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My lesbian experience on holiday


This happened to me a two years ago and to be honest still cant quite believe it happened. To set the scene Sue a friend from schooldays such good friends bridesmaids at each others weddings but our husbands did not get on so over the years we saw less and less of each and I had not seen her for 2 years when I had a phone call to say her husband had died suddenly at 46. I helped her through the next few months with just being there for her and many week-ends when she was at her lowest had her to stay. After a year she seemed to be coming to terms and one day said to thank me she had booked us a week in the sun a cheepo holiday in Majorca.
It was May and the deal we got was a 1 bed apartment which was half empty so we almost had the pool to ourselves. The first couple of days we just chilled a bottle of wine sat on the balcony and bed. On the third night we went to a club lots of dancing giggling like we were teenagers again and if we wanted there were a few guys I am sure with encouragement would have given us a night of unclomplicated sex. We got back to the apartment very drunk Sue a bit tearful as I helped her undress she kissed me thanking me for all I had done for her. She was still crying a little so I lay on her bed with my arms around her till we both fell asleep. I awoke to find she had turned to face me and the sheet was around her waist her tits pressed against mine and her soft breath against my face. I quietly tried to leave her bed back to mine when I felt her arm tighten around my waist a soft moan of don`t go. We lay quietly faces and tits pressed together suddenly her lips opened and she softly ran her tongue over my lips and started to push at my mouth until I opened it and we shared a soft but to me very erotic kiss. I was surprised to feel my pussy start to throb and although hubby and I had a few extra maritial partners never had the experience of a woman. Her mouth moved down my throat butterfly kisses to my tits taking each nipple in turn into her mouth sucking them gently. Sue pulled the sheets away pushing me onto my back her lips and tongue working down my body I opened my legs by now my pussy was on fire and my juices flowing. That tantalising tongue went to work on my clit and love hole it didn`t take me long to reach my first orgasm. Sue spread the lips of my pussy and I felt two fingers slip in and started finger fucking me nice and slow just how I like it another orgasm rolled over me. Sue turned me onto my stomach pushing me into a kneeling position her fingers going between my legs to carry on finger fucking suddenly i felt her tongue lick my arse her saliva moistening my rosebud and the her thumb went straight in pushing in as far as it would go, by now I was bucking with the pleasure of it. My thighs covered in pussy juice and saliva.
Sue rolled over onto her back spreading her legs, I told her I had never done a woman before she said just do what comes natural to you. I put her legs over my shoulders like my hubby does with me when he licks me and I went to work on her pussy and clit. The musky smell of her filled my nose I couldn`t get enough of her pussy. Her moans of pleasure as i stuck my fingers into her tongue on clit fingers in love hole soon my face and fingers covered in her juices.
As we lay side by side me in amazement what had gone on Sue a smile of satisfaction on her lips, I needed that she said. I said we could have picked up a couple of guys if that was what she had wanted. As we lay talking she told me her hubbys fantasy was to see her with another woman and a few years ago she gave in to his wishes thinking it would be a one off but I loved licking pussy that we did it loads of times havging the best shags after he had watched. Giggling she said I did it quite a few times without him as well as she went to a gay pub a few times picking up women there. I felt her fingers start to run through my sticky pussy hair and within in minutes we were in a 69 position giving each other a good licking a finger up each others arse.
We did pick up a couple of young (20s) guys who couldn`t believe there luck a girl on girl session and then a good shag I bet they had stories to tell when they went home.
I thought when we got home we could cary on as I am sure hubby would have been up for it but no Sue moved out to Australia with her youngest who emigrated and although she said she would write I never heard from her shame, but when hubby and I swing now I am happy to lick pussy.

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