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Seven o’clock came, and I still couldn’t sleep. Nikki was lying next to me, facing the opposite wall. I couldn’t really tell if she was asleep despite her slow, even breathing. At least she had stopped sobbing. With the end of our lovemaking came a renewed calm, and my sister and I had turned from one another to sleep.

We had been trapped in the attic for nine days, most of which we spent looking for zombies out the slatted window. Zombies. There was simply no other word for them, and as we watched the street below, they continued shambling by in a slow and steady progression, though I don’t think they were headed for the mall. We had sustained ourselves for five days on preserves before we dared to make a kitchen run.

Mom and Dad were dead. They had been eaten alive, my father screaming, “Run! Run! Get to the attic!” as the undead tore through the door. The house was loosely barricaded even at that point. We had been watching the news for three days as the outbreak spread, and so we had prepared the attic as a fallback shelter in case we lost the house. Now that shelter was our prison, and there was nothing Nikki and I could do but wait.

Wait for what? Well, that we didn’t know. I was trying to be as rational about this as possible, but the only material I had to go on was fictional. Life imitates art and everything, but stuck in that attic with my sister, I couldn’t be sure how much Night of the Living Dead mythology I could rely upon. And Nikki was not adjusting well. She didn’t eat the first two nights, and didn’t speak for the first four. She was never outside of four feet from me, and only at that range when one of us was using the rough “toilet” we had cordoned off in the corner. We slept together on an old mattress, lying in an old green sleeping bag. This was our pattern, and it continued unbroken for nine days. That night it happened.

We had readied the bed and lay down to sleep, facing the wall with the round slatted window. Nikki was lying in front of me, her petite frame nestled into me. There had never been any weirdness about it, even when I awoke several days with my erection pressed into her thighs, just below her ass. She never mentioned it, and so I never said anything. She was my sister, and “morning wood” was a normal bodily response to the unconscious urge to urinate. There was nothing funny about it. I had never even thought of Nikki that way.

So we were spooning, and she soon slipped into a seemingly peaceful sleep. Her left hand was over mine, resting on her ribs below the swell of her breasts, fingers gently entwined. She had on an old sweater, my mother’s, and the old fabric was worn and soft, and reminded me of a shirt my girlfriend Melanie had owned. I supposed she was dead now, or would be soon, like Nikki and me. It was Melanie I thought of as I drifted to sleep, and it was Melanie in my dreams.

Melanie had been a beautiful girl. She had a sweet little heart-shaped face, her smooth, pale cheeks converging on a cherubic red smile. Her hair stood out second-most, hanging to her middle back, shining and hazel brown. It was so natural looking, it curled around her face, and the light always seemed to shimmer through it. Her eyes were light blue, bright and round; Innocent eyes that squinted so sweetly when we were intimate together. She had eyes that retained their innocence even while I fucked her. And that was my dream; no prelude, no story, just me and Melanie as we had been before the world came off its hinges.

It started with kissing. Her soft, supple lips pressed into mine, whetted, and pressed again. Her hot breath tickled my bottom lip as or necks craned together, and we were lost to passionate kissing. Our tongues rolled together like lovers in the dream, and gradually I became aware of my nudity, and our bodies pressed together. We were on a bed, and Melanie lay on her back, stripped completely bare. As I broke from the kiss, I arched my back and could see her splayed out below, her beautiful round breasts, the soft sweeping curves of her stomach, the gently curling pubic hair that marked the point where our bodies met, though I had not penetrated her yet. She looked at me with those beautiful eyes, rolling her hips against me.

I could feel her pussy, pressing against my shaft. It was warm, and so wet that each time we made contact it felt like a desperate, wanting mouth kissing gingerly at my cock. I looked at her. The light was blue, and everything was softened with the darkness except her eyes, and her mouth. There was a flash of white, two of her front teeth bit down on her bottom lip, beckoning me to enter her, and so I did. With a rough thrust, I slid my throbbing cock into her slick, welcoming canal. My thrust was punctuated by an odd sound, which seemed to come from somewhere else, but my sleep-addled brain could not comprehend or question, and so I continued thrusting into my sweet Melanie. The sound continued, and I felt an odd pressure on my left hand, when suddenly my perspective changed.

From being on top of Melanie, between her legs, I had somehow shifted to being behind her. And we were both now clothed. So it seemed to my nearly-conscious self as I continued thrusting, now to be greeted by an odd grunt coming from Nikki. Coming from Nikki. I was suddenly very awake, and felt Nikki’s clenching grip on my hand as I pressed my throbbing cock at her, and so I stopped immediately.

“Oh God, Nik’, I’m so, so, sorry!” I stated emphatically, despite my grogginess. I tried to pull my hand away, but she held it tightly. Everything was dead silent, and as I was barely conscious, I nearly passed out again when she pressed her ass back into me and said desperately, “Don’t stop.” My hand, though still below hers, had migrated to her left breast, where she held it fast while gyrating her ass against me.

My cock had softened from embarrassment, and was still reluctant to rise so near my sister. She continued her hard, undulating grind, however, and her ministrations were definitely going to cause my cock to swell again. “Nikki,” I groaned, “I… I can’t do this… you’re my sister.” She made an aggravated moan as she continued, muttering a breathless, “Please…”

Her body just kept moving, and as my member solidified, and as she would not release my hand, I was in no real position to argue. I began to thrust in time with her, the friction of our mutual grinding eliciting a much greater response from Nikki. She had turned her face towards the pillow, and was growling, “Oh god, Oh god,” repeatedly as we mimicked fucking. That was when she started crying. Her words became dragged out sobs, accompanied by tears and sniffling, and once again I tried to stop.

For a moment she was still as well, though she held her grip on my hand. She cried unashamedly, her breath coming in loud, ragged gasps, and harsh, noiseless exhalations. My penis was softening at a steady rate, and I tried to pull my lower body away from her, pulling my hand down onto her ribs in the same motion.

“No… no!” she growled, her voice heavy with frustration. “Don’t stop, Leo… please don’t stop. I need… I just need to feel something… not… not this. Don’t you want some kind of release? Please, I want you to be inside me… I just need to feel something…”

“Nikki…” I muttered halfheartedly. Her grip loosened on my hand, and I slid it away from her. I propped myself up on one arm. She began sobbing again, wild, racking sobs, and unable to lie and watch her, I reached over with my left hand and pulled her face towards my own. I kissed her lips unexpectedly, and she failed to react, a second later voraciously kissing me back. As we kissed, she pulled with both hands to remove the shorts she had been sleeping in, dragging down her panties with them. I reached down and pulled off my jogging pants, and boxers.

She spread her thighs, and I knelt between them. She looked up at me nervously, her face glimmering with tear stains in the dim light. She looked beautiful. As if in slow motion she said, “Do it.”

So I did.

With one arm supporting my weight, I used the other hand to guide my cock to her pussy. She was soaking wet, and as I pressed the tip against her it slid effortlessly toward the goal. I looked at her face as I penetrated her, her mouth opened in a gasp, her eyes half-lidded and rolled back, and I was buried in her. I began to move slowly in and out, now supporting myself on my elbows. She wrapped her arms around my neck, her eyes closed, an intermittent twinge of pain on her face as she adjusted to my width. As these subsided, I began fucking her harder and faster. Her gentle moans became halting grunts as I slammed the length of me in and out of her. She started crying again, but instructed me not to stop well before I even considered it, and as I slid into her, crystalline tears rolled down her cheeks.

“Come close…” she said, pulling on the back of my neck to bring me closer to her. I moved in, and as I fucked her, she began sobbing “I love you, I love you,” in my ear.

“Nikki,” I warned her, “I… I’m gonna cum.”

“Okay… stay… stay inside me.”

I thrust harder and faster than before, concentrating on the feeling of her pussy enclosing my cock, the friction as it ground against the walls of her, the heat of her there. I fucked her for everything I was worth, when there was an explosion of light in my head, my balls tingled and my shaft tightened, and I unloaded into her. I held my breath, clinging to my orgasm as swirling patterns of colored light invaded the periphery of my vision. And she held me throughout, coaxing me to breathe, and soothing me with the touch of her hands.

It became blurry what happened after that. We were somehow disengaged, and wordlessly held each other for a time, eventually turning to face opposite directions. I only remember after, as I settled in to face away from her, I heard her softly say, “Thank you.”

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