write for you people about this.Once I recd a call from my uncle saying that Rakhi is visiting you as she wants to learn some art of Modelling in your city please accomodate her for next one month or so and guide her and go with her to the institute. I said ok but I told him (my uncle) mom is away to sisters house as she is pregnent and will remain there for next two month so Iam living alone and if she can cook for me too It will be pleasure for me.

So on their approval my cousin named Rakhi arrived I have seen her while she was only. At that moment she was like a slim trim girl with no signs of being a lady (girl)with spot and flat chest she looked like a carrom board. No waist nor and flesh on hips. She was like a bamboo wearing dress of Girl. However since train name and birth no alongwith coach no was supplied to me so i recd her at railway station. When i saw her at this age of just 19 she looked like a sexbomb herself with ripe fruit like boobs nice curved waist and big hips.I cud not recognised her but she recognised me and shouted Oh Bhaiyya……….how r u. I am fine was my reply.She alighted from train and hugged me very passionately enquiring about my health and health of my mom and my sister. she was glad to know that my sister Richa is bearing a child and mom has gone for delivery.To me she looked like having long black hairs hazel eyes long eyes are i have seen in a very long time. I took her to my house hiring a airconditioned taxi and she was pleased to see me.

In house while all intial formalities were completed like serving her cold drinks and offering her breakfast. we were sitting at homeplanning for her future, How i will take her to intitute where she had took admission for one month and how i will manage all foods etc.All planning was taken out I will carry her to institute on my bike and she will comeback by taxi and will cook food for me for night and in day time she will have meals from the canteen of institute.

So the day first arrived she was taken to institute by me on my bike on way to my office. I had a nice experience of her boobs when she landed full on my back with her boobs settled oin my back I was feeling sensation but howevewr i was not proper for me to intiate any thing too early. So i left her to institute where she was to be taught. The institute gave her some instructions as how to be a sucessful model and gave tips to be tried at home.Like cat walk wearing short clothes and living in bra and panty
So she was cheerful first day and she had brought some clothes which she wanted to show me and also she wanted my attention as on catwalk.
After food we had full one hours’ practice which first started with catwalk. She loaded her head with some heavy books and tried to walk. Then she had to waer some daring outfits. Skirts which she brought from institute were too short revealing her titties and blouse she wore was too revealing her bare boobs. long and deep cut blouses. she wore and showed me. I was tense about my dick as she was showing trends of getting hard. Last was living in Bra and Panty only. That too Bra was too short and panty was just a string. The show ended with a long and passionate kiss given to me by my cousin Rakhi.

The whole night was spent by me sleeplessness and in the midnight i had a dream of my cousin standing before me totally naked and I had a nightfall seeing her so. My pyjama was wet in the morning while Rakhi came to me to give me a cup of tea she saw hwerself my erected dick and spots on the pyjama very carefully.She turned her face and smiled and told me to take off my pyjama and handed me a big towel and told me she wants to wash it off while taking the bath.I obeyed her and took off my pyjama by covering myself by a big towel provided by her.

My mind was now not incontrol and i was thinking if this drama continued I will go mad or will fuck her off. Anything out of two will be possible. However I got ready for office and had my breakfast along with Rakhi and we proceeded to office and on way to her institute. I came back early as i was not feeling well and had to masterbate in the day time thinking of Rakhi. She arrived on time and thanked me for watching and guiding her in the previous night. We had dinner outside and at 10.00 pm she had another show for me this time she wore blouse and short skirt but without and panty and bra NO PANTIES NO BRA OH MY GOD…………………we two living in a house having AND SHE IS NOT WEARING ANY PANTY OR BRA AND SHOWING A LITTLE TITTES BY BENDING HERSELF Agaist me or titlting too towards me showing full ripe boobs to me and also showing her ass to me.I was thinking oh my god ……….Kiss duvidha main dal diya mujh ko?………………..kaya karoon…….

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