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My wife, her sister, and I had just gotten home from the clubs. I had to carry her sister Brittany inside because she was so drunk she couldn’t walk. I carried her upstairs to our guest room and put her on the bed. I waited for my wife to fall asleep and snuck into the room Brittany was passed out in. I walked over and sat down on the bed next to her. I shook her a few times to make sure she was really passed out. I kissed her on the lips to double check and she didn’t even flinch. I unzip my pants and pull out my cock. I smack her in the face with my pole to ensure she’s really out. I pull up her shirt and undo her bra, exposing her perfect tits.

They were B’s but had a perfect shape to them. I kneel next to her on the bed and start to stroke my cock looking Brittany’s amazing body, groping her tits as I tugged away. It was such a hot feeling knowing she could wake up any moment. “Fuck Brittany I’m gonna cum all over your hot face and tits, I’m gonna cover you baby”, I whisper. I continue to stroke my cock staring at her beautiful face, that I’m about to soak with my load. I squeeze one of her tits as I bring myself closer to ecstasy. I can’t believe she didn’t wake up, I was really grabbing her tits aggressively. I hover over her and stroke my pole with purpose. “I’m gonna cum Brittany, here it comes baby, here it comes!” I spray cum all over her sleeping face and tits, squeezing out every last drop. I rub my cum all over her tits and face, spreading my load all over her. I put her bra back on and cover her with a blanket. She never knew what happened and never will.

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